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Video: ‘Why are you a socialist?’ Have your input to the new book by Corbyn/James

Former Labour leader publishes video to invite contributions to new PJP book he will create with former LOTO colleague

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is writing a new book for the Peace and Justice Project – or rather you will have the chance to write it while he curates contributions with colleague and former LOTO staffer Barry James, although typically Corbyn understates his own role in the above video. According to a new website for the book:

The Why We Are Socialists book is a collaborative compilation of short biographies from across the movement, written by you.

Coordinated by Jeremy Corbyn MP & Barry James from the Peace & Justice Project. It’s important that our stories are told.

Be a part of it. And tell your friends!

Contributions can be submitted online at the Why We Are Socialists site. With parliamentary opposition absent – let alone any trace of socialism on the Labour front bench – and mass misrepresentation of socialism by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media, it’s more important than ever for the prospects of real change in this country that the public sees and hears what socialism is and why they need to get on board.

So get to the contributions page and have your say!

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    1. That’s what people on these pages have been saying for years. Apart from a lack of support what is stopping you.

      1. Andrew – Aww Diddums, can’t you cope?
        Do you make a habit of using misogynistic language?

  1. Until JC came along it was no matter who you voted for, the same fuckers got in
    It’s not Socialism that the country was crying out for it was democracy, finally we had a clear choice between the kleptocrats and a progressive party
    How long did it take for the kleptocracy to reassert control.from within Labour
    As Andrew says above we need JC and the Unions to make tgeir move, this is not it

  2. At around 7.40 this morning, a Ukrainian man appeared on the Today Programme.

    He ended with a plea to ‘close the skies’ over the Ukraine. That is a ‘no fly zone’.

    ‘Interviewer’ Nick Robinson did not ask how that would help prevent artillery or rocket attacks and nor did he ask about how the Ukrainians would benefit from the very real possibility of nuclear war that would arise from such a policy.

    The BBC continued its promotion of World War III in the World at One later that day.

    1. Tony – Whilst you advocate surrender to Putin who is a fascist dictator. 🤔

      1. Doug – I read a wide variety of news feeds from both home and abroad, don’t you? Far too many people on the extremes of politics live in bubbles.

      2. They Do BlueSteveH! They Do! Don’t They!? Sheepled Blinkered by MSM and worshipping their Racist, Anti-Socialist, Anti Press Freedom, Anti Freedom of Information and Warmonger Dear Leader the Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY BlueKeef liar and fraud, lawd of flies and maggots!

      3. nellyskelly – Thanks for your literally meaningless rant. We’ve all missed your entertaining contributions. Hopefully someone out there will be able to make sense of it.

      4. Wow, so predictable, have you ever replied in a meaningful and related manner, you may as well be a Parrot or indeed a Nokia Velcroed to a wall!
        Can’t answer questions, can’t reply in context, can’t comprehend, can only spew bile and lies!
        “We’ve” I doubt very much that you speak for everyone here!
        “literally meaningless” basic comprehension is not your strong point, but neither is it for any other MSM Sheeple or BlueKeef/Neo-Labour Party TORY Cultists.
        “rant” Aww Bless!
        “entertaining contributions” Yes, well, entertainment, is a bit like beauty, so I will certainly ditto that. ;););)

      5. SteveH
        Which leads you to support Nazis in Ukraine and in this country
        My enemies enemy is my friend, which makes me pro Russian

      6. Doug – Russia is led by a fascist dictator, how do you manage to square your ‘principles’ ?

      7. No different to most Western, Nato Nations!
        Russia is a Constitutional Federation with a Conservative Coalition Government, apart from the coalition no real difference between Russia, UK and USA!
        Russia, like The UK are also classed as Democratic Socialist, because of much the same reasons as the UK, Public Owned Schools, NHS, Social Welfare, etc!
        Is your blindness to the above and our own Fascist Dictators BoJoke and BlueKeef deliberate, or race motivated? What do you think makes him more of a Fascist Dictator than The West/Nato?

