Momentum Bristol declares campaign strike after 96% of members vote yes in response to party’s abuse of members and officers

Overwhelming support for move to ‘down tools’ ahead of local and mayoral elections, after series of scandals involving Labour HQ and regional office

Momentum and Labour members in Bristol have voted by an overwhelming 96% in favour of ‘strike’ action against the conduct of the party’s local and national hierarchy.

Bristol has seen a string of scandals involving the party machine, from the suspension of officers and candidates for merely allowing a motion of solidarity with former leader Jeremy Corbyn, to the gerrymandering of selections and meetings and allegations of racism – and even a ban on members using their own constituency funds to help hungry children and the homeless.

A series of tweets on the Momentum Bristol Twitter account announced the result of the vote and its significance:

A group of more than 100 black members of the party recently formed Labour Black Socialists and announced a similar campaign strike, boycotting any candidate they feel is not fully committed to fighting anti-black racism. The party has also struggled in many areas to even find candidates willing to stand in May’s local elections, such is the disenchantment with Labour’s current direction and the hostility toward it among many working-class communities.

Socialist Telly will be talking to Bristol members tonight (16 Feb) at 7pm. Watch here.

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  1. FULLY AGREE. We must not be taken for granted and treated as “having nowhere else to go”🔴

    1. None of the traitors who failed to support Jeremy should have our support. That includes Burnham. He humiliated Jeremy went up to stand alongside Burnham who won like so many, on the coat-tails of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn”. Burnham blanked Jeremy. Refused to be seen with him. WHY??? The “Left” must stop acting like doormats. The Blue and Red Tories rely on that. They are one and the same. Until we face that we are doomed by feeling the Left cheek is better than the Right cheek of the same backside. I say make every parasite and deadweight lose. They will go the way of Ummuna to Morgan Stanley or Milliband to rake in over £750,000 in New York … leading a “charity”. Miliband said he deserved that amount. BUT they will leave because they are self-serving greedy careerist.♦️♦️♦️

      1. Signpost, you have to realise that not supporting Jeremy was the only realistic action for most on the left. Jeremy was totally unvotable by the vast majority of working class labour voters because of his many defects: Jeremy is none too bright, said loads of dubious things construable as supporting terrorist enemies of the UK population, crackpot economic views (supporting the old communist bloc – a system so successful the population was queuing up to leave) as well as Venezuela Cuba etc. Plus, plus . . . I could go on. Jeremy has gone now, get over it. That page has turned

      2. Plain Citizen, that is not correct. I had no knowledge of Jeremy. When i heard him at the Leadership elections, he spoke of policies and a vision that i TOTALLY shared. Then as soon as the parasites made it plain that they were determined to undermine him, i joined to support him with votes. ie i joined at the threat of danger, not because things were looking easy / smooth / perfect etc.
        My experience was shared with hundreds of thousands of members and millions of the electorate in general. Vote share under Jeremy, despite all the moaning re the MSM and the parasites lies of a-S etc, was the largest since 1945.

        Compare that with a shameful shrinking of vote share under the war criminal Blair … must be repeated WFM, until busy people u understand it, feel it, breathe it as the fact it is… the disreputable, repellant war criminal Blair, responsible for millions of deaths in Iraq and elsewhere.

        Scotland was lost by the war criminal controlled by the Brexit losers Arsetair Campbellebd and the sick six headed serpent SH’s “Mandy”.

        Over THIRTY THOUSAND people voted for Jeremy in his constituency. They were not deceived by the a-S and other lies. At the same time, the people in Putney were not duped by the lies. Moreover the people in Finchley or Hendon were left TOTALLY unpersuaded by the Berger claims. They rejected Berger. They rejected Ummuna in the City… in the City.

        You see Plain Citizen, you and SteveH and the rest of the Red Tories, realise the necessity to speak up for your beliefs … even as corrosive as they are. It is beyond me why despite your example, too many on the “Left” refuse to rebut your inaccuracies right here on Skwawkbox.org yet the same people moan CONSTANTLY about the MSM, but failing to use the opportunity Skwawkbox.org provides. You PC use it. SteveH uses it. Boat supremo McDiv uses it, WhiteFlagMan uses it, the recently activated Slybot uses it, but others keep their head down. They misconstrue rebuttals ie giving truths … the see that as confrontation… “feuding”.

