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Another Vaz-managed campaign bombs as Labour scrapes through in Evington despite huge fall

Disgraced former MP continues to run party’s campaigns in Leicester despite dire results

Another campaign run by Keith Vaz, the former Labour MP at the centre of a drugs and male prostitute scandal – and found guilty of ‘sustained bullying’ by a parliamentary inquiry – has seen dire results. Labour’s vote share in the Evington (Leicester) by-election collapsed by more than fifteen points, while the Tories gained 12.9 points and the LibDems 12.5 in what is usually a Labour stronghold.

Labour held onto the seat by its fingernails but the result was yet another local election embarrassment for Keir Starmer’s visionless and Tory-imitating version of the Labour party – so much so that his centrist allies have tried to blame the result on Leicester MP Claudia Webbe.

But there is no reasonable doubt about who was the face of this campaign, with leaflets featuring ‘a personal message from Keith Vaz’ to introduce the party’s candidate:

Skwawkbox view:

This is far from Vaz’s first local election disaster as Labour’s campaign-runner in leicester. Vaz commandeered the Humberstone and Hamilton by-election in the city, despite just having been found guilty of sustained bullying and Labour lost it disastrously. Despite his record, Vaz has never been even suspended by the party.

It does make you wonder what planet so-called ‘centrist’ right-wingers live on that they think this was a good idea – and wonder at how shameless the Labour right is that it would take this campaign and try to blame it on an MP who is no longer even in the party after the regime’s shameful treatment of Claudia Webbe.

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  1. You might expect that dabbling in cocaine with boy prostitutes would be the death of any political career so I was astonished to read this story. What is it that keeps a man like this in a position of power?

      1. I disagree – its just sheer arrogance and the incompetence of
        the person(s) who decided this.

        They are clueless about the British public and what they think.

  2. Horrendous. I was determined to hang on in hopes … well, just in hopes. However I will not give these people money, so have left the labour party.

  3. Come on Steve H fascist dad…defend the indefensible knights Labour party Sexual predator and a bottom feeder in every respect.This pill 💊popping Lawyer scoundrel is a absolute abomination and Vaz shouldn’t be allowed next to decent people.,Wouldn’t trust leaving the cat 🐱or dougs dog 🐕with Vaz…….Yes vote Labour and put your trust in right wing fascists.,pathological liars and pill 💊popping “party time” loosers.Knowing all the facts how could anyone vote for this shower……if only the public new about this disgraceful Labour party.. ….And this new left group will work with Starmer?…enter the broad church brigade disguised as left wing socialists.?

    1. Joseph – Have you seen the reactions of Savile’s victims to Johnson’s attempts to smear Keir Starmer.

      You’re deluded, why on earth would you think that I would support Keith Vaz.
      Vaz was elected as chairman of the Leicester East constituency Labour Party (CLP) in January 2020, why did Corbyn/Formby fail to act.

      1. No, but the reported reactions will almost *certainly* be a PR/misinformation job by the parasite elite’s synchronised MSM. Yo tus anything they tell you?

        Of cours.

      2. qwertboi – No, but unlike you I think the opinions of Savile’s victims and their legal representative are important. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      3. Steve H Hall…..How can you defend that maggot you call a leader and at the same time say the former leader Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour party should have known about Vaz and the when the membership of the Labour party was in the hundreds of thousands and the maggots team at the DPP was less than fifty people in responsible positions but the decision must always be the responsibility of the leader.Jeremy resigned as leader and took responsibility despite being sabotaged by scum and the media.
        Your man as leader of the DPP at the time of saville was the responsible person who should have letting more victims suffer from abuse from saville….instead they gave him a title to get rid “of him.
        Your useless maggot Sir bloody useless as a lawyer as a human being and as a leader of the DPP and the Labour party…Hes bent has a nine bob note you imbecile.and dont try waffling your way out of this stevie 👦boy.

      4. >>>>> >>>>>>>>>“why did Corbyn/Formby fail to act.

        Because unlike Sir Keir of the WEF and his RW clique, Jeremy Corbyn and the wonderful Jennie Formy respect democratic choices.

