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Day of shame: Assange to be extradited to US

A judge has decided – on World Human Rights Day – to extradite Julian Assange to the US, despite the collapse of the American government’s case when its key witness admitted he had been lying all along – and the obvious dangers to Assange’s mental and physical health.

This country is a failed state masquerading as a democracy and no journalist is safe when the state can disregard an admission of lies to target an inconvenient voice.

A day of shame for this nation and a dark day for freedom of speech and information. Solidarity with Mr Assange and his family.


  1. No surprises there then. The British state and its legal system holds up the interest of the Ruling Class elite and its malevolent interests.

  2. I suspect Sir Keir Starmer is massively reliefed at this decision. His heavy-handed, overtly political treatment and effective incarceration of Assange will not need to become the focus of reluctant (to the billionaires) MSM exposure.

    Never mind, the truly independent press is doing its bit along with SW and others

    1. The lack of any sort of co-ordinated campaign by the independent media prior to the ruling was disappointing.

      1. as is its failure to critique the very dangerous”Covid Narrative” and all the bad science it utilises (not least, its promotion of an untested new type of “vaccine” (mRNA) which the data already shows is causing more harm to its users than SARS-CoV-2 ever did.

      2. qwertboi – On the contrary we can all be thankful that they are not as gullible as you are.

      3. Joseph – Thanks, but I knew that already. I’ll be contributing more funds to the campaign.

      4. Doug – I could and probably should have used stronger language but yes really.

    2. @SteveH

      Soooo….it’s all Skwawkbox, The Canary, Novara Media etc…fault? What is your point exactly or is it just another attempt by you to skew the debate? Can’t you be more constructive? Or are you just addicted to trolling? Do you wake up in the morning in a cold sweat waiting for the next article from Skwawkbox?

      1. john – You said that, not me. Please re-read my comment it means exactly what it says.

    3. Keith’s just the latest of a sorry line.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if New Labour and Blair weren’t a >STRAP 3 intel project. How did so many right-wingers and security hawks end up in of all places the UK Labour party? Many of New Labour’s big hitters spent time in the US on Scholarships(indoctrination?). How did Blair and Mandelson become so fabulously rich?

      Are we being cheated out of democracy by our own? At a guess, probably.

      1. Oh if ONLY Skwawkbox and The Canary and Voxpolitical and JVL and Jonathan Cook and Craig Murray et al had organised a ‘co-ordinated campaign’ to oppose his extradition to the US, the PTB would have backed down and Julian would now be a free man.

        Yeah, sure Mr H. As IF!

        Yur such a disingenuous little fucker aren’t you!!

      2. The above comment was in ‘response’ to SteveH’s 11.18pm post a bit further down (but appeared in the wrong place!)

      3. Allan – I’m not the one waving the white flag again, watch this just released video
        Marianne Williamson
        114K subscribers
        Great Britain has chosen to extradite Julian Assange to the US. He exposed murder and torture that the US government prefers to keep secret. It is critically important that we make a stand AGAINST government secrecy – and FOR freedom of the press and our right to know.
        I’m talking with his brother Gabriel to get his reaction and learn how we can help moving forward.

      4. That’s right Steve, move the goalposts and hope no-one notices! What a joke you are.

        I mean you really are an evil cnut. Totally fucking evil, just like your paymasters!

      5. Allan – What goalposts?
        You’re the one that has resorted to expletives because you have nothing else to offer.

    4. ‘Co-ordinated campaign’ by the independent media about WHAT exactly??? And to what end – ie for what purpose???

      The independent media on the left has been calling for Julian to be released and condemning the PTB for years! SteveH knows damn well that just about everyone on the left has known for years that Julian has been stitched up AND that the left-wing news blogs are of course mainly read by people on the left, so what would any such ‘co-ordinated campaign’ have achieved that would have changed anything. Absolutely NOTHING of course, and YOU know it, but being the nasty little full-time paid shill that you are, you are ALWAYS looking for ways to discredit the left.

  3. We are all ‘Julian Asange.’
    We are all made poorer as a result of such travesty!

  4. The ‘promise’ that the US won’t torture him with a Supermax prison is worse then useless because it depends on his ‘behaviour’. In other words the ‘promise’ is in fact a weapon – and one that’s certainly going to be used.

  5. I wonder if readers here remember Spain asking for the extradition of Augusto Pinochet in 1998 and the extradition been denied on grounds of his “ill health” only upon his arrival to Santiago’s airport in Chile to stand up from the wheel chair, proving he didn’t need one and that he wasn’t the old infirm man that a Labour British government had allowed to escape criminal charges.
    Contrary to the case of Assange in which the charges appear to have been concocted, in Pinochet’s case he was guilty of serious violation of Human Rights including deaths, torture and rapes of political opponents.
    Indeed a day of shame for the UK as both the government and the opposition agreed with to the extradition of Assange. To think that Starmer specialised in Human Rights and isn’t speaking against Assange’s extradition on flimsy grounds, it tell us all we need to know about him.
    No that I expected any better after he blotched the public enquiries onto the deaths of Jean Charles de Meneses and Ian Tomlinson and the way he treated women victims of domestic violence.
    That members of the Labour Party elected Starmer as our leader it only tells about the lack of political sophistication and political education of the average Labour Party’s member.

