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Excl: left BAME NEC candidate suspended – complaint includes applause at meeting and was briefed to right-wing media

Mirza blocked from NEC by-election by complaint

Mehmood Mirza with Jeremy Corbyn

A left candidate for the BAME (black, Asian, minority ethnic) seat on Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has been suspended after a complaint to the party about his conduct.

Mehmood Mirza, who received 75 nominations from local parties, would be unable to publicise the nature of the complaint because of Labour’s confidentiality requirements. However, while the precise nature of the complaint is unknown, a Labour source has told the SKWAWKBOX that parts relate to Mirza applauding a speaker’s comments at a Labour Party meeting and walking around a meeting after members were asked to remain seated.

The SKWAWKBOX also understands that Mirza’s supporters allege that the complaint was lodged by a figure on the left of the party.

Two hours before Mirza received notification from the party, he received a call from the right-wing Telegraph newspaper asking him to comment on the complaint.

Recently, two BAME candidates – Cllr Jo Bird and Mohammed Azam – were suspended by the party after similar complaints. Jo Bird was quickly reinstated and enjoys a high degree of popularity among Labour’s left members. Mr Azam is understood to be out of the country dealing with a family matter.

The Labour Party does not comment on individual cases.

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  1. This Labour party gets crazier by the week,what next will we be banning free speech as provocative…..absolutely sickening to watch a party descend into self destruction.

    1. There’s no self-destruction going on Joseph, just the Blairites and the Establishment and its black propaganda media chums – along with the JLM and LAA and BoD et al – destroying the left.

      Interestingly enough, I just did a search a bit earlier to see if the MSM covered the recent reinstatement of Jo Bird, my thinking being that they probably didn’t and, in the process, came across the following article in the Sun from March of last year, and although I’m pretty sure I posted a link to it a few weeks ago, I only now picked up on something it says right at the end of the ‘article’. And it just reinforces what I’ve said on more than one occasion during the past few months, that ‘blackmail’ is/was being utilised against Jeremy and his allies. Here’s the bit I’m referring to:

      ‘Deputy Leader Tom Watson says other MPs are “perilously close” to leaving the party over anti-Semitism and other problems with the leadership. But he insisted he was determined to take action to ensure they stay.’


      NB As for Rachel Riley, needless to say she doesn’t have any problem whatsoever with Boris Johnson describing women in burkas as looking like letterboxes and bank-robbers etc, etc, which tells us all we need to know about how much she REALLY cares about racism.

      1. And I just came across the following, which I’m sure will come as no surprise to anyone:

        Rachel Riley votes for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party

      2. Just got in from a long day ,in the hot sun Temps 35c and very nearly completed my traditional Khmer home,before the rainey season in April Sad to say recieved four emails from Labour leadership cranks and weirdos asking for me to vote for them..Starmer first off the block with the rights propaganda,but I am not tempted by any of them ..momentum contacted me again ,pushing Double barrel Bailey,but began by begging for money to match starmer.How can I vote for any of them when they pushZionism….and any other weirdo beliefs adopted along the way ?.I am Labour not a right wing moderate vandel.

      3. Allan Howard…..thanks for that bit of assurance on the Labour party.We can just ignore the “we are a Democratic socialist party” and get on with the establishment of a moderate second rate party that has been rejected by the membership and reviled across the world as the crumbling neo liberal ideology of destruction….regards comrade!

    2. Joseph –

      “we [will] be banning free speech as provocative”

      … it’s already happened. That was the point of the confusion created by the IHRA dog’s dinner.

      It’s interesting to be currently reading a history of the Palestinian conflict: Comments made in the early days by establishment figures – both Jewish and Christian – criticising the growing dire effects of Zionism on the ground would be now be classed as ‘left-wing antisemitism’ worthy of expulsion..

    3. Just heard Richard Burgon on BBC 5Live apprx 09:37 – 09:54. Joseph, he was very good and his “essence” seemed excellent to me. I feel sure of that. Wish he were standing for leader➕➕➕ He was followed by the bew MP for Vauxhall. The presenter asked her why she was rolling her eyes while Richard was speaking. I was not surprised to hear that as she us one of Neil Coyle’s ghastly hypocrites who call for unity but does everything to undermine the party. Can anyone explain to me why members campaigned for the likes of her, or Coyle or Sadiq Khan??? She said she was supporting the MP who did not even know how many homeless people in her Brent constituency but has bandwidth to think that babies are not born male or female. Spot the bilious bilge from the Vauxhall MP. She implied that she rolled her eyes because Richard was not focusing on relevant matters. She gave some good examples and sounded pent up with anger. Good. She calmed down after 4 minutes … even laughing… then said she is supporting the Brent MP with who feels the gender of babies is a priority for a Dep Leader’s campaign but not the number of homeless in her own constituency.