        Thank Goodness that a few like Doug, qwertboi, The Toffee, jpenney, JackT, john thatcher, Kemp, and a few more, turn up and speak up. We don’t have to agree on everything like clones, but the time to develop the skills and confidence to express oneself is now. Humans as a species would die if we all agreed. Even a virus which causes Covid-19 ‘knows’ that. We have to be alert, flexible and not passive in public projects like politics. We have to be active in dispelling … CRUSHING inaccuracies. We have to say Plain Citizen you are Plain Wrong


      3. ps and i’m not a cult member to see anyone has flaws. Jeremy’s flaws are not what u claim. They are as i have detailed today and previously eg choosing to appease his enemies, eg gifting the tool Starmer a place in the shadow cabinet, failure to defend himself, most useful allies and members from acidic lies, eg being too invisible for long stretches of time, on rare appearances to the very end and even after standing down, mumbling, a breathy unfocused voice, shallow breathing and throat clearing, even after four years. Also never seeming to appreciate that the public is the audience NOT the disgusting MSM presenter, which ever one it is, so one should not be like a coiled spring. That i believe was cultivated from decades of only wanting to be in s fog of those who already agreed with him. Thus ZERO recognition of the necessity of making ones case.

        You can see even here on Skwawkbox.org there is the embarrassing childish attitude that everyone should agree nicely like some Thursday knitting group with dainty cups, saucers and delightful cakes. Yet the same people feel they could be of use to people on the sharp end of the system thousand of miles away… who do not have the indulgent polite self comforting worthy wind.

        So back to point as ever, i’m not one of the mist engulfed set who believe an unchanged Jeremy is what we need. I see no sign that he has learnt what is urgently needed. If i saw a good sign i would be fully behind it. Since he stepped down, which i said here he should gave reversed when Covid-19 struck, … since then and especially from his suspension to date, i see not the slightest sign he’s willing to provide what’s needed. That is his choice. He is an adult. It’s his choice to remain like that. Like that he would not be my choice now. Hopes dashed are worst than no hope at all. Even more cutting is the mysterious reason for the most bewildering choices eg putting Tom Watson up for a peerage… as one of his last acts in office… even at the end WHY ? ? ? I see no respectable reason. Can you❓❓❓

      4. You oppose Cuba’s fight to maintain its freedom? Hard to know what it is with you guys, just vindictive or heart felt fascists.

      5. PS Plain Citizen, despite all manner of wickedness from USA and is to Cuba, Castro showed what true courage and leadership and conviction is. Castro was vilified by the West until he died. But he died with dignity u Plain Wrong could not even dream of.

        Their health service and education attainment is world renowned. People from all over the world choose Cuba to study medicine and surgery. Cuba experts medical expertise to places in need ALL over the world. Despite cruel sanctions, the people are educated, fit and happy and generous. Their arts are thriving. Available to all. You don’t have to be an elite. Of course we have been blessed with one of their most accomplished recent exports Carlos Acosta. I could go on but won’t 😅 except to say again, how sad that the we never hear the established “Left” sending back the misinformation eg yours, from when it came. Any material hardship in Cuba, or Venezuela is totally due to unjust and wicked sanctions imposed by the West. So once again in the space of a few hours you manage to be Plain Wrong in every line. Be glad the you have Skwawkbox.org to educate you do at least u have had the opportunity to improve.


      6. It includes most MPs present ffrom 2015 to 2019, though, but yes, the logic is sound.

      7. They’re part of the problem. How much more evidence do they need to change. Make them lose their seats. They will go to the merchant banks and “charities” and anywhere else they can profit from their inside info eg like the crime that is insider trading. Then we rebuild with FRESH dynamic people focused on the basics right here right now.

