‘Red wall’ voters want Corbyn back, while Blair hated. So obviously Starmer imitates Blair

The sickness of Labour in two examples

Jeremy Corbyn is the choice of voters in so-called ‘red wall’ seats to lead Labour after Keir Starmer. A Deltapoll poll has shown that Corbyn joint-top among voters in the seats – all voters, not just Labour – that Labour lost in 2019 over the Starmer-made Brexit u-turn.

This is no surprise to those who maintained an honesty about the reasons Labour lost the seats – but of course, the Labour right and their media friends have been desperately rewriting history since then to claim that Jeremy Corbyn was the issue. So the new poll will come as a bit of a blow to them.

Meanwhile, an online petition for the removal of ‘Thatcher’s child’, former party leader Tony Blair, has roared to almost 600,000 signatures – and a look at the counter suggests more than one new signature every second still being added. Since only a relatively small portion of the people who despise Blair will get round to signing the petition, it seems the warmongering former PM who piled debt onto the NHS, was hammered by the Chilcott inquiry and was depicted as George Bush’s poodle by the late George Michael is hated by millions. Who’d have guessed?

So of course, Keir Starmer – who needs to win back ‘red wall’ seats to ever get into Downing Street – is doing his best to imitate Blair and couldn’t dump the Corbyn policies fast enough that he’d promised to maintain in order to get himself elected as leader in the first place.

Starmer has even shown no sign of peeling himself away from the toxic former Blair adviser Peter Mandelson, despite Mandelson’s two resignations in disgrace from Tony Blair’s Cabinet and his appearance – with multiple telephone numbers and two addresses – in Jeffrey Epstein’s address book, even with Epstein high in the news again following last week’s conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell.

And as icing on the cake, he has today told TV viewers that Blair deserves his knighthood. Finger on the pulse – you couldn’t make it up.

Of course, Jeremy Corbyn will never again be Labour leader. It’s unlikely he’ll even be a Labour MP again, which is a prerequisite for a big – likely one of the reasons the party’s right is so eager to keep him out – but even if he could stand, Jeremy is unlikely to wish to step back into the whirlwind of smears and hate that has only abated a little even after he stepped down as leader, so feared is he by those who want to maintain the status quo.

But the poll shows what Starmer and his fellow ostrich-necked right-wingers don’t want to acknowledge: the public wants change and values politicians who actually stand for something and don’t trust weasels and spot-changers – though of course Starmer’s string of disastrous by-election results had already made that clear.

The Labour party is a diseased thing under the right-wing regime – and those in charge have no interest in healing it.

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  1. “Jeremy Corbyn is the choice of voters in so-called ‘red wall’ seats to lead Labour after Keir Starmer. A Deltapoll poll has shown that Corbyn joint-top among voters in the seats “

    Could someone please provide us all with a link to this poll?

    1. Do your own feckin legwork, mister keef’s more popular than Corbyn and the membership numbers prove it

      1. Toffee – Really ???
        Corbyn lost over 15% of the membership in the run-up to the 19GE. In Nov19 the membership was down to
        I’ve looked for this poll and like you I have been unable to find it. It is entirely reasonable to request links to quoted source material, I’m a little surprised it hasn’t been published in the above article.

      2. Toffee – Really ???
        Corbyn lost over 15% of the membership in the run-up to the 19GE. In Nov19 the membership was down to

        Down toooooooo…….? Down to WHAT?

        It’s NOT November 2019 and it hasn’t been for TWENTY-SIX fucking months, you complete cretin. No wonder you wont give us the numbers because keef hasn’t gained a single member has he?

        Give us the numbers they’re at TODAY, why dontcha?

        And when did keef more than double the membership numbers, hmm? Oh, that’s right….

        If I go to a casino with £201k and walk away with more than double that (Despite any loss at the end of my turn, I’ve still walked with more than what I started with), and then hand it all over to you – and you can’t even maintain that amount then that is patently obvious I’ve done better than you.

        Case closed, gobshite.

      3. Toffee – In Nov19 Labour’s membership had dwindled to 430,359.

      4. You’ve gone further than proving you’re a complete imbecile with absolutely ZERO understanding of basic arithmetic AND reality, for complete and utter fuck’s sake.

        Corbyn MORE THAN DOUBLED the membership; so any ‘loss’ at the end of his tenure is completely negated by the GAIN in membership over his tenure. from 200k to 500k, to back down to 430k is a GAIN of 229k, no matter how you try to spin it, numbnuts

        Smarmer has NOT doubled the membership, nor are there more members now than there were in April 2019 when his shithousery (That YOU fell for, gobshite) was complete.

        And now the electorate (Shove your membership sideways for all I care, they amount to fuck all) want Corbyn more than keef, as demonstrated by that poll.

        Unlucky, bellend. Now go and gnaw at some furniture again.

      5. Toffee – “And now the electorate (Shove your membership sideways for all I care, they amount to fuck all) want Corbyn more than keef, as demonstrated by that poll.”

        Unfortunately you’ve completely misunderstood the question that the poll asked.

      6. Unfortunately you’ve completely misunderstood the question that the poll asked.

        Oh, I have, have I?