      So i advise strongly … imagine block capitals… vote for only for Richard Burgon as Dep (and hope he eventually becomes leader) and vote for Rebecca Long-Bailey. Do not choose any 2nd preferences. I feel hopeful after hearing Richard just now. Joseph i hope you can listen again on the irritating BBC Sounds App. You should get that Political Prog where u r…. tis the one Pienar just resigned from…. slight digression, a million years ago his daughter and lived in the same halls of residence. She was amazed that i did not know who her dad was😂😂😂
      Anyway i hope Richard Burgon gives you hope. I’m convinced that he would guide RLB to her best self PLUS REVOKE ANY PEERAGE TO TWATSON ➕ revive Alex Salmond’s “impeachment” of Tony Blair. Regrettably Jeremy made a rod for his own back by absenting himself, along with the front bench from that vote. Result??? the dreadful Bush anus craving parasite Tony Blair doing everything to sabotage Jeremy. I don’t think Richard Burgon will be so lost in the clouds. Plus his voice was clear and splendidly resonant!!! The presenter was not hostile but with coaching Richard and RLB can learn to handle and ENJOY being grown up and assertive!!! No more nicely nicey nice nice wetness!!! Sick if it!!!

      1. Quite bizarre idea not to use a second preference. It only comes into effect if your first candidate is out. If there is someone you wish to oppose (Starmer) and your first choice is out why would you not use a second vote to help oppose your main opponent.

      2. Hi Felicity, just seeing your query. 2nd prefs allowed RLB with a solid win over nandylady at 1st prefs in my CLP, then lose by the votes of most likely the same people who wanted RLB to win. The intention is sound but the mechanism and reasoning in is faulty. The selection is too small and the alternatives are all undesirable so why enable any of the —– to enter through the back door?
        Were there a safe alternative, then yes give a 2nd pref to them. But we don’t. So you are using an option presented to you which you dont need… and most crucially will do you harm.
        An analogy would be having 1 person offering a loaf of bread with some mould you can cut off, while the others, with smiles, earnest hand waving and hollow noises of “we must unite”, offer things that look like loaves but are respectively stones, stones with deadly parasites, and stones laced with deadly toxins. Question why would you use a 2nd or 3rd pref then? By using the 2nd pref you make it possible for totally repellant toxic stones to do you a terminal mischief.

        Preferences should be used taking a clue from the word itself. It is positive. You prefer Rebecca and Richard. You do not also prefer nandy or starmer etc. Were the Leadership race candidates Richard and Rebecca, THEN you use a preference for candidates you prefer.
        So a 2nd pref for any of the undesirable is unnecessary and dangerous.

      3. “if your first candidate is out. If there is someone you wish to oppose (Starmer)”
        Questions : Is your first candidate out? Do you really have a 2nd candidate? Do you really believe nandy is different in motive to starmer? They are equally deplorable. But most importantly 2nd pref gives them the advantage as those against Rebecca and Richard are already united behind Starmer and Nandy. So adding our votes to those will DEFINITELY make one of them the winner. They do not need to stick to 1st pref because they HAVE a 2nd pref. We don’t. Hope that helps.🌹🌹🌹

      4. Hi Felicity, having given your 2nd pref question more thought, the urgency demands reiteration: There’re more of us who share the values of Jeremy in the party to win the vote for our only positive options – Rebecca and Richard.

        On the other side, Hodgites Arstair Campbellites Blair Bergerites Ummuna .. insert other defunct rejected uncentered visionless “centrist” ie once newly veneered but unimproved Thatcherites have two preferences to wreck all we have gained. Their 2nd prefs plus ours will deliver their choice. Ours will be worst than wasted because it will ensuring a Tory B side person wins.

