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Starmer abolishes fairness and natural justice from Labour’s expulsion rules. In as many words

The Labour party’s new 2022 rule book has abolished fairness and natural justice from its expulsion processes.

No, that’s not a joke – though perhaps it is a sick one.

The party’s rules now explicitly rule out those concepts from the entitlement of anyone it decides to expel:

Chapter 2, Clause ii.8 tells members they have a right to dignity, respect and fairness:

Members have the right to dignity and respect, and to be treated fairly by the Labour Party. Party officers at every level shall exercise their powers in good faith and use their best endeavours to ensure procedural fairness for members.

Clearly that ‘right’ now only applies – and is therefore not regarded as an actual right by the regime – as long as the party feels like keeping you in as a member. If it decides to kick you out, your right to that ‘right’ doesn’t exist.

i.4.A and C refer to expulsions for ‘proscribed acts’. But as the party now also treats such ‘proscribed’ acts as punishable even if they were done while still allowed, absolutely any member can be targeted retrospectively if the regime feels like it – and absolutely no member’s rights to fair treatment or natural justice mean anything in the eyes of the so-called ‘leadership’.

The regime slipped through this anti-justice horror as part of the ‘take it or leave it’ proscription rule package rammed through at last year’s party conference with the collusion of right-wing union managements.

Skwawkbox view:

Keir Starmer wants to run a whole country. In the words of Jesus, ‘He who is unjust in what is least will be unjust in much’. If Starmer and his sidekicks and handlers dare show this much contempt for law and fairness in their treatment of Labour party members, they must never be allowed anywhere near power. They are as bad as the Tories and in many ways worse.

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  1. Could you make your unfitness for leadership and power any more obvious, Sir Keir?

    Please leave Labour. Just go. You’re weakening Labour and the people who need it to be strong for them.

    1. Tried to find new 2022 Rule book at Labour website and via google. Nothing.

      1. Remember when Sunak was lounging about in California? End October 2021 ?Some urgent happening was here… can’t remember what. But, Sunak was exposed as being Absent from Action. Only when rumbled he + Non Dom Murty returned here. WELL, it was only THEN last October ish he’s now claiming he “took advice” and gave up his Green Card.

        Smart Sunak needed advice, despite having been an MP, and despite knowing that Johnson gave up his own Green Card b4 becoming PM. Sunak STILL needed “advice”… y eee sss…

        How much ADVICE does a British Chancellor need to behave with basic probity ⁉️⁉️⁉️ … beyond suspicion.

        BEYOND SUSPICION? In my bool, that’s pivotal for public office.

        Sunak & Starmer types should be BEYOND suspicion.

        Neither are

      2. Ay! SNW, then there was Psycho Polly sacked by May for committing Treason in Israel and India, in the real world both should be prosecuted, my for neglecting to take due course of action, as PM to immediately have her struck off and arrested, and Psycho Polly for Espionage in Foreign Countries, in her own book and by her own concocted rules her and her parents should then after her sentence be removed from the UK and sent to their last known country of residence which was Uganda! I am never surprised at anything any more.

      3. Apparently people are getting it thru Wikipedia as some smart soul posted it…

    2. Please leave Labour. Just go

      You’re telling the exact wrong person. You should be telling the membership who aren’t neo-fascist that they’re propping up a neo-fascist regime.

      The right are far too entrenched for the left to make any significant difference. This decree ‘rulingdemonstrates it is so, beyond any doubt.

      1. Yup. He’s the very last person to take (any) advice. suggestions or council from members (former in my case), but the psychology of thiis is important. It’s our party, he’s the one who’s self-harming Labour, he’s the hard-neoliberal entryists. Even though we know it’s futile we should say it to him often and loud and believe it.

    3. qwertboi
      Bringing the party into disrepute
      Trades Descriptions Act
      Employment Law
      Moral Hazard

      WTF where are the Unions and JC

    4. quertboi….A reference to the biblical texts of the “unjust steward”parable..Luke in the bible is extremely clever especially as he talks about wealth and the buying of friends in powerful very labour party and so very sad that we have to look at the greatest rule book ever of the Western world to understand the workings of a evil despot out of control inside the heart ❤of the Nazis labour party.

  2. I would have said in the past that the electorate are basically fair minded decent democrats who would never allow the likes of Starmer anywhere near No10. However now I am not so sure The majority seems to swallow whole the propaganda churned out daily by the BBC and the MSM at the behest of the establishment and the Zionist lobby so you never know.