        In the Red Wall seats, if there was an election tomorrow, 49 percent would vote Labour compared to 33 for the Tories.

        I haven’t misunderstood anything, soft ollies. Does that say 49% of LABOUR MEMBERS?

        I don’t think it does, does it?

        What YOU misunderstand (Which is every fucking thing that has to be spelled out for you time & time again – so EVERYTHING) is that I don’t give a fuck about what you and your smarmerite 70% of 2nd reffers, or 56.2% what elected the prick, think.

        I’m the ELECTORATE. I was the ELECTORATE when I warned against smarmer’s second ref shithousery and you TOLD me my voice didn’t matter, because YOU was the member and I wasn’t.

        So, genius – Remind us all – Just HOW did THAT one end up? Oh, that’s right – After handing the rags their eighty seat majority, keef then voted FOR a TOERAG BREXIT, didn’t he, sadsack?

        And it’s right there, in black and white. In the daily excess, too!

        “Mr Corbyn, who led the party to its disastrous 2019 loss**, is seen as the best man to step in and take charge of the Opposition

        Unlucky plums. Now DO go away.

    2. Couldn’t find the poll but the Express is having the same headline. It appears that 8% of Labour voters in the Red Wall wish to have Corbyn back as leader in the event of Starmer resigning the leadership. Hence, I wouldn’t call it a resounding endorsement as JC is tied up with Yvette Cooper.
      Nevertheless, it clearly points out that Corbyn isn’t as unpopular as Starmer, David Evans and co will have us believe.

      1. Nevertheless, it clearly points out that Corbyn isn’t as unpopular as Starmer, David Evans and co will have us believe.

        Aha! So THAT’s where wee fella is getting his briefings from?! Either that or he IS evans…

      2. Wonder how popular Evans is with the electorate. Christ, now there’s someone who needs to be compulsorily masked.

      3. Mr Blobby, well Wobbly, all my outcomes appear to turn a bit gruesome towards the end so I best just move on from Mr Blobby! I wonder in Comparison, to the much older Corbyn what their GE Campaign will look like, well I guess at least they will save shitloads of money just send Mr Blobby and Blue Keef to Town with 10 guards each, keep the mini van running, Get Blue Keef to put a hand out to shake, guard will scream run, get in the Mini Van and go back to London, …….have another Champagne and Canapes Party Star Lit and SOOO Plastic….., it would look something like BoJoke’s Campaign, yet BoJoke will probably be quite popular and Blue Keef will still win! That’s just how The X-Lateral Commission Swings

      4. nellyskelly – I see you’re getting your Trumpian excuses in early

      5. What Starmer and David Evans would like us to believe comes direct from La-La Land, where the national characteristics include a strange mixture of lying accusations based on false claims of anti-Semitism, childish far-right-style faux-patriotism of the “sing a song and wave the flag” variety, and a weird policy vacuum inhabited by strange, over-hyped creatures known as the shadow cabinet, but correctly defined clinically as cretins…..
        Diabolical !!

      6. Now it seems the red wall voters realise what exactly the did when they voted Tory and are regretting it but its too late.
        In 2019 we had the opportunity to elect Jeremy Corbyn a decent honest man, a socialist, as PM. He would have brought about real change for the better to the country but the Red Wall voters wanted to “get Brexit done” and in addition like many others believed the “antisemite”, “terrorist supporter”, “spy”, “threat to national security”, “unpatriotic” etc lies and smears that we were fed daily by the PLP, Southside, BBC, MSM, the Zionist lobby etc.
        Result – we now have Boris Johnson in No10 and Keir Starmer as Labour leader i.e. the most right wing incompetent government and the most ineffective right wing opposition in living memory. That was the electorate’s choice and we all have to live with the appalling consequences.

    3. Just love 💘the devil incarnate caption,….The eyes have it and Blair is the face of true evil that murdered hundreds of thousands including women and children….This is the face of neo liberal alliances.

    4. Mind you the poll does seem to say JC joint top with…Yvette Cooper…

      1. Brian – thanks for the help but the poll you have linked to only asks one question about voting intention

      2. Brian – thanks for the help but the poll you have linked to only asks one question about voting intention

        Voting intention which – if it was about so much a microscopic upturn in support for the cuboid-head stuttering one – would be screeched about as ‘good news for labour’ (But not necessarily for anyone else) and posted passim ad nauseam throughout the next week or so by the monumental weirdo.

      3. SteveH04/01/2022 AT 3:55 PM
        +Toffee –

        Oh ffs…Ok then, plums. Once again…

        Tell that to the daily excess and everyone else who has interpreted it the exact same way (Which is just about everyone bar you, because they’ve done so correctly) and see how loud they laugh at you and for how long.

        You really are beyond redemption. A eugenicist’s case in point.

      4. Toffee – I don’t have to write long explanations about what you think the poll meant and your interpretation of it. I’ve simply quoted directly from the poll as it was published in the Daily Mail whilst you’ve had to make stuff up to fit your agenda..

    5. That picture of Redhands- facial shot- is the picture he sent to the Richie Sunak babysitting agency with his job application.