      8. SteveH
        Principles from Temporary Embarrassment’s village idiot
        Are you fuck8ng kidding me

      9. Doug – That was a pretty feeble attempt to distract. I was clearly asking how you manage to square your ‘principals’ with your support for a fascist dictator.

      10. “surrender to Putin who is a fascist dictator.”

        He is a resolute and authoritarian neoliberal, not a fascist.

        Yeltsin’s successor, Putin inherited a very authoritative political infrastructure controlled by an economic elite of billionaires and learned how to flourish and remain powerful in it.

        He’s certainly repugnant from a democratic socialist point of view, but not a fascist.

      11. qwertboi – Can you help, I’m struggling to see why Putin doesn’t fit the criteria?
        “Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and the economy

      12. Tony – My apologies if I misinterpreted your comment, Could you explain what you are advocating?

      13. Tony (And everyone else)

        Explain nothing to the oddball. He never ‘feels the need’ to explain his own deluded reasoning.

        Except when it’s been made obvious he’s talking shite (all the bleedin’ time) in which case he’s too busy watching *ahem* young goats play , then he’ll publicly state he’ll catch up with you , but never does because he’s a snivelling wee shite with some sort of weird penchant for making a complete knobhead of himself on a forum he should not be allowed anywhere near**

        (**Nevermind the imaginary schools he reckons he’s been headhunted for, when in reality he dosses around on his piss-stained y-fronts all day in his bedsit in some grim sink estate somewhere, trying to convince folks he’s living it up in the Caribbean)

        He’s a fraud, just like his dear leader

      14. …….are they the only 2 options you can think of SteveH?

    2. You know its bollocks for the simple reason the Russian Air force has not been deployed , pretty much like 75% of their capability

      1. Doug. Are you a cricket fan?
        Years ago Gower captained an England tour (Australia, I think) where they were comprehensively defeated. The opposition won the toss in all five matches. A studio host opined that Gower had been unlucky. A studio guest cricketer disagreed saying that Gower was “just a useless tosser”.

      2. goldbach
        Thanks for pointing us in the direction of Consortium News
        Seriously good writing just when I was going completely doollally
        Cheltenham and Consortium News has recharged the batteries, now wheres our favourite Cuckoo

      3. goldbach
        Yes to the Ashes
        Used to listen to TMS on way home from job down south, public school humour in the hands of the right people is very good
        The Batsmans Holding
        The Bowlers Willey

    3. SteveH “qwertboi – Can you help, I’m struggling to see why Putin doesn’t fit the criteria?”

      Corporatism and fascism certainly co-operated with each other in the 1930s (most obviously in Germany), and so I understand your difficulty, but the definition of fascism you cite (“fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and the economy”) is historically accurate but, perhaps, not complete?

      The main problem I have with characterising the Russian despot as ‘a fascist’ is that the accusers (I’m thinking synchronised-MSM and neoliberal US sycophants) fail to point out that Ukraine’s post 2014 behaviour has been exactly that.

      1. qwertboi – Perhaps they just disagree with you, but in any case I don’t see how your accusations against Ukraine make Putin’s Russia any less fascist.

      2. …because Ukrainian Nazis are not Arab or Black, is that it BlueSteveH!? Has BlueKeef gone to Palestine. Yemen, Sudan, etc to shake hands and eat lunch with the Resistance against the decades long invasions there? Or is he also only interested in Blue Eyes and Blond Hair?

  3. Jeremy was due to make a statement on his future at the return of Parliament, and some felt he would announce that he was standing as an independent and perhaps on The Peace and Justice Ticket?
    This could then open the door for a candidate on such a ticket in every constituency (except where there were Left Wing Labour MPs) and then the hundreds of thousands of us could take up the fight again for a Corbyn+ left wing democratic socialist programme.
    But then Ukraine happened.
    Hope a moment comes at an appropriate time when JC makes his decision.
    Then it’s game on.

