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Young Labour withdraws campaign support from right-wing MPs and other elected representatives

“We will therefore no longer as an organisation campaign, organise or canvass for candidates, cllrs or MPs who fail to stand by workers, do not respect picket lines and do not support trade unionists right to industrial action.”

How it was in the good old days: young people passionate about and campaigning for then-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Labour’s official youth section has tonight dramatically withdrawn campaign support for right-wing MPs – and other elected officials such as London mayor Sadiq Khan – who do not fully support unions and their members in industrial disputes.

The decision comes in a week in which Khan has been pilloried for false statements about RMT members working on the London underground and MPs have crossed picket lines set up to save jobs and pay by the University and College Union (UCU).

The group – which has faced relentless smears and attacks from the Labour right and the party machine it dominates – made the announcement in a series of tweets:

The announcement has echoes of a similar strike announced at the beginning of this year by Labour Black Socialists after Keir Starmer and other MPs failed to properly support the Black Lives Matter movement and other initiatives for black people’s rights. Momentum in Bristol is also oncampaign strike in protest at the party’s abuse of members and their democracy in the south-west.

With a collapsed membership and the departure of hundreds of thousands including those who did much of the campaigning in the last two general elections, Labour’s disastrous showings in recent elections, including a lowest-ever vote tally in the Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election yesterday, look set to continue.

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  1. “Young Labour withdraws campaign support from right-wing”
    Good luck to them and SOLIDARITY with them.
    The rest of us should do likewise.
    I decided to do this some time ago.
    I’m on strike.
    Appeals for help will fall on deaf ears.
    I pay the minimum subscription, where I used to pay the maximum.
    I used to contribute to financial appeals.
    Now they go in the bin.
    It’s only bloody-mindedness that’s keeping me in the party.

      1. That’s the way to do it🎉🎉🎉Ditto johnsco1 & timfrom, don’t even reply to their endless emails & texts. Deprive them of ALL intelligence.
        P.s. in my CLP the parasites invented a condition to b selected as counsellors i.e. do a minimum number of campaign trudging… I guess only one careerist was so desperate to bend fall for that…
        Return their brand of “loyalty” multiplied. It’s the only easy way… and VERY enjoyable too.
        😄😄😄 We cannot make silk purses out of sows’ ears, get blood out of stones, OR expect treacherous pledge breakers to not be treacherous and break pledges. 🟥🟥🟥

    1. I respect your “bloody-mindedness” johnsco1. I wish I could match it, but I haven’t.

    2. I am no longer a member. This lot will have to work to get any support at all from me.

  2. The right of the party are well satisfied that they have their hands on the levers of power within the party, but it is clear that on the matter of hearts and minds they are woefully lacking.
    This week’s reshuffle illustrates this to perfection. It’s all very well advancing people considered to be good media performers, but when their message is as vapid and ineffectual as we now usually expect, what is the value of it?
    I cannot see the likes of Cooper, Nandy, Sweeting, etc offering anything exciting.
    Gawd ‘elp us!!

  3. I am very pleased that ‘Labour’s official youth section has tonight dramatically withdrawn campaign support for right-wing MPs – and other elected officials such as London mayor Sadiq Khan – who do not fully support unions and their members in industrial disputes’.

    Thank you.

    1. Where will they – and you – stand on the biggest fraud and war on humanity, outlined here by Dr. Sam Bailey?

      1. I see your “factual” evidence comes from a theologian from Texas, has it been peer reviewed by a person who does not believe in fairies?

      2. I had a frightening thought, but I am sure an independent body somewhere are disecting and researching the saline out of the Big Pharma vaccines.
        I just couldn’t help but wonder if the fascist bastards could be putting some kind of compliance drug into the vaxxed! They are getting violently desperate to force this ‘drug’ on us!
        With the new tech of robots reproducing and crawling about doing tasks independently, it could be anything, we are in a true distopia, those great, but crappy old cult films have become our reality!
        4/5 that’s an 80% Fail to Protect rate! What is the point of it, it certainly IS NO vaccine against CV19 at an 80% fully vaxxed Death Rate! SO WHAT THE FUCK IS IT!?