      5. qwertboi – Tell that to all the CLPs that had an imposed candidate for the 19GE because their PPC selection processes has been suspended until it was too late.

      6. What gobshite’s defending keef need to understand…

        1. Didn’t prosecute the killers of de Menezes. Had he done so, he could have NO complaints about the met police holding up the gray report as dick wouldn’t have become chief plod.

        2. Didn’t prosecute damien grope. Had keef done so, grope wouldn’t have become deputy PM.

        3. Resigned on the very day the met (when they actually showed they had a set) told the public that Michael Green/Seb Fox/Grant Shapps’ (or whatever his name is this week) actions may have constituted fraud

        Meaning had a successful prosecutin been brought there’s little doubt shafts would:be held any of the cabinet posts hes gone on to.

        Keef smarmer = Nonce & toerag protecting establishment bully.

    2. Ah the name Vaz reminded me of when I was threatened in the 80,s with Vaz getting me sacked from the Civil Service if they didn’t get their benefit immediately, this was when I was a section leader ad Richmond-upon-Thames Unemployment Benefit office I was so worried lol that I completely ignored them and pointed out it would arrive in the post like it did for everyone else.

  4. THIS is why this nation is completely fucked…THIS is the result of almost fifty years of the same thing in westminster.

    Carlisle modern slavery boss given suspended sentence

    A modern slaver whose disabled victim was exploited for 40 years has been given a suspended prison sentence.

    Peter Swailes’ victim was made to work on farms for little pay and slept in a shed, Carlisle Crown Court heard.

    Swailes admitted conspiring to facilitate travel of another with a view to exploitation. His father, also called Peter Swailes, 81, faced the same charge but died in 2021.

    Swailes, 56, was jailed for nine months, suspended for 18 months.

    Swailes, of Low Harker, Carlisle, had initially denied the charge against him but changed his plea on the agreed basis of his “limited” involvement with the victim and that he had not been made aware of his living conditions.

    Judge Richard Archer accepted Swailes’ father had been a “controlling influence on him” and the younger man was not responsible for the living conditions the victim was found in.

    ‘Little understanding’
    But Swailes admitting paying the man as little as £10 a day while being given thousands of pounds for the jobs he was carrying out.

    “[The man] had little understanding of the world around him,” prosecutor Barbara Webster told the court as she described the victim being found.

    She said: “He was ill equipped to deal with adult life, could not manage alone and had no clue as to the complexities of the value of money, wages, taxes or anything else.

    “He was found by the police living in a rotten shed, with water pouring through it, with a make-shift bed, and congealed vomit in the corner.”

    He had, over time, lived in a horse box, disused caravan and, for the five years up to 2018, the shed which had no heating, lighting or proper flooring.

    This was In “stark contrast” to an adjacent shed in far better condition which housed the family dog, the court heard

    He was vulnerable and had an IQ of 59, which was in the lowest 1% of the population.

    The man was rescued at the age of 58 by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) after a tip-off in 2018.

    Ms Webster said: “He had few possessions to show for his 40 years’ hard work. A wash bag, three second-hand coats, a few stained duvets and compact discs.

    “The only food was a half-eaten Pot Noodle, a bowl of sweets, yogurts and crisps. The odour of the shed was overwhelming.”

    City Hearts, a modern slavery charity that is supporting Swailes’ victim, said the man, who had learning difficulties, did not realise the “severity of what had happened to him”.

    Accommodation manager Kyle France said the man, who the charity is calling Chris, clearly “hadn’t had a wash in a very, very long time” and needed medical attention “due to a number of fresh and old injuries that had been left untreated”.

    Mr France said Swailes’ treatment of the man “shows a level of hatred that I just can’t get my head around”.

    In a statement released by City Hearts, Chris said Swailes and his father found him jobs as a painter and labourer on nearby farms.

    He was driven there and back each day with his pay pocketed by the Swailes.

    On one occasion he fell from a ladder while painting and broke his back and ribs, but the Swailes removed him from hospital before he was discharged and “dragged back to his life of drudgery”, City Hearts said.

