‘I admire Jeremy Corbyn’ trends on Twitter after Establishment smear attempt

Another Establishment attempt to smear Labour’s former leader over Ukraine has backfired after the phrase ‘I admire Jeremy Corbyn’ trended on social media, as supporters and the right-minded took to Twitter to voice their admiration for the Islington North MP.

The Labour right, Tories and their tame media tried to tar Corbyn after an interview in which former BBC hack Jon Pienaar tried to manoeuvre Corbyn into saying he admired Ukraine’s nazi-friendly president Vladimir Zelenskiy. Corbyn would say only that he admired Zelenskiy’s oratory ability – and the media-political machine immediately swung into action to try to use it against him as the Establishment desperately tries to hide its own close ties to the Russian regime and the fact that Corbyn was one of the few UK politicians who had been warning against Russian president Vladimir Putin for years.

But enterprising people of good judgment took to Twitter to turn the situation around, expressing their own admiration for Corbyn, either with the simple phrase ‘I admire Jeremy Corbyn’, or often adding a short explanation of why. Here are just a few of thousands of examples:

The phrase trended at or near the top of Twitter’s most popular UK themes for much of yesterday and may well resurge again today. Search here for the latest tweets or to add your own.

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  1. i admire jeremy corbyn, furthermore, i will follow him anywhere, and that is not something i would do with keith. for me, jeremy corbyn has the keys to the country, because he is currently the only politician who when his mouth opens, the truth comes pouring out by the bucket load. that is a quality that is so rare it makes him uniquely one of a kind.

  2. Just, don’t get it, do they? Something happened between 2015 and 2020.

    Hope and Optimism were released from the ‘bottle’, and neither are going back.

    They are the people who are, just, going to have to deal with it. Until they do, Labour will – not – be getting my vote.

      1. Reply to George Peel
        I do too George Peel ( admire Jeremy Corbyn)as do the hundreds of thousands of us who re-joined Labour because of him having left the party because of Blairs warmongering etc.
        I see several posters on this site have gone off topic and have posted about Ukraine . This deflects attention from yet another disgusting smear against Jeremy and the supportive views expressed on Twitter in response.
        These people on Twitter know that Jeremy is a strong decent man who has always been on the right side of history throughout his life , who hasn’t a racist bone in his body ,who is for the many not the few , who can’t be bought ,bullied or intimidated and who has consistently deplored human rights abuses everywhere including those visited on Palestinians by Israel. For these reasons the establishment, the self interested millionaires/ multi millionaires, the hard right and the Zionists made it their business to prevent from him becoming PM, aided and abetted by the MSM, the BBC , Southside and the PLP.
        As I have posted in the past the fact that Jeremy is still being smeared and lied about shows they continue to fear him, his socialism and the esteem in which he is held by so many of us.

      2. The above article starts by saying the following:

        ‘Another Establishment attempt to smear Labour’s former leader over Ukraine has backfired after the phrase ‘I admire Jeremy Corbyn’ trended on social media, as supporters and the right-minded took to Twitter to voice their admiration for the Islington North MP’

        In other words the author (who I assume is Steve Walker) is in effect saying that because a thousands of people have posted their support for Jeremy on Twitter, the Establishment’s attempt (via their propaganda machine the MSM) has backfired, and THAT of course is not only complete nonsense, but also disinformation. I assume from what it says in the above article that what Jeremy said about Zelensky has been covered by much of the main-stream press at the least and, as such, millions of people have read the articles/smears, but the author of the piece (who I assume is Steve Walker) would have readers of this site believe that all these millions of people have seen the twitter page in question in which people are defending Jeremy, and so therefore concluded it was all a smear.

        Of course they didn’t see the twitter page in question, and even if one or more of the newspaper articles mentioned it, they would more-than-likely be referring to them as hard-left Corbyn supporters or whatever.. By all means write an article about the thousands of people showing their support for Jeremy in response to the smear(s), but to say it backfired (because they ARE) – AND to start the article by making such an assertion – is in effect a falsehood.