        You and others are getting swayed by thinking Starmer must absolutely be stopped… even by nandy. That is a grave error. They are both dreadful and Nandy is as bad or worse. Confident of that as my Neil Coyle cabal were out in tremendous force for Nandy. Our choice of Rebecca one with a decent majority by first prefs. Thornberry joyously got one solitary vote, but it was 2nd pref from us Rebecca supporters (mathematically) that then gave Nandy the win in the end.

        And most importantly, the fact that Nandy was the choice of Coyle is a dreadful sign. His cabal’s first choice was the violence promoting “knife Jeremy in the front” brute. They then decided not to declare a pref until our super well attended meeting, as they realised like Blair, it would be a kiss of death. At the meeting they cane out with endless speakers for Nandy and Ian Murray.

        Felicity, if you trust anything please trust this. Anyone in Coyle, Owen Smith, Streeting, Hodge, Knife in the front brute, camp is bad bad bad news. All of them were here like a plague of rats openly undermining Jeremy, us and true Labour. The wanted Labour to lose. They even sent out old literature with McNic’s name instead of Jennie. They had canvassers asking on the doorstep wether they disagreed with Jeremy. Coyle’s posters and emails are title and addressed to Coyle’s Members rather than Labour Members. It is deliberate abhorrent sabotage of the party. They engineered the loss even by preventing canvassers to go where they were desperately needed. A Jeremy visioned Labour win, like all of London, even Putney, was as good as guaranteed. Note his thirty thousand plus votes. But Hidge, Barger abd other coiled snakes crawled overtime to create defeat to them blame it on Jeremy. So, neither nandy nor any of her associates, nor starmer nor any of his, will EVER be anything other than dangerous for true Labour. They are BOTH the thin outer wrapping of Blair, Hodge… she was here on the Wednesday before the election, Twatson, Arstair … he was also here but s bit further away … this is a large CLP, Ashworth was also here… could list more, as they are driven, organised and determined. We must as organised and determined.

        Give a 2nd pref to Nandy, Starmer, Rayner, Murray, Buttler, the other lady Alinn Khann? … can’t check now but a vote for any of them is a vote for the others PLUS HODGE & BLAIR = More WMD & LIES.

      5. SNWC – “They engineered the loss even by preventing canvassers to go where they were desperately needed.”

        I could have sworn it was Karie Murphy who declared to all and sundry that she was going to run an unconventional campaign and ignore the advice of her team and what the polling said.
        KM was the person with direct responsibility for assigning these resources.

      6. SH, i read, aft the GE results, the KM bit and if true, i would attribute that gross error to a failure to see that THE dominant issue in the election Johnson desperately needed was Brexit, to present himself as Johnson with the people against the establishment. That was a long confected image at least as old as his tenure as the Torygraph Brussels correspondent. Life is a strange drama +/or G-D has a perverse sense of mischievous humour … just look at Cummings and Hodge … So it came to pass that a Tory PM Cameron who deemed Farage “a loony” & “a fruitcake” called a ref to end a long running Tory EU argument and strife. A pretend EU sceptic Johnson was just gifted the stage and script to pretend to be the man of the people. THE fruitcake Cameron may have been so obsessed with inserting his todger into the heads of dead pigs, that he was cursed with blindness. Blind, he could not see the people. Like Blair, Major, Arstair, Hodge, Coyle, Khan, Streeting, Ashworth, Berger, Soubrey, Smeeth, Ummunna the ship jumper and all the other B side Tories were all blind, they never expected that the people would vote for what Atlee, Galloway, Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn have steadfastly believed in AND championed. When else in the history of the world has a by comparison an exceptionally decent man Jeremy, hand victory to the most undeserving Johnson and his open enemies within the party.

        So the KM failing was an honest failing. But know for a fact re the allocation of resources here. I can understand your puzzlement but even now, the coiled creatures here make and break their own rules. As the results last year re one of the branches did not go their way, our AGM is being held up. Region us ignored etc etc and in any case quite invisible and unhelpful. I’v already mentioned the GE poster with out of date McNicky printed on it etc etc. So despite all stations here were super resourced and people wanted to help elsewhere, they were frustrated in so doing. All the actions here were deliberate to ensure all the leave areas were lost and the blame put on Jeremy.

        On an urgent matter, please, anyone who is a proper statistician / mathematician, do explain the danger of us using the 2nd prefs in this particular contest. ie where there are only two suitable candidates, and they already have the 1st pref votes if the majority of the engaged members…. and even the less engaged ones. My guesstimate that Rebecca and Richard could easily get 69% of 1st prefs while any of the others re the Leader could only get max 62 % ie The pooled support of the undesirable candidates.