      1. Fronted with your own shite again, you try to dismiss your owner for irrefutably showing you the error of your ways.

        This time its nellyskelly.

        Once again the ‘wee stevie default tactic’ rears its weary old head.

        You’ve been flogging that horse even though it died a loooong time ago. You some sort of sick bestialist or somethin?

    6. Wah! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! WAH! hah! hah! hah!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      1d ago
      Saying and Doing are two very different things what has Blue Keef done to make this happen? Any Hard Drive on the Government, Any Activism, Any Rallies, etc, etc, etc? No, because Blue Keef and Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party Parasite TORIES Say a lot[end]

      1d ago
      nellyskelly – The RedWall voters obviously disagree with you.

      Oooops SteveH!
      This is what happens when you blur the lines with people!
      You Talk Brand “Labour” but you mean, Blue Keef and Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party Parasite TORIES!
      And The PEOPLE think you are talking Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party!

      Better luck next time and next time and next time and next time and next time and ……….
      Perhaps “The Emperor’s” new clothes will fit just right one of these days!
      Blue Keith the Nasty can never be popular, he can try to buy some love but he will never have it, someone that disturbingly Nasty can only be made PM by his X-Lateral Commission and even that will be based purely on what he can do for them nothing to do with love for him!
      Bless you do try so hard with all your little MSM Project GetCorbyn snippets from 2+++ Years Ago, but you are in denial and the snippets are bollocks SteveH, Bollocks just as the Pile of shit you drool over!

      1. nellyskelly – What an idiotic argument, is that really the best you could manage.
        You would have had a a stronger case if you’d kept your mouth firmly shut.

      2. You should try reading your own arguments once in a while, if you want idiotic, that is, they’re so predictable Tory!
        “What an idiotic argument” Wah hah hah hah, so poor and idiotic that it rattles your little bones and renders you the idiot on display with no argument! Phhhhhfhhfhf
        Blue Keef Sucks, he sucks way beyond BoJoke, can’t wait to see him out in the Community doing his Campaigning, I am sure he will stop in The “Red Wall” for the Longest Time, I am sure he will feel the Love there after all you said……..! Pffffff!!!

      3. nellyskelly – Oh dear, I don’t know whether to be sad that you feel compelled to make a fool of yourself or just laugh.

      4. Awww, such a big bag of BS and all you can do is spit out an old teaching line of yours. Is it Awful that Blue Keef is still so unpopular that 2 years later you have to attempt to big him up next to Corbyn!? You know Greatness is Earned not threatened and bullied, that Blue Keef is not Great not NOW, not EVER! Nothing but a bitch for the X-lateral Commission, with his own string of bitches his army of little Blue SteveH’s, sniffing his arse and licking his balls!

      5. No it isn’t. Oh no siree.

        You’ve already boasted about how you’re supposedly in touch with the electorate.

        And before that how your 70% was more than enough to won an election.

        And since April 2019 you’ve perpetuated the myth that keef is more popular than Corbyn.

        You think you’ve got your finger on the pulse?
        You don’t even live here FFS, and you have NO fucking idea as you have continually demonstrated, soft ollies.

        If you did, people would agree with you occasionally. Instead just about everyone shreds you and your shite just about every time you post.

        Stop being a moron.

      6. Toffee

        You’ve already boasted about how you’re supposedly in touch with the electorate.
        Have I. I don’t recall doing that, have you got a link

        And before that how your 70% was more than enough to won an election.
        Have I. I don’t recall doing that either, have you got a link

        And since April 2019 you’ve perpetuated the myth that keef is more popular than Corbyn.
        Well Corbyn is obviously very popular with you. The problem is there are not that many agree with you

      7. “And since April 2019 you’ve perpetuated the myth that keef is more popular than Corbyn.”
        So many just like him spent 4y 3m disrespecting, belittling, smearing, lying about a great man whom it would appear The PEOPLE still prefers as Leader, even the ones he protests ‘they don’t’.
        Now you go on Twitter and all you see is floods of tears by the same clowns asking why didn’t people vote Labour, oh why, oh why, oh why…..!

      8. kenburch – Why on earth would I reject the poll

        For the exact same reason keef would say nationalisation ISNT public ownership.

        In essence, because you’re a duplicitous disingenuous derisory, dick-head.

      9. Have you learned what nationalisation is ye

        Obviously not.

        Now shut the fuck up and give your arse a chance.

      10. Toffee – Try reading the above, and then come back and tell me about nationalisation.

      11. There are several of these Fake “Left” accounts, people on Twitter and the net, this Poll delivered by a NotLibNotDem Politician [Caretaker post Swindleson, no less], EU fanatic, etc, etc, etc Wrote volumes on why not to vote for Corbyn.
        This StatsforLefties is not much different to SteveH himself, Typical Neo-Labour Party Parasite TORIES Attack Corbyn for 4y 3m and then complain that he didn’t win because xyz, but nothing about their coups, smears, lies, etc, etc. Sadly some People believe the Billionaire Pollsters and even more sadly some people believe Stats for Lefties purely because of Brand Worshipping the word “Lefties”, Never Worship Brands, they Bite!