        Anyone who cannot prioritise the concerns of the downtrodden right here right now should have ZERO place. Of course issues elsewhere are important, but basic logic, we can’t solve those if we cannot manage the common sense of not enabling your enemies and vile liars like Hodge, Starmar, Phillips, Bliar etc. Every time i think of the appeasements i’m left puzzled as to how that could have been seen as acceptable? What exactly is the point of all our hopes, time, commitment….??? Crumbs are enough? We r not good enough? We believe the MSM propagated spin that Mandelson is sooooo bright when with millions of pounds they lost the Remain debate over and over? Lost Scotland… lost members… Part of the problem is though the “Left” moan about the BBC, they are glued to it… hypnotised… they actually take what the BBC states as gospel. That’s why SH and PlainWrong can boldly repeat inaccuracies and not feel uncomfortable. They know that most of the time only a few will rebut them with hard facts rather than fuming. Then their inaccuracies blends in with BBC bite sized 24hr propaganda. The most deluded are not the working class bt the metropolitan elite. Some are excellent in their jobs, yet the fail to apply the same scrutiny to the BBC bilge. Why because they feel the “respectable” BBC bilge merchant looks like them, sounds like them and we grew up with the BBC. Some break the spell. Others don’t. Not sure why. 🌍🌍🌍

      8. Plain Citizen, WHEN was ‘not supporting Jeremy…. the only realistic option for most on the left’?

        As for Jeremy being ‘totally unvotable’ etc, can you remind me how many people voted Labour in 2017 and in 2019?

        Why the fuck are you trying to rewrite history PC when just about everyone who subscribes to skwawkbox knows EXACTLY what the actuality is?!

  2. It will be interesting to see if this ‘strike’ makes any appreciable difference to the outcome.
    Also it would be interesting to see the raw data behind this much vaunted 96%.

    1. Worth a try. Only u SH, WhiteFlagMan, Smartbot and McNiven and a few others will try to throw damp on action. Wonder why❓❓❓ eh steveh???

      1. If u SH, WFM, McNiven, Smartbot et al try to discourage, i say do it. If your lot activate with fury to say X or Y is ridiculous, then that to date is a sure sign that your lot know the suggestion risks stopping the supine repeated errors♦️♦️♦️

      2. I’m just curious why we weren’t given the figures that lie behind this 96%

      3. I hope it’s just Skwawky’s blog windbag’s squatting in.
        Reminds me of a chick I found rearranging my furniture the next morning.

    2. Clearly, it’s a disaster for the party if Keir’s pointless and vindictive swing to the antidemocratic far right, and his pointless and totally unjustified war against both Momentum and all other socialists- how could any actual socialist still back Keir and the party that used to be Labour after the last year- is causing things like this.

      There is no large bloc of voters who are applauding Keir for these tactics.

      And given that he’s continually losing ground in the polls, why would you still back the man?

      We already know the Union flag fetish isn’t winning over any new votes, and we already know that his support of the government isn’t impressing anyone.

      And we also already know, based on 2010 and 2015, that Labour can never win again as a “centre ground” party. If that Labour 29% and 30% in those elections, that’s all it ever can get Labour.

      1. kenburch – Starmer has some way to go before he reaches Corbyn’s -50 nett approval ratings. I don’t remember you expressing similar concerns about Jeremy’s poll ratings.

  3. Brecht warned the people who rioted in Berlin in 1953 that if they did not change their attitudes the Party would be obliged to pass a vote of No Confidence in them and elect a new people.
    Starmer and his cronies are convinced that a few well paid PR firms and a rentamob of Councillors’ clients will be just as effective and much more obedient than the membership.

      1. kenburch asked (of SteveH):”Why are you still loyal to Starmer anyway, SteveH? He’s done the party no good and driven a lot of good people out of it. What’s to like?”

        We have no reason to think that SteveH is ‘still loyal’ to the billionaires’ lackey, Sir Keir Roders Starmer, kenb

        We have EVERY reason to think that he merely enjoys the attention of being contrarian. Like a b class celebrity, SteveH probably derives his purpose and esteem from being “noticeable”.