        That is my cautious estimates. Those of us with the vision of Jeremy could be around 80% of the members entitled to vote. But engagement and thought is needed. Apathy and defeatism is as damp an useless as death.

      7. ps. in short KM & co believed they could make the Brexit GE about something else. They were not sure what else so they threw everything at it from planting trees to broadband to WASPI women… every day the scatter gun scattered another offering. SH, it is a “cultural” thing. Methinks it may be more easily detected by someone not “institutionalised” in politics esp poss “Left”wing politics. The culture seems to be idealistic, quite divorced from achieving the ideal. Being in a reverie of idealism seems sufficient for many of the lovely people i have met. Eg if one suggest anything concrete eg challenge firmly the blatant dodgy doings it is met heartbreakingly with wet responses. Eg People speak of “positive” campaigning. SH, that is a nonsense like “bringing the country together” or “kinder and gentle politics”. The nonsense collapses at any inspection. Think of it, were there a neighbour standing to be head of your neighbourhood watch, and someone discovered that they were a prolific burglar. The fantasy culture on the left is don’t mention the person’s penchant for burglary. Or in choosing someone to supervise a woman’s refuge, don’t rule out a Johnson by mentioning the Johnson’s past history. The result is the “left” culture denies the electorate, the women’s refuge, the neighbourhood the FULL picture / history / character of candidate that renders them unsuitability for any position of trust. The naive, unrealistic, other worldly, unfocused, prioritisers of “safe spaces” over effective transformative spaces are unwittingly enablers of the likes of Hodge, Blair and the other LIAR Johnson, DIY Israeli foreign policy joker Priti Patel, and dispenser of ship contracts to spivs without ships… name slips me now. But ALL THROUGH the last several years Labour MPs in general and Jeremy supporters should have been keeping these DOMESTIC Tory horrors in sharp and CONSTANT focus on the minds of our DOMESTIC electorate. If we cannot do that, how the hell can we ever change anything anywhere else??? I never intend to write a long post but once one begins to think, the impatience builds as it seems so obvious. One prescription is more people who have had to produce concrete things, save lives, produce things that MUST be shown, USEFUL and measurably so. That off the top if my head may change the damp defeatist avoidance distraction social group self comforting appeasing ever placating culture. We desperately need a new attitude of clear realistic focus, strategy, determination and eg in PMQs – TAKE NO PRISONERS ‼️‼️‼️ Drop the scattergun approach. Questioning needs to be sustained ‼️‼️‼️ Questions and possible answers need to be spreadsheeted… flowcharted AND PRACTISED AND COACHED ‼️‼️‼️
        There us no danger me stating this here as it seems only those on the “Left” are ignorant of this basic. It is standard at the BBC and other MSM outlets AND in medicine surgery industry. One must consider how projects may progress and plan for every conceivable outcome / answer / question etc. That has to be the aim in any serious enterprise.

      8. should read THE Neil Coyle Cabal… and Rebecca WON…

  2. ‘Walking around’ is now a punishable offense in the Labour Party. But calling the Leader an f’n anti-Semite is allowed !!!

    Getting rid of Margaret Hodge is one of the best reasons for supporting Richard Burgon as Deputy.

    1. Next we will be suspending pupils for walking around the classroom when they are asked to sit down. Not everyone has the same learning style.

    1. I notice particularly this from SB’s report :

      “Mirza’s supporters allege that the complaint was lodged by a figure on the left of the party.

      Two hours before Mirza received notification from the party, he received a call from the right-wing Telegraph newspaper asking him to comment on the complaint.”

      Whoever, whatever – the Party is (sorry Allan) looking ridiculous – the point being that sound procedures over discipline would not allow this sort of shit-show to be instigated by any passing bozo who feels like making an accusation. Even the basic process that we have is corrupted by leaking to the Tory press (now that does require expulsion).

      Of course, it wouldn’t sort the MSM – nothing would. But a transparent and rational set-up would at least give a basis for counter-attack.

      1. And what were you apologising for specifically RH?

        It seems totally improbable to me that someone would be suspended for applauding a speaker’s comments OR for walking around etc, and I’m somewhat dubious about skwawkbox’s sources. Maybe it’s a wind up….. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it WAS. And why would the ‘Labour source’ not divulge the OTHER ‘parts’ of the complaint.