    7. If he showed you the poll, you’d refuse to accept it- because all you EVER do is deflect. Now the reality is, everyone knows Corbyn himself isn’t coming back as leader- but the poll you are refusing to accept shows that the voters never wanted Starmer to be viciously anti-socialist as leader OR to spend more time vilifying Corbyn supporters & persecuting Jewish anti-ZIonists than standing up to the Tories- the poll proves Labour can’t win by blurring the differences and brandishing the Imperial Conquest Banner.

      1. kenburch – Why on earth would I reject the poll, you are talking absolute nonsense that you can’t possibly support.

        ..and yet Keir is leading Boris in the polls not something Jeremy ever managed to do, which given that Boris didn’t even have an overall majority at the time is quite an ‘achievement’. .

    1. Now, if that petition was to suspend mandelson by the neck from a stout hemp rope…I’d sign under multiple names & emails. Hell, I’d even provide the rope!

      But that shower o’ shite won’t take any notice, no matter how many sign it. Like the tories (The ones who are at least honest about being tories) they think they’re a law unto themselves.

  2. It wouldn’t even need to be Corbyn.

    Just someone tangibly to the left of the toerag-mimicking shite they’ve got fronting them now. Someone with even a scintilla more in the way of dynamism which would manifest itself as an abundance in comparison; instead of that woefully gormless milksop, with all his charisma and insouciance being all-too reminiscent of week-old roadkill… And then there’s having a face like an abandoned snail shell when being asked a straight question…

    But he was the best of a bad bunch’…FCAUFS

    1. Toffee – Do you have anyone in mind, can you name a credible replacement for Keir?

      1. Yes – several. I’ve named them before.

        And NO – I won’t repeat meself, alright, shitty arse?

      2. No secret, dickhead. I’m not gonna remind you for the cunteenth time, only to be asked the same fucking question next time you DEMAND you’re answered, alright?

        Now get to fuck, imbecile.

      3. Right now Muffin the Mule would be an improvement on the Starmer Junta

      4. “Toffee – Is it a secret?”
        It isn’t a LP policy, so is mustn’t be.a secret.

      5. “Muffin the Mule would be an improvement “.
        Muffin the Mule was also wooden, but was at least quite animated.

      6. goldbach – ………and yet surprise, surprise you can’t think of anyone credible either.

      7. Fuck me, but you’re far worse than any petulant, jilted schoolgirl there’s EVER been.

        The poll clearly demonstrates that even the electorate would prefer Corbyn to the greasy bequiffed shithouse, and here YOU are trying to score a fucking useless point that people won’t or can’t name anyone that could do a better job than the slimy twunt.

        The evidence is almost kicking you in the face, idiot. Smarmer is shite. Full Stop.

        Oh! But YOU voted for Corbyn TWICE (Despite your self-confessed non-socialist inhibitions) and I DIDN’T.

        …That makes my opinion ‘worthless’.

        Just like your precious second referendum with your precious 70% made my opinion ‘worthless’.

        You only voted keef: ‘because he was the best of a bad bunch’.

        Despite that, you continue to extol best of a bad bunch smarmer over and above the membership-doubling socialist you voted for TWICE, and tell us keef’s FAR more popular – Even though your precious membership numbers are now nowhere near what they were under Corbyn, and are even decreasing as we speak.

        And that’s FACT – NOT opinion.

        I swear to Almighty Christ that I have had more cohesive arguments from THE most rabid cultist of kopites than from you….And by Christ, a lot of them are PROPERLY weird.

        You need treatment. Seriously.

        *Hurry up and place yer bets on what the ‘wee stevie bingo answer’ will be, folks….^

      8. Toffee – The poll asks “Who would best replace Keir Starmer”, it doesn’t ask who they would prefer to Keir and given that Corbyn never got a polling lead against Johnson your rant is just that, a rant.

        You should read the article that reports on these poll results.
        “Boris Johnson enters the New Year 16 points behind Labour in a bombshell Mail on Sunday poll of the seats he needs to retain to win the next Election.
        The Deltapoll survey of the 57 constituencies the Conservatives gained in the 2019 General Election puts Labour on 49 per cent and the Conservatives on just 33 per cent.
        The poll also puts Sir Keir Starmer’s party ahead in national voting intention, with Labour on 40 per cent and the Tories on 35 per cent

      9. Keep digging, deflecting and squirming, plums.

        I’m telling ya, lads & lasses – keef’s more popular than corbyn, honest!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄

      10. Toffee – I’m not the one who has had to resort to making up stuff that the poll doesn’t say. It would be interesting to see the actual polling results (rather than the edited version) so that we could see how many Tory supporters fancifully voted for Corbyn as the next Labour leader.

      11. The context of stevie Heep’s question is that of a credible candidate COMPARED TO the Trilateral Commission puppet presently running the Loyal (to who and what values?) Opposition into oblivion.

        In those terms the question has been answered. It’s not everyone else’s fault that you cannot properly frame a question to get only the answer you want stevie boy.

        ‘The words are the words’, as they used to say at Union Conferences.