      1. Get rid of him. If his successor is also from the Right they are unlikely to last long in the current atmosphere so foolishly fostered by the ‘clever one’. More likely many MP’s will start to worry about their own seats and see there is only one way out of the mess and that’s leftward.

      2. SteveH, “what will that achieve?”
        ANSWER – Getting rid of Tory trash🔵

      3. Windchimes – But whether you like it or not the majority of the membership don’t agree with you. You need to get a grip you don’t even have a credible candidate for the leadership (even if you did could you find the numbers to get them on the ballot paper) and the RW aren’t stupid enough to challenge Keir before the next GE.

      4. A bad result and his resignation will put the cat among the pigeons and who knows how the Right will react. Remember how much they value their seats and the salary etc. I can’t see him lasting another 3 years! Once he’s gone there is a new pack of cards to play with.

      5. Paul – “Once he’s gone there is a new pack of cards to play with.”

        The sad fact is that these few words sum up the depth of your political philosophy.

      6. 4 months 4 days to the hour. starmer is now surplus to requirements.🔺🔺🔺

      7. Your Right wing lord has already, not challenged Keith, but disagreed with Keith’s pleading that he is “STILL the right person to lead the party”. QUESTION – Are your masters instructing u exactly where to “QUOTE Tweet”, yet keeping u in the dark re Max Headroom??? He’s as good as dull distant history.

        Yes, u don’t need to tell me, the “Left’s” preparation is a big problem. Always being reactive rather than active. Always being caught on the back-foot. Bloviating about Kashmir and everything else but almost zero concern with the urgency of basics right here right now. Harsh truth not useless pap.♦️♦️♦️

      8. See how many join the strike, sends a clear message to PLP which won’t do any harm when Temporary Embarrassment is challenged

      9. Well hopefully then a start can be made to return this so called socialist party back to its roots. If the membership feels listened to and infused ohh like they were with JC then tell the right wing to either STFU with there games or go away and reform there own new Labour 2.0 party!

        They can have there god Blair and his sidekick Mandelson in charge and we can get back to actually campaigning for and trying to actually improve the UK. NOT just be Tory cheerleaders and fluffers. That can only ever abstain ,it’s just stupid!

        But carry on with these games and right wing attacks and soon very soon the party will split. Yes they believe the huge imbalance of right wing cult believing MP’s will make that impossible but annoy the members get rid of all the unions and you have nothing left to want any socialist to stay. There certainly won’t be any point in staying and fighting…

        The cracks fault line is getting to big to ignore with unions leaving and not giving any money to this cult. Members declaring they won’t help elect people that don’t respect the members and their ideology. The removal of JC and how they treated Criss Williams was disgraceful do you really think the rapidly leaving membership will just ignore all of this and a hundred things more and just play nice get real!

      10. disabledgrandad – It was the membership that voted for Keir Starmer. The left’s candidate trailed a very poor second in the leadership election and trailed in 3rd and last places for the deputy leadership contest.

      11. Shame he was lying about his manifesto! Many must have been fooled by that – they’ve woken up now. More like Johnson than we know! It was quite a significant lie as well. You forgive him?

      12. Paul – If you had made it clearer what you are talking about then I may have been in a position to respond.

      13. SteveH, u know some of the membership were deceived by your Sir Keith Starmer. Even still, certainly in my CLP he slipped through only on 2nd preferences.
        Matters not to much now. Starmer’s toast as u know. What worries me is if Socialist have a slate of dynamic candidates ready to run. I’m hoping desperately for a competition to decide who can most convince that they have banished Broad Church sacrifice for good. Anyone who even hints at unifying with the likes of your lord Mandelson, the war criminal, Reeves, Hodge, Cooper, Berger, Elmann, Straw, Blunkett, Streeting, Coyle, Joe Swinson, Soubrey, Duncan-Smith, Reece-Mogg… for they are ALL the same… even the slightest hint of “working with” or “working around” obvious Red Tories must rule them out.