  6. Poor Assange.

    Fingers crossed he sees the day America falls apart. It’s almost there.

    1. Not as long as people ‘buy’ the covid narrative scam it isn’t – the narrative that tells us a disease which has a 99.5% survival rate needs us to be heavily ‘vaccinated’ every few months for the rest of our natural lifes. Sure, the petrol-dollar advantage is lessening to the US, but hi-tech and pharmaceuticals will fill the gap nicely – for about as long as we stay duped by the anti-scientific covid narrative.

      1. You fail to mention the stress and work load on hospital staff and the huge number of admissions simply because some idiots will not wear masks, socially distance or get vaccinated. Self, self, self. No worries that you might well infect and KILL someone. The 0.5% deaths mainly would not have occurred without people like you. I bet that makes you proud.

      2. Masks, visors, 70% Alcohol spray, etc fair enough as in any pandemic it is our duty to protect others, as we do ourselves, however Vaccines are a choice, you can’t call people selfish for refusing a Vaccine with atrocious performance rates November 80% of Covid Deaths were fully vaccinated, boosted people! This Vaccine is supposed to Keep our Frontline Staff safe how is 80% fully vaccinated, boosted people dead from Covid keeping them/us safe!?
        WHO announced that people must not imagine themselves safe from Covid, because they are vaccinated, so essentially that is not a vaccine, by the death rates it looks like it could be weakening immunity rather than giving Immunity, doesn’t polio vaccine prevent polio, shouldn’t this vaccine prevent Covid, instead 8 times more fully vaccinated people died than unvaccinated and part vaccinated. I am not an Anti Vaxxer nor interested in conspiracies, but there has been a lot of controversy internationally regarding Covid, and Big Pharma Vaccines. I just worry that this is one powerful, life and death powerful, The Torch People vs The Pitchfork People Division Tool. Bad management, poor PHP protection, poor investment in the NHS, poor treatment of staff, etc are a far worse contributor to the deaths from this thing. There will come a time when Big Pharma will have to hold up their hands and say the truth, facts and figures, especially when more mutations/evolutions of this thing start appearing and still 60 to 80% of virus deaths are People who were fully vaccinated and boosted.

      3. nellyskelly – ……….and yet we all know that the death toll would have been much higher if we hadn’t had the vaccines.

      4. In the meantime, the narrative “Covid kills” is working wonders to destroy small independent shops in the high street as Amazon and similar corporation are doing a roaring business by providing home deliveries.
        While delivery workers and assembly line workers in Amazon and similar are paid peanuts and contracted on zero hours contracts.
        Plus corporations pay less on direct taxes than small business many of which are going to be closing down as a result of lost trade thanks to Covid-19.
        We are witnessing employers like British Airways using fire and rehire to lower their costs despite having millions in reserves.
        I believe Covid-19 is real and it kills if you are vulnerable but, so does the flu, Like you I believe that the narrative surrounding Covid-19 is to ensure that the 1% keep their balance sheets in profit and that the plebs accept the lowering of their living standards without taking robust action.
        After all, we cannot go to holidays abroad because of Covid, rather than no having the money to pay for them, if the waiting list for cancer treatment are getting longer is because of Covid and no because of lack of proper investment into the NHS.
        The government and the opposition are busy pushing the narrative that we should be grateful for been alive and at some point more cuts will ensue to pay for the increasing bill of keeping us “alive”. while the 1% come up with more schemes design to make money from government contracts.

      5. Andrew Jenkinson, people would most likely wear masks if they were provided for free like in most EU countries, together with hand sanitisers rather than to expect workers, many of them on low wages, to pay for them out of their meagre earnings.

      6. Mr Andrew jenkison.. quertboi is trying to help you with good sound advice that you are free to reject.I and my family have been amongst the first to experience the flu like virus and being elderly I suffered the worst with aching limbs and loss of taste and smell.Dengue fever was much worse and far more are killed from poverty and inequality with many diseases running rampant here in the tropics because Covid pannick as allowed TB,malaria..and typhoid to spread beyond Asia and some like the Cambodian dengue fever and malaria are becoming immune to eradication.The facts are basically people die from pneumonia after contracting flu like symptoms like my two brothers did trapped in care homes with very sick people discharged from the hospitals into care homes …Follow . the evidence like I do and you will see that unless you are a vulnerable person then you have no need to pannick .The same people that invented the AS scam and demonised corbyn are the same ones pushing Big pharma and the Big brother draconian laws against the working-class people.of the UK.We need to come together rather than fall apart…..Happy Christmas and regards from Cambodia.