        Anyway, I don’t know if anyone posted a link to it on here at the time, but here it is anyway:


      2. In clarification, Allan, my ‘sorry’ wasn’t so much an apology as the introduction of a disagreement with your analysis :

        “There’s no self-destruction going on Joseph”

        I think what is going on *is* self-destructive that reinforces the uncontrollable destruction visited by the MSM.

      3. Oh, I see, so the Blairites et al are destroying the Labour Party are they, as opposed to destroying the left and, as such, taking back complete and total control of the Party.

        Yerse, of course RH. Havin’ a larf, as always!

      4. Allan – I try not to accuse you of inexplicable asininity – but I can’t contradict the reality of what you write with its totally weird and nonsensical attempts at reasoning.

      5. As I said … an abandonment of argument in favour of a meaningless chant …

        Sorry – but you could have at least *tried* to argue.

  3. Is implying that that the excellent Jo Bird – white and Jewish – belongs to a Black minority group either helpful to her or to those victimized by racism on the basis of their Black ethnic appearance?

  4. Start putting complaints in concerning right wing candidates. Of course it’s lies, but what’s good for the goose…

    Either outcome is positive. Either the right will begin to be suspended, highlighting the farcical nature or the complaints will be ignored, thereby proving corruption

  5. Someone in Newham labour must be putting in the complaints. I know another member in Newham who write against the antisemitism witch hunt have also been suspended. He was published in the JC.

  6. There has to be some form of recourse and repercussions for those who use vexatious complaints as a weapon. I hope this is fast tracked and when , not if , the case is dismissed then the person bringing it is subject to scrutiny and suitable punishment . It is blindly obvious and I sincerely hope it is also to those on the NEC , what game is being played here , it needs an example making of those who continue to do this , it is undemocratic and anti Labour Party

    1. Rob…your hearts in the right place,and in a democratic party foul mouthed fish wife Hodge would have been expelled.Not only has she threatened the leader of the Labour party,and the Labour party and won she now plans to turn the Labour party into a cowed and whimpering dog that barks and bites on command from the Zionist lobby.and the moderate leadership candidates.!

    1. Apologies, but I meant to draw attention to the fact that in the Sun article I linked to above, they DON’T say blah, blah, blah, Jo Bird, who is Jewish…, but instead say: ‘… Jo Bird, who says she is Jewish…’. And in the Daily Mail coverage – which I just this minute found – they say:

      ‘She is a member of Jewish Voice for Labour, a pro-Corbyn group, and claims to be Jewish.’

      I’m absolutely certain that the Mail has said the same in the past regarding Jackie Walker. And in the following Sun article, they don’t mention it at all. And get THIS:

      ‘Ms Walker tried to delay her hearing date repeatedly.’


      1. I don’t think that we can do much about the propagandized falsehoods of the SunMail nexus.

        But we might have more push-back rather than assent.

  7. All discrimination is negative & any idea of ‘positive action’ for the selected ‘chosen ones’ is bourgeois tosh. All individuals are entitled to be equal in law; opportunity & representation regardless of………. Vote for a candidate because of who not what they are.

    1. Bit of a sweeping statement. Many, and probably the vast majority on the right of the party probably haven’t stopped laughing their heads off for the past four years or more, and THEY of course understand the ‘trap’ that Jeremy has been ensnared in, and THAT is the main source of their amusement. And millions of ordinary people who have been duped by the whole smear campaign DON’T of course think that Jeremy and the leadership appear feeble because he/they didn’t fight back, because THEY don’t have the faintest inkling that it IS all a smear campaign.

      And I STILL haven’t heard one ‘critic’ explain just exactly how Jeremy could have fought back when the ONLY way of reaching the millions who have been duped is via the very media that duped them in the first place.

      Not a single one! I wonder why??

      1. Allan Howard, it’s obvious from your often contrarian posts, you ignore anyone who bursts your bubble.

        You said you have not heard from anyone how JC could have fought back.

        I have told you on more than one occasion that Corbyn had plenty of opportunities. In one to one interviews with the TV media he could have called out the Zionists who were trying to smear him, but instead of fighting and turning the allegations back on his accusers he tried to placate and appease them.

        He could also have held meetings with some of his supporters from politics and the entertainment industry who had the attention of the public and TV media and worked out a strategy to counteract the lies which could have then been put directly to the public.