        Never again must “Socialist” treat the working classes as not worth a “fuss” “because they have nowhere else to go”. 🟥🟥🟥

      14. windchimes – So what, does it matter that the odd CLP nomination went to a second round. Have you compared the number of CLP nominations (incl JC’s own CLP) that KS got with the number that RLB got. In the vote that actually mattered Keir Starmer won the leadership election in the first round with an overall majority.

      15. That was then, when he was lying. Now he’s messed his own nest and everyone – especially him – knows he’s on his way out. Maybe he’ll go before the elections? Even you on the Right must know he’s leading you into a cul-de-sac?

      16. Paul – Is there a reason why you are so reluctant to give details of your allegations.

      17. SH by nasty deceit, wax head stole the office. FACT⚠️⚠️⚠️

      18. [T]he majority of the membership don’t agree with you

        Have you asked them, then?

        While they might have voted for him back in 2020 doesn’t mean they still think the same now. People do change their minds, you know.

        So unless you have an up to date poll of the actual membership and not some YouGov survey or other, you have no way of knowing for certain, despite your claim.

      19. It would get rid of a Labour leader who treats socialism and the Left as the enemy, while largely supporting the Tories and letting his spokespeople, like Annaliese Dodd, pledge the party to austerity if elected-thus making any Labour victory (we already know Keir isn’t going to win the next election anyway) meaningless, since there is no difference between having a Labour government that imposes austerity and just having a Tory government- the classic example being that there was no meaningful difference between Callaghan and Thatcher.

        Why not admit that it’s time for the war against the Left to end and the war against the Tories and capitalism to begin? Nobody out in the actual electorate WANTS Labour to blur the differences again and fight to make the UK, as Blair largely did, into an activism-free zone?

      20. Steve H: The membership- including about half of all Corbyn supporters- voted for Keir because he promised not to move the party to the right on anything. There is no broad membership or voter support for Keir’s massive rightward swing on the issues, including his pointless and patronizing embrace of the Imperial/.Celtic Subjugation Flag, a flag no one but right-wing Anglo-Saxons who never vote anything but Tory or UKIP are impressed by.

      21. SteveH: Yes, he won in 2020- but ONLY because he promised he wouldn’t move the party to the right on anything at all. The rank-and-file are not behind Keir in his pointless war against socialists or his support of the government’s policies OR his insistence that the schools be reopened “no ifs, ands, or buts”. Even if Keir were to beat the Tories- we already know that, if he’s this far behind now, he can’t- he can’t spend four years bashing the Left as leader and still do anything non-Tory once in power.

      22. SteveH “the left’s candidate”
        Who was that masked man/woman?

      23. “What would that achieve?”

        2 very constructive things:

        i) remove him;

        ii) make Labour relevant again to 60%+ of the population.

      24. qwertboi – You may be right replacing Starmer with a RW Blairite may improve the relevance of the Labour party for the majority of the electorate but bow does that help ‘the left’.

      25. “So are you saying that you will vote ‘tactically’ to defeat Labour. You are just another of Boris’s useful idiots.”

        No, SteveH, that would be Keir Rodney Starmer (but on instruction of his sponsors, likudist anti-Palestinians and billionaires)

      26. I see signpost is lying through his nasty little fascist teeth again in his 6.10pm post AND re-creating and re-writing history, as he does all the time, and ALWAYS to the detriment of Jeremy Corbyn and/or the left:

        ‘Signpost’ is a full-time well paid black propagandist, and THAT is why he posts five or six hundred comments or more on here every month, month after month after month. Yeah, it’s because the left’s ‘preparation is a big problem’ and they are ‘Always being reactive rather than active’ and ‘Always being caught on the back-foot’ and ‘Bloviating about Kashmir and everything else but almost zero concern with the urgency of basics right here right now’ that got Jeremy to within a whisker of winning the 2017 general election AND the biggest increase in the number of Labour MPs in decades!

