Starmer, Reeves block activist after he points out Starmer’s mass fake follower numbers

Hundreds of thousands of fake followers, with more added if genuine ones leave, but pointing it out gets Brighton leftie blocked

Keir Starmer and his Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves – tipped by many as the right-wing choice to succeed him – have blocked a left activist on Twitter after he pointed out that a huge proportion of Starmer’s followers are fake, presumably added to make them appear more popular.

Of Keir Starmer’s 1.1 million followers, almost 400,000 are fake, according to an assessment platform – 385,000. Brighton activist @damian_from pointed out the rapid growth and asked Twitter to intervene over the breach in its rules:

But his efforts saw both Starmer and Reeves – or whoever manages their Twitter – block his account, perhaps in an attempt to deny him access to their figures in future.

But the 385,000 figure is significant because it maintains a consistent pattern of almost exactly one third of Starmer’s followers being fake that has gone on since – at the latest – the beginning of last year, strongly suggesting an intentional programme designed to bolster an impression of popularity.

But that maintenance is also responsive, flexing according to circumstances. Again over to Damian in Brighton:

In fact, the precise numbers even more strongly suggest active maintenance. In the 18-hour period mentioned above, according to the analysis platform, Starmer losts 10,421 genuine followers – and gained… 10,421 fake

Twitter’s rules on the use of fake followers are clear:

However, Twitter appears to have shown no interest in the requests for action from @damian_from and others.

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  1. Can we assume, Reeves has been inflating her Twitter following, as well?

    I wonder how many others, in the PLP, have.

  2. Why on earth would ANYONE want to follow Starmer?! Must be lots of really weird people around.

    Either THAT, or they’re ALL fake!

    1. Even the one’s that are real are fakes. Vanity always ends badly for the vain.

  3. Oh there are indeed people who would follow Starmer – they are “dead pleased”
    that the Labour Party has “altered” and repeat it ad nauseam ..

    “But there is still a long way to go .. ”

    !! Gordon Bennet ..!!

  4. Is it any surprise that the party is now facing bankruptcy if these two clowns have spent our money to purchased fake followers to make themselves look good on Twitter – totally pathetic.
    Furthermore if they misused party funds in this way they may have acted unlawfully – this is one for the police to look into in my opinion.

  5. Blocking Damien from Brighton shows Reeves’ and Starmer’s political naivity as well as their duplicity, deceit and desperation. Sure, the synchronised MSM are doing their part for the WEF-approved ‘next government in waiting’, but Labour members, former members and the voting public are mostly not being duped.

    When an election is caled, voters in Leeds West and Holborn and St Pancras will show their true measure of Reeves and Starmer. False twitter accounts will hold no sway. What will the crony-capitalism LabourRigt and the synchronised MSM do then, replace the electorate?

    1. Quertboi, Klaus Schwab is way ahead of you!

      “After the uprising of the 17th June
      The Secretary of the Writers Union
      Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
      Stating that the people
      Had forfeited the confidence of the government
      And could win it back only
      By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
      In that case for the government
      To dissolve the people
      And elect another?”

      Bertolt Brecht

  6. The Algorithms for these fake follower apps are not really trust worthy, it counts for example followers who don’t interact, followers who don’t like, followers who mute notifications etc, etc, etc Everyone has “Fake” Followers Jeremy Corbyn has, it does not mean he bought them just that that amount are Zionist Bots harvesting comments and communication etc, etc. HOWEVER, BlueKeef and DeepBlueThatcheReeves’ Reactions speak VOLUMES! Firstly their accounts must be Managed by a 3rd Party and secondly Blocking someone like that just for stating figures from an App is as good as admitting Guilt!

    1. A well-reasoned post skellyknelly. The claim is that 35% of the accounts following Starmer are fake. Now you’ve suggested it, it seems obvious. It is the reaction of Starmer and Reeves which incriminates them. Willing accomplices?

  7. If you look at any Starmer tweet you can see that 80% of the pro comments are from Troll accounts. Somebody is spending huge amounts on Social Media manipulation for the Labour Party. No wonder he’s ‘lost’ £13m in little over a year in office. Corrupt moron.

    1. Exactly Corbyn is either sincere followers or Nasty Pieces of Shit Paid Trolls, the splatterings of 2015 to 2020, like bits of splatter shit on the toilet bowl!
      Starmer is a FUCKING Dangerous Man, if People do not realise that from the Activities from his Office, the disappearance of volumes of documents, the Heavily Redacted FOI Request Document re Assange’s case compared to the same documents sent from Sweden is frightening on it’s but his constant hints of Neoconservatism ans Authoritarianism is very worrying! Hitler also took over and manipulated The PEOPLE’S Party, even Johnson is not as dangerous as Starmer, Patel and Starmer is possibly on even keel and that would make things very difficult indeed, we would just have to vote hopefully for a Democratic Socialist or else The Greens to prevent Starmer/Patel from taking seats! Dear gods and fairies we have to PLAN and PLAN WELL!!!

