Starmer’s using the crowd photo with Corbyn photoshopped out (AGAIN)

Labour leader shamelessly re-using image already exposed as nothing to do with him

In December, Skwawkbox covered the spot by a sharp-eyed Twitter user of Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner’s use of a picture of an enthusiastic, Labour-supporting crowd – which was really an enthusiastic, Corbyn’s-Labour-supporting crowd – with Jeremy Corbyn’s presence shoddily photoshopped out and replaced by the word ‘Labour’.

So unlikely was an enthusiastic crowd cheering for the current regime, that Labour had shamelessly nicked Corbyn’s crowd and repurposed it for a job ad:

Well, despite the furore and scorn that resulted from that appallingly cynical tactic, Keir Starmer and his party machine have decided to use it again today – this time to try to entice people into giving up their time to volunteer for the visionless shell he claims he is proud of:

Starmer’s Facebook post – heavily ‘ratioed’

The original image of a cheering crowd shows clearly what and who had got them enthused:

But the scrappy edit tries to fool readers that they are enthused about the party as it now is:

Keir mate, if you want to get people out on the doors, give them something to be excited about and the prospect of real change to believe in.

‘I’m Boris Johnson with neater hair and less personality’ just isn’t going to do it – and nor will this week’s demonstration of contempt for local people and their democracy.

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    1. Kremlin seems fine to me. Putin, Lavrov and Shoigu etc seem to be grown ups in a world of children

      (Chinese are also acting like grown ups)

      Anti Russian propaganda of any flavour is not going to do is any favours in a world close to war..

      Irk Streamer is that pathetic he isn’t comparable to the PTA of your local junior school, let alone any government past or present

      1. So desperate Starmer is to cling on past his use by date, i hear he’s planning to dump Anelise Dodds for Nandy or Reeves after he Starmer leads “Labour” to disaster in May. ps, also hearing that Burnham is on manoeuvres to replace Keith. Yes that Burnham. After he got to Manchester on the Jeremy wave, he who refused to meet Jeremy to be congratulated in person. He didn’t say don’t come. He left Jeremy to travel to Manchester, then humiliated him. Jeremy made the trip because as like Thornberry, McDonnell, Ashworth, Starmer, Twatson & co, Jeremy “thought they were his friends”. People a trillion kilometres away, without meeting that lot, could tell none of those people were ever “friends”. Nothing matters to them but their egos. They all feel they should be PM, not to improve the lives of “the many” but just to BE a Prime Minister of ANY party… Tory, TINGE, CUCK, Limp Dims Any party. Nothing matters to that type more than their “political career” and the revolving door to many millions.

      2. Signpostwindchimes I know what you mean about Andy but hes definitely not interested in leadership of the Labour party.You see earlier on in his life in Westminster he got in with a bad crowd of minor criminals who were into blagging the membership big time and taking readys anywhere from anyone.The mr Bigs and Mrs Bigs of the Labour party the BOD gang ran the Labour party into the buffers on fake scams and fit ups.Andy legged it “UP NORF” and has got a good living and carreer in running the Mancunian Way.Andy Burnham is no dummy and realised that consorting with persistent offenders in Westminster is no life for a good family man from Leigh in Lancashire.Andy is a good lad 👦 with a heart ❤and hes back on the straight and narrow now.

      3. Thank you Joseph for your reply.
        Why then did Burnham fail to advise Jeremy discreetly not to travel to Manchester?

        Could it be that – Burnham 1️⃣- deliberately showed anti-Jeremy PLP gang that he was also anti-Jeremy. 2️⃣ typical of “converts” Burnham is over zealous. i.e. demonstrate depths to which he is willing to sink to disassociate himself from Jeremy. Thus, let Jeremy travel all the way to Manchester, then blank him. That would be reported as it was. 3️⃣ Thus Burnham plots his future “political career” as the SH recently assessed serving the electorate to be… a “career”.

        I’m happy to bet to benefit a charity of your choice, that birdies sing accurately that Burnham’s manoeuvring to replace Keith. He’ll try, as Bliar tried twisting arms and claws to become first EU “traffic stopping” empress “with enhanced executive powers including commanding military forces”.
        May Merkel be forever remembered well for putting that curse of Blair out.
        BTW the now convicted Sarkozy allegedly was supportive of the war criminals “political career” growing to such an hazardous extent.

        POSSIBLY Sarkozy with short man syndrome, MAY have believed Bliar would crawl aside eventually to give him too a turn at the “traffic stopping” motorcade. He may as we often do irrationally feel the bitter fate of others, won’t befall us. eg Gordon Brown’s reward for trusting Blair’s fishy promise to give way.

        My wager is Burnham is manoeuvring, not that he’ll succeed the sh** fest.
        And here’s a tip. Always look for true consistency of actions. Eg no true Socialist worth one minute of anyone’s time, writes that they saw an elderly man having suffered the attack of “bullies”, on a pub gents toilet floor, leaves them because they thought the bullies would attack them too, returns to “finish drinks with a friend” then “got out
        of there”, failed to even inform pub staff, THEN when exposed, concocts the most ridiculous contradictory cock and bull story.
        A “comrade” like that is infinitely worse than an enemy.

        The cock and bull story in itself is an action. An action of a coward and a liar. Worse yet the extraordinary brazen lunatic attacks on others for expressing their views. Being sick in the mind, does not mean that such behaviour should go without confronting it. The failure to confront challenges is part of the “Left” culture which allows problems to linger. Even in my short time in the party, it is obviously a key reason for the Right running rampant repeatedly. Serious obvious problems are left as if they will disappear. They won’t. They don’t. They grow worse and cause what we face now. There was no need for things to be this way.

