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Mason gets owned attacking Skwawkbox. If you want to REALLY annoy him, here’s how

Blue-tick hack who trashed his credibility supporting Starmer has a go and it doesn’t end well – but your support for this site will really rub salt in

Paul Mason, the ‘left’ journalist who was caught during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership discussing running the party without him – and who decided to back Keir Starmer to replace Corbyn – launched an attack on Skwawkbox on Friday afternoon, after this site called for Starmer and Angela Rayner to show some integrity in politics by resigning for their own ‘partygate’.

It didn’t go well.

Mason tweeted comparing Skwawkbox to the hard-right Daily Mail, as if pointing out the misdeeds of politicians and calling for a move to restore faith in political decency is the same as the Tories’ factional manoeuvres:

But Mason’s tweet provoked a flood of hundreds of replies and ‘quote tweets’ praising Skwawkbox’s determination to hold Tories to account no matter what colour rosette they wear – and pointing out Mason’s flaws in ‘pithy’ and often amusing terms, of which just a handful are below:

For the full set in all its glory, visit the thread here.

But if you would really like to wind up Mason and his ilk – along with the likes of Keir Starmer, John Mann and Ian Austin – by turning his attack into support for Skwawkbox and you can afford to do so without hardship, please consider the two options below:

  • If you use PayPal and would like to make a one-off or monthly donation, please click here
  • If you prefer not to use PayPal and would like to make a monthly donation covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee, please use the GoCardless option here – if you use this option, Skwawkbox will contact you to confirm the donation amount as the GoCardless registration form doesn’t include a specific amount

Thank you for your solidarity and to all those who made Mason’s attack a self-own!

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