    “I didn’t run away, because I had nowhere else to go,” Chris, who had been encouraged to drink to excess by his captors as a way of controlling him, said.

    When not working, Chris was kept in a dark shed which had “no kitchen, shower or heating, and only a bucket as a toilet”.

    GLAA senior investigating officer Martin Plimmer said it had been a “truly harrowing and traumatic case” and he could not remember another where “the exploitation of a vulnerable worker has taken place over such a long period of time”.

    The court previously heard the man had been sleeping on the floor with a soiled duvet next to a metered TV.

    There was only one window which could not be fully closed and it was in complete darkness when the doors were shut.

    An old electric heater with damaged wiring had been left in the corner of the shed, and there was no other heating inside.

    9 months susended for 18 months? This isn’t justice. (Makes you wonder if keef would’ve even bothered proescuting this bastard, for all the good it’s been)

    Justice would be for that fucking rat to hand over EVERY PENNY of his rancid gain to his victim; including EVERY ASSET he swindled – AND to go to jail to be kicked to fuck by the inmates every day with NO segregation for the same amount of time that he enslaved that poor sod.

    And these politicians demand we sing the national anthem as they all pontificate to us in front of a fucking flag?

    I fucking despisewhat this country’s become.

    1. A shocking story which almost drove me to tears thinking what that poor soul has endured, and man’s inhumanity to man. Judge Archer said ‘the younger man was not responsible for the living conditions…’. What am I missing? Was the accused similarly disabled and vulnerable? No. Did he know about the conditions? Yes. He pleaded guilty. The law is indeed an ass, and Judge Archer should be bloody ashamed.

      1. The judgement was harrowing – I guess the slavery charities
        will be pressing for an Appeal to increase his sentence.

        I believe Claudia Webbe’s appeal is sometime in March? I
        will be praying that her sentence is quashed ..

      2. Claudia Webbe’s appeal is listed for March 9 2022, and could last up to three days.

    2. No matter the party they are in, the have the union flag displayed. They crouch and crumble at the mention of the Royal list and possible funding cuts.
      Do they have any empathy with that poor, wretched chap? Do they care about anyone out of their bubble? Of course not. Why do we ever believe that the great and good want a better, compassionate, less divisive life for all?
      They don’t, never have and never will. We don’t want to be led to a cliff. There is something so bad about our elites it turns one’s stomach.

  5. Note that Johnson did change his
    statement in response to criticism.

    Nevertheless the Times cartoon featured Johnson
    dressed as horrible Savile – eg wearing his pink glasses
    – with a suitable caption.

    His victims agree with the criticism of Johnson
    – hence their statement.

    Simples ..

  6. Mmmm?
    “Vaz was elected as chairman of the Leicester East constituency Labour Party (CLP) in January 2020, why did Corbyn/Formby fail to act.”
    Now, how long was it between that election and 24th February 2020 when Starmer was elected? Maybe 4 weeks.
    So, Corbyn didn’t expel Vaz during the 4 weeks of a high profile campaign for his replacement. Shameful.
    But then, Starmer came in and almost immediately ………………………………………………. oh, hang on.

    1. goldbach – “Now, how long was it between that election and 24th February 2020 when Starmer was elected?

      If you are going to make up excuses for them please get your facts right first. 🤣

      1. goldbach – You’re a joke.
        Have you looked up when Keir Starmer won the Labour leadership election yet?

      2. More insults, I see.
        I guess you couldn’t be bothered to check out Ray McGovern and find out that your knowledge of Russian affairs compares unfavourably with your ability to speak the Hopi language.
        ……… and, yes, my googling before posting the message to which you refer yielded the date 24th Feb. I had thought it was a week or so later but I decided not to argue with google.
        ………… and as for “a joke”, I consider you to be one ………………… of the Bernard Manning variety.
        Best wishes!

      3. goldbach – Could you post the link that advised you that Keir was elected as leader on 24/2?
        I sincerely hope you are a lot more diligent when when you are doing research for your day job as a ‘scientist’.
        I’m surprised that you needed to look it up. Are you perhaps really a Tory plant.