    1. I wonder whether the WEF “Billionaires'” Great Reset (Ukraine phase) is actually an impediment to PJP and to democratic socialism generally. If anything, the response of working people in countries like Canada, Germany and Australia to the WEF/Billionaires Great Reset (covid-scam phase) encourages me.

      Is this PJP booklet (with help from Barry James and many others) not a very canny move to keep JC’s politics and memory alive and vibrant once the Starmer-Effect on Labour becomes apparant after the May elections?

      1. Let us hope that we see Capitalism Consume itself. It is looking a bit hit-and-miss when US’s BlueKeef, Biden said in a speech “The USA must be in control of The New World Order” and the backtracking on warring, the East, Africa and South America literally walking over US sanctions, the West seem in Panic Mode. When countries have to expel Russian Billionaires, steal their assets and bank balances, it sure looks like they are in the shit!
        Jeremy needs to write The Corbynism Manifesto, this Booklet will be nice, NICE is not what we need, we were robbed, not tickled! For as long as All factions of Marxism continue to accept this Elitist Conniving, Socialism will never win an Election in The USA/Britain, even if 90% of the PEOPLE voted Socialist, we would still lose! Look at South America Venezuela and Chile had GEs with Socialist wins, without any USA interference because they had their hands full with the prospect of War with Russia and China, pity Democratic Socialist Party Leaders are not taking the Urgency on board! Now is the time to strike now that USA, Israel and UK are too busy warring Russia and China/Innocent Civilians and Children to connive and stir their caldrons!

      2. Thought-provoking nellykskelly. FPTP is an impediment to a democratic voting system and life force. I agree with your other points too: conniving with the elite (by some on the left) is usally unintentional – the covid scam and so-called “lockdown lefties” for a virus that has a better than 99% survival rate and which, statistically, has produced not a single “excess death” anywhere in the world is proof of this.

      3. qwerboi
        FPTP has served the kleptocracy very well, if it doesn’t return a Tory government, which it invariably does due to the built in advantages they have with money, MSM, toilet papers and stooges at every level of society
        Then it doesn’t matter because the alternative is an ersatz Tory party which is allowed to stay in power long enough to fool the electorate into thinking they live in a democracy
        If you are at all serious about repairing democracy in the West then you keep FPTP until the stables have been cleaned out and it’s safe to move to PR
        FPTP creates large working majorities on the back of relatively small swings between major parties
        PR is hostage to the smallest and most extreme parties

      4. qwertboi
        Can you give us a bit more 9n excess deaths, I thought the numbers were up on the 5 year average but the debate was on cause of the rise, not least lockdown

  4. Well I for one will consider contributing to this book. It is
    time people learned of the ideals immediately post-war
    and how very far we have come since then – mostly in
    a backwards direction . My parents were very inspired
    by these ideas and the thought that their children would
    be able to take advantage of the new opportunities –
    particularly in respect of Education.

    What a ghastly few years we have had what with COVID
    and the useless corrupt government then this horrendous war
    and I agree entirely with the wise words from the Sec.
    Gen.of the UN. Incidentally the UN seems to have
    disappeared somewhat from the Labour Party’s
    considerations where it has been largely ignored?
    Not so long ago (well the 1970s!) it was revered by the
    Party ..

    1. HFM
      A better exercise would be an update of the manifesto and what it means for this country, give us something to campaign on now and every day until we reach the winning line

  5. I see the Village Idiot is still winding everybody up. Just ignore the shill, hopefully he’ll go away and play with the traffic.

  6. That’s all very well contributing to this book but if doesn’t get publicity and get to the general public we will just be writing for existing socialists.

  7. Fascism is the antithesis of Democracy. The key to understanding Fascism is ‘Authoritarian Leadership Control’, by the few, not the many. Diversity of beliefs or any ‘maverick’ ideologies cannot be tolerated, no questions asked. Any Fascist Dictators closer to home, the Labour Party perhaps?

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