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Twitter targets left journalist Bastani for suspension

Right said to be exploiting Twitter’s shaky AI in mass-reporting con

Twitter has suspended the account of Novara Media’s Aaron Bastani, a prelude to.permanent deletion. Bastani appears to be the latest victim of the mass-reporting con used by the right to trigger the platform’s AI.

Despite pleas from victims of the scam to improve its systems to prevent such exploitation by the Establishment right, there has been no noticeable improvement.

Most, but not all, previously-targeted accounts have eventually been restored after public outcry and press enquiries to the social media giant and it is to be hoped this case will be the same.

As has happened so often, while the right beats about supposed left abuse and finds no shortage of help among the so-called mainstream media to amplify its claims, in reality it is the right that coordinates bullying and intimidation to silence left voices, to silence from the ‘msm’. Handmaidens to fascism indeed.

Bastani told skwawkbox that Twitter attributed the suspension tohis sharing a tweet in support of Rivkah Brown, a Jewish journalist at Novara, whose account had been similarly targeted for doing her job:

Skwawkbox has contacted Twitter for comment on the suspension and when the account will be restored. The company admitted last week that its systems were being exploited by the right. It needs to put it right immediately.

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  1. It’s certainly a weird situation these days. The real left and the libertarian right are the only ones who don’t want to censor everything and ‘the soft left’ liberal Guardian readers are the worst.

  2. The problem is that twitter Mandarins evidently haven’t
    got a clue how AI works ..

    .. a fact which is exploited by the Right ..

  3. Many years ago I taught Media Studies @ an FE College. On the syllabus was ‘Practical Media’. design a DVD or CD cover for a band of your choice. Issues of representation revolved around gender & race, but the class war was over. Who owned & controlled MSM was never an issue & too ‘political’. The teaching of Media Studies in schools, colleges & universities should be one of the pillars of our democracy & encourage young people to engage in actively questioning our teachers & politicians, as well as our institutions. Freedom of Speech, broad based media ownership & diversity of opinion will ensure a healthy democracy. A 4th Estate that holds Society to account. Where are the investigative journalists……they wouldn’t gain employment?

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