      3. nellyskelly – Oh dear yet more ridiculous conspiracy theories. Are you really that gullible?

      4. Mmmm, what is a conspiracy theory? That 80% of CV19 deaths in November were fully vaxxed people and based on that fact I am a bit more than intrigued by what it actually is!?
        If you sit comfortable with a “Vaccine” for CV19 that results in 80% of deaths were fully “Vaccinated”, then SteveH your not just my little ClingOn but exceptionally Naïve also.
        Based on your naivety perhaps the Fascist Bastards are turning you into Zombified Sheeple, ready for Living Robotics into your Scrambled Brain Transplants.

      5. “What I will say is just because someone is medically qualified doesn’t necessarily mean they know anything about diagnostic testing and the intricacies of quantitative PCR.”

        Professor of Biostatistics Dr Thomas Lumley told Newshub the PCR test looked for genetic sequences only found in the Covid-19 virus, and had a very low false positive rate.

        Bailey, who has 92,000 followers to her YouTube channel, also said in the video she would not be getting a Covid-19 vaccine when one became available.

        It was likely the epidemic would have finished before a vaccine was available, she said, as they typically take at least four years to be developed. She incorrectly said Covid-19 was similar to influenza, and that the flu vaccine did not reduce deaths.

        Wiles said it was unknown how long it would take to develop a vaccine, but four years would be an extreme worst-case scenario.

      6. I’ve just spotted this, and so I followed the link to the “dailyexpose” article.
        It states, as a basis for its’ headline, that “The totals (sic) number of cases by vaccination status as confirmed by table 8 of the UKHSA Week 48 Vaccine Surveillance report between October 11th and November 7th 2021 were as follows …”
        So I read the report. The data in the report stops at week 47.
        The executive summary states, inter alia, that “Several studies of vaccine effectiveness have been conducted in the UK which indicate that 2 doses of vaccine are between 65 and 95% effective at preventing symptomatic disease with
        COVID-19 with the Delta variant, with higher levels of protection against severe disease, including hospitalisation and death.”

      7. Thanks quertboi….always remember that we are discussing life and death and some are basically frightened of the real truth behind Big Pharma.The vaccine doesn’t work and its obvious so invent another scary offshoot of the virus to blame for fully boosted customers contracting a disease.because you and I both know that many will have their immune system compromised.and the truth is going to be difficult to take for many people including my own relatives in Ireland and England who have jumped in with both feet and by taking a Vaccine that big pharma admit is effectively untested and have no idea of the long term effects on the population….Very depressing especially when we are all shouldered with the aftermath of a mammoth mistake….or was it?

      8. Joseph okeefe “The vaccine doesn’t work and its obvious so invent another scary offshoot of the virus to blame for fully boosted customers contracting a disease…..”

        Geat minds…. Joseph. “Post Pandemic Stress Disorder” No! Can’t be.

      9. qwertboi
        I can believe Globalists will do anything to keep the money rolling in, see the Military Industrial complex and WMD
        Now millions died in all those illegal wars so its not a giant leap of faith to see Covid19 as a scam except for one thing
        Which is ?

    2. Hitler saw the future of the Nazis in their young members and tried to mould them into the cream of the Nazis…..This Labour fascist dictator has just lost his future and the cream of the Labour party..The people of the UK will not let another dictator through the door of Downing street I hope and pray.

      1. The Far Right, need to indoctrinate, mould and shape their youth or close their doors and go home.
        Young People are in general rebellious and left leaning, this would usually go against their Parent’s views, so they need reward if they are to follow suit.
        Even Terrorist and Father of Far Right Zionism Ze’ev Jabotinsky did that with his Zionist Youth in preparation for Pogroms, Terrorism and Ethnic Cleansing on arrival in Falastin.
        I guess Blue Keef needs to be congratulated and thanked for pushing the UK Labour Party Youth away from his Far Right Zionist Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES.