        Or are you concedeing that the Establishment Knight of the realm, along with his dysfunctional court and it’s jesters such as yourself, is also, not credible and, like the fabled naked emperor, completely lacking in clothes as well gorm? As anyone with a functional brain cell has long figured out.

        You really are out of your depth here. Tell us, are you using Baldrick as a role model?

      12. Dave – ….and yet Keir leads Boris in the polls, something that Jeremy manifestly failed to do

      13. A block of lard would be more credible than Starmer.

      14. Andrew – Thanks for your ‘contribution’, you are just another one who can’t come up with a credible replacement from the left if Keir has to step down after the next GE.. .

      15. Two years ago BSJ was promising an oven ready Brexit for a majority pissed off with three years of what they saw as prevarication (whether I or anyone else disagree with their stance or otherwise is irrelevant) whilst Britain’s answer to the birth pill and his cronies were (for the second time) deliberately hamstringing the Labour Party, this time with an election losing position on continuing EU membership via another vote.

        Two years ago BSJ had not had the opportunity to display how venal, incompetent and corrupt he is.

        Right now Caligula’s horse could win an on the spot street or telephone vox pop against BS Johnson. The idea that this in any way represents solid grounds for thinking an incompetent preening Malovio with Starmers sorry record represents any kind of answer to Johnson is the ramblings of a bad LSD trip.

        A week is a long time in politics. Three years is a lifetime. What you are misinterpreting is the initial stages of replacing Johnson as leader of the Tory Party/PM in the same way Johnson replaced May. It’s not as though you have the excuse that the media and pollsters have not done this before.

        Clutching at straws is one thing. Clutching at air thinner than the atmosphere on Mars makes Don Quixote seem like Socrates in comparison.

        Go and have a lie down.

  3. Skwawkbox’s New Year’s resolution for 2022 should be to force Starmer’s democratic removal.

    The left need to use May’s big electoral tests to send every Labour MP a preview of the fate that could await them in a GE under Starmer. Voting Tory in May is understandably unthinkable for the left, but abstention and voting Green offer suitable options. The alternative; good Labour results in May, will see Starmer/Evans redoubling their war on the left and no doubt trying once again to scrap OMOV for leadership elections and bring back the electoral college at conference. This could be the last chance to remove this odious pair before a possible 2023 GE.

    On which, it’s pretty clear already that best case scenario, Labour’s Starmer/Reeves GE manifesto offering will be Labour government inside a Tory docker-like container; a govt in an establishment permitted encapsulated environment in which broader root and branch change is simply impossible and ‘minor tweaks’ and reheated Blairite leftovers are all that’s served up. Such a govt would be a miserable flop; a one term disaster. Surviving only until the following election before being swept away in a Tory landslide for another 20 year spell in opposition after demoralising supporters and achieving F-ALL. Meanwhile Starmer and Reeves likely quit politics to claim the big financial prizes their neutralising efforts on behalf of the establishment are deemed to deserve.

    Grim stuff, yes, but this is the trajectory of an establishment stooge like Starmer and Banker Reeves and the international self-appointed ‘Guardians of the Greater good’ the western banking, security and industrial elites they seemingly overtly serve.

    1. Andy – It won’t surprise you that I don’t agree with much of what you say but you should bear in mind that it would only take one term to replace FPTP with PR.

      1. SteveH.

        Assuming you truly are a progressive(?) and desire constitutional/democratic reform, why are you so invested in an establishment stooge like Starmer? Starmer ‘s aim is an inconsequential Labour govt that doesn’t rock the bankster/MIC Trilateral boat and leaves power with no harm done to the self-serving, self-appointed 1%.

        You remind me of the #FBPE crowd on Twitter ,who think this Starmer is still that 2018-2019 ‘remainer’ Starmer. The guy is a political chameleon who’ll grab any flag of convenience to advance to the top on behalf of the secret circle masters he serves. Look at his Corbyn- esque pitch for the leadership. Today he attacked Khan for being soft on drugs, Starmer revealing he’s a nasty , authoritarian, right-winger.

        You’d have a better chance of gaining proportionate voting system for Westminster and HoL reform campaigning for the Lib Dems, tbh. And currently they are led by another establishment tool in the form of Sir Ed Davey. Charles Kennedy he ain’t.

      2. SteveH the right of the Labour Party would never agree to replace FPTP with PR. Because once we have PR the left within the Labour Party will split and form a Socialist Party that will challenge no only the Tories but the Labour Party too, under PR smaller Parties stand a far better chances of gaining seats.
        The only way to form government under those conditions would be for Labour to enter into a coalition with the new Socialist Party. The inevitable result would be to take the Labour Party in order to form government to the left.
        The PSOE in Spain managed to get majority governments under PR but in 2019 the PSOE was forced to call two General Elections in the same year since in April 2019 didn’t win a majority of seats and didn’t want to enter government in coalition with Podemos and Ciudadanos rejected Sanchez’s overtures.
        The results in the General Election in November 2019 forced the PSOE into a coalition with Podemos. As a result the PSOE has increasingly been force to the left in order to keep itself in government.
        Podemos is gaining in strength among the left as it is acknowledged that for example the increases in the lowest pensions, minimum wage and better terms and conditions of employment have been won by Podemos by forcing the PSOE. Also that Podemos offers the better alternative to stop the advances of Vox.