      1. Without a Centrum party Headroom will do a deal with the weird ones. He doesn’t need a majority but he needs a coalition. Max, finish your greens.

  8. I remember a time when I would have been in absolute despair if this party had crashed as it most obviously has. Now I see nothing but humour as all those who betrayed us all will be losing their seats hand over fist at the next GE and it’s a good thing. We need a new party devoid of all those who smiled in our faces while holding a hidden blue dagger.

    1. PAYWALL!
    10. Britain must stand firm against Russian aggression
    The West faces tough decisions over its dependence on Russian gas and the loot of Putin’s kleptocracy. Britain should be leading the way

    ANYONE TELLS ME THIS CNUT IS NOT A NEOCONSERVATIVE TORY CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. PS Kleptocracy a fine word for a politician who makes £13.8Million vanish in one year, has secret meetings with Secret services in preparation for the arrest of Julian Assange, the wiring of the Embassy, the vanishing of important documents etc, etc, etc and that is just Assange, never mind Saville, Spy-Cops, etc, etc, etc
      BlueKeef and The Neo-Labour TORY SCUM Party are so 100% Neoconservative, It is very concerning what he wrote in the Telegraph, but to write it behind a Telegraph Paywall is just the Thatcher’s Gin Nose on Top!

      1. Scotch, Thatcher guzzled gold watches as if they were running out. Xmas Dinner with Sir Jimmy, who was a well known rude, piss artist in Scarborough, must have been a blast.

      2. Ah Yes, I remember, who was it on the Gin, I’m sure it was one of her lot, never mind whatever, they were all piss artists

      1. Thanks Goldbach, it is totally insane wars of Propaganda. Russia is sitting back watching and waiting, no threats, no escalation, The west on the other hand overly publicly drawing more and more weapons from here there and everywhere, sending more ships, choppers, jets, Subs, Soldiers, etc, etc, etc to the Ukraine and they warn The Russians to de-escalate tensions. This is like the Rich Kid School Bully who’s father goes bankrupt! They have nothing but they continue the pretence of The Lands of The Plenty, How Proud I would have been of Britain if we had The Sensible Jeremy Corbyn as PM How different all these landscapes would have looked! The Thing is Russia know the West is full of Hot Air, they would slap the west back home! I just hope They would look kindly on The People of Britain, but I think they would go for military targets instead of civilian targets, well one can but hope because the West are pushing ALL the wrong buttons! One of them will go boom! I dread it! Fancy living through wars so soon after 1 & 2! We are Truly Dumb Apes! Insane! I wish they would hurry up and wrap it all up! Doesn’t it feel like there are millions of loose ends/uncertainties dangling over our heads like dark storm clouds!
        I did this meme meme quite some time ago it is even more appropriate today!

      2. @Goldbach and others

        Thank you for the links concerning the farce that is Ukraine. There is an excellent photo of Lavrov and Blinken shaking hands. Lavrov is grinning his head off and Blinken cannot get out of there fast enough.

        I find myself how wondering how long we must wait for the cry wolf phenomenon to play out? Meanwhile, America plans to fight Russia to the last European.

        This charade dovetails nicely with this news of fakery for support. It’s another example of how they think they don’t need you, and how they don’t care about anyone except themselves

      1. That’s it we’re waiting for thousands of Godots! The madness of everything!
        Socialism is flourishing in South America, because the Americans are too tied up for Coups and Propaganda, Venezuela doubled it’s Crude output with the help of Iran, who are also currently being left alone, even by Chihuahua Israel! China is on the back burner somewhere! Ugh! Dear Godots I despair!
        The Billboard Sized Neon Sign advertisement that The West can only handle one conflict at a time, couldn’t be more Blatant And none of their target.s who can respectively swipe their arses all the way home and back, actually want any conflict, they want global stability, not war, but The Neoliberals only have war left in their little money shakers! Perhaps war is not such a bad thing after all, The West’s Bottom Spanking is way overdue! If only it would only affect the leaders and not bring so many pointless, senseless killings with it!