        Just as national budgets differ from household budgets, similarly any organisation with concrete aims, be it amateur or professional, cannot be effective by running away from confrontations. We should never be a cosy social group with no useful benefit to “the many”.

        As i type, news is that Lewis Hamilton has started the season with victory AGAIN!!!
        He like Andy Murray, Venus and Serena Williams, Marcus Rashford, every other non caucasian footballer and sports person have kept on despite non stop MSM attacks EVEN from very young. Hamilton was attacked constantly from the get go. Even in his presence, i heard it.

        Lewis Hamilton has won again today. DESPITE attacks. He has surpassed all other F1 drivers British and otherwise. Ask him what he thinks about MSM attacks. Ask him if “comrades” who treat him like some fragile doll, is necessary. Or if he needs in his team anyone not vigilant as to how he can improve… even by a fraction of a second. That is the attitude and culture we need.
        Every second counts.

      4. I return to a question that I have asked on many threads, “how did he ever get selected?”. That goes for 100’s of them, even unto days immoral. Corbyn slipped through, but didn’t they learn quickly.

      1. I did reply (should have copied it). As usual, I seem to have been skwawkbox’d

      2. Laughing at the American Delegation to Alaska.

      3. Maria, I owe you an explanation so here’s another attempt.

        There is nothing wrong with Putin. He recently spent a weekend with Shoigu (defence). As an aside, Shoigu seems to like crafting with wood. Good to see someone who job can be destruction can get enjoyment from creating.

        Lavrov spent some time with his Chinese counterpart. They are united. Not quite militarily, but it won’t be long if things continue as they are.

        Sanctions have been placed on Brits, yanks and Canucks. The west is struggling to face this.

        The west is using several NGOs to attack China (cotton), but it’s backfiring spectacularly. Boycotts on western products are being driven by the Chinese people. Not their government. Sponsorship has been dropped, logos pixelated.

        Iran entered as player three. They’ve basically laid the rules for a return to JCPOA, and the yanks will dance to their music before they contemplate sitting down opposite the agreement incapable yanks.

        Expect worse to happen. The west is squeezing the sand in its hands. And as we all know, the harder you grip, the easier it slips away.

        Sorry for the delay. Been a little occupied with life’s rich tapestry.

        Stay safe

  1. That’ll be those con artist money grabbing career front stabbing Fake left squatters again taking the piss!

    1. Squatters make good use of the abandoned or vacant. We are dealing with Parasites, they will destroy their host even if that means killing themself in doing so!
      Neo-Fake-Labour Party killed The UK Labour Party! Labour just a word, a Logo, a Corporate Brand plundered by Neoliberal/Neoconservative Tories but The UK Labour Movement remains ours, wherever we go, whatever we call our new Party!
      RIP The UK Labour Party
      Long Live the UK Labour Movement!

      1. Parasites…a good analogy.

        Like moose ticks.

      2. Never voting labour again, thanks for the Moose Ticks, they are nasty fkrs almost as nasty as Neolabour Tories :):):)
        One fine day The People shall govern!

      3. The People’s Party of The Republic of Great Britain :):):)

      4. Good post. Now to get all of our old friends back from Scotland.

      5. It is a very sad thing to see Scotland, Wales and N Ireland treated like Second Class, there is so much that needs to be fixed to restore Unity.
        I personally think independence with a union akin to the EU and one nation one vote decision making would be the only way forward because ie 550 vs 30/10/15 is unworkable, One Key Representative Per Nation who can override Parliament on National issues.
        England is in no fit state to rule itself never mind the other 3 nations!

  2. A Fake Party for Fake “Leftists”/”Centrists” with Fake Propaganda, a Fake and F***ing Dangerous mob of Parasite MPs, with a Fake agenda and a Fake Manifesto/Agenda Yes, that seems about right for the Thatcherite Neoliberal going on Neoconservative, Neo-Fake-Labour Tory Party, yeah just about right.
    Anyone who plans to vote Neo-Fake-Labour may as well vote Tory, Neolabour wont be any different, if anything probably far more dangerous and much worse. At least Inadvertently Johnson & Co are Reuniting The People, Stoking Passion and Hope, which will hopefully sooner rather than later lead to a Democratic Socialist Party to Fly the Crimson Standard High once again and give home to The Hardieist Democratic Socialist UK Labour Movement!

    1. You’ve got a good point. Discount abound and for completely different reason. Potential radicals with no where to call home, yet.

  3. Meeja studies focus group wonks and right on centrist dad’s wanted for a career in bullshitting people. Do you have working class creds? Come from the north or have tenuous historical links ‘up there’? Love the queen and flag? Come and work for us, we’ve got more focus groups than you can shake an identity politics stick at. Cushy office in central London (near Millbank), good salary, private health insurance, relocation grant and private Whats App groups. Please apply to Oxted Keith.

    1. Lundiel….would that be the fake @ boxcartrend bot sentinel who poses as centrist Dad from Bristol,or the other fake Steve H aka somtimes even on the same page swaps to davidh…sh…stevedavidh from small mill town in “Norf” but doesn’t use is real name Steve Hall when posting on Squawkbox from Caribbean bolt hole.Confused 😕?So is he with the usual liberal approach to truth and sincerity hes tripped himself up with a liberal amount of the sauce that he cant remember who hes replying to or who hes supposed to be of the many fake characters.Still in the spirit of the right wing stealing crowds identities or even fake AS scams are all part of the centrist game.

