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Bercow says banned from Commons for bullying and plays ‘key role’ in ousting CLP’s left chair

Former Tory MP who joined Labour to support Starmer loses Commons pass after being found guilty of bullying – but finds time to ‘play key role’ in helping right remove left chair elected by members

Former Commons speaker and ex-Tory MP John Bercow has said he has been banned from holding a Commons pass after being found guilty of bullying, the Press Association has announced this morning.

But last night he reportedly found time to ‘play a key role’ in helping the Labour right oust the ‘Momentum-supporting’ chair of Battersea constituency Labour party, according to Starmer-friendly journalists.

The Battersea move is just the latest in the right’s relentless focus on party control while Keir Starmer continues to prop up Boris Johnson. Labour-right group Labour First boasted this week about its ‘enforcers’ helping Keir Starmer take an iron grip on party processes.

Update: Bercow has now been administratively suspended from the Labour party because of the bullying finding, despite helping Starmer oust a left-winger. As Stalin put it – on whom Starmer and Evans appear to base their ‘leadership’ approach – it seems ‘gratitude is a disease of dogs’ in the eyes of the Labour right.

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  1. Labour First enforcers “helping Keir Starmer take an iron grip on party processe”.

    Sieg heil!

    1. qwertboi
      The Labour First enforcers may currently be bragging about Starmers control of party processes. But I’m afraid he won’t be able to control, or force left supporters into voting for a Tory light faux democratic socialist party he resides over.

    2. His pals abroad are getting a real slap. Asov now there are reports of warriors trying to alter their blood-curdling tattoos from Deaths heads to Mickey Mouse. Did anyone see General Jeremy Vine, with satellite pics, tell the RAF how to smash those evil Russkies. His tactics, ” Bomb the column”. Should read some military literature about Russian air defence. I know it’s irrelevant but when one is an outsider everything one writes is from a lonely place.

  2. I must say I am very surprised by this report as I always felt John Bercow was a very fair man who unlike most if the PLP defended Jeremy Corbyn against false Antisemitism claims and always showed him respect
    Also given that we know that the MSM are arch manipulators and smear merchants I am unwilling to accept their word on anything unless they can back it up with evidence. Therefore I am willing to give John Bercow the benefit of the doubt at this time.

  3. Labourlist are now reporting that Bercow has been suspended for persitant bullying and lying and as my post above shows, the right are looking for a fall guy.

    “A well-placed Labour source told LabourList today that general secretary David Evans was “asked/advised” to use his power to block Bercow’s membership within its initial eight-week period, but chose not to do so”.

    I’ve a feeling things are going to get interesting.

    1. Reply to Nemtona
      Alex Nunns posted a link to Politico on his twitter account. Politico claim the Blairites are out to get Evans. The “leak” about Bercow and the complaints that Evans did not block his membership are probably the start of a campaign to oust him.
      So as you say things are about to get interesting

      1. Sorry Nemtona You had already posted about the Alex Nunn tweet – I missed it

      2. Smart boy, are you suggesting that Frankenstein is vulnerable? The right is eating itself. Why the panic, I thought that Max’s Headrooms plan was going according to his wishes. A Zionist, prowar, neoliberal, racist, focus\ pressure group?

      3. Reply to Wobbly
        That appears to be the case Wobbly- apparently because the party is in big financial trouble and Evans has been unable to secure funding from big business the Blairites are worried about losing their seats on the gravy train at the next election and are turning on Evans. This would be totally typical of them and the Labour right generally so its probably true that Evans is being targeted by them at this time.

      4. What has Frankenstein done to upset the militant centrists?

  4. I agree with poster above – who said he always
    found Bercow reasonable and fair and I find it
    surprising now that he is accused of doing the
    dirty work of “Labour First”. Bercow is quoted
    as saying he said he listened to both candidates
    and decided on the person he thought best.

    A person coming new into the Labour Party would
    not necessarily know the details of the
    current in-fighting in the Labour Party – I found it
    puzzling at first! Not sure how Bercow played
    a “key role” either when surely he just voted ?

    Anyway its good that Evans is in trouble at last –
    though not if he is replaced by someone worse.

  5. New Speaker allows foreign Head of State to address Parliament via ‘Zoom’ link but no mention of Israel allowing Jewish Ukrainian refugees to become settlers on Palestinian land.

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