        Anyway, I just did a quick search re >corbyn zelensky<, and there was the following 'Opinion' piece in the Times (which isn't behind their paywall) near the top of the list of results, and gets on to the Pienaar interview after a few paragraphs, and also a Mail article (which I've posted a link to under this post), which has over 2,000 comments, most of which are no doubt slagging off Jeremy every-which-way they can think of, as they always DO (select the Top Rated option):

      3. As for Ukraine, the following interview was posted on youtube on April 14th, and has been viewed over 700,000 times at the time of writing/typing:

        ‘Renowned political scientist John J Mearsheimer blamed NATO’s expansionist agenda as the main reason for Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. In an exclusive interview with Zakka Jacob, the Chicago University professor said that the US has been trying to turn Ukraine into a de facto member of NATO and Russia views this as an existential threat. Mearsheimer also explained who stands to gain most from the war.’

        PS I wonder what the US would do if Cuba was intending to let Russia set up a military base and place missiles there.

      4. Footnote: When I initially clicked on the Mearshiemer interview/video it had been viewed 705,246 times (I’ve still got the page up and just checked), and when I just now clicked on the link I posted to the interview less than thirty minutes afterwards, it has now been viewed 706,135. In other words, there are still hundreds of people an hour viewing it eight days after the video was posted.

        Just quickly checked again, and whilst typing out the above…… it’s now 706,735 views”

      5. JC is the man we all need to be
        He is not a leader
        What the hell is he doing giving the time of day to Pienaar

    1. JC is still a star and apart from him I can’t think of another political heavyweight in the whole of the Western World!
      And his 2017 vote of 12.8m for mild left wing democratic socialist policies was Labour’s largest vote for years (despite being criticised by Right Wing Labour MPs for years).
      So come on Jeremy tell us what your doing at the next GE?
      Standing as an Independent or as Peace & Justice & if so we could have a list of 620 Jeremy Corbyn Independents or Peace & Justice around the country (not standing against Left Labour MPs) and you may end up being PM!
      Let’s make history!

  3. What a shame that Blair (especially), Brown, Cameron, May and Johnson, all gave Putin the impression that he was a great bloke when he was never anything more than a more-successful version of the Kray-twins. What a shame no-one bothered “too much” when the Tories were being funded by Putin, as was Brexit, and now Le Pen, the same. Where were thesde hacdks when the damage was being done? Where were they when the UK was entering into eye-watering deals to take Russian coal (when we have enough of the stuff for 300 years at the old rate of use), or when we fund China rather than pay our own people w decent wage? Corbyn warned about PUtin two decades ago. Pienaar … didn’t.

    1. I agree with some of what you say Joe, but we cannot blame Putin and the Russians or Xi and the Chinese for the Collapse or the demise of Thatcher/Reaganite Neoliberal Capitalism, the west did it all to themselves. We can not honestly say that Putin is any worse than any of the Leaders of the USA, UK, EU, NATO/West, without being extremely racist, both to Russians and to the Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Lebanese, Sudanese, Yemeni, Libyans, etc, etc, etc.
      Just because the BBC NEVER smears the blood on the hands of the Leaders of the USA, UK, EU, NATO/West, all over our TV screens and the pages of News. All through a well oiled and well corrupted MSM system, and that does not mean that they are not far more evil and have far more dead on their hands than Putin will ever have on his. Yes Putin is a nasty piece of shit, so is Zelensky and so are his Azov Nazis and so are Biden, Johnson, Macron, Trudeau, Bush, Obama, BLiar, Mandelson, Campbell, May, Cameron, Netanyahu, Starmer, Bennet or any other Thatcher/Reaganite Conservative Neoliberal twat that had anything at all to do with the shape we are in! One-sidedly blaming Putin and hunting down Russians like the Crusaders/Which Hunters won’t make anything better, it will blow up in our faces quite literally. The only thing we can do is take things from where we are now, Russia/Ukraine, observe both sides and not only read the horror stories of what the Russians did, peddled by the MSM, but the uncomfortable…what the Ukrainian Nazis did also. We don’t have to pick a side it’s not our war, but we can get as much information from both sides and then decide who is right and wrong.

      1. NK – Yes the Neo-Liberal Dimwits painted themselves into a corner with their drive for CHEAP LABOUR.
        Can imagine an old game show host saying:
        “And what do commodities need?”
        Audience: “Consumers!”