    1. Smartboy
      The Labour party is the members, unions and supporters not the PLP or dodgy funders of the few
      My position is how low do the unions and members let it go before we roar ENOUGH

      1. Reply to Doug
        I don’t disagree Doug and like you I wonder when the TU movement will eventually disaffiliate from Labour and provide the backing, financial and otherwise, to a party that embraces traditional Labour values and socialist principles

  3. Is this Starmer,s to-do list?


    Powerful and continuing nationalism
    Disdain for human rights
    Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
    Rampant sexism
    Controlled mass media
    Obsession with national security
    Religion and government intertwined
    Corporate power protected
    Labor power suppressed
    Disdain for intellectual and the arts
    Obsession with crime and punishment
    Rampant cronyism and corruption

  4. Well JVL have put many submissions to EHRC
    about the behaviour of the Labour Party – and that
    organisation has at least replied. In that respect at
    least EHRC has shown more courtesy than the
    Labour Party. The patience and politeness of
    JVL knows no bounds and I await with
    hope a considered response from EHRC to
    these submissions.

    We are in addition still awaiting publication of
    the Forde Report..

  5. The BBC is part of the establishment’s propaganda machine. The most important part of the establishment is the informal coalition of the Conservative and Labour Party.

  6. Doesn’t much matter what is in the rule book or whats agreed at the conference.The labour party are in terminal decline….judge it on the left wing mps who turn triple somersaults every time the leader makes a “proclamation”…..The longer the fiasco continues the more likely that the labour party will be allowed to wreak havoc from Downing street.and that can never be forgiven.

  7. How come this wasn’t spotted before? More importantly, no organization, including voluntary bodies, or person can opt out of procedural fairness and natural justice, notwithstanding rules to that effect. I await a legal challenge.

    1. Replying to myself: wanted – a civil rights lawyer to offer to work pro bono on an expulsion case.

  8. Don’t you diss Kukluxkeef. He knows ALL there is to know about justice.

    He used to prosecute terrorists…😴

      1. Toffee kukluxkeef will need to prosecute a whole lot more if he thinks the fascists labour party will keep a partitioned Ireland against the wishes of the Irish people.The prime idiot will be taking the labour party into the graveyard of English politicians.and the same for the labour party.

      2. I reckon The Prime Idiot will be taking England into the graveyard of English Politics, I don’t think it will be very long at all before 3 divorce papers are issued to England.

  9. SB the hammer and sickle is not appropriate for that undeserving face. Just imagine that party being in power! BlueKeef or no BlueKeef! It is the same conundrum as the Conservatives, they whine #JohnsonOut36940, yeah, replace him with…? Patel, Gove, Mogg, Raab, etc, etc, etc? However, BlueKeef is not going anywhere, he is already the next PM of UK as chosen by the Elites Commission, no matter how we vote.

  10. Would Skippy please attend the next NEC Disciplinary “court”.
    Was this rule change voted on at the last conference?

  11. I see no reason for the Soviet union to be dragged into this especially a hero of the revolution of the people who suffered far more under the Royals than even the French or the British despite the British retaining the despots…Uncle joe Stalin was a cruel leader but a good leader of the greatest peoples revolution on earth…..and we can clearly see what the breakup of the Soviet union as left in the balkans today.Get another caption more in tune with a fascist…Hitler,Franco….mrs Thatcher?

  12. When you have no truth to tell & your message is corrupt; when you have nothing to say except lies & when you are terrified of free & open debate……….then it is time to ensure that no debate can ever take place. Starmer is a fraud & a coward, both morally & intellectually. The first action every fascist dictator takes is to eliminate all criticism & debate.

  13. Theres a good article on JVL website concerning a Jewish congregation in Chicago who have declared themselves Anti Zionist
    Which would immediately qualify them for expulsion from the Labour party
    Would make a cracking motion at the conference

  14. “If Starmer and his sidekicks and handlers dare show this much contempt for law and fairness in their treatment of Labour party members, they must never be allowed anywhere near power.”

    Only considerations of cost will reverse this.

    Whenever Starmer appears there must be protests and awkward questions asked so that he cannot set his agenda.

    Go on YouTube and see how BLM went after the Clintons in 2016:

    “Are you going to apologise for mass incarceration?”

      1. …And IDGAF if that steve bannon produced it. Someone had to.

      2. Not to mention The Obama’s, getting away with it is nothing short of having the gift of the gab, that million dollar MSM smile and the ability to be the showman! It is all a show, everything, who get the job the gift of the gab or the slightly odd qualified experienced person? The Gift of the Gab, whoever can bullshit their way out of a situation the fastest! Let’s face it, BlueKeef is in good company there! Years of experience at loopholing and fine tooth combing puts him way ahead in the lead, pity, for the Elites, he has 0 personality and after two years of training he still has not got even a teeny flashlight on him, never mind the limelight! Oh! What will the Elite’s Commission do!? Will it be their failed inbred ogre or their failed messianic dear leader? Whichever it is, we’re equally fucked! Anyone fancy hiring a dingy and a skipper who knows the seas to Cuba?