  4. On the subject in hand – elected LP reps crossing picket lines – I am reliably informed that a Labour Group running a minority administration in a Northern City this week scheduled the monthly Council meeting in a venue at a local University.

    When confronted with a picket line the Labour Group members entered the building to hold a pre-meeting to decide whether or not to cross the picket line (having already done so to hold the pre-meeting).

    They decided that rather than cancel the Council meeting they, along with theit junior partners in the administration, decided not to attend the Council meeting which would mean crossing a picket line they had already crossed.

    This left the main opposition crossing the picket line to hold a quote Council meeting.

    Fortunately, the main opposition party in the city did not kick the arse out of the situation by reversing a range of Council policies. Spur ing an opportunity given to me them by the ineptitude and poor decision making on the part of a right wing Labour Group run administration.

  5. Oh Dear! Project Thatcher/Blair The Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES, seems to be following the wrong route to inspiring passion from anywhere, but the youth are any Party’s most precious asset! No youth, no Future.
    The Conservative TORIES already relied on dead TORIES’ donations and a Young Conservatives Average age 60, you’d think Blue Keef and his Starmersstruppen TORIES would try something fresh to their TORY Colleagues accross the Aisle!

  6. I’ve had an email this morning from the cheer-leader for our right-wing labour mp to join him today in campaigning in one of the marginal wards.

    1. All communications from Labour go straight in my Trash bin, too. With relish. It’s going to be so funny watching them reap what they’ve sown. Can’t wait for our right wing smarmball MP & his agent to turn up on my doorstep come next election!

    1. I wonder? A seat for the same Kirklees Council that is keeping Paul Holmes from being the massively-supported general secretary of Unison?

  7. For too long the entitled, elitists on the right of the party have taken the rest of us for granted, in Mandelson’s words; “They have no where else to go!”

    More and more ordinary members are realising the largely rightwing PLP have no interest in what the members want and are returning to the bad old days of ignoring the bulk of the membership yet expecting us to put in all the hard work and campaigning.

    It’s time to show them that they need us more than we need them.

  8. Stephen ‘Skwawkbox’ is again using his platform to promote his personal beliefs completely out of context. At the expense of repeating myself, my son’s mother is black. He is 22 years old & politically naive (like his dad). We have spent a great deal of time recently discussing politics, especially identity politics which appears to be the MSM agenda replacing ‘old style’ economics. When he was young, Black History Month @ school taught him he was Black, but he became confused as racist statements made by Marcus Garvey & Malcolm X advocated apartheid, separate development & violence against his dad. “I refuse to spend my whole life being just one colour”. Black Socialists are part of the problem, not the solution; more Malcolm X than Dr. Martin Luther King.

    1. Steve Richards
      Tell him we are what we are inside and judged by our actions rather than words, the best people are colour blind and classless
      Example ‘Obama is a Malteser’

      1. And Gordon (is their only one i in moronic) Brown could have saved the world but mysteriously chose not to

  9. White and black capitalists are the problem.
    Those who live by the daily process of the accumulation of capital.
    How they love it when we argue among ourselves …
    Black v. white.
    Straight v. gay.
    Male v. female.
    Divide and rule us …. Every day in the MSM.

    What divides us is our economic position in society.
    The exploiter v. the exploited.
    The oppressor v. the oppressed.
    Socialism should unite us all.
    Otherwise, those who make their wealth by exploiting us all will just laugh at us.

  10. Has he been banned, or is he being briefed on how to bullshit his way out his keefs more popular than Corbyn blather?

    Strange, how he doesn’t turn up on threads where it’s evident they’re haemorrhaging support and alienating more or the remaining membership.