  4. I’m surprised some of the banners/posters haven’t been replaced with union jacks

  5. Today is a wonderful day. Two things happened: my Labour Party membership expired and I deleted all contact with Neolabour. Second is that I signed my papers and am now standing as an All 4 Unity candidate for the Scottish Parliament Elections. My days kowtowing to a Zionist Apologist and his Right Wing Narcissists are over. The left leaning MP’s had heir chance to mount a leadership challenge and didn’t because perhaps they too are more interested in their inflated salaries, pensions and business contacts. Long Live Labour! Labour Is Dead!

    1. Did they have the numbers to mount a leadership challenge barrie? No, they didn’t, so why criticise and denigrate them for something they couldn’t have done!

      And why were you kowtowing to a Zionist Apologist and his Right Wing Narcissists barrie? Certainly makes one wonder about your judgement, which is obviously – to say the very LEAST – wanting!

      So exactly when was it barrie that ‘left leaning MPs’ had their chance to mount a leadership challenge given that they didn’t have the numbers?

      Yes folks, Skwawkbox, the left-wing JC supporting website where EVERY SINGLE DAY posters – who are supposedly left-wingers – slag off the left in the party. What a joke!

      Yeah, you set em up Steve, and we’ll knock em down!

      1. Yes, EXACTLY barrie, so if you know THAT, then you must know that they don’t have the numbers to mount a challenge – ie forty MPs as it stands since the last GE.

      2. You’re a strange one Allan. You’re researching ability is tip top, but you get bogged down with understanding why people are thoroughly pissed at the situation they are experiencing.

        Hint. Stop analysing people with your own prejudices and experiences.

        What matters is if they are one for all rather than all for one.

      3. So what was it that initially made you decide that you’re never voting Labour again Never Voting Labour Again?

        Anyway, could you explain where the ‘analysing’ enters into it? Barriereid ctiticised and denigrated left MPs for not mounting a leadership challenge, and I pointed out that they don’t have the numbers to do so. In other words, yur just spouting complete and utter B/S re yur ‘analysing”!

        Oh, but thanks for letting me know – as you did in a post yesterday – that there ‘is no left or right’ etc. It’s funny though – given that YOU were ‘replying’ to a a post in which I called out the signpost shill, that you had nothing whatsoever to say about him concocting a falsehood about the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle during the first lockdown taking legal action against Cummings so that he could then discredit Jeremy by comparison. So I take it that you have no problem with him doing so. Is that right?

        Wait for it folks….. more B/S coming up from NVLA (and I dare say SteveH will join in the fun, yet again!)

      4. What do you want me to say Allan?

        There _is_ no left. Anyone who represents a threat to those above is taken out (see Corbyn and Foot) with extreme prejudice.

        At other times, Labour is Janus. Take the Attlee government of ’45. They gave us the NHS and decent socialised homes. But they also gave us the “special relationship” (excuse me whilst I clear the bile).

        The handful (probably less, Burgon?) of supposedly leftie MPs either shirk their responsibilities or worse still, sell themselves out.

        Labour is a dead end, cul-de-sac of hope.

        The only way things will change is if the situation is if everything is sent up in the air like only a 12 year old playing Monopoly can.

        You crack on with what you want to believe, but try to remember that we are constantly evolving. Nothing stays the same (except the deep state)

      5. The voice of the Labour party ..confused,total lack of self awareness and raising the white flag whilst doing a Character assasination on your own wing of the left.. Sounds familiar the Labour party or is it get to bed white flag man Allan Howard….Shill…right wing tooooool! Shi…I and you know it…you wernt a …councillor…shill forensic troll argh .HELP me!..Full moon today so I am told?

      6. So nothing to say about signpost’s Big Black Lie then NV?

        Oh, and I see that Okeefe the former councillor has piled in as he so often does to ‘defend’ his chum signpost. Funny that on the one hand Joe ‘defends’ a liar – a serial liar and fabricator and deceiver – whilst on the other hand he reiterates a falsehood about me – ie that I accused him of not having been a councillor. I didn’t, and THAT’s why he has never reproduced the post in which I supposedly did so, despite me asking him – on the occasions he’s reiterated it – to do so.

        Yep, it’s just ONE liar defending ANOTHER liar!

        PS And I just noticed that in a post further down the page Joe is on the side of criminal gangs and opposed to such gangs being infiltrated by undercover cops! What a tosser!

      1. Interesting. Galloway’s morphing into Peter Hitches. He was boasting about how socially conservative he is a few months ago, he’s very anti Scot nat, he’ll be flag wrapping next but I never thought he’d vote Tory. Old men do seem to become more conservative with age while women don’t change their loyalty.

      2. @Lundiel

        As James Brown sang so well;

        “This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing, NOTHING, without a woman!”

      3. With that deflection Steve Hall, ever thought of being a force field?
        Fuck off Steve Hall.

  6. Been getting really weird emails from them, asking if I want to join the War of the roses……I was not aware it was still ongoing. Had resigned it to history….Otherwise there are all those requests to part with any spare cash I might have….. It is really scandalous that these rich people are asking people like me and you for money. But on a more serious note, this (stealing and photo-shopping shots) just shows their lack of vision and their inability to see that we the members retain our loyalty for a decent human being who happens to be a great politician as well with attributes such as integrity, honesty , transparency, decency as well as a truly caring personality to boot/boost, you get my drift?

