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No PCR test slots available in all England as Tories’ £37bn T&T system collapses

England has no PCR coronavirus tests available in any of its regions today, as the Tories’ ‘test and trace’ system collapses in the face of the spread of the new Covid variant, as the government’s test-booking system shows:

A system with a two-year budget of some £37 billion awarded to a private contractor – equivalent to almost a quarter of the total core NHS budget for this year – has failed again in the early phase of the Omicron wave, despite the government having weeks to prepare since the variant was identified in Southern Africa as the most transmissible strain and doing next to nothing to inhibit its spread.

The Tories’ commitment to privatising essential services – and to rewarding their mates and donors – is again hurting this country and its people. As a result, the daily figures for positive tests will now be meaningless – and people will be forced to isolate who might not be infected, while others will go out or to work not knowing that they have the virus, damaging both individuals and the economy and no doubt leading to more avoidable hospitalisations and deaths and straining the intentionally fractured and underfunded NHS even further.

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    1. “A total of 512 children were admitted to English hospitals with Covid-19 in the week leading up to Boxing Day, new figures show.
      The Government’s coronavirus dashboard revealed 59 children aged under 5 were admitted to hospital between Christmas Day and Boxing Day alone.
      A further 50 children in this age group were admitted to hospital in the previous 24 hours

      1. You’ll recall how Starmer thought the best idea was to keep all schools open, and he’d instruct teachers to do so. At least the teachers had the gorm not to follow his orders!

      2. Joe – I also recall that the virus wasn’t as transmissible back then. Keir also insisted that the government should first take steps to make the school environment as safe as possible and that he has continued to criticise the government for their failure to do this.

      3. “Not ifs, not buts”
        “I support the Government.”
        Keir Starmer.

    2. Steve H……OR looking at it from a unbiased veiw nintey percent of patients vaccinated in intensive care…..Which some of us caught onto many months ago….Big pharma are laughing all the way to the bank ….and now its three jabs and a?….Booster.?Still even they did warn you it was untested without liabilities..

    3. Poor old SteveH thinks corporate puppets Boris Johnson and Donald Trump (of the wrong party) are to blame for the world’s ills.

      But look at this. Today, up from $4.7 billion, criminal enterprise Pfizer doubled that and broke through the $10 billion barrier on fines for illegal conduct:

      75 criminal offences.

      And poor old SteveH takes their word as Gospel and has probably injected himself with either theirs or a crooked competitor’s poisonous concoction…!!

  1. No diagnosis of strains such as Omicron is possible using a PCR test. You have to conduct gene sequencing tests to verify and identify them. In the USA, only 0.9% of cases have been tested in this way since March 2020. The assumption is then put across the mainstream news that this MUST be Delta, or this MUST be Omicron, encouraging the F E A R and ignorance.

    Regardless, running PCR tests at 45 cycles – as done by our wonderful NHS – results in around 90% false positives, again resultin in a successful whipping up of the F E A R and ignorance.

    Either catch up with the rest of us or stick with the government narrative.

    1. Many thanks to you Sir for sharing the Data Sources a month or so ago it is and has always been open and free for anyone to look at, how corrupt and unjust are the ‘X-Lateral Commission’ that very few know of this, things look a bit different when you know 80% of people who died in November were fully “vaccinated”.
      Scientists have been playing with SARS viruses for many years now, I’m not sure that I believe that in all those years, with all the crossovers that no one thought ‘Hey! Perhaps we should work on a Vaccine that combats Multiple SARS Crossovers, and keep adding any new mutations!’. With this being a Vaccine in Development, surely the first Responsibility would be Immunity testing the injected.

      1. Every time I see these senseless pointless goings on this quote runs through my head and all of us working in the Great Amazon’s in the Sky, peeing in little tubes at out work stations, making Pool Floats for The Few Below! I wonder who the selector of the Few will be, I can’t see it happening in any other way than how the slave trade happened, literally hunting us down to send us into space never to return again to spoil The Planet of The Few and make it look all Messy and Common!
        It’s the Conviction and Confidence that he said it with that I find most disturbing!

    2. Precisely Paul. omicron doesn’t ‘look’ any different to a PCR than (say) Delta or any of the other supposed variant(s). Neither do any variants change the symptomatology of any illness that results (at least, they didn’t with the alpha, beta, gamma, and delta variants, still too soon to know for omicron).