    1. Make NO mistake, this is exactly – EXACTLY – the way keef wants it.

      An unimpeachable government, backed up by untouchable government agents. A world where they, and the corporates, have unquestionably manifest dominion over the individual.

      And it’s not as if they’re being subtle about it, neither.

      All these people using Apple Pay and contactless cards and such are sleepwalking right into their trap. Once cash is abolished we’re ALL knackered.

      Resist. Pay cash wherever and whenever. Even if it is an inconvenience it’s far less of the one you’ll cop for by carrying on and than handing them bastards total control.

      1. A….word of warning from Toffee and soon you may wish you had followed his advice.The ATMs will stop and cards will be useless and the less cash you have the more vulnerable you will be to the reset of the western financial system that inevitably coming any time soon.The last two years are just a taster of what’s to be done in total control of the people.and the reset is down to the fact that the western world have run out of gold and oil reserves.We avoid the petro doller and euro like the plague now and have had to be self sufficient in food,water and energy here in the middle of nowhere land.You are surprisingly in a more difficult position than us in our tiny commune because you live in the modern world and that makes you more vulnerable to the coming reset.Get a grip of your money in the bank before they grab it.

      2. We know what happens, your right about ATM’s they will be closed for a few days but you will be allowed an allowance to spend on your cards, so yes keep a a bit of cash in reserve
        Your also right that we will go cashless soon, what becomes the global currency is up for grabs, the good news is it won’t be the dollar
        Truth be told I have not got a Scooby how the monumental debt mountain is wiped out and we start with a clean slate
        Central Bank Digital Currencies have close to zero chance of succeeding, exchange your corrupted fiat currency for bent shitcoins
        Methinks not

  15. “But the proles, if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength, would have no need to conspire. They needed only to rise up and shake themselves like a horse shaking off flies. If they chose they could blow the Party to pieces tomorrow morning. Surely sooner or later it must occur to them to do it? And yet –!

    – George Orwell

      1. Don’t mention it.

        But DO feel free to mention keefs’ latest display of wannabe despotism.

        Galloway tries to silence criticism via legal threats.

        For a so-called barrister, keef is attempting do so through the abolition of justice.

    1. So georgie boy works for Russian media?…definitely no worse and better than working for the establishment class enemy the BBC…and I do know a little bit about being contracted to the public schoolboys and bimbos BBC and its a painful experience with crooks and bullshiters on every program.They were easily the dodgiest lot I ever encountered in four decades of experience in business.They actually tried to pirate our workers and thought they would get away with it after they forgot that I had tied that up in a contract.George has his faults but I would sooner have him than not on our side.We desperately need firbrands not gutless wonders that currently take the money in the labour left mps.

      1. Precisely! And the Russian media, State and Putin are serving Klaus Schwab’s Rule Based New Order every bit as much as the neoliberal crony-captalism (western) synchronised-MSM is!

        Democratic Socialist have to update their definitions of class struggle and recognise the enemy better. They failed on the pseudo-pandemic (where ‘lockdown lefties’ abounded) and are still ignorant of their enemies’ strategy.

    2. Would you prefer the State owned mouthpiece aka the BBC? Everything about it is corrupt, especially its chairman & Tory appointed supporters such as Lord Michael Grade. RT made no pretence about being independent nor impartial, unlike the BBC forever telling us that they are & if you don’t pay to watch them you will be imprisoned.. Another Big Lie. All we want to do is to Educate; Inform & Entertain; it is in our Charter that we have to be impartial (sic joke). The worst thing George Galloway did was to appear on a Reality TV show with Pete Burns.

  16. Off topic:

    After taxpayers were scammed out of tens of millions of pounds, the train company responsible has just been rewarded with a lucrative new contract – definitive proof that the rail privatisation racket must end…

    Since its renationalisation last October, the allegations of fraud directed at Southeastern Railway have more than doubled in scale. The total amount of money wrongly claimed by the train operating company stands at a staggering £64 million—resulting in a £23.5 million fine announced at the end of last month…

    In the absence of any economic case for the new GTR contract, the only explanation is that the government is desperate to uphold the failed experiment of rail privatisation at all costs. With 25 percent of the railway already in public ownership, the renationalisation of Britain’s biggest rail franchise would have finally proven the argument…

    The government has now begun to enact a huge scale of cuts to railway spending. The latest 3.8% fare rise—the steepest hike in 9 years—and poor value ‘flexi ticket’ scheme are a sign of things to come, as the government and industry plan to extract maximum revenue from captive commuter markets.

