Video: new monthly Grassroots Labour Women’s programme starts on Socialist Telly Sunday at 5pm

A new monthly Socialist Telly programme begins tomorrow, Sunday 23 January, at 5pm. Left Labour councillor Ekua Bayunu explains:

Watch the inaugural broadcast from 5pm or on catch-up later on Socialist Telly’s Twitter and YouTube feeds or on Skwawkbox Facebook.

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  1. A welcome addition to socialist discussion being as the Labour party deny all discussions to socialists.Maybe whilst you are disscussing how politics and hopefully unregulated capitalism effects all of us you could discuss Why big pharma have refused point blank to release any data on the performance of the vaccine and nearly two years later are still indemnified against any legal action against them for a product they have released on the world without any guarantees or safegaurds
    .The only thing we know is that the vaccine doesn’t appear to protect anyone from catching covid .
    Maybe we can have a explanation why the government allowed all of this shambles including the rundown of the NHS in the middle of a national emergency.and the impposition of draconian laws against the working-class people of Britain.on the back of a vaccine that doesn’t work by a group of billionaire pharmaceutical companies with criminal convictions.?

    1. Yes I do hope we will hear a lot from Dianne, Zarah, Apsana and Claudia, mind you will Labour Members be aloud!? I mean could they dare to speak up about their experiences as Women being Misogynistically and Racially abused from within this Neo-Labour TORY SCUM Party!?

  2. Jonathan Cook’s last post…..

    Is it already too late to say goodbye?

    It seems we may have reached the moment when it is time to say goodbye. It has been fun, educational and sometimes cathartic – for me at least. I hope you got something from our time together too.

    I am not going anywhere, of course. Not for now at least. I love to write. For as long as I feasibly can, I will continue to rail against injustice, call out corporate power and its abuses, and demand a fairer and more open society.

    But I have to be realistic. I have to recognise that a growing number of you will not be joining me here on this page for much longer. And it feels rude after so much time together not to bid you a fond farewell before it is too late. I will miss you.

    Whatever you do, be sure to check out his Update right at the end.

    1. Sad but True! How quickly ‘we’ forget! Even when reality smacks us like a wet fish in the face every 5 minutes ‘we’ still prefer to forget and stick our heads back into our Materialist Comfy Fluff Bubbles, well at least, those of us who have “such luxury” (or Hell)!

    2. Allan Howard….Strange one that report,but maybe I am just tired.was he saying that hes probably finished or closed out and its inevitable for all those who don’t run with the herd .

  3. Update on the vaccine brought to you by big pharma….Sir Anthony Blairs institute set up by the old moneybags man himself is recommending 4jabs?.The British medical journal are still asking and questioning why Big brother Pharma are refusing to publish safety data regarding the unknown vaccination programme…and the long and short term effects of their vaccinations.

    1. Didn’t Israel recently come to the conclusion that their 4th jab trial had no effects against Omicron, to me that comes as no surprise as it appears that Big Pharma “Vaccines” have no Positive effect against any form of SARS, only Big Pharma & Co’s Pockets, not when Government Official Figures show 80% of SARS Deaths were Fully Vaccinated and Extra Jabbed People!
      I wonder if Big Pharma will finally admit that they treated/used the Western Paying Public as Guinea Pigs for whatever the hell concoction they put into the paying Public! Will we see some Immunity Figures Probably not, they need subject studies for that, I really hope the jabbed people sue them penniless for the risks of having this Jab, especially under false pretences! And all the People who became sick after taking this jab and all the families of loved ones who died after having this jab of either SARS or Side Effects, ALL the parents of babies Post this Jab, showing Stunted Development! It is a sickening mess of sheer Wealth Arrogance vs The PEOPLE! I hope this opens the Pandoras Box of the seasonal Flu Vaccine also Some Vaccines are essential and good and mostly came along prior to the Big Greed set into Pharma
      PS there are some very interesting New SARS Articles on RT Joseph, RT is my love/hate blog, some articles are well documented and researched with links others are just right-wing appeasing tripe!

      1. Nellyskelly …you can’t sue them as they are guaranteed indemnity against prosecution.for the vaccines they produced.I am off to the islands koh tonsay rabbit island in Cambodia \Vietnam next door to Phu quock Vietnam.half hour drive and twenty minutes ferry now the vaccine passport doesn’t apply before boarding the ferry..Theyve very nearly bankrupted this tiny Robinson Crusoe island community with this fearmongering and almost ruined Veitnam,laos,Cambodia and Thailand with millions chucked out of work and thousands stranded tourists trapped in transit.One day the truth will come out…I could tell you about curtiss an American trapped here whilst his wife and child both chinese unable to come here or the other way round.Such misery and why?…many more horrors of what can happen to ordinary people abandoned.and money running out.

      2. It is exactly what this entire exercise was about! I have a feeling it did not go as well as planned especially Africa, no doubt that it is one nasty Virus, but so is Flu, so is getting run over by a Truck, so is a Car Crash, etc, etc, etc there was no need for the hysteria, careful and well planned quarantining and rehabilitation of the infected would have sufficed. It will be interesting once the dust settles if the dust ever settles again to see the real world stats of the BigPharma “Vaccine” compared to that of China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, etc!

  4. Nellyskelly thanks for the tip on RT and I have read a wide range of veiws and reports that are from left to right and some slightly odd.Now I will have to be carefully liberal in saying its one of the most even handed media reporting in the UK and doesnt seem to run with the sheer panic narrative about the virus.The comments section well…inbetween the expletives the comments are cynical and somwhere inbetween with very few having time for Johnson or the tribute act….and the Yanks all thumbs down..Old joe Biden takes a real bashing as peado Joe….The senile molester..
    …Never heard LabourPiste one girl 👧 band mentioned although I see Squawkbox gets a runout and mentioned a few times….Very sad the way the msm have plumbed the depths although I will try to see socialist telly tonight or the early hours for me.of Monday.

  5. On the subject of Big Pharma there are other urgent issues which require serious attention from the perspective of the initiative behind this programme.

    Lets hope they tackle it.

    1. This sounds a great initiative by Socialist Telly.
      One of the best pieces I’ve read on feminism was by the Radical Socialist Feminist Network, in The New Left Review the other year.
      They posed a relevant question which is perhaps also aimed at Labour’s Shadow Chancellor?
      “Why do (Right Wing) Labour MPs consistently vote to bomb our Black and Brown sisters?”

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