      3. Maria Vazquez

        Absolutely correct. Labour’s rightwing in the PLP always do their utmost to REDUCE internal democratic input, because they know they have little support and couldn’t win free and open debate about the party’s positions. David Evans has admitted as much in his desire to abolish internal democracy as far as possible within Labour. What open and confident political party, would seek to shut down debate and have such controlling attitude?

        The Blairites are truly authoritarian control freaks. They’ve crafted a right-wing outfit and hide behind the name Labour, hoping supporters and voters are too stupid to notice a formerly left-wing party has been fundamentally reshaped into a right-wing outfit. It’s a despicable deception when we live in a two-party state that is demonstrably so centralised and badly run.

        Proportional representation for Westminster, would see these RW Cuckoo frauds exposed, isolated and ultimately, as a pointless, unpopular Tory-lite outfit, defeated. They will fight PRs introduction for this reason.

      4. Andy – Keir supports PR, the overwhelming majority of the membership (84%) support PR and Unite have recently voted to change their position and it is now Unite policy to support PR for General Elections. I would be surprised if PR doesn’t become Labour policy at this years (2022)conference.

      5. SteveH-

        Where & when, as in recently, has Keir Starmer stated he supports PR for Westminster ?
        And no, ‘we’ll have to look at all these things’ doesn’t count.

  4. It wouldn’t be unreasonable or churlish to expect Corbyn to be expelled pretty soon, on the back of this…

    As for mizz balls being level in that poll….How did she get on against him last time she ran? Oh yeah – that’s right…😏

  5. Well I will name someone – and yes Ive
    named her before as have several others:

    Dawn Butler

    Just been listening to STarmers speech ..

    hopeless hopeless hopeless ..

    Telling the PUBLIC what they should do –
    as ifs they haven’t done enough already –
    looking after each other and trying to make up
    for the deficiencies of the Tory Govt.

    Just as in WW2 as I well remember ..

    and nary a flag in sight

    1. Holly, neat post. How has Dawn managed to stay in the party? Does she have any reliable SCGers to whom she can turn to when the totalitarian make their final attack on the left, JVL, non-white women etc? Frankenstein and the fiddlers have a nasty agenda and it’s taking shape now!

  6. If 60 million people signed this petition, the authoritarian machine that selects Prime Ministers would remain oblivious. Petitions are simply a means of us letting off steam and yet another element to the multiple mechanisms of distraction. They achieve nothing and are designed to do so.

  7. Jezza isn’t coming backto New New Labour. Any leftist who gains any position of influence the right will rinse and repeat the anti-sematism cunard that did so much damage to Jezza, time to forget New New Labour.

    1. Well Starmer is trying to come back…?..The main poblem is like Tom peck says on the front page of the independent is “Starmer made a big speech in Birmingham knowing he needed to say a lot which he did.,unfortunately nobody including himself can remember what he said” .Poor Sir knight hes had the dish served up on a plate and oh look hes dropped it.Starmer needs to understand that in politics you take your chance when the Opposition are floundering….but again he knows nothing about Opposition or politics it seems….Stevie 👦boy it looks like you backed a looser.?

      1. Joseph – All the indications in the recent polls are that Starmer will do considerably better at the next GE than Corbyn did at the 19GE when he lost 60 seats.

      2. SteveH- Telephone polls are just a snapshot reflecting current anger with Johnson. Notice how over Xmas + New Year the Tories recovered somewhat – that’s simply a result of less press coverage – press coverage which can flip back to backing the Tories if a new leader is installed.

        Telephone polls are one thing, getting folks motivated to go out to cast a vote in the rain for Labour quite another. Photo ID requirements will further complicate Labour’s difficulties in a GE.

        Where have Labour shown they can generate the necessary voter enthusiasm and turnout under Starmer to get even close to clawing back lots of seats in a GE? Even trying to look at this objectively, I honestly believe Labour would hardly gain any Tory seats if an election were held today. Look at their North Shropshire performance.

        Just where is the tidal wave of enthusiasm, Blair generated in 1994-1997 or Corbyn generated in 2017?

  8. Joseph – All the indications in the recent polls are that Starmer will do considerably better at the next GE than Corbyn did at the 19GE when he lost 60 seats.

    Yeah – It most definitely point towardsthat especially, when keef can’t stop haemorrhaging members, can’t gain a seat from THE most corrupt govt in all history, clings onto a seat by the skin of his teeth, and comes third with the lowest % share in another seat where they were in a CLEAR second place and had been for ages, but ended up losing 12.4% and watched the libtards came from fucking nowhere to win it.

    Stay away from the crack pipe, spock. They might gain a few seats but there’s NO FUCKING WAY keef will get back as even much as 75% of the seats HE conspired to lose.