      The Covid Narrative liars aren’t even lying well enough to fool a pre-med undergraduate – so why on earth aren’t NHS doctors picking holes in the horrendous lie? ANYONE? It’s a serious question which should have occurred to many on the left, if only privately. Any GPs contracting to the NHS here willing to say anything on the matter? Anyone?

      There are reasons that some doctors admit- but if people (of the left especially) don’t even question the bad science and poor epidemiology that makes up the “Covid Narrative”, why should doctors risk their livelihoods and pensions by speaking on a “sensitive matter” in a global “emergency” contrary to NHS Trust or HR written warnings?

    3. I know Dr. Sucharit Bhakti, a retired immunologist, reckons the cycle should be around 20. My daughter recently came down with covid, probably omicron, by the 8th day she was sufficiently recovered to get back to work, (from home). It’s the second time she’s had covid, she’s unvaccinated, as I am. Meanwhile my partner’s brother, who hasn’t had the virus, but has had a booster shot and been twice vaccinated, now has one side of his face frozen and no control over the eye on that side and looking very like Marty Feldman. This happened two days after his booster shot. This is what Bhakti warned about, the more you use the Mrna ‘vaccines’ the more risk you have of suffering severe consequences.

      1. Thanks johnfrancispaul. Not surprisingly, Sucharit Bhakti’s massively subscribed to youtube channel has been suspended by youtube/google. At least 12 other high-profile doctors, clinicians and scientists who are ‘covid skeptic’ have also been censored out of existence by google. Their Wiki pages also have been systematically edited to misrepresent their ‘skepticism’ and concerns’.

        I’m sorry to learn that your partner’s brother’s use of the vaccine either correlates with, or causes muscle freezing on his face. Has it stopped now? If not, it should slowly lessen and pass within 3 – 8 days. The ‘yellow card’ data that is leaked by NHS personnel to an Assange character that collates it on behalf of Doctorsforcovidethics dot org (and others), tells us that the AZ vaccines produce this effect quite often. It is either a local thrombotic episode which the body is deliberately moving away from the brain, or a (hopefully) temporary Bell’s palsy, which passes within 14 days.

        Someone near me panicked when the same thing happened to her and asked if I knew of anything that might help. Amazingly, nicotinic acid (the ‘blushing type of vitamin b3) cleared her facial paralysis within a day (and lifted her mood, which she said had been an issue for her). You don’t need much, maybe 100mg (it opens capillaries and enables better oxygen distribution to face muscles (in fact to everywhere). Ask a doctor or web-search ‘Niacin’ to put your mind to rest before considering/suggesting it to him if appropriate).

        FWIW, I am pleased that have not used any covid vaccine product. The data already shows that unvaccinated people contract covid (well, pcr-detected covid, which for most is not indicative of illness) less than vaccinated people. Good choice.

    1. I was told that the CDC was instructing US health bodies not to use PCR – even at the WHO recommended lower than 28CT level of amplification (which the UK never-met, 35 – 42 being the lowest levels I’ve seen evidence of, 45 – 47 being the initial levels used early last year). Why? Has PCR achieved its purpose? What was it? Bugger-all to do with health, whatever it was.

      People should realise that PCR Tests as used in UK create 85 – 93% false positives. They are not a test of illness (or even potential illness), but a means of creating ‘cases’ so the BBC can tell you that 325,000 ‘cases’ of covid occured over the holiday and proves that covid is a serious illness – and omit to inform us that it is the only serious illness in the world which has no symptoms and associated fatality (except for an easily identifiable few).

      1. Spot on. The CDC is a corporately captured regulator, so basically, the health of 330 million people is in the hands of Pfizer and a whole gamut of crooked, capitalist, profiteering shite, many of who are here today, gone tomorrow. And when they all come together on Wall Street, they pack one hell of a punch that will floor the White House, who can only come up begging for mercy, asking them what they want next. The country is arse about face and completely compromised and as such, the poor people who cannot defend themselves are the ones who lose out.

    1. Wirrelinnittogethr….Its not difficult to understand how the AS scam spread through the Labour party ……And the media sheer panic…A sharp slap on the face and sweet tea would be a little cheaper than following Big Pharma.
      Now whatever happened to “the stiff upper lip” that the British were famous for or was that just a fairy tale a little bit like the virus.