        There are many ways JC could have fought back but you being a White Flag man just kept shouting ‘run away’.

      2. Yeah, like Roger Waters Jack?!

        When Joanna Lumley and Co wrote a letter to the Guardian just a few weeks before the GE saying they couldn’t vote for a Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn etc, it was headline news all over the MSM, but when Roger and a bunch of other good people wrote a letter in response to Lumley and Co’s letter, the media completely ignored it of course.

        As for you having told me on more than one occasion etc, the only crap you’ve ever responded with is your infantile ‘white flag man’ platitude. And as for any one-to-one interviews, you can be absolutely 150% certain that the likes of Andrew Neil or Andrew Marr, or whoever on Sky News, would have really laid in to him had he tried to defend the likes of Ken or Jackie or Chris etc, and there is no way on this planet they would have just sat there and let Jeremy elaborate. And Jeremy knew it, and he knew that the best policy was just to say – as I’m sure he DID – that he has fought against racism all of his life, and that he is determined to root anti-semitism out of the LP and society in general.

        When someone who has campaigned and fought against prejudice and hate all of his life is just attacked and vilified and demonised and smeared from every direction AND as good as transformed into the modern-day equivalent of Adolf Hitler (and your hundreds of thousands of party-member supporters into bullyboy Brown Shirt thugs), it just HAS to be mind-blowing, and I really REALLY don’t know how he kept going for so long, but all YOU and your all-day every-day buddies on here can do is attack him over and over and over again and call him a coward etc, etc, whilst duping the readership of skwawkbox that you’re Jeremy Corbyn supporting socialists!

        What a joke you all are!.

      3. Allan Howard, White Flag Man, no, not like Roger Waters, like Jeremy Corbyn.

        He had plenty of opportunities to speak for himself, directly to the public and for his own reasons he chose not to do it.

        Audrey White made the opposite choice i.e. she chose to fight back and won! Well done Audrey, I’m sure you too send her you congratulations ….. don’t you?

        Somebody said “When you stop running they’ll stop chasing” something you with your White Flag would not understand.

    2. Again, Allan, your determination to contradict the bleedin’ obvious – possibly out of some perverted blind loyalty to some fantasy image of Corbyn – is beyond rational explanation. The right have had no resistance – that’s why they’re laughing – and, I’m sure, enjoying your endorsement of floppy non-resistance.

      Srern-Weiner’s carefully considered and closely argued article answers all your questions. Hardly to be dismissed as a ‘sweeping statement’, given the author’s rather more credible familiarity with the facts and the history than your monotonal pursuit of a dead end.

      You need to kick yourself out of the deterministic groove that you’re stuck in.

      1. I refuse to believe – and I haven’t done for a long time of course – that someone so arrogant and superior as you see yourself could ever EVER on this planet be a genuine supporter of someone like Jeremy Corbyn and socialism. No way Jose!

        You are the very antithesis practically every time you open your mouth.

      2. “I refuse to believe – and I haven’t done for a long time of course – that someone so arrogant and superior as you see yourself could ever EVER on this planet be a genuine supporter of someone like Jeremy Corbyn and socialism.”

        That, Allan, says more about you than me. I’ve actually been pretty polite about your obsessive denials of facts. Your belief system, I’m afraid, has more in common with fanatical religion than politics – involving a rigid refusal to step outside your bubble of preconception.

        Indeed, you’re unfortunately not on your own – but it isn’t politics, or analysis – or reality. Nor is it adult. Just duck out if you find the refutation of rational argument too stressful – but don’t try to take the short cut of resorting to the confection of ad hominem bollocks to protect yourself from contradiction.

        This inability to argue a case, and instead substituting fantasies about the person who has challenged your preconcieved faith is actually an admission of the rightness of the alternative argument.

        Essentially – anyone who challenges you does so because they are ‘arrogant’ and a liar…???

        Well – if that’s your mindset, it’s your problem, not mine. I suggest a period of self-examination.

        .. then come back and argue rationally rather than just stamping you feet and throwing rattles.

        If to you I sound ‘superior’ – it’s simply because, from your untenable postion, my (and that of Jamie Stern-Weiner) *argument* is indeed superior – actually a pretty low bar in this case.

  8. There seems to be scam emails going to members saying that they have failed an electoral register check. When you click on to it, it asks you to confirm your details.