    1. Toffee – So you admit that it would be difficult for Keir to do worse than Corbyn did in 2019.

      1. SteveH – I’d be interested to know how many Tory seats you think Labour would pick up were a GE were being held today?

        I personally think they’d stand still in terms of numbers. Making next to no progress due to a poor campaign, wishy washy shadow ministers and poorly received centrist manifesto.

        Yes, Tory support would drop but so would Labour’s – basically resulting in an as you were. Labour faces a loss of the ‘youth vote’ too. If he breaks his pledge on scrapping tuition fees. If you doubt this, look what happened to the Lib Dems in 2015 after breaking their pledge on raising fees.

      2. SteveH
        2019 GE was Temporary Embarrassment’s Waterloo and he will be torn to shreds by MSM and toilet papers if he makes it to the next GE
        Red Tories are a poison in the Labour party and off they must fuck, its only a matter of time
        JC should be brought back, it needs to be clear from day one Labour is a Socialist party, it will be a declaration of war against the establishment

      3. Doug – You really need to get in touch with today’s reality, Corbyn wouldn’t be elected by the current membership.
        Most of the world has moved on since the Corbyn era, you should too. Rightly or wrongly Jeremy is yesterdays man.
        I very much doubt that he will even stand at the next election, why would he take the risk.

      4. You’re Obsessed with Corbyn! For TWO YEARS your Neoliberal Neo-Labour TORY Party have been in charge, “got rid” of Corbyn “got rid” of The Corbynites, yet here you are again OUR POOR LITTLE VICTIMS, if you were so confident in Blue Keef why do you need to compare him to Corbyn CONSTANTLY!? Tell us What Blue Keef has DONE in two years, for The PEOPLE!? Your strange little alter-reality is making you appear more an more erratic and unhinged, perhaps do a few days less and take some MUCH NEEDED R&R TIME!

      5. Wow….

        I’m fucking agog at the imbecility levels emanating from you today wee man.

        Teas your beloved bequiffed one and the fat twat put every one of the chips in the second referendum slot, using antisemitism smears and shithouse anti democratic tricks to shit on democracy.

        And then you shit out and blamed the leader when the ball landed firmly in the ‘get brexit done’ hole on the wheel…

        And then when keef became leader, he gave all his chips to decpiffle and his Tory brexit that keef lost all the other chips betting against

        You stupid, stupid, piss-poor excuse for a human.

      6. Toffee – Even f’wits are entitled to an opinion, do you find people frequently pat you gently on the head and softly say “there, there” when they meet you.

      7. SteveH04/01/2022 AT 6:10 PM
        Doug – You really need to get in touch with today’s reality

        This^^^^ from the moron having his arse handed to him on a post-by-post basis. So much so, that he’s nigh-on handing himself his own arse.


      8. Toffeee – If only we were all as clever as you think you are. 🤔

    2. Toffee – the GE is a long way off. There are local elections in 4 months time. That’ll be fun.
      My guess is that, come the GE, the LP will do better than in 2019 but worse than in 2017, and will try to sell it as a triumph.

      1. goldbach-

        The fear is, he does just well enough to continue, a la Kinnock. 2019 was the Brexit election so it’d be hard to do that badly.

        SteveH keeps banging on about 2019’s poor result, but 2019 came after three years of parliamentary deadlock & aggro over BREXIT , BREXIT – BREXIT!!!!! people were as sick of BREXIT dominating the news as they now are with COVID. Little wonder they backed Johnson and his supposedly OVEN READY deal. The press coverage presented Johnson as some golden, miracle boy, set usher in a new age of prosperity, while Corbyn was their panto villain.

      2. Spot on, Andy.
        The concern is that, even if there’s only a marginal increase in seats, it will be sold as a step along the supposed long road to recovery.
        Mind you, they may have their boundary changes in by then so it could be sold as a triumph in the face of adversity even if there is but a minimal increase in seats.
        Un fortunately, the only thing that would bring some people to their senses would be a further significant decline in the number of seats.

      3. goldbach

        As stated earlier, May 2022’s elections are the best opportunity to force a leadership challenge. Going backwards against an unpopular govt in its 12th year in power would be hard to explain away. Especially if other parties do well.

        Remember, he[Starmer] was reportedly going to face a challenge from Rayner if Batley and Spen was lost, and they only clung on by the skin of their teeth there thanks to Gallloway. This after shamelessly fast tracking the candidacy then playing Kim Leadbeater’s status as Jo Cox’s sister for all it was worth electorally.

        These elections in May can put real electoral fears into the PLP, with a possible GE in late 2023(4 years). And the PLP are careerists first ,Blairites second. They’ll dump Starmer if they think he’ll lose them their seats.

      4. Andy – It never ceases to amaze me how short sighted and blinkered the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ are, I’m struggling to see what you or anyone else will gain from replacing Keir with Yvette.

      5. Even Y Cooper would be an improvement on the seething resentment for the left displayed by Starmer/Evans and the RW groupthink mob clearly supporting that pair at Southside.

        Anyway, why do you believe Yvette Cooper is a nailed-on cert? She didn’t impress in 2015’s contest.