  7. The altered poster reveals a dishonesty that is quite breathtaking given Labour’s tradition.

  8. I think it ought to have been obvious to us all from the start that the photo was fake. Does anyone really believe Starmer Rayner etc could ever get this reaction from our members and supporters. Just look at the joy on some of the faces. Only Jeremy Corbyn can inspire people like this which is why they had to fake the photo.
    However they won’t be able to fake the election results. The party has lost a huge amount of support since Starmer and Rayner took over ( despite the Tory’s deadly mishandling of the Covid crisis they remain more popular than Labour).
    Rayner promised the Labour Friends of Israel to expel 1000s and 1000s of us who respect the Human Rights of Palestinians and deplore their mistreatment by Israel. She called us antisemites thereby openly displaying her own and the party hierarchy’s vile Anti Arab racism – unless you support the suppression of Arab rights you are an antisemite according to her and the rest of the pro Israel lobby.
    The party has openly disrespected and discriminated against our Black members, has expelled and otherwise penalised Socialists, has acted vindictively towards Jeremy Corbyn who most of us hold in high esteem showing clear contempt for natural justice, democracy and freedom of speech.
    Is Angela Rayner so completely stupid that she thinks people are as stupid as she is and will vote Labour despite of all of the above? If so she’s in for a massive shock in May.

  9. The coming May local government elections , AND the looming Scottish Parliament elections, are going to be a quite easy to predict TOTAL DISASTER for Starmer’s NuLabour2 neoliberal flag-waving Party. But what is the correct political response for socialists to the now quite evident, terminal, ‘PASOK moment’ for Labour , as a party with any future UK Westminster, (or Scottish Parliament) government-winning potential ?

    For too many self-identifying Lefties the predictable response is to just repeat the dumb behaviour of every past easily defeated Labour Left , from the 1930’s, the 1960’s and the ‘Bennite’ 1980’s, ie, simply hope for the best, ignore the actual , corrupt, totally Right dominated reality of Labour , from its very formation, as a reactionary, status quo-supporting, bourgeois-led workers party, and ‘have another, fruitless, go ‘ !

    The setting up of the , doomed to be tiny and internally fractious, ‘Labour in Exile’ gimmick grouping, by the same old 300 or so, old ( mostly ANCIENT) ultraleft obsessives, mainly in London, shows yet again that what passes for the ‘UK Left’ simply cannot break from Labourism . Or , in the case of the mainly lifelong serial entrists who compose most of ‘Labour in Exile, and ‘Stop the witchhunt’, they are actually just inside Labour to posture their ultraleft demands and obsessions (even under Jeremy’s reign’) and pinch a few members for their hopeless ultraleft sectlets ! Even when these exact same tiny collection of people had , for a while, written off Labour , in the 90’s to 2015, they all repeatedly joined (‘entered’ with malign sectarian intent) every radical Left initiative launched , such as Respect, and Left Unity, and proceeded to wreck them with their toxic sectarianism and ultraleft posturing .

    As ‘barriereid’ correctly says, “Labour is dead”. It’s tragedy is that it is a still moving corpse , a zombie Party , bereft of a function – other than to block the emergence of a genuine radical Left Party – mainly by tying up hundreds of thousands of potential socialist (or radical Left Liberals at least) members of such a Party in the swamp of Labourism. The chances of a new radical Party grouping would , of course, actually be improved if all those 300 or so OLD serial entrists (eg, the serial ultraleft wreckers of the CPGB/LPM, the Left-faking opportunists running Momentum, etc) kept on fruitlessly trying to ‘turn Labour Left’ and let those socialists who do want to build a serious radical reformist Party to pursue building a new Left Party WITHOUT their perennial sectarian wrecking behaviour !

    1. A group of climate activists are calling on Labour leader Keir Starmer to give evidence to the Undercover Policing Inquiry, alleging he may have been involved in a cover-up of police and prosecutors orchestrating wrongful convictions.
      The 18 activists were part of a group of 114 arrested while planning a protest against Nottinghamshire’s Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station in April 2009.

      Some of them were prosecuted and convicted of conspiracy.

      A further six were in a group prosecuted separately, whose trial dramatically collapsed after they discovered one of the protesters was undercover police officer Mark Kennedy.

      1. Yes, what courageous and brave people these spycops are who infiltrate groups and organisations, practically ALL of which are left-wing groups, and many of these spycops have no problem whatsoever with engineering a relationship with a female member/activist AND committing serial rape, as such, because THAT is what amounts to!

        PS I should add that I have nothing but admiration for undercover cops who infiltrate criminal gangs and risk their lives in doing so.

      2. White Flag Man u admitted to deserting a victim of “bullying”, “to finish a drink with a friend” instead of helping an “elderly man” on the gents pub toilet floor at the mercy of “two bullies”. That’s not the behaviour of a Socialist or decent person. You told the most ridiculous lies when u were exposed eg the most embarrassing twaddle that the nan was not really that old, he was not totally on the floor, more half sitting up the wall etc. What sort of person tries to wriggle out of their mess with such a crass mound of lies?

        You are clearly unwell, but still a nusiance. Take three 💊, three times daily for the next thirty years. 💊 It may not help you become a less odious hunt of shills in the village, but it might give you something else to do, rather than spouting peak weirdness. Don’t know how much Smartwat / Twatbot is paid to join in your full moon frenzy, but u two are the oddest double act. ps I notice u WFM lose your nuts big tine every full moon. So expected your weirdness to start boiling over. This evening’s first super-moon of 2021 is definitely pulling u even mote off your rocker. Dose up 💊 , don’t eat the worms, put your jim-jams on, go back to bed. And take your apprentice assistant Smartwat, with you. Be hunts for each other.

      3. Fuck the police!

        May I suggest you dig out the tweet from @fedglos @ 12:39 27/03/21

        We wouldn’t have the problem of “drugs* if they were legalised and people had something to live for other than their next fix.

