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Labour collapses in loss to LibDems in by-election after driving black woman councillor out of party

Marcia Hutchinson quit party and post in protest at bullying and discrimination – and party then excluded black candidates and members to install favoured white male. Now LibDems hold seat after collapse of Labour vote

Marcia Hutchinson and Labour’s candidate to replace her

Labour has collapsed to a humiliating defeat – in Manchester, one of its usual strongholds – in a council by-election after driving the incumbent out of the party in a racism and bullying scandal.

Marcia Hutchinson MBE quit the party in disgust in December, accusing party officials and councillors of making her life a misery and saying:

I have endured more racism and bullying in my five years in the Labour Party than the rest of my life combined

Ms Hutchinson then accused the party of excluding black members and applicants in order to ensure that a favoured white male was selected to stand to replace her.

And last night the chickens came home to roost as Labour’s vote share in the Ancoats and Beswick by-election collapsed by more than twenty points, allowing the LibDems to take the seat with a gain of thirty-one points:

The result was part of yet another disastrous night for Labour, with huge falls even in seats they managed to cling onto:

Labour’s right-wing regime has been purging candidates of colour in various boroughs, particularly targeting Muslims and black women in order to tighten its grip on internal power. But in many parts of the country, the regime’s conduct and Keir Starmer’s eagerness to imitate and outdo the Tories means that the party is now struggling even to find enough people willing to stand in local elections, while councillors and party officers resign in disgust.

And the effects are being seen at almost every parliamentary and local election ballot box, as Labour lurches from defeat to defeat.

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  1. So, the issue is this: Now that empirical data is showing the Evans/Starmer clique that their RW policies and values and – in particular – their divisive, anti-left micro-management of candidate selection and party membership, result in a party unable to attract sufficient votes or support from the voting public, will the ‘new management’ amend its leadership decisions?

    I’d say ‘No’ they will not.

    Their agenda is to destroy Labour as a political force which opposes and challenges the economic, WEF-approved status quo .

    Not attracting votes, candidates, membership and the approbation of the broader left-leaning Labour Movement is, for these dangerous enterists ‘a price worth paying’.

    None of the above is exactly an eye-opener to anyone on the left (in or out of Labour), but, like ‘lockdown lefties’ worrying about deck-chair position on a sinking Titanic, nothing happens. I’d say ‘the left’ can be accused of failure every bit as much as the right can be accused of destruction.

  2. I have lost all confidence in the system and I know that everything is being rigged and manipulated.What next rigging the ballot box or has that already happened.Pigs at the trough and a curse on all of the three \four main parties.Theres a opening here for a real working-class party and all you need to do is figure were the hundreds of thousands disillusioned ex Labour party members go that are not already “fixed up” although I would still donate to a proven group from a good background.
    my interest must be the first democratic socialist government in the history of Ireland Sinn Fein.

  3. Baz 2001….our very own “mike Nelson” off the deep end is looking for any old bags he can find….Apologies to our younger veiwers who dont know who LIoyd bridges was,as the undersea diving adventures of another Hollywood actor turned TV personality.from many many years ago..

    1. Yeah, I had a very, brief spat with her last week. She’d been on Politics Live, and used it to have a sly pop at Jeremy Corbyn. I asked her what Jeremy Corbyn had to apologise for.

      Her answer : ‘It’s been well documented and corresponded on, many times.’ – coupled with a link to (groan!) The Guardian.

      One day, Southbank Labour will start getting the message – or, perhaps, not.

      1. Was Lucy Powell the MP who boasted about the wide range of
        opinions supported by LP Members ? This was in support of the
        Tory right winger who crossed to Labour!

      2. Lets hope George that her constituents give Lucy Powell the message at the next election.

    2. Evington ward in Leicester, which also saw a big drop in the Labour vote last Thursday, is in the constituenbcy of Corbynite and convicted thug, Claudia Weebs. So your point is?

  4. Breaking News

    Following Jack Dromey’s tragic death, everyone’s ‘favourite Stephen Kinnock has moved from Shadow Armed Forces Minister to Shadow Minister for Immigration and Luke Pollard has taken up Kinnock’s old job.

    1. socially, educationally and vocatonally, the Conservative MPs in the HoC are indeed more diverse than the centrist, ‘moderates’ in starmer’slabour. They are also more likely to support Palestinian rights.

  5. What an utter tragedy for Labour to – lose the Ancoats and Beswick (Manchester) vote.
    Utter humiliation for Starmer’s poisonous brand of Labour.
    Nothing happens by accident.

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