      2. If what we are told is true: nazis are not widespread, then that means that even the Ukiesminuscule atrocities are caused by decent professional soldiers. We thank heavens they are not Nazis. What the hell would they have is unimanageable. Fly the blue and yellow flag. My standard is the deepest red.

      3. It is interesting that not even two years ago, we were warned of underground nazis, infiltrating Military and preparing themselves in Italy they found weapons including missiles in nazi cells, BBC Documentaries, yet today the exact same MSM are telling us there are no nazis! What has changed? If you remember, the left were equated to Nazism, now they’ve, as good as, put the left back in its box. The “radical far left extremist nazis” are all but silenced and no longer a threat of forming government anytime soon. So, now nazism doesn’t exist any more. The BBC flaunt Nazis and explain away the symbols that are blatantly nazi to millions, puffff, nazism is gone!
        I agree, my standard is crimson, those people in Bucha, Donbass, Mariupol etc once held the yellow and blue standard, but theirs too, have turned to crimson for the Nazi filth in the Mecca of Nazism, Ukraine, over stocked on weapons trained by the British Military, what could possibly go wrong!? The numbers of nazis may not be great from country to country, but they have the internet and instant information and communication put them all together and the problem seems far bigger than I, for one, am comfortable with., but I will keep crimson standard flying high until they or life puts me down, to lay with the earth.

    2. They thought that he would be like bojo Yeltsin. He wasn’t and isn’t. He wants the best for Russia, not Wall St or the City. His winning per 555 per cent is a poor show for an absolute dictator. They normally get at least 75 per cent if they want to be taken seriously as a dictator and ignore the Duma. He’s ok, but I have the letters and phone calls of communists as my sources. The commits are the opposition and they pushed and pushed for years to get Unity to recognise the dark deeds at the border. Putin or the communists? Wow, what a choice for some, real brainbuster. The choice could be harder were we still in the EU. No, that’s not a choice, it’s a decision for the cowboys. Whatever, remember the words of the Zionist adultress,” wrap yourselves up in extra woolies”.

  4. The fact those on the right want to rope everyone into supporting the policy of ‘pumping in more arms’ merely betrays their own doubts about the wisdom of flooding Ukraine with advanced weaponry, with no guarantees where said weapons will end up.

    Fake leftist and Starmer supporter Paul Mason’s twitter output of late has been akin to a celebration of the glories of war. He denounces known and historically consistent pacifists and anti-war organisations; presumably he views them closet Russia supporters(?), calling them ‘tankies’.

    More and more lethal arms is not a sensible position for anyone on the anti-war left to be taking. An immediate ceasefire and diplomatic solution should have been the primary objective from the outset. The consensus in parliament for more weapons,… more blood! is a disgrace. No party in the HoC is arguing for it leaving a huge chunk of the British electorate unrepresented.

    Russia’s restraint is all that prevents Ukraine’s total obliteration.

      1. I noticed. And they waited far too long before doing so. Ukraine is under occupation by Nazis, just as it was in 1941. In eastern Ukraine, New Russia as it is known, Russian speaking people, the great majority have been beaten, assassinated, abused for years by Ukrainian Nationalist militias, armed, trained and paid by NATO, whose members believe that Russians are an inferior subhuman race. And treat them accordingly.
        Look at Tony Greenstein’s blog today.

    1. bevin

      Most of the Johnny-come-lately Ukraine/Zelensky fanboys don’t know the recent history.

      Nothing justifies Russia’s invasion, but the 2014 coup, in which a democratically elected President was thrown out by a mob, created the backdrop for the current disaster. Zelensky was elected to bring peace, and his personal ratings were dire to the start of this war, he led a deeply divided, unhappy country that had had a civil war in the East. Parts of the East was excluded from all civil society and isolated.

      The right-wing militias eg. Azov Battalion had free rein, and ultra nationalists Pravyi sektor(Right sector) and Svoboda wouldn’t let Zelensky compromise for peace, by implementing the Minsk agreements that Ukraine had signed, calling them treason.

      Minsk wanted to introduce federalism for the East with greater autonomy. But sequencing issues got in the way; namely, the Ukrainians wanted the border back before any vote on greater autonomy. And the rebels in the East didn’t trust Kyiv’s words.