        Did I mention fuck the police?

    2. I couldn’t agree more. The LP is a political dodo, a bit like the Liberals exactly 100 years ago. Starmer has all the makings of a Ramsay McDonald to finish the job with a National Government that was in truth Tory although he was titular head. Hopefully we’re less naive now. If you want different politics then you need to start afresh. Major Reform is urgently required in so many spheres from Education to Housing. There IS a majority of voters who want Equality and Liberty. (Everybody seems agreed Fraternity might have to wait a while given the current feelings in the UK). But there should be no compromise with the greedy Rightwing. The cries End Corruption and Abolish Monopolies have been heard across the country for centuries and that’s the soil that is ready to flower. At last!

    3. Put a sock in it jpenny!

      Instead of endlessly complaining on here and spouting the same thing over and over and over again, why don’t YOU direct your energies into getting this new party together that yur ALWAYS on about instead of just moaning and whinging???

      So WHY don’t you, penny???!!, or are you just gonna spout on about it for the rest of yur life, content to talk the talk like the fucking armchair fucking negative dick that you are!

      1. You put a sock in it Howard, and seek out the medical help you so obviously need for your galloping paranoia. Is there a single person posting here you haven’t at some point accused of being a secret fascist infiltrator or similar.

    4. John: just wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts – much appreciated esp re ‘labourism’. As a ‘new member’ (that’s what we were called in 2015 and still seems appropriate) discovering labourism is quite a light-bulb moment – easily the most destructive aspect of the left – and that wrecking is a prevalent behaviour. What a state to be in. But is it possible that the wreckers would stay away from a new left party?

      1. Is that the ‘left’ that came so close to winning the general election in 2017 John?

        Anyway, Paul and John appear to agree with you about forming a new party penny, and there must have been about another twenty people/posters who have said the same during the past eight or nine months since shortly after Starmer was elected leader and started ‘prompting’ left-wing members to leave the party, so why don’t you all get together and set about forming this new radical socialist party penny et al? I mean if you REALLY want to try and change things for the better – instead of criticising and castigating the left continually – then you would DO so. Use your energies in a constructive and positive manner instead of a negative and pessimistic manner.

        But I won’t be holding my breath!!

    5. Hah! Just wait until Scottish Labour, the LibDems and the Scottish Tories, get a load of this, on Monday.

      We heard a little bit about it, yesterday. It had Douglas(Murray) Ross spluttering away, on Newsnight.

      Interviewing Alex Salmond on C4 News, and later on Newsnight, Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Faisal Islam were all about ‘the sex pest scandal’. Being Salmond, he side-stepped them both, with ease.

      Earlier, Tommy Sheridan and his Time for Independence Movement(TIM), along with Craig Murray, officially withdrew their candidates from the Election and pledged to support – and canvass for – the new Alba Party.

      Instead of the sh*t-show we have here in England, there could be some fun to be had in British politics, yet.

      1. Silly old tosser George Galloway says he’s going to vote conservative in the Scottish election.

    6. You sniviling little Rat white flag man Allan Howard “I have nothing but admiration for the undrcover cops” …You are a deluded nasty peice of work and a good example of the Labour party today …Full moon today and tomorrow White flag man better run 🏃 indoors and hide.Step up the medication 💊and seek help while its still free from the NHS Try the good Doctor in Hartlepool he’s more your style Allan Howard.

      1. Snivel snivel!

        PS You and signpost will have your very own chapter in the book, so many thanks for the additional material! Snivel snivel!

      2. You still “working on” your book? I’m sure they’re quaking in their boots. Publish or shut up. Penguin must be beating your door down!

  10. Sad they are so morally bankrupt they have to use a stupid photoshopped picture about a Jeremy Corbyn rally.

    So new Labour 2.0 reused and changed the yellow sign to remove any reference to JC and changed it to Labor instead.

    So let’s see the great leader Starmer infuse his supporters in the same way with his amazing speeches and Tory lite policies. Maybe his voting record of abstensions for everything?

    Yeah, didn’t think so!

  11. Surely this duplicity shouldn’t have been necessary. I’d have thought that the prospect of winning a phone call from Starmer or a visit from Rayner would have had them flocking to the cause in their millions.

  12. IF Jeremy had done such a thing – not that he would have done OR *have* to have done – the totally corrupt MSM would have been all over it of course!

    1. Pathetic White Flag Crazed Appeaser Fraud – “IF Jeremy had done such a thing – not that he would have done OR *have* to have done – the totally corrupt MSM would have been all over it of course!”

      So what❓ Is Jeremy a delicate china-doll❓ How do all other humans stand up despite MSM attacks❓ Craig Murray, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway no matter what you think of him, Diane Abbot, Fidel Castro, Simon Bolivar, Che before he was murdered, Mandela, Ghandi, MILLIONS of other people right here and throughout history, …Ricky Tomlinson STILL speaking out for justice???

      You do the “Left” a disservice. You make us a laughing stock. You are clearly unwell but still an utter disgrace. Sensible people can see your present Jeremy as if he should be treated like some fragile doll or deity. You and your recently activated sidekick are the blockages standing in the way of progress with your pathetic constant whining and wimping ohh Jeremy will be attacked whine whine whine. Seems to have missed you that despite all the appeasements Jeremy is not only still attacked but still without the whip, you ridiculous tosspots.