      7. “You fail to mention the stress and work load on hospital staff and the huge number of admissions simply because some idiots will not wear masks, socially distance or get vaccinated. Self, self, self. No worries that you might well infect and KILL someone. The 0.5% deaths mainly would not have occurred without people like you. I bet that makes you proud.”

        Three things:

        1 – Masks don’t work. At least a dozen scientific studies have shown that masks do nothing to stop the spread of respiratory viruses.
        Masks are bad for your health. Wearing a mask for long periods, wearing the same mask more than once, and other aspects of cloth masks can be bad for your health. A long study on the detrimental effects of mask-wearing was recently published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. One meta-analysis published by the CDC in May 2020 found “no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks”.

        Another study with over 8000 subjects found masks “did not seem to be effective against laboratory-confirmed viral respiratory infections nor against clinical respiratory infection.”

        2 – Social Distancing is only needed by a well-defined group of ‘vulnerable’ people (the acetylcholine deficient, the aged and those with comorbities and coronavirus infection, and those with immuno-compromised conditions, e.g. MS). For the rest (93 – 98% of the human race?) masks and social distancing are of no epidemiological benefit at all. As for lockdowns (enforced social distancing), I wwould say there is strong evidence that lockdowns – through social, economic and other public health damage – are deadlier than the “virus”.

        3 – Vaccination. Covid “vaccines” are totally unprecedented. Before 2020 no successful vaccine against a human coronavirus had ever been developed. Since then we have allegedly made 27 of them in 22 months.

        Scientists have been trying to develop a SARS and MERS vaccine for years with little success. Some of the failed SARS vaccines actually caused hypersensitivity to the SARS virus. Meaning that vaccinated mice could potentially get the disease more severely than unvaccinated mice. Another attempt caused liver damage in ferrets.

        While traditional vaccines work by exposing the body to a weakened strain of the microorganism responsible for causing the disease, these new Covid vaccines are mRNA vaccines.

        mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccines theoretically work by injecting viral mRNA into the body, where it replicates inside your cells and encourages your body to recognise, and make antigens for, the “spike proteins” of the virus. They have been the subject of research since the 1990s, but before 2020 no mRNA vaccine was ever approved for use. Vaccines do not confer immunity or prevent transmission.

      8. qwertboi – It is disappointing that your self proclaimed expertise doesn’t extend to recognising that the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus is not an influenza virus.

      9. qwertboi – Isn’t it a little unethical for scientists to quote old papers without at the very least pointing out that advice has been superseded.
        Science Brief: Community Use of Masks to Control the Spread of SARS-CoV-2
        Experimental and epidemiologic data support community masking to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, including alpha and delta variants, among adults and children. The prevention benefit of masking is derived from the combination of source control and wearer protection. The relationship between source control and wearer protection is likely complementary and possibly synergistic, so that individual benefit increases with increasing community mask use. Mask use has been found to be safe and is not associated with clinically significant impacts on respiration or gas exchange under most circumstances, except for intense exercise. The limited available data indicate no clear evidence that masking impairs emotional or language development in children. Further research is needed to assess masks, particularly to identify the combinations of materials that maximize both their blocking and filtering effectiveness, as well as fit, comfort, durability, and consumer appeal.

      10. Re mask wearing. You can’t help constantly adjusting the thing which makes me think cross contamination is vastly increased by wearing a mask.

      11. @Andrew Jenkinson and others.

        A study was made by a certain Tony Fauci on what killed people during the Spanish flu outbreak. Far more died from cloths over their faces than the flu itself. Just like a study on the safety doses of Ivermectin was done by a certain Prof.Whitty. He found it safe to administer doses over ten times the recommended amounts.

        Then there’s the voices telling us about how vaccines would stop covid and we’d all go back to normal. Then the same people told us the opposite.

        The parties. The affairs. The opticians…

        Do you think they’re stupid? Or they know what they are selling are lies. It’s not like governments are renowned for being straight…

        You choose. Am reminded of the wise words of Ben Kenobi.

        “Who is more the fool? The fool? Or the fool that follows?”

      12. NVLA – The clue is in the name. You are not comparing like with like. Spanish Flu was an influenza virus and the SARS-CoV-2 is self evidently not an influenza virus

      13. Stevieh: “It is disappointing that your self proclaimed expertise doesn’t extend to recognising that the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus is not an influenza virus.”

        Oh, but it is. Firstly, there is no such thing as a singular ‘influenza’ virus’ The ” ‘flu” is a condition or disease which is partially caused by a set of multiple viruses, different each year but always including one of up to four different and distinct four genera in the family Orthomyxoviridae.