      4. goldbach – ps: Many, many moons ago I once had lunch with Bernard Manning in the canteen at Yorkshire TV, he was quite different from the persona he portrayed on stage.

    2. What an odd person you are. Can’t imagine how you got the idea that I have a “day job”. I retired over 15 years ago. And can’t imagine how you got the idea that I was a “scientist”. Possibly the fact that I have a good friend who retired from virology a few years ago, or that I know a little about statistics.
      As for your Bernard Manning anecdote – It is reminiscent of those who say that Mussolini made the trains run on time.
      However, I wasn’t referring to the racism Manning displayed in his “act”. I was alluding to the fact that his “jokes” were inane and devoid of humour.
      Goodnight, and sweet dreams of frolicking goats.

  7. Baby Trump will fix it
    Straight out of the Steve Bannon playbook, dog whistle politics for your Cheap and Nazi base
    The fact TE has been caught by it is ironic considering his persecution of the Jewish Community who support JC

  8. Whooosh…..another 10% drop in the vote….

    Spital (Tamworth) council by-election result:

    CON: 43.6% (-5.4)
    IND: 34.3% (+34.3)
    LAB: 22.1% (-10.4)

    Votes cast: 1,406

    Conservative HOLD.

    No UKIP (-18.5) as prev.

  9. Whooosh…..another 15% drop in the vote….

    Evington (Leicester) council by-election result:

    LAB: 38.8% (-15.4)
    CON: 34.4% (+12.9)
    LDEM: 20.7% (+12.5)
    GRN: 5.0% (-7.1)
    FBM: 1.1% (+1.1)

    Votes cast: 4,014

    Labour HOLD.

  10. Whooosh…..another 20% drop in the vote…

    Ancoats & Beswick (Manchester) council by-election result:

    LDEM: 53.2% (+31.0)
    LAB: 37.9% (-20.6)
    GRN: 5.7% (-5.3)
    CON: 3.2% (-5.2)

    Votes cast: 2,091

    Liberal Democrat GAIN from Labour.

  11. Not long enough. Get it back to the appeal judges for reconsideration.

  12. My previous post seems to have vanished into the ether so here it is again

    People need to understand that had keef prosecuted dick for the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, it’s highly unlikely dock would’ve become met plod chief.

    Therefore the gray report might’ve been published unhindered and dock wouldn’t have been able to give unconditional support to this toerag govt.

    Keef refused to prosecute damien grope + who went on to become deputy PM…

    And grant shafts + whoa held several cabinet posts. And that was despite the met going public to say that shaft’s actions ‘may have constituted fraud’

    ..keef resigned as dpp that very day…😙🎶

    1. Toffee – Don’t be silly, Keir stepped down as DPP when he had completed his 5yr term in office.

      1. And on his last day in office the met released their statement about the spiv shapps.

        But keef chose not to do anything about it, perhaps he was ambushed by a cake? 🤔

  13. Concerning the killing of Charles de Menezes – so far
    as I know – no policeman has EVER been prosecuted
    for killing an innocent person so far as I know.

    Folks might remember the killing in 1999 of a Scotsman ,
    Harry Stanley carrying a table leg to be repaired
    by his brother. A police Officer “believed” it was
    a sawn-off shot gun and that his response their challenge
    was threatening and he was shot dead. There were several
    inquests, one of which decided that the killing was unlawful –
    but this was overturned ..

    1. Harry Stanley was deaf, so he just carried on walking when the police shouted after him from behind. Although he was Scottish, it happened in Hackney, London.

      1. That is correct daveS

        I believe what decided them to shoot him
        was his turning round suddenly ..

        His Scottish accent in a pub was mistakenly
        thought to be Irish.

        Obviously Irish + sawn off = terrorist danger

        What we were never told was whether
        he was in the middle of a crowd or travelling
        along a quiet street. It is likely that the
        public were never in danger and he could
        have been stopped in a non lethal way.

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