      The US’s role was also deeply unhelpful, as if they wanted to derail Minsk and instead have a proxy war with Russia.

      1. I watched this video this morning he is the Journalist Gonzalo Lira who was taken by the SBU for a week I think, he appears in good shape, which is both promising but also worrying that “he is not allowed to speak of what happened with the SBU” he may now be an Azov target. He is very critical of Zelenski and his band of Azov Nazis and obviously that is not a factor for his ‘arrest’, or he would not be out, so….are they investigating Azov and Zelenski!? That would be good, especially if those people in Bucha, dumped from the back of a tipper van and dragged about for MSM photo ops, can finally get Forensic Examinations/Investigations and proper dignified Burials!

      2. It is the world over, First They…..!
        Anyone who goes against the grain of the Criminal Elite are the enemy! Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Russia, Pakistan, China, soon to be India, probably Germany with half-and-half efforts, etc, etc, etc! In the UK we Arm, Host and Train Ukrainian Nazis. Saudi Terrorists, Israeli Terrorists, who knows what other nasty bastards! The USA, UK, EU bomb and butcher the ME, into a wasteland, and it takes the ‘white people with blue eyes’ before the world takes note, or at least jump on and rage from a Russian Hater MSM created Bandwagon! It sure is a petrifying world from all angles. Room 101 awaits us, because we question!

      3. Thanks for that Link Andy, I didn’t see that one, very good, thank goodness that at least for our knowledge there are still some REAL Journalist left, it won’t make much of a difference to this world order as there are no overseers, the UN is in this, and the past ~20 years, as deep as the West are!


        ” Cancel culture is inbuilt in the techno-feudalist project: conform to the hegemonic narrative, or else. Journalism that does not conform must be taken down.”

        – Pepe Escobar

        Just like women are taken down for not agreeing to the TWAW Official Narrative; or LP members who challenge the Official AS allegation Narrative; or anyone contradicting The Official Ukraine Narrative.

        The pattern and features of this process are clear to a blind man on a galloping horse.

        It is the Narrative of the terminally stupid. People with BS degrees who have no practical experience or insights. Clueless middle class tossers and their Marks.

        The notion – still peddled by some on this site – that any country, Russia included, should stand idly by with their thumbs up their arses and brain in neutral and let civilian members of their ethnic people living across their borders by slaughtered in a planned genocide (after eight years of attack which murdered thousands of civilians including children) – why else were most of the Ukrainian Nazis forces massed on the Donbass contact line – and let it happen is risible.

        Can anyone peddling this “Russia were wrong to invade” in this context come up with a viable alternative?

        Do you really think NATO would stop at the Donbass once the Nazi’s we are Officially supporting had cleared it of what they consider to be ‘Russian Vermin? The same NATO which runs bio labs seeking to create DNA tailored pathogens for specific ethnic groups, like Slavs?

        The same NATO which dismembered Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, almost did the same to Syria and others?

        Using the same playbook process of vilification via propaganda, murderous sanctions targeting civilian populations, interference in internal elections, coups, and then bombing and invasion. Which it has been using increasingly against Russia since their pet Yeltsin left the scene.

        Did not the Rand Report and the public statements from Washington about the plan to break up Russia so that its resources could be stolen for profit by these sociopathic rentier carpetbaggers running the West actually register with you?

        WTF were they supposed to do – let themselves be slaughtered and dismembered as has been the case elsewhere?

        No doubt, in the absence of any other viable alternative offered- the RF having bent over backwards for near on a quarter of a century to no avail – the answer here is clearly a resounding YES.

        No doubt so that Liberals and erstaz ‘progressives’ can once again virtue signal to each other tut tutting about how terrible that very obvious outcome is and why doesn’t someone do something about it?

        Well. guess what. Some one did.

      5. Andy
        The Russian invasion is fully justified
        Putin is just a crook

      6. Dave Hansell
        CIA and SAS training Nazis
        Al Quaeda fighters being brought in to fight alongside Nazis
        Neo Cons ready to press the button rather than let China / Russia win what is in truth an economic WWIII

    2. Meanwhile the US military industrial complex and others – The Merchants of Death are doing very nicely out of this thank you.
      And what do you mean many of them donated to Biden’s campaign.
      The politically grotesque of the world?