        Signpost is a piece of Nazi shit whose great hero is no doubt Joseph Goebbels. The only ‘problem’ Jeremy had was the numerous smears and faslehoods that were dissembled about him by the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the Blairites et al. But because the Establishment know that the left in general KNOW that the MSM et al are/were disseminating falsehoods, they pay the likes of ‘signpost’ to smear and falsely discredit Jeremy (and the left) from the inside – ie on a left-wing blog.

        PLEASE see through him!!!

      27. Why are you still loyal to Starmer anyway, SteveH? He’s done the party no good and driven a lot of good people out of it. What’s to like?

    1. Paul, i could say Starmer is for the chop but it is the wrong tense. Starmer is past tense. The tool of the coup plotters has ALREADY been chopped. It is alleged that Keith was pleading “i STILL feel i’m the right person to lead the party”.

      The key coordinator of the coups against Jeremy, was having none of it. Yes, it is intended that Starmer be replaced with two more bastards in turn, then the case will be argued that the party needs the war criminal back in time for the GE. Not even the world’s worst despots assess the war criminal as being worth their kleptocratic billions. Hence its desperate activity to reinfect this country. Expect more craven infestation of the BBC and other studios + Torygraph and Daily Fail.

      QUESTION – Where are a selection of candidates now??? Who are the candidates speaking to the general public about the basics which concern the public? Name five.

      1. Well, as you might or might not know, there are no selections in any party at westminster level at the moment until we know the shape of the new seats after the boundary review. In geneal terms, the tenor of this article is crass. As someone said, Its typical of the passive, bureaucratic politics of parts of the left that they should produce a strategy based on sitting on your arse and sulking in the hope of bad election result

      2. The May elections are his first and possibly his last hurdle.

      3. Paul – So you’re going for the “strategy based on sitting on your arse and sulking in the hope of bad election result”.

      4. Sitting on my arse for sure. And voting for someone I like. Not sulking but enjoying seeing him taken down, brick by brick.

      5. Paul – So are you saying that you will vote ‘tactically’ to defeat Labour. You are just another of Boris’s useful idiots.

      6. windchimes – I can’t name one, can you?
        ….and there lies the root of your problem, you can’t find a credible candidate to coalesce behind.

      7. SteveH u r asking the question i asked. However i can definitely think of one for the future. Hope they beef up quickly. I like another person also, so that’s two. I won’t name them for you, lest your maggots start munching on them alive. So i won’t name them for your “Mandy” to start sinking its fangs in.

        I’ve given up on Burgon, and RLB though… actually never rated RBL. I stated at the time i preferred Burgon for Leader. I was wrong. His inaction now shows he lacks what is urgently needed. Burgon’s a painful disappointment. I spoke to support him and got a tremendous response despite the humongous Right Wing presence who in fairness spoke as best as they could for their choice of Starmer and Nandy. The Right are always super organised. They are always robust here, but very much like WhiteFlagMan, McNiven, you and the now deactivated RH , very aggressive in a manner that puts many off from getting involved. It put me off too for a long time but once i’m in, i’m in. I’m not the yo yo in out type leaving others to do all battle then jumping back in when the going seems good. No use for that type. Of course thousands have been expelled it appears unfairly. I have no details. I tend to stick with what i feel sure about. I don’t throw about expletives unless here if thrown to me first. Face to face i am unlikely to. To me that is just noise and impotent fury. I prefer facts and logic and prioritising basics. That is what the “Left” needs to get right. You are a good Red Tory ball with which to practise. Regaining control of the party from your lot is a basic. It is odd that many passionate sincere well meaning people are completely blind to that despite decades of experience. Remarkable but enduringly interesting… that is the sincere people, not the likes of the WhiteFlag fanatic and the magnificent superlative boat enthusiast. They are just tiresome. You on the other hand, at least declare your firm love and devotion for Starmer your haemorrhoid. And i know your output here comes straight from your controllers so it is good to rebut them. So u r a useful ball to bat away.