      That the “Left” could allow people like you to breed timidity … to such an extraordinary insane degree is definitely indicative of a culture that explains the ease with with the Right Wing parasites retook the leadership and the NEC. It is your type who would have not blinked at the preposterous act of inviting and re inviting Starmer to the shadow cabinet after his TWO coups. It is your type who would have told Jeremy that his last act in post was to recommend Tom Watson for a peerage…. as if McNicol was a peerage too few. The “Left” will make zero progress with the likes of you Appeaser Shill hunt and Smartwat. You are lying frauds. No socialist leaves an elderly man on the floor at the nervy of thugs to finish a drink with a friend then “get out of there” without tell staff to help the poor man. Then confect a tissue of embarrassing lies when you were caught out.

      Everyone should read first account which showed you as a genuine coward and a fraud. They will see in your second account that you are worse than that, you are prepared to lie just as brazenly as the Tories in and out of the party. Whatever the cause or your motives, you both are of zero benefit to progress. Furthermore, you apparently have been around for decades so the decades of the “Left” being walked over again and again is by logic due to your type.

      As per Einstein , it is insanity to expect a different result from the same failed actions and inaction, the same appeasements, and the same frauds like you. Basic logic.

      1. ps and now is a period we should be taking a rigorous clear out of failed attitudes. We should not be waiting always for a crunch time to act in a panic.

      2. Spot on and a very accurate assessment of A life Labouring “Signpost dont leave it too long in bailing out of the Shitshow party it could damage your health…look what theyve done to white flag man,hes building a grotto to St Jeremiah in Islington wells.

  13. how sad the people of this country were offered a wonderful manifesto. A once in a life time chance, and they turned their noses at it. Yes the msm and even people in the labour party with the tories spread lies and made up things to blacken Jeremy Corbyns name. Yet in 1946 straight after the war the Daily Express and Daily Mail said about the general election if people voted labour they would be living in a gestapo state. This just after the war, where millions of soldiers and civilians died, my own relatives had a bomb drop on their house and were killed., . Yet these papers were saying Labour were like the murderous nazis, still people voted labour. They had more sense than to believe everything the papers said . Now people would rather have their children do without because of brexit and because they dont want a decent honest man running the country.. As for Starmer , what exactly is he about ?.

    1. Two principal reasons why 1946 was different.
      The first is clearly Brexit, and the ludicrous position the party took. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t a number of shadow cabinet members threaten to resign if the party didn’t commit to a second referendum? [.. and this resulted in, and was maybe designed to lead to, the party committing electoral harakiri].
      The second factor is one that most people today will not have heard of. In the forces there was a view that education was good for the servicemen and women. Regular classes were provided. Purely by coincidence (?), lots of the people who volunteered to lead the classes were socialists and communists and consequently those who were demobbed were much more politicised than your average club-goer and social media user today.
      There is much more to forming opinion than just using the media and we have seen the decline, often a deliberately manufactured decline, of ways of politicising people. Yes, we have the emergence of more single-issue campaigns, but they can’t fully do the job that could be done by a coherent political strategy to link them together and provide an explanation and a direction. 2017 provided a clue that this could be possible, which is why the left perspective had to be obliterated. It’s why Starmer is where he is, and why he’s doing what he’s doing; and it’s why a new political party won’t work ….. yet. The consciousness must be built first, and it must be done via BLM, XR, Grenfell survivors, and every other group there is that is taking on The Man. You can’t spread yourself too thinly so I just work through 2 anti-war groups.

    2. The establishment backed off after the “war to end all wars” and young men trained to kill and dangerous returned home many who had seen their own fathers crippled and gassed in the iimpreliast war were the royals fell out.The establishment were frghtened and the press and allowed the voice of the working-class movement the Labour party to rule for a time.Them like my father were put to bed and now the establishment who have lost that fear of rebellion from the working-class movement and realise that the dangerous young men trained to kill are no longer with us and the establishment carry on inside the Labour party and the working-class movement once again must look for a home.And unfortunately the dangerous young men and women wear full battle dress beating crowds of innocent peaceful protestors and they are now fully recovered and back in control.the imperialist forces of the establishment The Conservative and unionist party ably assisted by the Labour party…Where are our dangerous young men and women,some like me hope that they will appear like they did in Bristol and fight back using the only weapon we have left the heroic young people who do fight back .and take on the thugs of the establishment The Bill.

  14. There is another clue in the four pictures within the article, and it’s clearest in the third; in the bottom right you can make out part of the words making the phrase, which was Jeremy’s, “for the many not the few.” In the third picture “e many not the” is visible.

  15. Labour’s problem may be that it doesn’t have enough staff who know how to photoshop…

    This article and accompanying picture appeared in last Monday’s Guardian and show Paul Williams and Angela Rayner “campaigning in Hartlepool.”

    The only person in the picture apart from these two is walking away from them. I’m not sure who was in charge of this disastrous photo-shoot but it clearly wasn’t Alastair Campbell or more recently JC’s advisor Steve Howell – or Mickey Mouse or Walter Mitty…

    The picture speaks volumes about the car crash that is going to happen on May 6th and why.

    They could have photoshopped crowds of Corbyn supporters into the photograph and then distributed it to newspapers; they could have put Williams and Rayner where the only thing visible in the background was the sea or an aquarium with something more interesting in it like an octopus; they could have invited Corbyn himself to speak, accidentally shunted his train into a siding in Doncaster and then planted these stooges in front of the expectant crowd.

    This is a picture of people with no soul, no integrity and no love.

    I was reminded of Shelley’s wonderful poem Ozymandias.

    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert . . . Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed:
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

    1. Whos the scruffy girl with the “bover boots” and the mystified looking bloke ?ITs not Indy and Janet is it?..I think it might have already been “photo shopped because hes no rosette and no monkey 🐵 suit.?..and the ginger tinge girl is “legging” it.