        Interestingly enough, back in the 1980s as a first year medical student I was told that coronavirus had been a component of the ‘flu virus’ every year in the UK since ‘at least’ 1962. Covidians and the un-scientific sometimes believe the claim that SARS-CoV-2 is a ‘novel’ virus despite the original chinese extraction (not isolation) of it seeing that it was exactly the same as the coronavirus that had been previously labeled as causing SARS and MERS. Also.Harold Wilson had funded the British state in 1965 to identify the the mix of four main species of orthomyxoviridae which constitue the annually-present “common or garden” flu virus and they saw that something remarkably like SC2 was present with it. MMmmmm.

        Back to your point, the covidians who have never isolated SARS-CoV-2 (despite MSM lies to the contrary), but are willing to admit that it is predominantly a ‘respitory virus’ like the flu – which disappears every time coronavirus surfaces – funny that!

      14. qwertboi – Or you could address the latest advise and findings. WGAF what happened decades ago, scientific knowledge constantly moves on. Unfortunately some in the alternative quack medicine community (like you) have been left behind.
        You are a danger to public health.

      15. qwertboi – This is what The Lancet says

        The Lancet Respiratory Medicine
        Volume 9, ISSUE 3, P219-220, March 01, 2021

        COVID-19 is often compared to influenza. In the middle of a pandemic with a new coronavirus transmitted from the respiratory tract, it is obvious to look at previous influenza pandemics and seasonal influenza for comparison. Yet it is important to understand that COVID-19 is not influenza. During the COVID-19 pandemic, several countries have struggled with overburdened intensive care unit capacity, whereas during the H1N1 pandemic in 2009, intensive care unit capacity was sufficient. For example, influenza never exceeded 4·5% of the total national intensive care unit (ICU) bed capacity in Denmark.1
        In the spring of 2020, mortality for COVID-19 in Lombardia, Italy, reached 159 per 100 000 population.2
        By contrast, a study of influenza deaths during the 2009 pandemic estimated the all-age mortality in the USA to be 4·1 per 100 000.3
        In The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, Piroth and colleagues4
        report results of a retrospective study using data from the French national administrative database (PMSI), which includes discharge summaries for all public and private hospital admissions in France. The study compared 89 530 patients with COVID-19 admitted to hospital in March or April, 2020, with 45 819 patients with influenza admitted during the seasonal influenza outbreak between December, 2018, and February, 2019. The large sample size is an important strength of the study and it is assumed that the indication for hospital admission in the two periods was the same and thus does not bias the results.
        The results of the study by Piroth and colleagues clearly show that COVID-19 is more serious than seasonal influenza. In-hospital mortality was 16·9% (15 104 of 89 530) for patients with COVID-19 and 5·8% (2640 of 45 819) for patients with influenza…………..

      16. Give over we all know you don’t believe about covid you bang on about your views. Well until you have a doctorate in microbiology and can talk from experience rather than feelings. Barly finishing biology at school doesen’t count!

        I am sick and tired of reading this tin foiled hated department stuff and your endless changing of the story to twist it fit your next so-called evidence…

        This virus kills it has killed hundreds of thousands yes we can debate how many another time! Yes, you can claim oh it’s only this deadly or argue it’s all a conspiracy all you want. Your views or more likely feelings masquerading as evidence anyhow.

        I don’t say you can’t have these views. I don’t share them but for the love of god stop banging on about it in every damn thread that has nothing to do with covid!!!!

      17. I couldn’t agree more! These armchair medics are very tedious. What it has to do with poor Julian Assange is a mystery.

  7. I do not support the extradition of Assange. Nevertheless, I’m still wondering how much impact Wikileaks’ release of Hilary Clinton’s e-mails had on the 2016 Presidential election. Did they, in effect, give us President Trump?

    1. JL-S-

      The FBI reopening the unrelated probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server to conduct official US govt business, in the final weeks of the campaign, was far more damaging. Podesta’s leaked emails had very little impact , other than to reveal what most people already knew that the party’s hierarchy had rigged the contest in Hillary’s favour and against Sanders. The US Democrats have their New Labour equivalent and they behave just like their UK counterparts i.e. totally unscrupulously.

      Podesta’s leaked emails were at first contested by the DNC – they claimed they were doctored, but Wikileaks dumped the raw data and people could check the DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) – a hash value that proves no alterations had been made in transit i.e., the Democrats were caught lying.

  8. Shooting the messenger.

    Unfortunately the die was cast with that initial judgement of Judge Vanessa Baraitser, in which the case wasn’t simply out altogether ; instead the door was left ajar. The US’s key witness has since admitted he lied and attorney–client privilege was systematically ignored by the US authorities while Assange was holed up in the embassy; with covert surveillance seeing and hearing all. The UK’s role in this is atrocious , but even worse is that of the Australian authorities.

    Related: Notice Aaron Bastani’s twitter account has been suspended today of all days. Aaron could hardly be described as extreme or a radical. I personally find Novara’s output mild to the point of timidity. These arbitrary decisions cast big tech in a very bad light.