    The thought is that it’s harvesting data to set up fake accounts and use them to alter the vote. I’m not sure if this is possible, so happy to be corrected, but it needs looking at.

    1. My scam email came from Sir Starmer who was looking to build profiles on Labour party members by trying to encourage people to give him their thoughts.A typical old sly lib dem trick in profiling in case he becomes leader of the Labour party.He obviously has little respect for the intelligence of the membership and democracy.How many more lawyers before “the penny drops” ?

      1. Joseph – Shock horror, a potential party leader consults the members. Surely you should be encouraging this rather than manufacturing faux outrage.

  9. BTW – Why this timidity in not allowing comments about the judgment against the Jewish Chronicle re. Audrey White.

    The bog-paper press gets to determine the agenda of intimidation andfear yet again – even when it nominally loses.

    Any bets on the reporting of this decision??

    1. Well why don’t you go and start your own blog then, instead of keep complaining and criticising and carping. You know, go forth…….

      1. Again – sorry you can’t cope with things, Allan. But hey-ho – if you can’t stand the heat …

    2. One brave woman takes on the chronicle lies and shows the Labour party how to deal with lies in the propaganda machine..Makes me wonder how our subscriptions are used if not for defending the membership and the integrity of the Labour party.?

    3. RH its very frustrating not being allowed to comment on a win for a change,but I do understand the lodgic behind it and understanding that Squawk box gives the other side to fake news and propaganda from the AS scam.Dodging the foreign bullets is fighting back..

  10. It’s worth reiterating that SB’s source said that “part” of the complaint was Mr Mirza walking around and laughing, which suggests that there may be other issues raised in the complaint that might have merited action. It’s hard to believe that anyone could take a complaint about walking around and laughing even remotely seriously.

    If the whole complaint is just that, and if this complaint did come from a Left member, about a Left member, then you start to wonder at what point Labour stops being a political party and becomes a circular firing squad.

    Oh, and whoever leaked it to the Telegraph should be expelled from the Party and/or (if they’re a Party employee) sacked.

    1. I agree that whoever leaked details of this complaint to the Telegraph an unashamedly right wing paper should be subjected to the disciplinary process. There is a requirement for confidentiality in the complaints process which clearly has been breached in this instance. I believe a full
      and a full and thorough investigation launched to identify the culprit.Additionally as the outcome of the complaint has been prejudiced by this leak I do not see how this complaint can be properly investigated and therefore believe that it should be dismissed. This will of course be disappointing for the complainant but is unavoidable in the circumstances. The door is open for the complainant to raise a complaint against the person who leaked the story. This person should be easy enough to identify given that all parties are bound by a confidentiality requirement and all the complainant has to do is to recall to whom they disclosed details of the allegations.
      In relation to the Telegraph stating that the complaint came from a left wing source please remember that this is the Telegraph we are talking about and they regard anyone to the left of Thatcher as an undesirable – a red under the bed so their “left wing source” is likely to be some dyed in the wool centrist or one of the has beens who they refer to as “grandees”

      1. All good points, Smartboy, so thank you for replying.

        However, the claim that the complaint was made by someone on the Left came from Mr Mirza’s supporters, according to SB, not from the Telegraph. I’m very aware that the Telegraph isn’t a particularly reliable source (deliberate understatement).

        What worries me about that (if SB’s sources are correct) is that, after so many Right v Left, Leave v Remain, PLP v Membership schisms, the last thing needed is for the Left to turn on itself.

      2. Stark – I’m afraid that the whole range of oppositions that you rightly outline (left v. right, Leave v. Remain … etc) are used meaninglessly and simplistically as badges – not descriptions of political reality. It’s a bit like the zionists trying to claim the badge of ‘jewishness’ as solely their own.

        Probably the best illustration of the falsity of the way these labels are used is the claim that Lexit – the support of a Tory policy – was a ‘left wing’ position, when clearly there were more radical members in the Labour Party supporting ‘Remain’.

      3. RH, I’d rather not go into Brexit/second referendum and all that jazz. It’s a highly divisive topic even now, and it’s not really relevant to the thread.

        But it’s another one of those faultlines, or perceived faultlines, which means too much energy goes on fighting internal battles instead of actually opposing the Tory Government. As far as I can tell, so much internal feuding (and the media coverage of that, and a rather long Leadership election process) is giving the Tories a much easier ride than they ought to be having. I remember 2010, when the distraction of a Leadership election left Cameron/Osborne/Clegg the open goal of pinning the whole recession on Labour.