  5. Russia’s restraint is all that prevents Ukraine’s total obliteration.

    I’d hardly call bombing hospitals & residential blocks/areas – murdering civilians in the process – ‘restraint’

    Saying Putin could make things much, much worse for Ukraine(ians) doesn’t mitigate for that.

    As for Corbyn…My admiration for him is only matched by my disdain for smarmer(ism)

    1. Quite, As Putin orders his Satan missile to raindown nukes on the UK, there’ll be some hiding under the table, thanking God that Putin showed “restraint” in destroying their entire family, vapourising them in the process, as well as every other family and animal on the entire planet. BUt hey, he’s showing restraint ………..

    2. Firstly, I think the invasion is illegal and wrong.

      But to claim Russia’s aim is to deliberately kill as many civilians as possible is absurd.

      Indiscriminate bombing is killing 500,000 as US B52’s did in the indiscriminate bombing of Cambodia. 129,000 and 226,000 were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki alone. And those were kiloton(thousand tonne TNT equivalent) weapons i.e. nothing compared to today’s Megaton(million tonne) vile nuclear weapons. Far from wanting to renew Trident, I wish the damn things had never been invented..

      The sort of firepower that could be unleashed to end this very quickly hasn’t been, thankfully. But the longer it drags on the more likely an escalation. Thus far Kyiv has remained relatively unscathed from attacks through choice, not Ukrainian military prowess.

      As for your other point. There is lots of evidence Ukrainian forces are transporting troops around in ambulances, precisely because they know under the rules of conduct of war, such vehicles shouldn’t be attacked. Al Jazeera accidentally caught an ambulance pull up and multiple heavily armed Ukrainian troops jumped out.

      1. You haven’t confronted the obvious. Putin invaded Ukraine, not the other way round. If Putin invaded the UK, would you be alongside me, shooting as many of his troops as possible, or would you be thanking him and shaking his hand for not obliterating the place? For goodness sake! And yes, the Yanks were 100% wrong in Vietnam, got their backsides handed to them on a plate, and learned a valuable lesson that lasted a long time. Putin is now learning the same lesson – you don’t invade other countries and expect them to greet you with flowers and chocs. But at least now I know who, given the same circumstances, won’t be with me, shooting invaders, he’ll be kissing Putin’s feet, just like Blair did.

      2. JoeRobson

        You do know that in 2010 Ukraine was split 50 | 50 virtually down the middle pro-Russian East and pro-EU west? Since 2014’s coup (in Kyiv, which is pro-EU) The govt in Kyiv has been wholly hostile to the typically more pro-Russia , ethnic Russian east.

        The former pro-Russia President Viktor Yanukovych had 90% support in parts of the East , and he was thrown out by a US sponsored mob in the West.

        Refer to the 2010 Ukrainian Presidential election on wiki and look at the demographics map (coloured) – it’s far from the happy united country presented by Western media. Tbh, I don’t why Zelensky is so determined to hold on to areas that have been in open rebellion since 2014 and excluded from voting and civil society.

        It’s the equivalent to Scotland voting for independence and London sending the troops in.

      3. Andy “indiscriminate bombing of Cambodia” and what we must all remember is that half a century later we are still living with that legacy of the evil dreamt up in a laboratory and dropped with the millions of tons of bombs on two neutral countries Cambodia and Laos on the rice fields .
        we still live with today and suffer the legacy of a imperialist war.
        The fact that many of our people are born with deformity and some like my daughter in law abort before full term pregnancy and the baby died with horrible abnormalities is common.amongst the khmer people.But for grace of God and the ability to pay for micro surgery in Hanoi Veitnam our five years old grandson would be dead from the Legacy of the USA in S.East Asia.We could afford to fly our grandson to brilliant French trained surgeons to perform miracles on him….how many here can be lucky enough to do that..or get the help from the USA to pay for there evil.chemical weapons.?
        We appear to learn nothing from nearly one hundred years of constant war war war across the whole world and most especially in the Balkans and the S.China sea were we see the insanity of world leaders plunging working class people to shoulder more horrors of war and jeremy Corbyn a lone voice crying in the wilderness when friends and enemys desert him .I don’t know what has happened in the western world but mass hallucination has progressed to mass insanity with even the left wing conspiring to promote Nazis in the Ukraine and a unleashed German war machine and the imperialist Japanese empire once again on China,Malaysia Indonesia,Veitnam to what end?A repeat of Tenko in Singapore or Thialand \Cambodia and Laos?The World has gone absolutely MAD 😠 regards comrades we are nearly extinct in this world.