    Twitter recently announced they’ve entered into a partnership with ASPI_ICPC – ASPI is funded by Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, BAE Systems, and the US Department of Defence, among others. It has published demonstrably false information about US adversaries. Now, it’s Twitter’s thought police.

    This corporate big-tech/ Military intel amalgamation is blurring the lines and has the potential to create a dystopic nightmare, where the war profiteers and societal elite behave like criminals and get to police the discord about their activities. Surely there are some good people in these tech companies and intel agencies who can see how things are developing isn’t good.

  9. Sorry don’t know if blocked must be cos I recommend great books on Palestine:
    G.D.Smith ‘A 3,000 Year History of Palestine.’
    Bernard Regan ‘The Balfour Declaration.’
    Paul Keleman, ‘The British Left and Zionism: A History of Divorce.’

  10. Disgusting – see the elite get their man unless as we all hope the Appeal wins.
    It seems that when the US says “Jump! “ some say “How high?”
    If you want to see what some suggest the real Mr S is like see Oliver Eagleton on him on Novara Media (2/3/21).
    What do we want – Assange Free!
    When do we want it – now!

    1. You were never blocked. There is a gap between posting and publication of your comments. The same thing often happens to me.

    1. Bazza

      As lundiel stated. It takes about 3-5 mins for posts to appear.

      I assume they are assessed by a moderator for potential legal problems and to prevent rapid multi-posting trolling issues?

      1. Apparently the Moderators are within WordPress and not S box.

    1. That is very much obvious now Wirral. I suspect Johnson will be gone soon as the Tories see their poll leads vaporize. And then I predict we’ll have Sunak as the preferred leader to soften the poison pill that Johnson was tasked to deliver. We never had a choice, that went quite a while ago, and Corbyn never had a chance either.

    1. Corporate fascism, yes.

      Do you remember when the current episode of our road to fascism started? “Thirty days to flatten the curve” was used to justify the various lockdowns we have endured. Twenty months later, the threat of mandatory ‘vaccination’, mandatory flurodation of UK water supplies and an installed-neoliberal (installed by the billionaires and their press, elected by gullible people in the Labour party) tells us that the globocapitalist fascism is taking root.

      1. Ooops…missed some words Iinserted here in bold) “and an installed-neoliberal (installed by the billionaires and their press, elected by gullible party members) Leader of the Labour party tells us that the globocapitalist fascism is taking root nicely.

      2. One fine day Globocapitalists will look out at the vista, from their towers of pure cash at the wasteland that they created, and say, I have ALL the Money, I have ALL the Lands, then realise, but now I have NOTHING!

      3. qwertboi – It’s easy to make a mistake when cutting and pasting.

      4. Concerning the relationship between fascism and mandatory vaccination
        – I dont know what you mean by “mandatory”?

        Eg would you call not allowing people into restaurants and nightclubs
        without vaccination mandatory?

        The “Mexican hat” was used as an explanation and justification
        for HERD immunity.

        So – we segued from (effectively) quarantines and trace and test
        to HERD immunity – and what was the reason? It was because
        other was not the capacity in the system for “test and trace”.

        So where does “fascism”come into this?

  11. Psycho Polly is Revoking Citizenship!
    The Crooked Omnilateral Law, Blue Keef & Co are Revoking Humanity!
    Room 101 prepared, Humanity Stripped Down and Naked, Will to Live Amputated, like a Goat Butchered Alive!
    Raw! What a raw, raw day for Humanity! It feels like 13 December 2019, but the stench of death hangs thick in the air!

  12. Day of shame indeed! This I expect of public school elites who make up the Judiciary, but Julian was sold out by his professional colleagues. There is no accounting by the 4th Estate, all bought & paid for (except you Skwawky!

    1. The Guardian went the extra mile by fabricating a story that Russian Agents ‘working for Trump’ visited him at the Embassy. Despite admitting that the story contained ‘errors’ they’ve never withdrawn it or indeed apologised!

    2. no accounting by the 4th Estate, all bought & paid for (except you Skwawky!

      CREEP 😋

      Joking aside, the US sec of state (among other country’s equvalents) is in Liverpool tonight – and for a the next few days for some G7 meeting or other.

      I gather there are protests down at the pier head…Wonder if fat Jo Anderson mkII and mundane ‘metro mayor’ Rotherham have owt to say about Assange’s treatment?

      Nope, me neither.

      1. Toffee – When he had a platform in the House of Commons as Leader of the Opposition I can’t recall Jeremy Corbyn having much, if anything, to say about Julian Assange. Please feel free to post a link to the evidence if I’m wrong.