      4. Stark
        Ours is not to stop the war, ours is to win the war
        Red Tories will always prefer Blue Tories
        Time for a clear out,
        No business can operate on one leg in an arse kicking contest

      5. Dough – I agree entirely. My initial point was that the complaint about Mr Mirza came, according to SB’s source, from a member on the Left of the Party. Infighting and feuding isn’t a good look generally, but if the Left is turning on the Left then that’s catastrophic.

      6. Stark – “I’d rather not go into Brexit/second referendum”

        I understand that – and it’s now irrelevant as a live issue.

        My only point is that it’s a classic illustration of the sort of simplistic tokenism that surrounds the sort of labels, schisms and descriptions that you have mentioned. You couldn’t align ‘left/right’ with “Leave/Remain” – the correlation was non-existent, with radical politics defined by neither.

        I’ve argued before that the two dimensional model of political alignment is old hat – well past it’s sell-by date, and inhibits realistic policy debate, and alienates the majority of members.

        Meanwhile, real issues actually get buried. I had a call from the Starmer campaign team today. I suggested that any candidate might look more credible by rejecting the BoD demands rather than playing the nodding dog, and that I was looking for resistance to the take-over of the Party by zionist interests.

        You could hear the mental cogs whirring ‘Aaargh … it’s antisemitism again. Best put down the ‘phone.” :-). There is absolutely no knowledge of this key issue, and every day that facing it honestly is postponed, the worse the confusion and lack of direction gets.

        The Party can’t succeed with this sort of delusion.

      7. Unfortunately I missed the point about the source Stark and totally agree with you about turning against ourselves. I hope this never happens as we would then be in another centrist void for the next 20 years.

      8. RH 23/02/2020 at 4:42 pm · ·

        Stark – “I’d rather not go into Brexit/second referendum”

        I understand that – and it’s now irrelevant as a live issue.


        Irrelevant as a ‘live issue’??

        WT absolute F is that meant to mean?

        How ‘live’ an issue did it have to be that you and your lot point-blank refused let the matter drop?

        Instead you kept on and on an on ad infinitum, ad nauseam during an election campaign when you were persistently and consistenty warned what the result of demanding a 3nd ref/remain option it be THE main topic would do – Cause the party to haemorrage votes to the point of anaemia.

        …As became the case

        The ONLY reason it’s not a’live issue’ for you NOW is because it accomplished what you wanted, and that was a (Corbyn-led) labour defeat.

        But you’d rather people like me didnt remind everyone else about it. And even worse is your pathetic fucking cop-out of an excuse that you got a labour mp in your constituency BECAUSE of your 2nd ref/remain option.

        You’re just a slimy little bliarite sack of shit.

  11. ‘Let them have the vote, it’s us who counts them’. (Stalin)
    If the Rt win this election then we need a serious discussion. If the majority of LP members can’t abide the stench of nepotism and dodgy practices in the back rooms by the apparatchiks, and Momentum luvvies, then why should we expect the electorate to vote Labour? If we’re going to walk away from what will be a rotting corpse, then it seems sensible to walk in the same direction.
    The same has happened in many other countries. The rotteness of the mainstream political party’s for working people has seen them collapse, with new organisations formed. I know the new organisations track record hasn’t been great either.
    As most of us value the ideals of democracy and socialist ideology of public ownership, in the knowledge that it would transform society, then it seems pointless propping up what will become another Lib/Dem Party. Millions of people haven’t the luxury of waiting another twenty years for a possible, but unlikely turn to the Left of the LP.
    If the Rt win, removing democracy and socialist ideology from the LP, we’ll see fascists on the streets pretending, as they always do, that they’re there to give working people a voice,
    Working people voted Tory in their millions at the last election, probably holding their noses, but just about had it with the champagne socialists and their millionaire lifestyles; they will no longer be used as voting fodder for Tories in red clothes. I’m sure we’re all aware of the growth and threat of fascist organisations across the world, so we shouldn’t think it would never happen here.
    Fascism feeds off desperation, and when people start dying through starvation and deprivation, as they are now in the UK, then many at the bottom rung of the ladder grasp at anything or anyone that gives them hope.
    ‘Don’t moan, organise’. (Jack Jones)

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