    3. Toffee? I think that has been debunked, or at least as there is no evidence either way is under suspicion of both sides, if I was a gambling man, I would go with Black Flag Theory, rather than Putin did it, as far as I can see and looking at the soldiers on both sides, the Russians are meticulous and extremely professional, the Nazis look like they were dragged up from the sewer via a close bank, they have Nike Tops on, trainers instead of boots, etc, etc, etc. No, for me, Rogue Nazi Army Black Flag makes more sense! These guys have a good eye for detail and insider knowledge, but like anything else, most specially the MSM, read and consider, food for thought. also check out the video and Journalist above’s other videos.

  6. I admire Jeremy Corbyn.
    I rejoined the Labour Party – having left it in disgust at the war-monger Bliar.
    It says a lot about pretender Starm-Trooper that he keeps JC suspended from the parliamentary Party.

  7. But to claim Russia’s aim is to deliberately kill as many civilians as possible is absurd.

    Nobody said deliberately kill as many civilians as possible but there’s NO escaping, nor mitigating for the fact that civilians have been murdered en masse.

    1. Yes, and all civilian deaths are a tragedy. Though how many were evacuated before bombing isn’t clear. At least humanitarian corridors were available.. Unlike Yemen…

      Where, since 2014 the UK has been aiding a war in Yemen conducted by the KSA dictatorship – with bombs and UK military personnel helping targeting – 150,000 civilians have been killed and barely a squeak out of the BBC, ITV, Ch 4, Sky and barely a word in parliament either with the notable exception of the SCG and Corbyn.

      Understand the nature of the MSM and their selectivity. 150,000 of the poorest people on earth bombed with little reporting.

      1. What is happening in the Yemen doesn’t make what is happening in Ukraine right, nor even acceptable. Nor any other historical or current event you care to mention. Blair “helped” in this in more ways than one, not only in his paying court at His Imperial Majesty’s Palace in Moscow, but in also staging an illegal war of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, aided and abetted by Brown. Putin and a poll of UKrainians with Russian troops on the streets, don’t make me laugh FFS. He’s attempted to skew democracy in almost every country on earth, never mind one with borders to Russia. Next you’ll be telling me that ignoring the Russian consitution to get himslef back in power was totally “democratic!” About as democratic as the current Labour Party. At least I had the sense to leave it more than 20 years ago, and never felt it was ever free of Blairites since, and never will be. But that is how close Starmer and Putin are in terms of “democracy.” Putin digusts me. HE needs someone – Russian or otherwise, to stand up to him and tell him to his face that he is the equivalent of what you tread in when out walking following in the footsteps of the local dogwalker.

      1. To date all we have is this crucial evidence pointing to The Nazis, but without a thorough Forensic investigation/pathology, it will be nothing more than heresy. It breaks my heart every time the image of those bodies piled up, dumped from a Dumper fucking Truck and a White Van Man, dragged about like road kill, and nobody has the fucking empathy to ask how can Ukrainians treat Fellow Ukrainians’ bodies like that, Fallen Civilians, supposedly killed by Russians! Where is the humanity!? Is that how fellow Britons are expected to treat their own fallen dead!? In the battlefields of WW1 and 2 they did their best under fire to be respectful, even if it was to lay the body in a resting position, not fucking drag them about, chuck them in a van or on a tipper truck, then dump them like bags of household rubbish at the fucking tip! Just that disturbing fact, to me, tells me exactly who is to blame! Now, I am going to see what Tony Says! Thanks for that link, bevin!