    It’s no secret that the railway’s workforce is the government’s biggest target, and there is major industrial conflict on the horizon. Expect to see renewed attempts to destaff trains and stations, all at the cost of safety, security and accessibility—further endangering the right of disabled people to travel without the need to pre-book.

    This is fundamentally an attempt to make workers and passengers pay for maintaining private profit—and much will be done by stealth…

    Despite two years of contractual chaos, the Labour Party has stayed virtually silent on these issues and ignored every opportunity to make the case for public ownership. As spending cuts and favours to private companies escalate, it’s sure to be trade unions who will form the last line of defence.

    The Rail Privatisation Scam by Emily Yates

  17. Weve been campaigning for years in the commuter belt of Surrey and Sussex and always found a unusually positive response from the rock solid Tory voters from Brighton to Haywards heath,Burgess hill,Balcombe and Redhill Croydon all the way into London bridge and Victoria..Privatization has been a disaster in the Railways and everyone knows it including the politicians but with no opposition parties the Torys have it including kukluxkeef.and his Tory tribute band.

    1. Toffee All torys are into shares and bonds to pay for Sebastian and totis education and they are usually motivated by assets..Cash short and assets rich may catch them out but I am sure Daddy will have that old fashioned cash stashed away somwhere although they may have to cut back on the servants.and dig around in the Wine cellar to find it….ITs tough out in the Surrey greenbelt dont you know…ask Kukluxkeef who suffered deprivation amongst the back streets and belching chimneys of Oxted on the green Surrey.good night comrades way past my bedtime and unlike mr H I am stone cold sober.

    1. 🟦🌀🟦🌀🟦🌀Unite employee’s office @Holborn HQ raided and searched by police under warrant yesterday. Staff member being investigated.

      1. p.s. pleased i nominated +/or voted Mish Rahman -> National Executive Committee… can’t remember admin details. ANYWAY good call as totally agree with him re tweet: Labour “cannot call itself an anti racist party with examples such as this”, i.e. Newcastle Councillor Joyce McCarty being allowed by SIR Keith Starmer to stand in next month’s elections DESPITE suspension re alleged racist talk‼️‼️‼️

        “It seems to take some instances of racism more seriously than others and depending on who carried out the offence. Comes to tackling Islamophobia – I have zero confidence in this leadership.”

        MISH RAHMAN u r SP🔴T 🔴N 🔴


        Also, Russia suspended from so called “United Nations” “Human Rights” Council by the “General Assembly”, approximately
        91 for / 22 against / 51 abstained.

        Fancy that. EXACTLY like SIR Keith, flickering sight of human rights, racism, and any other crimes. REFUSING to see most of the time. WMD Blair can send our military and or FUND and arm OUR PROXIES to kill MILLIONS in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine … yet be ALLOWED to escape justice and WE remain in the UN “HRC”.

        The mindsets of the UNCONVERTIBLE lot like WMD Blair, SIR Keith Starmer, Straw, Reeves, Coyle, Lammy, Harman, Hodge et. al. are nothing if not abominations.

      2. Guess who’s on the UNHRC. That’s right – Uzbekistan. Now when Craig Murray was there he kept informing the UK government that dreadful human rights abuses were being perpetrated by the Uzbek government, and what did HMG do? Removed him from his post.

      3. goldbach, they did MUCH worse than remove Craig from his post. They bullied him, made him ill with mental torture. Jack Straw committed his WMD Blair mindset to Craig’s dismissal letter: YOU BOTHER TOO MUCH ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS. Of course u know, he was imprisoned. He STILL speaks up with admirable REAL integrity and REAL decency.

        I kid u not. That’s the Straw Starmer Blair type some DESPITE decades of experience of them, were telling us to “unite WITH”, “WORK with”, “WORK around”, “Sort things out with”, “calm things down with” … “for a “LABOUR” government.” How does that work⁉️⁉️⁉️

        I’ve not heard the particular individuals repeat those pleadings in three months now!!! Wonder if the penny has FINALLY dropped??? Do u think???
        Do some only realise their UNFORCED errors when it’s to late ???

        QUESTION: What do u think some would reply if SIR Keith now offered … OFFERED not give, offered them some crumb???
        I feel it in my waters, they would grab it and resurrect the shameless – “We must unite for a Labour government” … “We must bring everyone together” etc etc etc. Some STILL refuse to accept that Keith did not seize power. He and his parasites were HANDED power on a silver platter DRIPPING with the squandered hopes of approx SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND members and MILLIONS more as evidenced by GE2017.