  16. Even using photoshop, they can only manage half-a-job.

    There are, still, tell-tale points in that photo-shopped, photograph that date it back to the Corbyn era.

    I’m not going to point them out. The amateurish tw*ts can find them for themselves.

    1. George – You mean apart from the obvious that such gatherings have been impossible throughout Keir’s tenure because of the Covid-19 restrictions .

      1. And even if the covid19 restictions were non-existent – or as restricted as the fatality rate of covid is small (0.033%) – a Starmer-Evans & Rayner Gathering would not have a snippet of “For the Many, not the Few” in the bottom-right hand corner.

        The Trilateral Few would never allow it.

        And besides, it’s probably against Starmer’s ‘Membership’ T+Cs

    2. They could ask Steve walker and Squawky to Photoshop..Unfortunately for them theyve pis..d him off hoping hed gone out of business.The Labour party are only available for AS scams and photo editing Corbyn and most of HQ have been successful in being given a early Xmas present by our forensic leader and gifted six hundred pounds of members money.We could have been in power now..but would it really have been any better looking at our PLP?

  17. So nothing to say about signpost’s Big Black Lie then NV?

    Oh, and I see that Okeefe the former councillor has piled in as he so often does to ‘defend’ his chum signpost. Funny that on the one hand Joe ‘defends’ a liar – a serial liar and fabricator and deceiver – whilst on the other hand he reiterates a falsehood about me – ie that I accused him of not having been a councillor. I didn’t, and THAT’s why he has never reproduced the post in which I supposedly did so, despite me asking him – on the occasions he’s reiterated it – to do so.

    Yep, it’s just ONE liar defending ANOTHER liar!

    PS And I just noticed that in a post further down the page Joe in effect says he is on the side of criminal gangs!

    1. Allan, amongst other things I’ve been to see my son who lives over 100 miles from me and I’ve been supporting my daughter in law overnight, whose brother is autistic and in hospital with sepsis.

      You bring a lot of crap upon yourself.

      If you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a much needed nap

      1. NV, I couldn’t help but notice that despite having posted several ‘replies’ to me since I initially asked you, you haven’t responded to the question I put to you about signpost lying through his teeth – ie inventing something so that he could then discredit Jeremy. I mean who but a shill would do such a thing. Agreed? And THAT particular Big Lie was just one of many SP has posted, APART from endlessly discrediting Jeremy and the left-wing members of his alleged CLP AND the left in general. On several occasions, for example, he said that ‘even presenters (presumably on the radio given that signpost says he doesn’t have a TV) hostile to JC had said that they couldn’t understand why Jeremy hasn’t taken legal action against the people who have called him an anti-semite’, and so I asked him who these presenters were and, initially, he said that he would let me know at some point, but needless to say he never did, despite my asking him on a number of occasions in the following two or three weeks. Yep, he made it up – ie lied through his teeth again, and THAT of course is why he DIDN’T.

        It’s odd how you seem to be so reluctant to say anything about signpost inventing stuff and, as I say, who but a shill would do such a thing.

        And just out of interest – as I asked you yesterday – when did you decide that you’re never voting Labour again, and why?..

      2. I’m not going to feed your paranoid behaviour.

        As far as I’ve seen through posts, signpost seems to be a collectivist.

        That’s good enough for me. And this will have to be good enough for you

  18. Noticed that the papers are beginning to get the message of whos the thugs in Bristol and around the country in the Kill the Bill legal protests.One university student was quoted as saying that the leader of the opposition and the Labour party were going to effectively support the Tory bill by “doing nothing to oppose it” so thats why he was in the streets opposing the Bill….This is just one of the comments by a protester in the independent hardly a left wing paper.The Press are waking up to how dangerous the “Bill” are and is.Thank God these young people come out for US and the vulnerable to defend us even when they are well aware that many will support the Bill in beating them with anything available and locking them up.Some in the Labour party wave the white flag and support the thug arm of the law and thats why young men and women are having their heads bashed and bones broken.They are standing up for civil rights before they disappear ably assisted by the white flag man Sir keir Rodney stammer and his misfits.

    1. Did many of us wonder what we would be doing in 1930a Germany?Well I strongly suspect that many politicians in the Labour party and people like white flag man would be doing sweet FA and smug 😏 with it.

    2. Video on twitter of police ‘blading’ protestors was truly shocking, you could see these well armoured men who were facing people sitting on the ground with their hands in the air had completely been taken over by adrenaline and testosterone. Yet I could find no mention of it in a Google search.

      1. Canary carries a full report and videos. The new paramilitary police force have quite a long way to go before reaching French standards of ‘control’ but they will be forced to do it because people aren’t having this level of brutal policing

  19. Noticed Steve Hall centrist Dad rubbishing Squawkbox in comments atributed to @byline times regarding Patel and her faux imelda Marcos spending sprree.Steve centrist Dad likes to defend patel by arguing that it was all down to weird Home office expenses and not patel whilst blaming Squawkbox for fake news.This is a man with at least half a dozen fake names he uses and hides behind.Seems our centrist Dad gets more applause on bot sentinel and @boxcartrend.These armchair warriors use the internet like a knife in the back.

    1. Pretty is a very strange looking character. She is a charm free bubble on her own. How will she explain her vanity projects to her party members during a crisis? Some Tories find actions like these to be unpleasant and against their “all in this together”, scam. Mind you she does have powerful friends, at home and abroad. It stinks but she’ll just keep on claiming and climbing.