      2. Not at all, Russia is Federal, much like USA, not Socialist, however how is Socialism going for you in The UK?
        In Case you think that The UK is not Socialist/Democratic Socialist Who funds and owns Schools, Roads, NHS, even The Queen and Property, etc, etc, etc!? You Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY SCUM are doing your Damnedest Best to Destroy all that is good in Britain, but you will have opposition at every step, The PEOPLE fought long and hard for their freedoms, perhaps you are lucky as most of the current generation has their heads stuck in a Materialist Manufactured Consent Fluff Bubble, but believe me the Young’uns are coming for you loaded with self taught knowledge, empowerment, strength of Lions and Pure Conviction!
        How Good/Bad does Socialism/Federal Capitalism or any other Faction/Doctrine/System do? As good as the Government of that time! The Political system has very little to do with the Success, it is the Government who enforces Law and Order not the Political System, which is a Guide if you like unless you are/have a Fundamentalist Government who enforces it with Fascist Ideologies, then ANY Political system can be raped!

      3. PS. No doubt all BluebottleStevH Gibberish (Translated from BluebottleSteveH as I don’t wan’t to know or its all Facts or S/he is right, I’m not commenting a reply, etc, etc ) in my comment. That’s okay, I don’t really care about you, plenty others see and understand my Gibberish, BUT for your perusal the 3 Links (in the one link) will give you everything to answer your question!

      4. The cowboys hardly ever leave the Iraqi Green Zone or their “bases” in Syria, except to kick in doors and assassinate whomever. Their and, those who cannot be named, drones are dropping like flies. Technical reasons of course. The Russian airforce are blatantly taking the piss;thumbs up signs to the great ones in their cockpits. Europe wants to fight for Ukraine for what? Putin has repeatedly stated that Russia will not invade. Never mind a nice false flag by black ops or Nazis might force his hand to protect the states of the Donbass. The decision rests with NATO who are falling apart daily. Italy, Macron and Germany ;not sure about their Greens, are unenthusiastic to say the least. Lavrov versus Blinken, Pugin versus the fiddler. It should be in a cage and on the telly. Popcorn? Oh I know there’s going to be another Guidovic.

      5. Exactly, Russia is sitting back waiting watching, doing long distance Navy Drills, ignoring USA and UK Jumping up and down Screaming ‘Calm Down Russia, Calm Down Russia’, while behind Uncle Sam trigger-happy troops are building up, millions of Bombs brought in from here there everywhere, Hardware flown in from everywhere, etc, etc, and USA and UK jumping up and down Screaming at an Empty Space the Russia Border, ‘Calm Down Russia, Calm Down, we will sanction You’ *Russia gestures Talk to the hand……”
        USA, UK sending all Embassy Staff and Citizens out of Ukraine and Ukraine uncomfortably giggles “There is no reason for panic,” I have a feeling that the only Escalation and Taunting is from USA, UK, NATO! Who wants this war!? We REALLY need a Rock Solid Secure Electronic voting System so that Citizens can vote on these matters! They Play Games and We DIE!

  10. But we’ve been told by a certain deluded cultist, keef’s THE most popular phenomenon since sliced bread?

    Buying ‘followers’ with wee steven’s hard-earned pocket money. For shame.

    It’d have been far more acceptable if keef had spent the money getting his adenoids removed so he doesn’t sound like he’s had a kazoo lodged firmly up each nostril since birth.

    That might make him a tad more acceptable (Although still debatable) and get him a legit ‘follower’ , or three.

    Unfortunately for him, charisma cannot be bought. He will forever be as captivating and interesting as a (used) scouring pad.

    1. I am sorry to say this but every time Starmer speaks he sounds as if his face is planted in Johnson’s arse, all muffled and that.

      1. Marvellous Andrew. Now that’s honest journalism. Keep it up mate, all of this rubbish about treating the termites with respect should be dumped. The bastards are crossing the floor to feast on your labour and dues. How many jobs has this thing got?

  11. Goes some way to explain Reeves outburst of blaming Corbyn for the dire straights of the party’s bank balance. Meanwhile spend what little money there is left on fake followers.

    1. Back of Beyond, I believe that they have one or two court cases coming up. Dodgy Twitter accounts will be peanuts. Fiscal stupidity, corruption, nepotism have brought this cult to bankruptcy and not a moment too soon.They’ll have to wait a bit longer for baubles. Thanks.

  12. I SURELY can’t believe that Our Keef could be SOOOOoooooooo dishonest as to invent twitter followers.
    SURELY SURELY SURELY …… We couldn’t believe that about our champion ………. or ………. Could we ?
    Answers on a post-card to

    1. They could be unfortunate ex-cons, who’ve come around to his type of politics? Forgive and forget. Or it could be bent? Mmm.

  13. It would be useful to know the tool used to measure this and the corresponding number of fake followers for other politicians – in isolation I have no idea if this is a large, expected or even small number of fake followers.