        I really think they’d have to allow at least one candidate associated with the left to go forward to challenge, a coronation would look like a terrible PLP/union stitch-up . Barry Gardiner seems to have very few enemies among the PLP and he could represent a reasonable compromise candidate to challenge Cooper.

      6. Andy – I’m sorry but I think you are being very naive.

      7. Maybe it is a naive hope? It depends on what sort of message the left can collectively send in May. Tbh, what have Labour supporters got to lose by staging a protest vote or abstaining?

        Labour’s right-wing PLP may want to pay no attention to the left and pretend its their party to merrily do as they please with, but they need to be shown there is no future without the left + unions. And the votes of those who stuck with Corbyn can’t be taken for granted if they veer ever rightwards.

        Many aren’t happy but thus far they’ve had no one in the MSM voicing that besides Owen Jones and a few smaller media organisations like Novara. A big protest vote in May could rock the party.

      8. Andy – To what purpose, what do you imagine you will gain?

      9. Andy – “A discernibly Labour manifesto?”
        In your opinion which of the policies that were announced and/or confirmed at the 21 Conference don’t have a place in a Labour manifesto?

        All or most of the 10 pledges shouldn’t be too much to ask.
        As you are probably already aware I’ve asked several times on these pages for others to explain to me precisely how Keir has broken any or all his 10 pledges. To date nobody has provided any credible evidence that he has broken any of them. Can you?

      10. SteveH

        A discernibly Labour manifesto?

        All or most of the 10 pledges shouldn’t be too much to ask.

        SteveH – a question to you : why are you so comfortable with someone telling a pack of lies to hundreds of thousands of members to get elected, people who trusted him in good faith? Is that the sort of leader of the country you want and think people should look up to?

        The mere fact people can and do openly call Starmer a liar to his face eg. Owen Jones, and he and his supporters can’t respond with any sort of denial is hardly an auspicious start.

  9. The internal report made it clear RW worked for the worst Tory government rather than the best Labour government
    They must go
    How we do it is the fun bit
    So let’s put it another way, who thinks 6hey should stay in the party

  10. Corbyn still lives in the fetid pea like brains of the Starmerhoids, 24hrs of the day. Oh my days, how enjoyable is that. I wish I could find a ‘pissing myself with laughter’ emoji….

      1. A recent opinion poll has been mentioned by someone. It was quite a little poll.

      2. This was the one to which I refer.
        SteveH02/01/2022 AT 6:47 PM
        More good news for Labour in the latest polls.

      3. goldbach – Doesn’t it more or less agree with this Daily Mail poll. It is good news that Labour is making consistent progress.

      4. It was a little poll and, as someone once said, “little things please little minds.
        Happy New Year.

      5. goldbach – thanks for your input , I’m sure there must be someone out there who has been enlightened by it.

  11. “and was depicted as George Bush’s poodle by the late George Michael is hated by millions. ”

    It is a bit more complicated than that. Blair surrounded himself with people with links to BP which did very well out of the Iraq War.

  12. To address Skwawky’s post, my final act before leaving Labour was to warn the CLP, that with two thirds of Labour seats being in Leave areas, to pass a resolution not backing BREXIT and calling for a PV was “Electoral Suicide” and “Would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!”
    But the niave and mainly liberal middle class members voted for it, thus slapping millions of working class people in the face, and condemning millions and increasing numbers to misery.
    Starmer & the Right Wing Labour MPs were the architects of this defeat and don’t forget 100 Labour MPs attempted a coup against Corbyn and slagged him off in public for years which fitted neatly into the Right Wing (and Liberal) Media narrative of Corbyn being untrustworthy on security.
    So who cares if someone replaces Mr S, it’s now a Zombie Party, killed off by the Labour Right.
    I’ve looked at their policies and they are timid and lightweight plus mediocre like their leaders however much their devotees diligently polish a turd!
    Some of us are on the case of trying to set up a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party to give citizens a choice, otherwise when the next GE comes it will be a case of which Neo-Liberal capitalist colour wallpaper would people prefer?
    Blue, Pink, Yellow or Green?

    1. Bazza – You should fight for PR first because without it you’ll be screwed. Didn’t you say that you were going to stand at the next GE be sure to tell us all about it if you ever get past the planning stage.

      1. SteveH –

        I challenged you earlier to show where/when Starmer has shown any interest in delivering PR to Westminster since he’s become leader. Before becoming leader doesn’t count as he said lots of things while campaigning about democratising CLP candidate selection only to a 180 once elected.

        FYI , I too favour PR, but I know Starmer and the folks pulling his strings are mainly concerned denying what they view as the(radical) left representation. And PR could potentially offer the left a means to break free of the RW and centrists. The RW and centrists need the votes i.e., the votes of those who really want a proper socialist party.

        It’s simply not in the interests of the centre-right people currently running the Labour party to allow democracy to truly flourish like that in the UK.

  13. That picture Blair with white hair never gets old. Insidious meets Poltergeist vibes.

    Real nightmare fuel. Probably the face many of the thousands of damaged, PTSD suffering former soldiers see staring back at them before waking up in a cold sweat. The thought of this guy receiving the highest honour available is downright insulting.

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