  20. 10% PLP to stand for leadership 21 MP’s
    Which just leaves when to mount challenge and what would be cut off point for members
    The only issue on here should be those who are not currently members, get your arses into gear

    1. Labour Party Rule Book. Chapter 4 Elections of national officers of the Party and national committees Page 21

      In the case of a vacancy for leader or deputy leader, each nomination must be supported by 10 per cent of the combined Commons members of the PLP and members of the EPL P and either: a. b. 5 per cent of CLPs; o r At least 3 affiliates (at least 2 of which shall be trade union affiliates) compromising 5 per cent of affiliated membership Nominations not attaining the thresholds under either a or b above shall be null and void.

      Where there is no vacancy, nominations may be sought by potential challengers each year prior to the annual session of Party conference. In this case any nomination must be supported by 20 per cent of the combined Commons members of the PLP and members of the EPLP . Nominations not attaining shall be null and void. this threshold The sitting Leader or Deputy Leader shall not be required to seek nominations in the event of a challenge under this rule. iii. iv. v. vi. C. CLP nominations under 2.B.i.a above shall

      1. SteveH
        Thank you for that
        After May elections Temporary Embarrassment will be a sitting dead duck egg
        Court cases, conference and Forde report are not going to improve his chances of hanging on

      2. Doug – We shall see. Come back and tell me all about it in May.

      3. No need they’re collapsing now. Doddy’s about to get the push because she’s not popular with Tory voters. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Just let the knight go Quietly after the “Meltdown in May” and clearout Likud followers,try to save the party from bankruptcy and then elect a new exciting right wing chancer and carry on competing for the crowded .right and have the finale May. “in the snap General election.

    1. Joseph -Why would the Tories call a snap GE when they have an 80 seat majority?

      1. Right Steve Hall…I…onto beautiful brows and that poor lass priti Patel youve been defending on bot sentinel as centrist Dad.The reply from the home office to byline times who first investigated the Home office expenses…?a couple of days ago .The staff were sent out to procure clothing for the assylum seekers as you do it being a bit nippy for pyjamas and flip flops.So that was a few thousand straight away and PPE coverings for staff another seventy odd thousand(responsible employer)dont you know?…Thirty thousand pounds for restraunt?and nine hundred for a swift pint in Oxford?…well these furriners is starvin when they arrive?..The drink?We at the Home office believe in assimilation of these people and what better way than a swift pint of ale in a country Pub.Garden centre?Well thats near dover were they swim in so we takes em round the garden centre if its a Sunday and buyem a few plants….Nearly five thousand pounds?..well theres a lot of em! 2500 pounds on a diet plan?well we dont want them kicking orrf after all that food and drink weve been givin em..Steve H we might owe you a apology after that convincing argument from the Home office expenses scandal.

      2. Joseph – Thanks for your entertaining little flight of fantasy but that doesn’t explain:- Why would the Tories call a snap GE when they have an 80 seat majority?

  22. 2023with boundary changes and no changes in voting system its a nailed on win for the Tory party and a final meltdown for the Labour party who stood by and watched the destruction of the NHS the welfare system and introduced a police state.and said NOWT and No Holding Back?….they held back and watched the Labour party go down the plughole.

    1. Joseph – That still doesn’t explain why the Tories would hold a ‘snap’ GE when the same conditions will exist in May 2024 when most people expect the GE to take place.

      1. By 2024 the shit will have hit the fan. They’ll go for a snap election in the confident expectation the majority would increase- 120 is even better than 80. That seems very likely this year with Johnson suddenly a National vax hero and K Starmer crumbling before our eyes while pulling down the half of the party he doesn’t like. It also puts off the next GE into what might be safer territory. I don’t know how you can predict conditions in 2024 will be the same as they are now! Lucky you aren’t in any position of power. Times change and sometimes rapidly. Tory tactics have always been to go for if it’s in their interest and bugger the country.

      2. Paul – Perhaps if you re-read both comments you will appreciate that we were discussing the difference between 2023 & 24 in relation to the boundary changes and the voting system.

      3. To SteveH at 9.08. It’s simply untrue to say you were discussing the difference between an election in 23 instead of 24. Read the thread!

      4. Your ‘intention’ isn’t the same as it being true! You have a particularly devious way of arguing, quite untrustworthy. But at least by referring to your ‘intentions’ you are conceding the point that you imaginatively reconstructed the exchange.

      5. Paul – You can make up whatever you like to fit your agenda but I’m struggling to see why I should GAF.

      6. There’s no reason why you should GAF SteveH. I hope you don’t feel I’ve wasted your time. I know how busy you are.

  23. Do we know this picture has been photoshopped for sure?

    These are clearly different pictures; one with the little girl at the front looking forward with the cardboard placard at the back showing ‘thank you for being our leader’, and one with the little girl looking more to the side, with the carboard placard showing ‘Labour’.

    So why could the person with the carboard placard not have written both messages on different sides of the cardboard placard, and these are two separate pictures taken with the different messages shown as he turned it around? Obviously the present leadership would have chosen the picture with ‘Labour’ showing. It doesn’t mean they photoshopped it.

    Does anyone have a picture of the little girl looking forward with ‘Labour’ shown on the placard? This would prove the placard had been photoshopped rather than merely turned.

    I think we should be as accurate and fair as possible to avoid accusations of being conspiracists.

  24. This is Keir Starmer out canvassing and taking a couple of minutes off, to address the crowd at Glastonbury. But look closer – someone has photoshopped Jeremy Corbyn into the photograph. Who would do a thing like that?


  25. It’d be interesting to see how many people in the Corbyn crowd photo Keir stole there have since been suspended, expelled, or simply left in despair, now that Labour isn’t Labour anymore.

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