Petition against Blair’s knighthood about to pass one million signatures

The petition to remove the new knighthood of former PM Tony Blair – a man many believe should be on trial in The Hague for war crimes rather than going to Buckingham Palace for an honour – is about to pass one million signatures.

As at the time of writing 990,000 people had signed – and the rate of new signatures appears to be several per second, so the petition looks set to smash through the threshold rather than creep across it.

Keir Starmer, naturally, has repeatedly backed bringing ol’ Tony into the knighthood club to which Establishment darling Starmer already belongs, so tightly is his finger on the pulse.

Sadly, as the petition isn’t on the official government petitions site the Tories are almost certain to simply ignore it rather than being forced to list it for parliamentary discussion.

Sign here, if you haven’t already.

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  1. “Sadly, as the petition isn’t on the official government petitions site the Tories are almost certain to simply ignore it rather than being forced to list it for parliamentary discussion.”

    Rejected petition Prevent Tony Blair from getting a knightood

    Many consider Mr Blair unfit for any title. As such, I raise a petition to block this knighthood due to his Iraq War actions and treatment of the NHS
    More details

    This petition was rejected
    Why was this petition rejected?

    It’s about honours or appointments.

    We can’t accept petitions that relate to honours and appointments, which includes calling for an honour to be removed.

    We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards.

    Date submitted 6 January 2022

    1. They ignored millions marching against the Iraq war in 2003, so I guess you’re right.

      However, this high level of public hostility to honouring this man is indicative of a political class and permanent officialdom in London, who behind those thick walls, are completely out of touch with their fellow citizens.

      1. Andy – Or maybe they are just following the rules that parliament laid down. Given that the awarding of this particular honour is entirely within the Queen’s remit then the explanation given of ‘it is bugger all to do with parliament’ seems to be a reasonable one.

      2. sh it’s u who r right ish on this tiny point on this occasion ie tis january 2022 parliament site petition which was rejected by establishment guard parasites. saw that days ago and thought it old, i.e. preceding the current most excellently brilliant change.org one. will check later. in a rush 🚀🚀🚀

        ps sh axa steveh davidh do u steveh etc want / hope / wish the change.org petition to succeed 🌥❓⛅️❓🌤❓

      3. SteveH – Given the fact Prince Charles is far from popular and the increasingly frail Queen will be 96 in April. You’d think they’d be more careful about falling foul of public opinion.

        To say Blair is a controversial figure in the UK is an understatement.

        I see little evidence those under 50 hold the institution of monarchy, or Blair in particularly high regard.

      4. Let’s not beat about the bush Mr Heep. The explicit meaning on the argument you present as ‘reasonable of “‘it is bugger all to do with parliament’ is, in reality, ‘it is bugger all to do with democracy.’

        This comes a day after Grant Schapps waxed lyrical on LBC that the only way to legitimately change anything is via being polite. Problem is that only one side sticks to the rules and procedures. As we have seen, not only with the authentic Tories in the Conservative and Unionist Party but also with the faux wannabe Tories of the Starmer Junta, they do what they want and ignore what they don’t want.

        At least you’ve firmly nailed your colours very publicly to the anti-democratic mast with that little faux pas. Not that everyone had not already worked that out a long time ago.

      5. Dave – ” ‘it is bugger all to do with democracy.’”

        You are right, it is nothing to do with democracy. A knighthood is just an honorary title, it doesn’t bestow any political privileges on the recipient like a seat in The Lords.

    2. SH aka SteveH, davidH etc etc etc, the Blair creatures’ Blue Tory bosses and their parasitic tentacles stinking out Labour r desperately trying to protect their own. … A few of them have crawled out of the swamp to do that. Eg Blunket, and of course Sir Keith Starmer.

      In total contrast ALL decent people want the war monger held to account. The pressure hopefully will be kept up. SUSTAIN the campaign. Never giving up is a key trait which ➡️ the one percent repeatedly “getting away with it”. They never give up, are never fatalistic / defeatist / despondent eye rollers etc…

      p.s SteveH, davidH etc SH you refer above to an OLD petition. As far as i know, this current one is live. The nearly ONE MILLION signatures reflect PUBLIC OPINION. The integrity driving the petition reflects the conscience of “The Many” = US, (not you). With confidence, i expect 99.99% of Skwawkbox.org readers & posters, (not you), as well as the general public, want this petition to succeed.

