Bastani account restored after outcry and left media enquiries

Novara media founder back on twitter after social media giant backtracks

Novara media founder Aaron Bastani’s Twitter account has been restored after an outcry among activists. Left media, including Skwawkbox, had also lodged press enquiries with the social media giant.

Bastani had been the latest victim of coordinated complaint campaigns by the Establishment right aimed at silencing left media figures. Most victims have eventually been restored, but other well-known accounts such as The Agitator have been forced to start from scratch after building large followings.

A small victory for the good guys on a dark day for UK democracy and media freedom saw a judge agree to US demands for the extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange despite the clear collapse of the US government’s case.

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  1. Surely there must be blowback over the appalling treatment of Julian Assange. The main prosection witness is a liar who’s admitted his evidence is false, Assange did everything he possibly could to redact sensitive information, they haven’t gone after those who published the password, the CIA discussed assassinating Julian and we apparently agreed to ‘take the shot’.
    Whatever happens now, the UK is no longer a sovereign country and America is a rogue terror state.

    1. The Case was in a far worse state at this verdict, than it was at the last. That includes the USA’s grounds for extradition. It is total insanity that the judge is personal friends with one of the Architects Alan Duncan! How was this bias allowed.
      Now his fate is in Psycho Polly’s hands, let’s see if there’s a glimmer of humanity in the woman who ordered Britons’ Citizenship to be revoked!
      My Fight or Flight responses are urging me to take flight, but even if I could where the hell to!? Where on this planet is a genuinely good place to be right now!?

      1. Cambodia beautiful people and low cost of living for barang “,cheap housing and rentals and stunning deserted islands with genuine working-class people who .. have been at peace for nearly forty years with a growth rate of seven percent the last ten years……true freedom without being watched by cameras everywhere and park anywhere for nothing.and genuine happy smiles all round from the locals who value those that came here to live and assimilate.Easily one of the top tropical places to retire or get away from the Rat the West.and call my home.

      2. Sounds idyllic! I don’t mind poverty, it makes us industrious, instead of jumping on eBay to look for a new this/that, we figure out how to make it. There are some Vietnamese/Cambodian makers I like on YouTube always an inspiration. Especially the men and woman who build the most beautiful houses in the jungle, single handedly. With a machete and the jungle.
        The thing is though we have to learn to start where we are, wherever we go could be tomorrow’s ‘here’! But in general, the poorer the country, the less resources, the safer it is from the West. I think after the ME the West Terrorists will start all over again and kick off in Africa.
        Hopefully we can send Blue Keef and his Omnilateral Commission to Mars aboard a Branson, Bezos, Musk fleet with a one way ticket! The only trouble is that cockroaches prosper anywhere and anything!
        Any way enjoy Cambodia it sounds wonderful!

      3. nellykelly,

        The ‘B’ Ark sounds a splendid idea. The only concern is building one large enough for all the numptys and Rupert’s who need to be on it.

      4. The ‘B’ Ark, should be big enough there are only about 5% of them, we’ll ship them off in Ark 2.0, a fleet, manufactured as required, just in case we forgotten any or discover any remaining masked X’lateral Commissioners or any of their Serfs.

    2. Lundiel, and who was the DPP who pleaded with Sweden to not go soft and let him off the false rape charges, so he could be banged up over here?

      Yep, the same person who refuses to call for Johnson’s resignation.

  2. A new digital COINTELPRO era?

    We need transparency when it comes to the approach being taken against non-violent leftists, anti-war activists and investigative journalists by these social media companies that are increasingly in bed with the security services.

    Step by small step basic freedoms that we in the west took for granted are being lost under the guise of defending our societies from misinformation and disinformation – supposedly of Russian or Chinese origin. The people pushing this narrative have little by way of supporting evidence for their claims, they simply assert without proof to further their own controlling. pro-war agenda.

    1. We need a complete rethink. Why are we surprised by the actions of the capitalists. Do we expect silicon Valley to provide us with the means to destroy itself?