  8. JoeRobson
    This is not the first time that Russia has invaded Ukraine. The last time was in 1943, and just as is now the case, the only people ‘resisting’ them were either Nazis, collaborators or those too intimidated, terrorised by the Nazis to dare to do otherwise.
    I live in Canada, which has been harbouring and coddling Ukrainian Nazis since their grandfathers escaped, two SS Divisions strong, in 1945. Since then, as Nazism and extreme racist nationalism, died out in Ukraine it was kept alive by emigre communities, here in the US and elsewhere. Since 1991 they have been filtering back into Ukraine and have built a Nazi machine which indoctrinates kids, kills socialists and Trade Unionists (the Odessa Massacre) and has virtually taken over the Armed Forces. The Nazi militias have attracted Nazis from all over Europe and North America, as well as ISIS style jihadists from Turkey and Syria- it is these people who are un charge in Ukraine today.
    Read Tony Greenstein’s blog. See what Chris Williamson thinks. And remind yourself of the track record that the media, the BBC, the papers and the TV news have for telling lies, promoting US imperialism and fighting against the interests of working people everywhere.
    Meanwhile In Ukraine opposition is silenced, all known opponents are either dead or being tortured and you are calling it democracy.

    1. I won’t enter the fray with my own comments about Ukraine. There are those who are much better informed and much more experienced at military analysis than I (and than any other contributors to this site). Here is one of the best at such stuff being interviewed, Worth a listen if you have the time.

    2. Meanwhile In Ukraine opposition is silenced, all known opponents are either dead or being tortured and you are calling it democracy.

      Meanwhile In RUSSIA opposition is silenced, all known opponents are either dead or being tortured and you are calling it democracy.

      There corrected that for you.

      If I want to read the view from the Kremlin, I can get it first hand, ta. You know that bloke who was restricteed to eight years as President but is currently due to last 32 years……… That’s “democracy?” Now who else do we know that changed the constituion to suit himself?

      1. Which “Democracy” would you be looking up to, Joe? I think you misunderstood, I don’t think anyone believes Russia to be a Democracy, believes Putin anything other than a Twat, well, no more so than Johnson, Starmer, Biden, Trudeau, Macron, etc!
        However, on this war that has been going on for some time now, and where the UN, ICC, the West, USA, UK, EU had plenty of time to facilitate a peaceful resolution to this disaster!
        Instead, of recognising that there is a major Nazi problem in Ukraine and that they are killing Native Uranian Russian Speakers, because they are Native Ukranian Russians, what do they do, they act like Nazis and abolish all Russians, confiscate their properties, assets and goods, antagonise Russia from behind the border with offering Ukraine a NATO carrot on a stick, Sure, Russia made the move, but they did not start this war! Russians are attacked all over the world, Russian Jews are hounded out of Israel, FFS, Israel is Considering More Arms Provisions, to the Nazis, The UK are Hosting, Training and Arming the Nazis, don’t you think that, that is far more alarming!?

  9. Andy, I believe that there are three really good and, in international law, acceptable justifications of the Russian action.
    1/ Ukraine was massing troops to invade the Peoples Republics, in defiance of the Minsk Accords. A genocide really was threatened. Russia acted to prevent genocide.
    2/ The Pentagon has at least two dozen biolabs in Ukraine aimed at biological attacks on Russia. In one lab Russian forces found caged migratory birds, with chips implanted and dangerous cultivated viruses. The plan was to set the birds onto their eastern migratory routes, track them by satellite until they arrived at targeted populations and then, using the chip, kill them, carrying disease causing agents with them.
    These facts were revealed to the UN Security Council earlier this week at a meeting that both the US and UK refused to attend.
    3/ Ukraine was threatening to become a base for nuclear missiles aimed at Russia. The equivalent to an independent Irish state allowing Russia to station missiles aimed at the UK. After months of attempting to reach a diplomatic solution, Russia was reduced to carrying out military action. There is no doubt that this is what the geniuses running the US wanted Be Careful of What You Wish For.

    1. Maybe in 2014 Russia could have justified invading to restore the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych to power, but not now.

      On that, imagine an analogous situation, in which a pro-US President of Mexico was removed in a coup, to be replaced by some virulently anti-US, pro-China or Russian president – someone openly backed by those countries. Wager the US would invade to restore the pro-US President in 5,4,3,2,1….