    1. The Toffee-

      At least the name makes sense now. SteveH aka. Steve hilling i.e Shilling…

      Quick google search results in this ….A shill is a hustler or con-person who tries to convince other people to buy something or think something is great (shilling).

  11. Beautiful!

    As I’ve said before, they’ll need you before you need them.

    Anyone else reckon they’ll blame the ghost of Jezza for the oncoming disaster?

  12. Withdraw yes, but find another way to engage. The voters in Labour wards and constituencies, and in all but the most certainly Tory, need to know who and what they can support. It is vital we don’t all just fade away and leave the field open to Starmer, Streeting, Reeves, Lammy, Nandy, all those who think capitalism is a fine system so long as they are in charge. Don’t campaign for Starmer but campaign harder.

  13. BBC News has published a documentary entitled

    British, Jewish: Is Anti-Semitism on the Rise?

    From controversy around the Middle East to the resurgence of anti-semitic conspiracy theories and the toxicity of social media, many Jewish people are questioning how safe it is to express who they are. Tom Brada, a BBC journalist who happens to be British and Jewish, investigates what’s going on.
    In the first six months of 2021, there was a record spike in anti-semitism. The Community Security Trust, the charity which monitors anti-Jewish incidents in the UK, now estimates that 2021 will likely be ‘the worst year on record.’
    Sometimes anti-semitism is easy to recognise. It is conspiracy theories about world domination or somebody getting beaten up simply for who they are. But it can also be subtle, and this film explores how that can be just as damaging.
    Nadine Batchelor-Hunt, a black, Jewish woman who confronted the racism of the ‘godfather of grime’ Wiley, speaks about the complexity of her identity. Does society take anti-semitism as seriously as other forms of prejudice?
    There is also the shocking testimony of a man who converted to Judaism, and was beaten up because of his beliefs, as well as the neo-natal nurse who is accused of being a ‘baby-killer’, simply because she is Jewish.
    The film also hears from an activist who is part of a movement of British Jews who are outspoken in their criticism of the Israeli government, and finds out what impact that stance has on her relationship with the Jewish community.
    Where is the line between legitimate criticism of the Israeli government and outright anti-semitism? And is anyone willing to accept when their activism crosses the line?

    Watch it yourself and make up your own minds.

    1. A London based, Jewish BBC reporter is given a budget & film crew to interview his friends; family & associates about what? The premise is unproven nonsense but MSM continues to promote this as a dominant, preferred ideology.. Not really surprising when the chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis insists that the State of Israel is an integral part of being Jewish, that some Jews might join up the dots & when the leader of the Opposition & the PM agree that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism QED rise in anti-Semitism. Anyone who is an outsider in any community will be targeted.

      1. When the Chief Rabbi is condemned as a hate preacher that will be progress, along with Welby i would have them both shoved up a dogs arse and the dog cremated

      2. Upon closer examination, this programme features many of the pro-Zionist, ‘usual suspects’, such as Dave Rich (CST) & ex-student Sabrina Miller (Guido Fawkes) who were instrumental in the sacking of Bristol University professor David Miller. Not quite the casual happenstance meetings as portrayed in the programme. The BBC is a cheat.

    2. If its ‘problematic’ for both sides then in the current climate that’s the best you can hope for
      I would hope JVL might ask your man to meet up and see if it can be taken to the next stage, where a number of issues are addressed and then to make a follow up programme

  14. Labours core traditional support is walking away on all fronts and still the “moderates” will not dream of asking if it might be them who have got it wrong.

    1. Mark – We all saw that happening at the 19GE when so many of Labour’s traditional vote walked away and voted Tory.

  15. Adam Wagner Head of Dougherty Street Chambers) acted as an advocate for Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’s complaints to EHRC @ the same time being part of EHRC. Last night he was called to give ‘expert testimony’ by the BBC on Newsnight. Jobs for the Boys.

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