      2. Jeremy Corbyn has been testing support for Julian all through his imprisonment. He has used every opportunity to publicise Julian’s case since he was arrested in the UK in 2019.
        “The then Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn argues that Assange should not be extradited to the US “for exposing evidence of atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan”.
        In a tweet, Corbyn posts a video released by WikiLeaks that allegedly shows Pentagon footage of a 2007 air strike “which implicated US military in the killing of civilians and two journalists”, reported the BBC.”
        I could carry on posting links all day but as I can only post one at a time I won’t.
        I’ve told you many times, stop Gaslighting.

      3. “Corbyn’s last statement in defence of Assange was made on April 11, 2019 when the WikiLeaks publisher and journalist was illegally seized from Ecuador’s London embassy by a police snatch squad. Corbyn tweeted: “The extradition of Julian Assange to the US for exposing evidence of atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan should be opposed by the British government.” Within 48 hours, following a letter of protest from the Blairites and demanding that Assange be extradited to Sweden over manufactured “rape” allegations, Corbyn fell into line—not only telling reporters that Assange was “not above the law” but also declaring that his fate was “a matter for the courts.”
        Yet more political traps sprung by new Labour.

      4. lundiel – Big deal, Jeremy sent a tweet. Why didn’t he ever raise the issue in the House of Commons, at PMQ for instance, where he had a nationwide platform that is a matter of public record.

        I did a search and Jeremy ‘spoke about’ Julian Assange on only 2 occasions in parliament. I wonder how much comfort Assange derived from JC’s ‘support’ in the HofC? Once on the 12thFeb20 (long after he’d announced his resignation and nobody was listening) and once Westminster Hall on 27thMay21 when he was a backbench MP again. (Oh and the tweet we mustn’t forget that)

      5. I’ve already told you why he didn’t support Julian you ignorant little turd
        “Within 48 hours, following a letter of protest from the Blairites and demanding that Assange be extradited to Sweden over manufactured “rape” allegations, Corbyn fell into line”.
        Manufactured rape allegations weaponised by your faction.

      6. In politics you chose your battles and only fight those you can win or make a difference in. Corbyn could do neither in this case. He had to let the law run its course. If you had even a tiny bit of righteousness you would acknowledge that your faction hates Assange and is craven to America. So don’t come here pretending empathy towards Julian when he was just another tool for you to use against Corbyn.

      7. lundiel – “your faction”. I don’t have a faction. My views are my own and whether you like them or not is of little consequence to me but please don’t try and attribute things to me that you have no supporting evidence for.
        Throwing around ridiculous accusations that you can’t support whilst pretending that Jeremy ever did anything of substance to support Assange just makes you look silly and desperate.

        I supported Jeremy Corbyn right up to and including the 19GE. I voted for JC in both of his leadership elections which is more than some people on here can claim. I even voted for Len in solidarity with Jeremy.
        My support was admittedly far more enthusiastic during the early years of his tenure. Unfortunately my enthusiasm waned somewhat as JC and his team’s failings became more and more apparent.
        Although I may have occasionally been critical of JC particularly over his disingenuous ‘constructive ambiguity’ stance, I don’t recall ever really attacking him in any significant way whilst he was in office.
        You can shove your silly default Blairite accusations where the sun don’t shine. I don’t recall ever speaking out in favour of the Blairites at any time.
        Whilst I don’t agree with everything that Keir does I now like the majority of the current membership broadly support Keir Starmer’s leadership of the party. I also broadly support Labour’s current policy platform. I am a member of a political party not a cult that worships a deity. You can’t even come up with a credible alternative to replace Keir.
        As for my empathy for Assange if you check I think you will find that I have highlighted Julian’s plight more than the vast majority who contribute to these pages.
        If you want to claim what I have said here is inaccurate then prove it.

        I see that Labour is up in the polls again.
        What did Jeremy ever actually achieve?

      8. Back in the mists of time, around the early 90s, a US Secretary of State called James Baker said NATO had absolutely no desire to encroach in an easterly direction. It’s looking somewhat dodgy lately.

      9. Well, well, well that got to you. We all know you are factional. You don’t come here to discuss policy or economics, or even the Tories, you come here to put down Corbyn and left wing politics. We all get you think Starmer is ‘electable’ and Corbyn isn’t but that’s part of your factional character. You’ve been playing put down Corbyn obsessively since he gave up the leadership, it’s childish. I understand that apart from when he’s polling ok, there is nothing much anyone can say about Starmer, he doesn’t inspire people but you just doggedly try and make everything about Corbyn, you come across like Akehurst’s Twitter feed. Of course you’ve always been careful not to praise Blair, you’d get minced if you did. But we can all recognise a factional liberal centrist dad when we see one.

      10. lundiel – Or in other words you can’t prove SFA, perhaps you should reflect on the contents of your own comments before passing judgement on others. I am just pointing out that you made malicious accusations that you can’t evidence if you don’t like it then the solution is in your own hand – Stop telling porkies

  13. We have lived in a one-party state since Kinnock lead Labour – perhaps even longer. The Establishment have perpetrated war crimes and defended other perpetrators. We need a Real Labour Party right now, and TV/Radio/MSM that will honestly educate the population.