      1. windchime – You seem to be confused. SB expressed his regret that this wasn’t an official government petition that the Tories would have been forced to respond to. I have simply pointed out that attempts to start a petition on the parliamentary petitions website had been rejected and I linked to an example.
        It is not an old petition as you claim, Follow the link and you will see that it is obvious that this is a petition that was submitted yesterday 06/01/22 but never got off the ground because it was rejected for the reasons outlined.
        There were also numerous other attempts to set up similar petitions (which were all rejected). Follow the link and see for yourself – https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions?q=blair+&state=rejected

  2. Even if the petition was on the official government website and they were minded to give the petition any Parliamentary time for debate, it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference. Blair is being made a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. Unlike other honours that go via a scrutiny committee, Blair’s knighthood is a personal gift from her maj and given without prime ministerial advice.

    That means, it’s one up on Keiths.

  3. I personally think that with this knighthood it says more about the society that we live in than anything else were a mass murderer can be honoured by a rotton archaic establishment headed by a tyrincal monerchist parliament.
    This says nothing about the working-class people of Britain that sacrificed everything in two world wars only to see more fascists honoured for the same atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler against ordinary civilians.

    1. Gawd bless her, her family, her predecessors, the new broods, their chamber people, lords, ladies, staff, their workers in and out of the country, their acolytes in the media, the sycophants in sports and entertainment. What’s not to love? Let’s start a go fund me for the one that got caught.

      1. The simple fact is that both of these honours came with the job they’d previously done.

  4. Always seen Blair as part of the security establishment. His relationship with MI6’s John Scarlett (promoted after misleading over Iraq’s WMD) was strange to say the least. Both mysteriously went on to incredibly well paid positions at investment banks, Scarlett going to Morgan Stanley.

    Whether Blair was brought in to mitigate the excesses of an inevitable, reforming Labour govt, I honestly don’t know? But it is strange how whenever the real left look like winning, i.e.,a left intent on rolling back the excesses of Thatcherism and esp .financial deregulation, the establishment seem to find a solution. The SDP ‘Gang of four’ sabotage was to CND supporter Michael Foot in 1983, what bogus antisemitism allegations’ and internal PLP and HQ sabotage were to Corbyn in both elections especially after 2017.

    No wonder so many think the UK political game is fundamentally corrupt and rigged.

    1. Labour’s 1983 manifesto commited to leave the EEC without a referendum. The referendum was the general election.
      If you wanted to leave you voted Foot and Labour. If you wanted to remain you voted Thatcher and the Tories or possibly the SDP and the Libs.

  5. PMSL!

    Bliar has been advising the former president of Kazakhstan. Charging him millions a year to get out of killing innocent people.

    Nothing will happen, just like the knighthood.

  6. Petitions lost all it’s whack! The PEOPLE’S Voice Lost its Power, there is nothing but removing ourselves ENTIRELY from their Division, Manufactured Consent and Disastrous Thatcherite Neoliberal (NO ITS NOT CENTRISM IT’S TORYISM!) Capitalism with it’s Commercialism and Obsessive Materialism!
    We need a Revolution! A NEED-over-WANT Revolution, they will soon hear us and see us, when their Penny Pouches get lighter and lighter. Also a stay at Home General Strike (Don’t give them a single thing) where we organise Medical/Emergency/etc within the Community and we only support the Communities around us and on.
    THEY need us more than WE need THEM!

    1. nellyskelly – Oh dear, come back and tell us all about it when you’ve got past the ‘dreaming about it’ stage.

  7. Mike Gapes has said that everyone who signed this petition was” either a Tory or a Trot”. That from the man who regularly sneered at “the cult of Corbyn “ sounds like a self awareness bypass.

    1. Poor old Fat Mike Gapes…..Where did he spring from? I thought he had drowned in avalanche of Oreo biscuits.

    2. Reply to Jim
      I signed the petition and am proud and very pleased to be insulted by Mike Gapes for doing so. If he ever praised anything I did then I’d be worried I had done something wrong!

    3. I’m just wondering how ribena berry’s head hasn’t exploded yet.

      I mean, there’s gammon, and then there’s Michael (sour) g(r)apes…

      O often wonder if it was he who was Roald Dahl’s inspiration for Violet Beauregarde..

  8. It is absolutely disgusting that this war mongering greedy money grabbing immoral liar should be honoured but when you look at some of the others who are in the House of Lords not for services to others but for services to themselves them you know that he will fit right in.

    1. I agree with the gist of what you say but as far as I’m aware there are no plans to ennoble Blair. As I’m sure your aware a knighthood won’t give him a seat in the House of Lords. (thank god for small mercies)

      1. SteveH-

        The only reason he isn’t in the HoL already is because he’s too busy globetrotting, traveling on private jets Epstein-style, grabbing more and more questionable loot from brutish leaders. He simply doesn’t have time to be in the HoL.