  2. What’s worrying is we have a Right Wing Laissez Faire Libertarian Tory Govt who won’t intervene in England (Johnson is probably worried about his backbenchers & grassroots) and a Silent Right Wing Labour Opposition who seem to have no ideas?
    It’s almost as if we working people are on our own and the Tories don’t give a damn.
    The only thing the Tories seem good at is getting contracts to their mates?
    A Tory Covid OMNISHAMBLES whilst Right Wing Labour Slumbers!

    1. Sorry Bazza, I just had to fix that, whatever this Conservative Government is The “Opposition” are their equals and worse! They certainly are not “Labour” There are only 10/15 UK Labour Party MPs left, the rest are Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party parasite TORIES.
      *Right Wing Laissez Faire Libertarian Tory Neo-Labour Collaborator Party*

  3. This is very puzzling. What is meant by “slots”?
    I guess that it means appointments at testing centres. If so, then it will be a consequence of the rapid spread of Omicron leading to a huge number of people wanting to get tested. It’s unlikely to have any significant effect on the spread of the virus because the virus is so transmissible. If it is test centre appointments that is the problem, then kits could simply be sent to people’s homes and dropped at the collection centres, as has been the case with much PCR testing to date.
    If it’s the analysis that’s the problem then it’s a problem.
    Does anyone know which of the two possibilities it is? The report doesn’t make it clear.
    Or is it an IT fault?

    1. According to my daughter, their are no tests available to buy or be sent out, AND no availability at test centres. It’s one way of having a low incidence of the disease – don’t count any!

  4. Just a reminder to all those out there who were naive enough to go along with the right wing Brexit scam, that from Jan1st the second stage of Brexit kicks in and on top of Covid, you will be faced with more results of your foolishness. What’s the odds that those who can afford it will be stockpiling food?

    1. I’ll bite Jack

      Let’s talk about Ursula. Or more specifically, her husband first. He’s now on a Pfizer board, from being a quiet GP too. Funny that. Meanwhile, Mrs VDL has actively avoided approving Sputnik V which seems more than daft considering everything helps. Was the first vaccine in the scene by some margin. Maybe profits were involved?

      Do you want to also discuss the EU’s absolutely crackpot energy policy and their stirring of Ukraine?

      1. NVLA. Just as others did in the past, you are scouting around for ‘bad apples’ in the EU to justify the UK imposing crippling sanctions upon itself in a massive example of self-harm. No one ever said the EU was perfect but being a member was a damn sight better for the vast majority of Britons than what we have now, and it’s going to get worse!

        Even die-hard Brexiters such as Frost know that the game’s up and are now having a hard time trying to justify it by attempting to make out it wasn’t what they voted for in spite of all the warnings they were given before hand.

        Brexit is a car crash where two thirds of the country were not at fault.

      2. Scouting around for bad apples?!?!

        The last president was an alcoholic and they’ve replaced him with a woman who gets torchlight parades (not good when then the German military has flaming torches at night, is it? Especially when those Ukrainian Nazis the EU loves keep doing similar Nazi themed parades…).

        If the EU is so great, why aren’t you living there? After all, it’s only going to be Brexit wastelands, no?

  5. They have blood on their hands. Peopledieing due to tge incompetence of this selfserving government.

    1. Selfserving government and their accomplices The Neo-Labour Party Parasite TORIES. No doubt in my mind that their deathly silence cost a bob or two!

      1. Well, it wasn’t a moment ago, it is now but, now there are two clickable links, all the more better, I guess! :):):)

      2. The person/persons, who set up the website.

  6. Skwawkbox:”England has no PCR coronavirus tests available in any of its regions today….”

    Useless tories – they can’t even organise their own corruption and anti-health measurements properly.

    1. Good find Allan.

      Years ago I did some work for a Japanese pharmaceutical company, Eisai Co Ltd., and they had all their biochemical staff routinely analyse every major “medicine” on the market. Even where clever chmistry disguised the active ingredients (as patents tend to require), most of the 13 herbs your list plus berberine were found in most effective medicines. The trick is using the right amount in the right way.