  14. >>Follow . the evidence like I do and you will see that unless you are a vulnerable person then you have no need to pannick .

    Right, all the fit and healthy people with no underlying conditions just happened to give up and die choking to death with a Covid infection for fun then!

    Next, this evidence seems to only ever come from fellow true believers and never from experts weird that isn’t it? Yes, I have followed the evidence but I trust the Lancet more than I trust some tin foiled hatted gentleman from the USA thanks.

    I always find it highly amusing how all the people that claim it’s a conspiracy or not deadly or another version will never demonstrate this by working with no mask on a red ward for a few weeks and seeing how nasty a death this is might change there tune. But it’s easy to hide behind a screen I guess.

  15. Agreed.

    Imho the last truly ‘free’ elections in the US and UK were probably Jimmy Carter era in the US and Harold Wilson’s 1970s Labour govt in the UK. It’s known plans were afoot to topple Harold Wilson, Wilson famously kept the UK out of Vietnam.

    Gough Whitlam – the leftist Australian PM, was removed by Sir John Kerr GCMG, GCVO, QC who served as the 18th Governor-General of Australia, in a extraordinarily controversial decision. This came after Whitlam objected to the previously secret US Pine Gap listening base. It was later revealed Sir John was known to the CIA as “our man Kerr”, suggesting he was acting on their orders – they even made a film about the whole episode, The Falcon and the Snowman(1985)

    The intel agencies have probably been thinking they should run the show and interfering in politics, ever since I’d guess? The sanctity of our democracies is breached. That isn’t to say it’s a terrible place to live, there are certainly, more authoritarian, dangerous less free countries in the world. But if you want pure, open democratic choice you’d struggle to find it these days. Where it exists the leaders tend to be toppled by those who desire total control.

    For those who think the idea a shadowy cabal runs things is preposterous, consider how ex CIA chief Pompeo’s promise to prevent Corbyn winning, passed with barely a headline.

    1. George Orwell — ‘We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end.’

    1. Bazza – Or you could save yourself a lot of hassle and have all your comments appear instantly (as all mine do) by opening an account with WordPress. It doesn’t cost anything and you don’t have to give any more details than you already do every time you post a comment.

  16. Rights Groups Warn Extradition of Assange Would Have ‘Dangerous Implications for Future of Journalism’
    The secretary-general of Reporters Without Borders called on the U.S. and U.K. governments to “stop to this more than decade-long persecution once and for all.”
    A chorus of international human rights and press freedom groups roundly condemned a British court’s Friday ruling that WikiLeaks founder and publisher Julian Assange can be extradited to the United States where he could face torturous conditions and life in prison.
    “Julian Assange should be immediately released, and steps taken to ensure no journalist, publisher, or source can ever be targeted in this way again.”
    “This is a travesty of justice,” said Nils Muižnieks, Europe director for Amnesty International.

  17. I once silenced the Tory Govt.
    Assange was in Sanctuary at the Ecuador Embassy and a Swedish prosector wanted to interview him.
    I suggested that this could be done by video link (there were precedents) and fortunately a decent TV journalist took this up and live on TV put this to William Hague then Tory Home Secretary, his face was a picture as he didn’t have an answer and just kept quiet whilst visibly going red (skewered!).
    Proof I would argue that the Tories and US always had and have their own agenda.
    The Russian Revolution (before it all went wrong) did a great service to the world by leaking secret documents which showed how western capitalist govts really acted and what they really thought.
    Assange did a similar service to the public globally and is a hero, there should be a massive campaign to save him.

  18. For Johnson’s callous and possibly criminal treatment of care homes and Patel’s inhumanity to migrants in the channel, perhaps it is they who should be on trial?

  19. Breaking News: Downing Street Xmas Party cancelled this year, wonder if it was Fancy Dress or Fancy Decorations (£112k)?

    1. Credit to a poster on a different site for this:

      “Hi, I’m Juliian Assange. I give private information on corporations and Gov’t to you for free and the media calls me ‘a Criminal’ ”

      “Hi, I’m Mark Zuckerberg. I give your private information to corporations and Gov’t for money and the media calls me ‘Man of the Year’.”

      Julian Assange is a journalist, who is accused of nothing but doing journalism. That this could ever be considered a crime is very dangerous ground.

      1. qwertboi
        The last few years have been strange to say the least, you find yoursellf in bed with some queer fish, Peter Oborne !
        You tend to pick a different team for each game
        My default is the known knowns, so can you clarify how Omicron could signal the end of the pandemic, how viruses end their lives naturally, nothing to do with vaccines

      2. In mitigation for oborne @dougal, he’s at least done a lot more than most so-called left-leaning journalists on bringing the lies & hypocrisy to the attention of the faily heil types that read him… Even of he did once say the heil doesn’t tell lies.