        I pity those who think this guy was ever remotely left-wing or Labour. Your average Wall Street stockbroker is more left-wing than Blair.

        Starmer is the same, unable to say if he’s a socialist as if it’s a dirty word.

        I you call others naive.

      2. Steve H I made a mistake – I thought he got into the House of Lords. Thanks for the clarification
        Blair now being Sir Tony is really bad though. It is an indication of just how low we have sunk and how completely discredited the Honours System is .

  9. Blair’s dishonesty really shook faith and trust in the honesty of not just politicians, but in complicit intel agencies and a supine, unquestioning MSM. A whole generation have been made cynical of key institutions with ample reason to be.

    Even now, all these years on, when protests & riots erupt in some part of the world, be it Syria ,Belarus, China Xinjiang + Hong Kong , Russia, or recently Kazakhstan and admittedly thuggish leaders instigate crackdowns ,claiming the protests aren’t spontaneous or organic, and instead have been whipped-up and encouraged by foreign powers, chiefly CIA and MI6, everyone deep down knows there’s probably much truth in that. However much Paul Mason et al, claim otherwise.

    1. Old Northern Soulboy. Does he trust the security services? Well, he’s been doing a good job for his employers and you can trust him and his mate Chiles. I expect nothing less from the aptly named Mason.

  10. The fact that this petition could not be treated as “official govt”
    is neither here nor there I think.

    AS the numbers keep on going up at least the powers
    that be know what the general public think of Blair.

    1. You may well be right but I only referenced why there wasn’t an ‘official petition’ because the article above says “Sadly, as the petition isn’t on the official government petitions site the Tories are almost certain to simply ignore it rather than being forced to list it for parliamentary discussion.

  11. Abolish the monarchy!
    Get Blair and Bush to The Hague!
    Nationalise the land!
    Just reading a cracking book on a 2,000 year history of the rich and how the Normans replaced one elite with their own thus creating the aristocracy and stealing the land by genocide, mainly in the North.
    For example 100,000 then in Yorkshire were slaughtered then they took their land.
    Sadly most people don’t know their own history and the rich and powerful and Right Wing politicians including Right Wing Labour rely on people having short memories.
    Need a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party which tries to politicise the masses and some of us are on the case.

    1. They have their own history and then the teaching professionals pass it onto our kids and on it goes. Monsters become heroes, people grovel to a standard washed in the blood of the workers of the world yet still the degreed experts spread their lies. When they can be arsed to work that is. That’s understandable, every positive omricon case that has been run over by a steamroller has resulted in death, 100 per cent.

  12. Breaking news – the Govt legal lead is considering appealing the Colston Four verdict.
    This is potentially dangerous, a legal elite trying to overturn a jury of our peers, without that we are nothing.
    Apparently Tory MPs and the lumpen Tory reactionary base are incandescent with rage.
    Hey Tory Lumpen Morons – if there was a statue to Jimmy Saville (a public well known TORY supporter) and the authorities refused to remove it would they join the queue to pull it down?

    1. Bazza – You are mistaken
      It is impossible for them to overturn the verdict.

      The Tories are asking the Judges to review the verdict and look at whether the law needs clarifying. I suspect the verdict would have been the same regardless.

    2. I wonder if that despicable Saville revisionist, who posted on THIS site, recently, would applaud such a statue?

  13. Some uncritical niave thinkers have so much faith in the system.
    The powerful lost big time in Bristol and now aim to bend the rules.
    Trial by a jury of our peers is sacrosanct.
    Blair like all the other rich and powerful Barbarians in the past and now will probably get away with it (for now) but they will probably have severe mental health problems in later years – what goes around comes around.
    How we need a left wing democratic socialist party and some of us are on the case.

    1. Serious question. Can psychopaths ever feel guilt and then suffer from remorse. I would imagine that, as in other rings, they will all gather around offering support, baubles and children. You know to ease the ‘ journey ‘.

    1. Andrew – I’m struggling to think of a reason why I, or for that matter anyone else, should GAF what you think.

    1. Andrew, What?
      Please tell me more, wobblejacka@gmail.com. It seems silly to post my email address but big, important, smokers like me have loads of em. I get loads of death threats, racism, etc but they all lack wit and are seldom well written. How do you insult a mixed-race, Millwall supporting Marxist who knows that they hate us and we don’t care?

      1. Dear wobbly. Thanks for that all-encompassing attack on the system. Can’t stop reading it. Solidarity and love, from Wobbly.X

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