      The sick thing is the UN, EU etc would be applauding US military intervention too. American exceptionalism is real.

  10. Jeremy Corbyn holds himself to a higher standard than those who seek to smear him. Great man! We could do with a few more!

  11. On the subject of leaders’ popularity.

    Anyone noticed how pro-Starmer comments are suddenly getting hundreds of likes on the Guardian? One poster claimed Starmer is a ‘fabulous politician’, another that he’s a ‘political genius’. LoL, talk about laying it on heavy.

    Many of his followers on Twitter were shown up as likely as fake sockpuppet accounts, this is probably similar activity. Such a grubby outfit, no method too underhand for New-New Labourites.

  12. The Soviets invaded what was Poland in 1939
    during Stalins pact with Hitler. They then transported
    thousands of Polish Citizens to Siberia with many deaths
    as a result and a portion of Eastern Poland was annexed by Russia. At the end of WW2 some of (all of?) this area
    became part of Ukraine meaning the populations pre and
    post war were significantly different, with a far greater proportion of Roman Catholics as compared with Orthodox Christians. Some Orthodox are pro-war and others criticise it condemning Moscow. It seems the Ukrainian orthodox church(es) have spit from Moscow and the situation is complex:

    As for the Russian invasion – the idea that it is a
    liberation is a fiction coined by Russia. The Wagner group
    are a so-called private Army but really a bunch of fascists
    who as part of the invaders are murdering Ukrainians in cold blood. There is also the fact that the brutal training and ill treatment of Russian recruits does not make for good discipline – resulting in whole-sale murder and rape of women.

    1. The avowed Nazis aren’t Nazis the Russians are. I wish you could have come with me a few times got a job and said that when the beer truck came around. Oh, I forgot they were all living hungry cold and in fear in the old USSR. Boundaries, names, and ideologies change but memories don’t.

  13. Smartboy:“the fact that Jeremy is still being smeared and lied about shows they continue to fear him, his socialism and the esteem in which he is held by so many of us.”

    Exactly right Smartboy. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win”.

    Have you noticed that the enemies of Jeremy Corbyn and his peaceful democratic socialism never challenge his arguments (i.e. ‘fight him’), relying instead on lies, smears, misinformation and misreporting?

    They’re so scared of his non-violent, moderate politics that they cannot even present them. They know they’d lose.

  14. The ‘State of the World’ can be perfectly defined by Norman Foster’s proposal of a City of The Future in Kiev! All those Artists, Architects, Musicians, etc that I once admired, came crashing down since September 2015, most specially! Where is Norman Foster’s proposal for Gaza, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc, etc! This might seem like nothing much, but it shows and embodies The West’s disdain for races “below” the Whiteness of the West! Afghan Refugees getting expelled to make room for Ukrainians, how can anyone consider one race beneath their own or less valuable than another!? Sickening!

  15. Scott Ritter was given a platform by RT but not the BBC nor Sky TV….. why? Is he not on message? Jon Pienaar, on the other hand, leaves the BBC to go work for Rupert Murdoch on Times Radio. Now we have Murdoch’s GB News & Talk TV joining Sky News to provide an alternate to RT. Now that’s diversity, knowing that democracy is safe & protected by curious, independent journalists in an independent 4th Estate.

  16. Those whom criticise Corbyn for not being equivocal and
    not being whole hearted enough in his praise for Zelensky forget that unlike Putin he is not a dictator. I think the phrase is “telling truth to power” and many of the powerful who actually listen have cause to be thankful for it. Those who suppress it inevitably have cause for regret.

    1. Putin got 54% of the vote in the last presidential elections.
      Dictators normally get around 98.8%.

  17. PS Apropos my comment about “telling truth to power”:
    the result of Putins invasion is exactly the reverse of his supposed intention. He claimed that NATO was a threat yet
    what he has done has strengthened that organisation and caused a rush of non-aligned countries to apply to join it.
    What has happened could easily have been foreseen and in fact WAS so – by commentators of all persuasions.
    Evidently Putin was either not told – or else ignored it ..

    I admire Corbyn for “telling truth to power” ..

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