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Video: Jeremy Corbyn shows Starmer how it’s done – telling Johnson to sack Hancock and end scandal of NHS privatisation

Corbyn shows how it’s done – and shows more Labour principle and spine that Starmer and his front bench put together

IMPRESS directed correction of this article published on The SKWAWKBOX, 22 Feb 2021: In an article first published on 22/2/21 under the headline “Video: Jeremy Corbyn shows Starmer how it’s done – telling Johnson to sack Hancock and end scandal of NHS privatisation”, the article stated that the High Court had ruled that the Secretary of State acted unlawfully in awarding NHS contracts. An IMPRESS ruling found that the article misrepresented the findings of the High Court, and implied that the illegality concerned how and to whom the contacts were awarded and did not make clear that the illegality concerned the Secretary of State’s failure to publish notice of the contracts within the required statutory timeframe.”

Another bizarre ruling by IMPRESS.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave his successor an object lesson in opposition today when he did what Keir Starmer had refused to do: demand the resignation of the law-breaking Matt Hancock, after the High Court ruled Hancock’s awards of huge NHS contracts to Tory donors and cronies during the pandemic were unlawful:

And Corbyn seemed to gently rub Starmer’s nose in it, posting out the video of his parliamentary contribution on Facebook and commenting:

Today I asked Boris Johnson to end the scandal of privatisation and outsourcing in our NHS – and to replace the Health Secretary after he was found to have broken the law by failing to reveal contracts worth billions of pounds.

These are questions which people deserve an answer to.

Corbyn is not even currently a Labour MP, after Labour joined Hancock in acting unlawfully – by failing to end the already-unjust withdrawal of the Labour whip last week when the period mandated by the party’s rules expired. Yet in one minute’s intervention he showed more Labour principles and backbone than Starmer’s whole front bench.

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  1. ….and what will it achieve, SFA
    I was far more impressed by the LOTO’c contribution to the debate.

      1. ‘Impressed’ … By a fellow tory dullard with all the fight of a roadkill hedgehog, and as much personality.

        Not surprising at al, lil fella. You’re the type who’d get the shits for a week from eating a korma; after complaining you knew it was far too spicy for you.

        And the toerag corruption goes on, unchallenged, enabled and emboldened by the so -called ‘opposition leaders’ yellow-bellied (and grudging) acquiescence.

        Why you continue to out up a case for the greasy bastard is beyond a normal human’s comprehension. Stammers never gonna accept the likes of you, just like the toerags won’t accept him. He’s far more use to them where he is… In the same way that you’re no use to anyone.

        Best disabuse yourself of your Reggie Perrin style stammer daydreams, wee man. It ain’t gonna happen.

    1. Disagree entirely Steve H – Starmer was his usual boring lack lustre self. Maybe he has something useful to contribute. Unfortunately most of us are asleep before he gets to it.

    2. SteveH
      We know where centrism and a race to the bottom leads us, 5 million lost votes and bankruptcy
      Add in Temporary Embarrassment’s suicide mission to convince folk he no longer supports a 2nd referendum and is more Pro Brexit than Uncle Festa
      End result is circumcision by the electorate with a chainsaw

      1. It would be difficult to argue that Jeremy’s popularity had a positive impact on the working class vote during the 19GE

      2. Brexit election
        JC was Labour Brexit, so your point is wasted, Temporary Embarrassment and 2nd referendum morons failure to honour the vote
        Fuck this is tedious

    3. The spooning with Hancock later was more telling,
      You sad pathetic hard right troll.

    4. ITs part of the unity of socialism,somthing Steve (judas)H could never understand….Greeds the game and SH is the name “ knightlys misfit..

      1. kenburch – Your self confessed lack of knowledge about current affairs is something that you really should make an effort to address.

  2. It is because that Jeremy Corbyn has leadership qualities, is charismatic ,honest and sincere -he speaks from the heart- and is principled and is still in the hearts of the majority of the membership that Starmer is keeping the whip from him. Jeremy’s greatness shows up his smallness every time.

      1. The uses of irony and sarcasm by Smartboy are truly a lesson to us all.

      2. the same old boring frank making accusations that he can’t substantiate again.

      3. SteveH Still being a hard right troll.
        Is Starmer going to give that BJ for all of your work here?

      4. Nothing Starmer is doing is winning back working-class voters. They weren’t demanding Labour lower itself to centrism again OR obsess on wrapping itself in the Imperial Flag.

      5. Not very parliamentary language that, wee steven.😕

  3. What Smartboy said. The inadequates can’t hack it. Zero self awareness, humility or integrity. And as a consequence cannot resist showing their frailties and fragility. Sad to witness.

    1. Terry – Can we have that again in plain English this time. The purpose of language is to communicate not to pump up your own hubris.

      1. Oh! Does the hard right troll not like being seen for what it is.
        Maybe Keith will give you a BJ.
        After Hancock, of course.

      2. Nah, even those two reprehensible scavaging runts have standards, Frank.

    2. Humility and integrity…..Thats a unknown concept for the knight and his misfits like Steve H…davidh and sh…..just so you know that our resident judas H posts under aliases to hide behind.

  4. There is another little matter that might prove a bit awkward for Starmer if he calls for Hancock to resign. Also on the receiving end of a government contract is Lord Mandleson. His company, Global Citizen, has just been given a contract to provide “Trade Policy and Legal training in the field of international economic policy, cross-border financial services policy and European integration, as well as IP and Trade Law”. No tender process, by the DTI was undertaken.

    This puts Starmer in a bit of a tricky position. He cannot call for Hancock to resign for awarding his Tory friends and neighbours contracts, when the latest recruit to Starmers team has received a contract to work for the government.

    I also seem to remember something in the Labour party joke book (AKA the rule book) about members not campaigning for, or supporting other parties. It was an offence liable to instant dismissal from the party. But that’s a rule for the foot soldiers that get these parasites elected. Not for themselves.

    Difficult to call out Hancock when one of your own was on the receiving end of a nice little earner, no questions asked.

    1. Well, well, well… whoda thunk it, eh?

      ‘mandy the mooch’ (Yet ANOTHER former eu commissioner, no less) managed to get a whole fist in the pie before anyone else could stick out a finger…. Small wonder Keith’s kept schtum then, innit?

    2. Nemtona – Brilliant. Thank you.

      If any actual NUJ (National Union of Journalists) members visit here, your post should inform them what a real journalist does. Brilliant analysis and diagnosis.

    1. Indeed. Not to mention the late declaration of money to a group Starmer was connected to. Labour Together, a company run by several Starmertroopers including Lisa Nandy, Steve Reed, the business man you referred to and a couple of others are under investigation by the Electoral Commission.

      I understand they will be using the Father Ted defence of the money “just resting in the account”.

  5. Jeremy does always right things. Why does Keir always do wrong things? Something very wrong with Keir is beyond comprehension.

  6. ITs one of those quaint public schoolboy habits that the knight has perfected and especially the one on funding by foreign governments that hes especially fond of working with.The scheming low life from Surrey makes Johnson look positively liberating and honest,instead of the Homicidal lunatic he his.

    1. Joseph – Given your outspoken views on corruption why have you chosen to live in one of the most corrupt countries in the world, a state that is propped up by a foreign power.
      Are you equally vocal about the rank corruption that surrounds you in Cambodia

  7. When it comes to cash in hand Starmer leads from the front and mandy and Nandy follow the money..The knights second to none when it comes to a hand out of the magic shekels.Time you Labour party members voted with your subs and withheld your money and your free time.Thats the only currency he listens to and respects.

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