  3. Find it bizarre how Novara folk including Aaron, get excited about Labour’s rising poll numbers on the back of Johnson’s current woes and press mauling. It’s pretty clear the only reason the MSM & esp. tabloids feel comfortable attacking Johnson now is because the opposition is completely neutralised in terms of being a threat to those at the top and the status quo. Starmer’s 10 Pledges are now effectively all binned.

    As for Novara, what’s the point in producing programmes trashing Johnson, when an even worse moron – in the form of Keith – is waiting in the wings? Plus, if Johnson resigns, you don’t know who the Tories will put in as PM in the meantime, election day could be as late as late 2024.

    Some on the left, like Owen Jones and Bastani, need to make up their minds as to whether they want to give cover to Starmer/Evans and Labour’s RW, or properly oppose them? The mixed twitter messaging, just make the left look weak. Controversial opinion maybe , but there you go.

    1. Agree, but you have to admit that Novara Media is – according to its own ‘About’ – a ‘independent media organisation’. It’s not the personal views of Aaron B, Ash Sarkar or Michael Walker – they’re only ‘contributing editors. I often read opinions I strongly reject there, but it doesn’t lessen the organisation or site in my mind because they publish them.

      Our parts of the left needs to respect diverse opinion on many subjects – even the horror show that Starmer has reduced the Labour party to.

      1. I lost confidence in Michael Walker when he went all in on the bogus antisemitism allegations and because of his links with Jon Lansman.

        Momentum condescendingly produced an ostensibly ‘educational ‘video supposedly to teach its members what anti-Semitic tropes were. This did nothing but contribute to the(demonstrably false) tabloid press narrative at the time, that the Labour party under Corbyn, was somehow a hotbed of anti-Jewish feeling. It wasn’t and it never was.

        I consider Novara a kind of bourgeoisie socialism outfit. I don’t dislike any of them, but I don’t think they bring much. And the obsession with woke just puts many people off. It’s the same with Owen Jones and his seeming obsession with transphobia – transgender discrimination, as if that’s the most important issue facing the UK.

    2. The Novara, Jones, Momentum, leftlist, etc fake left are as Brand obsessed about “labour” as I am sure they are about Brands of Commercial, Materialist Tat.
      We need to point out to people the “labor” is 95% Occupied by TORIES none nicer than any Conservative TORIES, Not jump up and down about preplanned Establishment owned Polls! Or tell people what a wonderful job Blue Keef did in PMQs when we know that’s just fluff, pantomime, words. They should focus on what they did in the past and do in the present, words and actions should match or they are nothing but trickery!

  4. Off topic, but thought I’d leave this here

    ….Ian Bone on the right side of history. Where’s the vitriol directed at rees smog from the same toerags that wanted bone’s head on a plate? Where’s moggys best mate Jess mouthpiece Philips’ condemnation of the toff twunt?

    All conveniently forgotten.

  5. Flouride in your water supplies without even consultation,and now graphine oxide the same stuff as in the vaccine again without consultation.Do you realise that the Health of the nation is in the hands of corporations like Thames water and southern water who think its okay to dump raw sewage into the sea just offshore and less than a thousand meters,whilst at the same time releasing raw sewage into the nations rivers.People need to wake up before its too late..You are being herded.. like lambs to the slaughter…!This might be off message but the new masters are the politicians and those who manipulate them and that goes for the way Bastini has been managed and disciplined.Who in gods name are these unelected behind all of this power grab?

    1. People need to wake up before its too late…

      kipping remains the biggest participation activity in the uk and their civic engagement is charity giving and wearing their ten year old poppy.

  6. society has progressively lost confidence in the respective governments from thatcher’s fire sale through tony’s fire credits to stand still. now there’s going to be an enormous sicky debt to catch up on (unlikely) plus the disastrous management of brexit that will drag on. its already looking like the usual end in a flip flop politics except the unsentimental tories are far better at dumping leaders and starting ‘afresh’ all over again having a well researched and marketed unifying new cold blooded candidate – and the past never happened. and janet/john voter will look over their shoulders as the motorway crash in the other lanes disappears from the rear view mirror indifferently staring forward into a new world.

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