      And – don’t forget, where viruses are concerned Vit C, zinc, Vit D3, magneium and selenium boost your innate and adaptive immune system as well if not better than any vaccine that has been tested – as opposed to the covid ‘vaccines’ which haven’t

      1. OOOOops , “most of the 13 herbs onyour list plus berberine and curcumin (turmeric) were found in most effective medicines.

        additions in bold..

      2. Tumeric, like it’s relation Ginger, are very good, getting rid of gum infections.
        Better than antibiotics.

      3. qwertboi — I take it you are aware that, apart from Vitamin C, all the other supplements are, to a greater or lesser degree, potentially toxic if taken to excess.

        While not suggesting they should be avoided, all too often people don’t appreciate the need for caution when using them, especially over any length of time where many can build up in the system. They aren’t necessarily the panacea they appear to be.

        A particular example is Vitamin A in supplementary form (which should most definitely be avoided by anyone who smokes), whereas in dietary form it poses no problems whatsoever.

        In brief:

        Zinc (which has low toxicity in humans) can, if taken to excess, suppress Iron and Copper absorption.

        Vitamin D3 can cause a build up of too much Calcium (hypercalcaemia), which can also lead to lower Zinc absorption as well as Iron.

        Magnesium can cause digestive problems and an irregular heartbeat.

        Selenium can also lead to gastrointestinal problems, along with a range of other issues such as hair loss and nail damage.

        The point I’m getting at is that if sufficient of these elements are already being absorbed through the diet, adding more by way of supplements can actually do much more harm than good. Using them purely as a means to bolster the immune system may actually have the opposite effect insofar as other acute problems may well arise as a result.

      4. Works on gum disease too? Thanks Different frank. Ginger and Turmeric both contain the same active ingredient, curcumin (more correctly the curcumin family of polyphenols). As you said, they’re related.

        The (American) FDA recognises curcuminoids as safe, but won’t authorise their use for any medical purpose (not even toothache – lol). Nor as an antimocrobial agent, (it strongly limits the replication of many different fungi, bacteria and viruses). Yet over 16000 peer-reviewed scientific studies show and evaluate their wonderful medical and scientific abilities. Surprisingly, curcumin’s beneficial effects even extend to eyesight in ways that optomologists can’t explain. It lifts mood and settles anxiety in ways we don’t understand too. It’s It’s certainly a strong antiviral and is the potent antiviral agent in some of the most expensive anti-viral drugs on the market (e.g. Acyclovir, Famciclovir, valacyclovir etc). In fact, the FDA is reportedly trying to ban the supply of medical grade curcumin to the public. It’s obviously costing the pharmaceutical companies too much money.

        Should we trust such a regulator?

        I work with parents of autistic children and we can’t believe the ways in which plain-old ginger juice seems to help their kids in ways their parents never expected – social and interpersonal skills.

        It’s truly an amazing molecule.

      5. PW – “all the other supplements are, to a greater or lesser degree, potentially toxic if taken to excess”

        Of course they are. Everythiing is! And don’t exclude ascorbates or vitamin c. Itis exceptionally diuretic AND diarrhetic and you will pee and poo every nutrient and ortho-molecular compound out of your body if you take too much.

        Swiss alchemist and physician Paracelsus said “All things are poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing not a poison.” This is often condensed to: “The dose makes the poison.” It’s kinda the point of learning chemistry 😉😉

      6. @PW (again)
        I just read my reply to you. I hope it didn’t seem dismissive of the points you took thetime to make, or rude. so let me add:

        Your advice on supplemental Vit A is very good. I wish I’d known it when, in my late 30s, I was diagnosed with liver cancer and my oncologist told me to saturate every cell in my body with as much magnesium as they would take (never is that bad advice when one has cancer) and to take vitamin A supplementally. It adversely (and inexplicably!!) affected my phase 2 liver detox and this inadvertently impeded my recovery. (Happily, not for too long. She was also a fine functional doctor and recognised the delirious effects the vit A was having on me). Yes, try NOT to supplement with vitamin A – it is usually much better to obtain it from food. The water based vitamins however, (B+C) are poorlyy provided by diet alone and benefit from supplementation.