  14. So the West says Putin is trying to place his man in the Ukraine?
    This from the US (and supported by a compliant Europe) who fund, take to New York for CIA training, and pour covert money, to Right Wing Puppets in Latin America.
    How dare they play the West’s game?
    It’s the same old story, Right Wing Pro-Capitalist Western Govts talking up enemies to feed the military industrial complex.
    Oh and people who are pictured in tanks for PR stunts should be put in a tank in a real battlefield scenario, after a few second they’d kegg ‘em!
    Right Wing armchair warriors are good at getting other people to risk their lives?
    If you treated other countries as equals and with respect you perhaps have a better chance of avoiding wars.
    And diverse working people of no country are our enemy!

    1. Do not be surprised once the red false flags start waving. With the Bandera loonies backed by the neos and lunatic Cia, Fbi, etc Anything is possible. Putin and Lavrov have said, we won’t invade Ukraine. The people have no idea of this. Even my neighbours who are smart as whips believe that Russia will start and our boys will be sent. I show them vids, press reports. but no it’s the Russians. They are on the left. I give up let them have their bloody wars.

  15. Putin’s man in the Ukraine.
    Well Well !
    The USA has long-ago ensured that all the political parties in the UK are bought and paid for.
    Does anyone remember the SDP ?? !!

  16. I wonder if Labour will take a leaf out of the Mormon Church bullshit and start baptising the dead to increase the numbers of labour membership?. Jesus H Christ LOL

  17. What do you all admire so much about the Russian state and its thuggish leader Putin?

    1. Afghanistan Iraq Yemen Syria Libya ?
      Are you for real
      Military Industrial Complex make billions killing millions

      1. Doug – Well thanks for answering your own question (whatever that was) instead of mine.
        I asked “What do you all admire so much about the Russian state and its thuggish leader Putin?”

        What’s the problem, couldn’t you think of anything to admire about Putin’s Russia.

      2. SH the uncritical thinker makes yet another dreary assumption, who said anyone admired PUTIN?
        We just don’t fall for Pro-Neo Liberal capitalist propaganda like you lumpen.
        We have issues with some Govts but would talk to them and treat them with respect as political adults not like Western Capitalist bourgeois politically childish puppets (building up enemies to beat the nationalist drum for they hope popular support, but we don’t forget the Iraq war) and all for profit for the military industrial complex).
        But we would treat them with respect and listen to their concerns and as always want Left Wing Democratic Socialist Govts in every country!
        Oh and I would scrap NATO and have a World Peace Alliance with all countries in it, what no enemies?
        Yes I know it would cost the arms industry trillions, save millions of lives, but there you go.
        Right Wing Labour SH out of his depth on here!

      3. Bazza – No you just fall for Putin’s instead. From your ‘socialist’ perspective what does Putin have to offer?

      1. Andrew – Not a Tory, I just despise Putin. What do you admire about Putin and the Russian state?

    2. SH Perhaps you should read people’s’ comments more carefully instead of perhaps trying to rush to an imagined snappy reply, quality perhaps instead of quantity.
      I couldn’t have been clearer when I said we want Left Wing Democratic Socialists in every country which kind of excludes Mr P by a million miles.
      I read a range of journals from The New Left Review to even The Sunday Times (I don’t like it but like to see what the rich and powerful are up to) whilst you read Labour List as a bible (no comments allowed so you are on here) and I look at it when I want a good laugh.
      So you should try the excellent NLR; I find it the most politically critical journal in the World, and it’s never too late for citizens to enhance their political education.

      1. Bazza – I have and quite a number are fawning over Putin. All Putin has to do is take his toys back to barracks.
        Don’t you agree that Ukraine has an absolute right to self determination.

    1. If Rachel Reeves stands for election to be the next Leader she does know that it’s Labour Party Members that make the decision?
      Who becomes the next Leader!!!

      1. RR with Useless Ed got a paltry 9.3m votes in 2015 (and the Left didn’t criticise EB once in public, we gave him a chance).
        Fast forward to 2017 and JC got 12.8m votes and we would have got over the line if not for sabotage by some Right Wing members of staff (Forde Report) and Right Wing Labour MPs who slagged Corbyn off in public for years, aiding Labour’s opponents.
        These latter two Labour groups condemned millions to continued and increasing Tory misery.
        So Right Wing Reeves is a Lightweight Labour Loser!

    2. charming64 – I’m sorry but I don’t understand the point you are trying to make, could you clarify what you mean.

  18. Activist?
    He blocks black people who are being abused on Twitter.
    Just another racist.

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