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In bleak times for a country desperate for hope of real change, in which all the major political parties are now differentiated only by the shade of their rosettes and the Labour party has become a gutted shell of a once-great party that is actively waging war on the movement it is supposed to represent – and the UK’s supposedly ‘mainstream’ media often actively colludes in misleading us – access to good information becomes more critical than ever for those who want to rally resistance and work for the change so desperately needed.

Skwawkbox has continued to reveal to its readers the stories the current Labour regime wants to keep quiet and has exposed the machinations of the right to control the union movement, which many feel is one of the main avenues for resistance and progress.

This site makes appeals for support as rarely as possible but if you would like to support it, below are just a small selection of the exclusives Skwawkbox has broken since the last update:

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