        But minerals – specifically zinc and selenium – in addition to their genetic roles, they eachfulfil important antioxidant functions and poor dietary sources cause many people to be inadequate in both. Dementia and general aging necessitates supplemental selenium which is a constituent of more than two dozen selenoproteins that play critical roles in reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, DNA synthesis, and protection from oxidative damage and infection You would have to take massive amounts of silenium over a long time to experience any gastric or gastrointestinal issues. The hair and nail point you make touches on a current contentious issue; whether selenium deficiency causes thyroid hormone dysfunction which causes the hair and nail issues, or whether people sometimes unwittingly exceed the UL (400mcg) level.

        I work with acetylcholine deficient people (dementia) (well, their doctors) and know that research on selenium’s ability to impede neurological disease is uncertain, but time and time again (with my own dad for example) I notice that his thinking is sharper and his ability to concentrate improves when he takes 200mcg daily. I can instanly tell whether he took it that day as soon as I talk with him – and hope he also took his 15mg zinc and up to 20,000 iu s of Vit D 3at this time of year (not every day, the liver can store it).

        Of course PW, you are right, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants – the things I consider ortho-molecules – are powerful nutrients and the efficacy (and the toxicity) of them is in the amount.

      1. qwertboi – Have you seen this series of tweets . I thought they might be of interest.

        Michael Lin, PhD-MD 🧬
        Would you prefer (1) we get back to normal activities sometime, or (2) we make new vaccine-evading coronaviruses continuously, suffer widespread breakthrough waves, and wear masks forever?

        If you chose #1, then know this: Merck’s molnupiravir should not be approved.

  7. @SteveH 10.58/11.01.

    No, I hadn’t seen it. Thanks. I’d seen the New England Journal of Medicine paper and discussed it with a far better-informed person on it than me and formed some opinions tho’.

    The central notion hypothesised by the providers (to provide a benefit), that if MOV (the product) can make a virus mutate more, then the virus will necessarily lose some of its pathogenicity/function) sounds reasonable (at least to me). I don’t think anyone is able to say for certain that the reduced function argument is necessarily true for all viruses for ever, but it should be true with all coronaviruses as far as we can tell to date. But I’d want to see a several-year human test of the hypothesis before buying the songbook. I know from bitter experience that mRNA-based vaccines can develop an unintended effect 2 to 3 years after administration (that’s on lab rabbits and rats). Maybe on humans it’s longer or shorter? Don’t know.

    Emergency authorisation allowing us to ‘bypass’ the usual 4 phase testing is the issue here.

    My more expert friend (a biologist) worried more that the ‘product’ would impair part(s) ofthe adaptive immune system and that this could cause perpetual inflamation in vaccinated subjects ( a sort of life-long, slow-motion, hyperinflammatory response, a cytokine storm-ette) and a generally dysregulation of the immune system that allows the virus to cause more (different) damage to their lungs and other organs of their body. Would it happen to all, to some, to the immunocompromised? We just don’t know.

    Once again, emergency authorisation allowing us to ‘bypass’ the usual 4 phase testing is the issue again.

    Scientists are used to admitting what they don’t know (they marvel in it, it’s their reason d’etre, their relevance), but this is altogether too frightening not to do properly. And properly means “slowly” (12 years) and meticulously (4 phase testing).

    According to ONS figures, the number of those under sixty-five with no serious underlying health issues who died ‘due’ to Covid-19 in 2020 was 1,549. ONS and NHS data tell us that the survival rate of “Covid” is over 99% (for all ages). We know what constitutes ‘vulnerability’ for SARS-CoV-2 covid patients and can certainly reduce it in those people where it is high, so why is anyone willing to subject themselves to an untested mRNA ‘vaccine’ that could have unforeseen effects for the rest of their lives? Beats me. Must be the constant scare-mongering and misinformation that the Covid Narrative facilitates.

  8. Jack T – Brexit is a car crash for many reasons, but the parliamentary Labour Party failed to support Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to remain close to the EU economically (as per original trade association) including Customs Union & Single Market. Boris Johnson was always a ‘Europhile’ until suddenly he wasn’t & Jeremy never voted in support of the EU. Even the Tories & their mates in MSM (including BBC) realise it’s time for the bungling fool to go, just in case the Labour Party might one day provide an opposition, although no sign of that! Still, we may have a European war in Ukraine to worry about soon. Foreign policy has not changed, still a satellite of NATO.

  9. …….incidentally, what happens to the border when Scotland separates from the rest of the UK & applies to join EU?

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