      4. p.s. assault on Unite seems odd considering similar happened when SIR Keith Starmer was DPP = Head Establishment Dip Stick.
        I suspect while suspicions r still permissible, SIR Keith may not be displeased by pressure put on any union meant to representing “the many”.
        Word is “fraud, money laundering and bribery” … makes me think of Air Miles Andrew accepting tons of money from all sorts of unsavoury sources … ditto WMD Blair by appointment to every despot… non-doms, Prince Charles asking JIMMY SAVILLE for ADVICE, Greensil & Cameron, RANDOX, Deloitte, CARILION, G4S, SERCO, Defunct A4E … BILLIONS re Covid-19 contracts with Keith silent for YEARS, then a few opportunistic noises. There are at least sixty THOUSAND people HMRC and all police forces could be searching night and day throughout the last ten years.
        QUESTION to SIR Keith: Have u any idea why

      5. But Dear UN as a scientist recently said:
        “Great claims need great evidence.”
        Let’s hope the UN next expels from their Human Rights Council – Saudi, Israel and Sudan.

      6. Yes, bazza, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and the over long occupiers of Palestine.

        BTW, someone did some quick calculations: At SUNAK’s wife’s rate of £30k to NOT pay twenty MILLION GBP tax, = each of us “the many” paying £75 and ZERO pence to pay ZERO tax.

        Many rules for “the many”. One or two feather light rules for “the few” like SUNAK, WMD BLAIR, sir Keith Starmer, most merchant bankers & Co

      7. p.s. Sunak’s wife £30k / year to escape paying to date approx £20,000,000.00 tax as she rakes in approx £13 million just in dividends per year. ≈ £75.00 / year for one of us to pay no tax per year.

        P.S. i posted in 2021 that Sunak’s wife’s UK company claimed many thousands in furlough. As did Charles Mountbatten’s niece Zara Tindal’s husband who furloughed … HIMSELF‼️‼️‼️

        Sunak’s wife’s firm also received £FIFTY MILLION in UK public funds, yet STILL refused to pay tax at the rate the rest of us endure.

        I also posted when Covid-19 bonanza started, that yhere should have been windfall taxes for the EXCESS plundering. Starmer is late to the game.

      8. 🤣🤣🤣 HA ‼️‼️‼️ Let it not be said that greedy selfish heartless frauds lack a sense of humour. SUNAK’s wife’s hilarious excuse to refuse paying proper UK tax???

        I regard India as my final resting place.

      9. She also forgets to mention that she had to apply for Non Dom status. It was entirely her choice to avoid paying UK taxes.

      10. EXACTLY +++ It is said, to govern is to choose. So is Non Dommery❕❕❕

      11. people at the sharp end of life … and even the not so sharp end, r made to jump through hoops 4 pittances, yet £30k is all it takes for “the few” to dodge £TWENTY MILLION‼️‼️‼️
        Many of these inconsistencies can be EASILY fixed. Eg

        1️⃣ – INSTANT 87% WINDFALL TAX on ALL Covid-19 revenue in excess of the previous year for ANY company with total dividends OR profits since C-19 , over £300k.

        2️⃣ – Non Dom fee should be IMMEDIATELY raised from £30 and £60k to £3.9 million and £6.8 million per year.

        3️⃣ – Any excuse eg “India is my final resting place”, should attract an IMMEDIATE fine of 50% of ALL profits and dividends from ALL sources, OR £20 million… whichever is higher. 14 days to pay. Failure to pay -> INSTANT deportation and “persona non grata” stamped in passport.
        All relatives should be banned from any public office and from any commercial activity in the UK.

        Finland for eg has proper taxes and their people are consistently happiest in the world.

    1. Steve H it must be “election time” ..And your bible Labour list “worrying about the workers?…..still not many more weeks till the results of your pigs in the trough labour party get their cumuppence.

  18. Putin must be brought to account in the International Criminal Court………..& so say all of us Neo-Liberals in the Western Alliance, Does USA & Israel recognise its validity?

  19. The USA opted out of the International Criminal Court as some suggest because they fear some of their former officials and Presidents may be prosecuted.
    Breaking News, just reported on left wing websites that a month ago or so the German President had come up with a Peace Deal, Ukraine not to join NATO (Ukrainians were 50% for joining 50% against, and not counting the ethnic majority Russian Donbass region) and neutrality, with its security guaranteed by NATO and Russia but Zekensky rejected the offer, he felt Russia couldn’t be trusted, so was he lent on by the US etc; but the tragedy is this could have been prevented.
    Let’s hope for a peace soon.

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