        Puts the likes of mason to shame…

      3. You should read Middle East Eye Doug. Oborne is one of the only uncorrupted journalists left. The whole world of politics has been turned inside out. Liberals are anything but these days.

      4. Doug, back when I studied medicine two things were included that aren’t anymore (well, not adequately): Nutrition and Epidemiology. The former encouraged a very dangerous attitude to modern medicine(“let your food be your medicine”) and the latter taught us that every respitory virus (like Spannish flue, H1N1 /HiN2 and H1N3 fluetc.,
        i) lasted no more than 2.5 years and that
        ii) the more infectious a virus became the less serious and fatal it became too

        So, given that the Infection-Fatality rate for SARS-CoV-2 and covid19 stabalised to between 0.020 to 0.043 within 3 months of supposed ‘birth’ (which remember was pre vaccine) and knowing/hoping that it would likely reduce and be undetectable within 4 years, I never took an untested vaccine, and never believed Imperial College’s doom-mongering or feared that coronavirus would transmute itself into a killer of millions (I’d worked freelance on a MERS vaccine nearly 20 yrs ago and could see that coronaviruses never did that) .

        I’d say that Coronavirus is killing a predictable set of people (who we could help/ have saved with existent drugs and vitamins/minerals/amino-acids), the vaccine doesn’t seem to be making any difference to infection and infection-fatality, more people are dying or getting covid very intensely after being vaccinated than ever died FROM (not with) SARS-CoV-2 before vanninationand the fact that because omicron is far more infective / infectious than any of its predecessor variants, the probability that it is less damaging to us is increasing (we’ll know by April next year). If millions of people hadn’t taken a probably dangerous/ untested ‘vaccine’, death rates would be lowering slightly to normal, but alas, vaccine-caused deaths are unbelievably high (look up “US VAERS Reports/covid vaccine”)* and the covidians would rather have them recorded as ‘covid deaths’ than vaccine deaths even tho’ the Coronavirus emergency Act gave big pharm the NHS & Gov. total indemnity from prosecution

        I really wish I could be more upbeat about this, Doug, but the shit isn’t the coronavirus, it’s how it is being used by the neoliberal powers that be – and they’re not becoming benign like nearly every virus does in time.

      5. qwertboi
        That’s one to think about
        Now we know the vaccine is safe, we can withdraw immunity from prosecution
        Don’t hold your breath

      6. Which also begs the question who or what can give immunity from prosecution across the planet in the first place
        How the fuck does that work and who do we kill first if it goes tits up
        I need a drink

  20. Big deal, Jeremy sent a tweet.

    Whilst YOU – simpering little shitehawk that you are, have been hypocritically & fraudulently proffering solidarity with assange, despite having voted for, and continued to, extol the non-existent virtue of the very same slimy shithouse that has called loudest for his extradition and sham trial.

    So shut your cave, gobshite.

    1. Toffee – …..apart from your self indulgent rant at me (like that’s going to make a difference) what exactly have you done?

      1. All about you isn’t it, twat?

        I haven’t jerked meself into a stupor about the gobshite that called longest & loudest for Assange’s extradition while complaining that Assange’s been hard done by; because unlike YOU, twat, I’m not a hypocrite.


      2. Toffee – “All about you isn’t it, twat?”

        On the contrary, I was asking what you had done but you thought you’d try and cover up that you’ve actually done SFA by having another silly and pointless rant at me.

      3. Nothing pointless about pointing out your hypocrisy, twat.

        Doing nothing is still far better than pretending you’re on someone’s side while unwaveringly supporting the other twat that had called for Assange’s incarceration.


      4. Toffee – Oh dear, yet another forgettable rant. I’m guessing that it must satisfy some sort of neediness within you. Perhaps the ranting give you a sense of control in a world where you feel you have none?

  21. It’s been extremely difficult to follow this debate, since there are four or five debates going on at the same time.
    Regarding the substantive debate – it’s clear that, if only “the left” had shown half the commitment of SH, Assange would have been a free man long ago. Would that we all had that generosity of spirit.

  22. Video – Marianne Williamson
    114K subscribers
    Great Britain has chosen to extradite Julian Assange to the US. He exposed murder and torture that the US government prefers to keep secret. It is critically important that we make a stand AGAINST government secrecy – and FOR freedom of the press and our right to know.
    I’m talking with his brother Gabriel to get his reaction and learn how we can help moving forward.

  23. Breaking News: US suspect in Harry Dunn case to appear in UK magistrate court by video link from the USA – good, but hmm.
    Why couldn’t this have happened when Julian Assange was in the Ecuador Embassy?
    And now that the rich and powerful seem tragically to have broken their man (for exposing their real practice for the benefit of world citizens) if the appeal fails (which many of us fear) then why not the same for Assange?
    Or is it one rule for Tory and Right Wing Labour favoured cases and one rule for others?
    Free Assange!

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