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Disgraced ex-MP Vaz still running Labour campaigns in Leicester

Shamed: former MP Keith Vaz

Former Labour MP Keith Vaz continues to pull the strings in Labour’s local elections in Leicester, more than two years after he stepped down as an MP – and more than five years after he resigned from the Home Affairs Select Committee after being exposed offering to buy drugs for male prostitutes.

Vaz was never removed from the Labour party – and even after he was found guilty of ‘sustained bullying’ by an ‘Independent Expert Panel’ he was not suspended and was allowed to insert himself into and effectively run the party’s disastrous Humberstone and Hamilton by-election.

And despite his disgraced record and his recent by-election catastrophe, Vaz is appearing in official party communications as the ‘campaign coordinator’ for the new by-election in the area triggered by the death of Cllr Ratilal Govind:

Evington By-Election Campaigning – Sat 08 January; 11:30am; LE5 6DN

Following the passing of dedicated Councillor, Ratilal Govind, a by-election is to be held on 3rd February. Canvassing will start each day at 11am from 19 Main Street, Evington, LE5 6DN, starting this Saturday 8th from 11.30am in the first instance. The Campaign Co-ordinator is Keith Vaz and can be contacted on 07[redacted] for more information. I would encourage you to join in to get Shahid Khan elected, to ensure we retain this important seat. The Tories will be motivated following their win in Humberstone and Hamilton.

Govind was one of several Leicester councillors who issued a statement attacking Labour just before the 2019 general election because of the then-leadership’s stance on visits to the UK by right-winger Narendra Modi after Modi revoked Kashmiri autonomy. Locals say that the new candidate in the election is close to Vaz.

Skwawkbox view:

Left members are being hounded out of the party en masse on the flimsiest retrospective pretext, but it seems that Keir Starmer’s Labour thinks a record of bullying and offering to act as a drug-dealer is good qualification to run election campaigns.

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  1. …and guess who claimed around around EIGHTY THOUSAND POUNDS from the public purse as fulough❓
    CLUE: They’ve hawked their sordid wares around every murderous despot … image washing the most heinous demagogues / dictators who had billions at their disposal by disposing of any subjects who opposed them.
    Another clue: Im a few years they’ve managed to enrich themselves with possibly over £100,000,000.00 EVEN the offspring are alleged to enjoy riches IN THEIR OWN NAME to the tune of tens of millions… One sprog allegedly is now worth £65 MILLION.

    CLUE 3 – the type Keiths Starmer, Vaz & co “RESPECT”.

    1. People don’t understand the super rich. It’s not cheap being millionaire, every one of your pennies count.

  2. Vaz and his wife another bunch of Labour lawyers who infest the Labour party…..maybe a knighthood for this wonderful Labour parasite and he will be full blown Labour…house of lords and meet the queen for services rendered to sore arses…..?

    1. Has his missus stayed loyal and true to him? If she has I hope she makes his life a little bit uncomfortable. No more,
      “I’ll be working at the office till late darling. Oh yes, dearest, I have to work over the weekend. See you on Monday, maybe”.
      All gone. A distant memory now. Breakfast time at Vaz mansion must be a real blast. How does one explain that sort of behaviour to their wife?

  3. I see from reading the papers that Harriet met jack on the Grunwick picket line.Nowadays in Labour they probably wouldnt even attend because of political ideology of the Labour party…Did dromey die alone in his flat in Birmingham whilst visiting his constituency.,although it is fitting that he died in the constituency he was supposed to represent.Still like many theyve made a good living out of ordinary working-class people they wouldn’t dream of living next door to or even send their children to the nasty state schools.When you look at Vaz and the whole shambles of the Blair generation its a good thing they are all in the departure lounge and lets hope their are no flight delays and are all fully jabbed.

    1. Dumbo has made a nice little pile for himself, thanks to his jobs defending the interests of the working classes. Nasty piece of work as he has shown in his various attempts at union power. Strange bedfellows:Sun, Mail etc. Birds of a feather. Fucking rounders team’s, that’s worse than Stilletto. This party or cult is so deeply unpleasant. Err that’s it.

  4. I used to quite like Vaz on a ccount of he once bought me a kebab on a Newham 7 demo in the 80s but I have really gone off him.
    Vaz was one of the 3 who condemned Chris Williamson and his was the casting vote. He found in favour of Chris & then chnaged his mind because he thought that he was expected to let him off (from nothing) but then found he had been expected to throw him out. He was a lawyer & a MP, yet he has no ability to take decisions, have any backbone nor principles. I don’t care if he takes coke with male prostitutes, in fact I think he should spend more time doing so.

    1. GREAT post Mark Francis!

      In support of your point:
      “Keith Vaz the disgraced Labour MP who is now himself suspended from the Commons for six months after a report condemning him for “expressing willingness” to buy cocaine during an encounter with male sex workers was one of the people to sit on the three person NEC panel that reinstated Chris Williamson Vaz then crumpled on his decision after angry voices were raised by Watson and his posse.

      “The following day Keith Vaz said the decision to readmit Chris Williamson to the Labour Party should be “reconsidered”, despite him voting for Chris Williamson readmission.”

    2. Mark, he’s married and against the legalization of drugs. He parties with fucking tories at his snow on the boots parties.

  5. Thanks SW. The fact that ‘Disgraced ex-MP Vaz still running Labour campaigns in Leicester’ puts me in mind of Chinese Water Torture (CWT), which is (wiki) ‘a mentally painful process in which cold water is slowly dripped onto the scalp, forehead or face for a prolonged period of time. The process causes fear and mental deterioration in the subject…. jarring, (extreme) anxiety’. The subject is thus disabled and disposed of as a threat or obstacle to the torturer’s power.

    It is being used by the Labour Right and the ‘ruling elite(s)’against their “enemy within”, i e democratic socialists (know any?) to negate that aspect of them which threatens them the most – ‘that we are many and that they are few’ that we can co-ordinate our potentially immense and abundant power and have more of it in a metaphorical ‘little finger’ than their entire global infrastructure with its synchronised MSM, World Bank, IMF, UN, WHO and network of national governments and supra-national institutions can harness across their entire existence.

    This is – obviously – much bigger than the politician known as Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz, but we haven’t the co-ordination, mental acuity, discipline or ‘community’/organisation to see that and treat it thus, have we?

    Their CWT works. It stops ‘the left’ being a threat to them or their beloved crony-capitalism and the dominion of capital over labour.

  6. Ive just been watching “All the Presidents Men” and all I
    can say is that nothing changes – in the efforts of Nixon
    and his clan to smear Democratic Party candidates
    and otherwise lie. Not that the Democratic Party were
    without sin – no.

    However it took two men to lift the lid of what was going on.
    Where are our own Woodward and Bernstein – they
    do not seem to exist in the main media outlets here.

    Been watching “Dateline London” on the situation in
    India vis a vis extremist Hindu Nationalistic intolerance
    and the silence of Modi and his government .. What does
    Vaz have to say about that?

    1. Hi Holby: re ” “Dateline London” on the situation in
      India vis a vis extremist Hindu Nationalistic intolerance
      and the silence of Modi and his government .. What does
      Vaz have to say about that?”

      Click on the link I supplied to Mark Francis (above), much of that article is about that very issue, i.e. how the LabourRight decides its domestic priorities in the context of (US hard-right)) neocon policies. It’s not just Vaz, it’s all ot them on everything (maybe is the sole reason Starmer is pro-mandatory vaccination and pro masks (bad for health) and pro lockdowns (bad for health on covid and the wonderful JC isn’t)).

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