        BUT – back to point

        Starmer slipped through on the third or fourth count i think or it may have been Nandy. Must check my records. HOWEVER , Burgon’s failure to show courage and worse yet, he also uttered / wrote the cursed words of “unify” with Starmer for a “Labour” government. Shows he refuses to learn. He is illogical in hoping to make bread out of a stone. He is perverted in his belief that a govt abusing the name “Labour” is a Labour government. That’s a no from me.

      8. windchime – You are destined for a life full of disappointments.

      9. SteveH if i believed that, i would not be me. Plus i would not bother to post here. I would not be a poster of moaning and whining. And thank goodness i’v been extremely fortunate and grateful. But many suffer through being exploited by the status quo. I find that difficult to see and think i’m all right jane or jack. Also common sense just as in the Scandinavian countries, with socialism, people are happiest in the world, less crime, etc etc . But strange again so detached from the basics, i’v never heard the left mention that real living example, let alone repeat it and make it common knowledge at the front of public consciousness here.

        So back to point, yes i’m disappointed by the left but certainly not by life in general. All other aspects are filled with can do spirit, can do attitude, determination EVEN against the odds… where theory is not the end to be waved about. It is results that matter in business and pleasure 🏓🏓🏓

      10. Results are what counts for plumbers, tree surgeons, factory workers, shelf-stackers, engineers, post people, the operating theatre, the ship captain, the footballer, the pilot… ALL know that action and results count rather than hiding away reading and spouting on about that book, film, talk, … yet failing to implement anything. Also no plumber waits for when they are not needed, to offer to fix your sink.

        No pilot or scaffolder has any value who refuses to give useful advice to stay safe but treats you to cultish worship and treat you like some delicate precious doll instead of a grownup. 🟣🟣🟣

      11. Signpost is a full-time paid black propagandist shill posing as a left-winger whilst posting literally hundreds of comments on here every month falsely discrediting the left – ie Jeremy Corbyn, socialist MPs, the left- in general, and the left-wing members of his alleged CLP.

        Here’s a Big Lie he concocted so that he could then discredit Jeremy (followed by a link to me questioning him about it and then his ‘response’):


    2. Paul, fair enough, it’s a good start. However, The CLPs need more than that. Who has the Labour left got? Seriously, look no further than Scotland, Leonard was expected to rise. I like him but totalitarianism is a bitch. Who has the left got to take on a bent bureaucracy and the MSM plus a decadent PLP? I ask in hope more than anything else. Good luck.

  4. Well done Momentum Bristol. I hope every other Momentum Branch and CLP follows your lead. Starmer the PLP and Southside need to learn that their absolutely disgusting behaviour will not be tolerated by the membership and all activists will down tools until these people start to respect and implement our party values. It isn’t hard but it may be beyond them – all they have to do is behave decently and democratically, respect members rights to an opinion different to theirs and allow members to express those opinion freely.

    1. Agree we should know the voting figures. The Jewish Labour Movement similarly hid the actual number of its members who voted for the three candidates for Labour Leader last year, providing only percentages. Its membership figures are also obscure. It gave less than fulsome support for Labour’s 2019 general election campaign. Its chair, Mike Katz, has been appointed to Labour’s antisemitism advisory committee.

  5. YES!!!! ABOUT TIME COMRADES. If people insist on staying in the cult of new Labour to fight then I wish you well my personal ideology could not abide with staying in this party with all this stupid right-wing Tory-lite BS.

    But yes sod the leadership they think they can expect socialist to keep on supporting them. Especially when they keep on attacking the members and their beliefs! Well, let’s see how they do without us?

    The dam cult members and backroom wonks can get off their behinds and help to elect their own useless MP’s and councillors that do nothing for socialism but wear the Red rosette.

      1. SteveH
        Will you follow Red Tories into the mythical GE machine winning centrist party

      2. Not by shills like yourself. Do you work by the post or by the hour because you’re sure as hell putting in some hours for your cult of new Labour 2.0.

        So tell me do you all have to do a silly handshake, so you can tell who is who? Better get that hand warmed up for posting all the guff for your fellow right wing cult members because it looks like the comrades are on strike…

      3. disabledgrandad – That’s a rather long winded way of admitting that you you weren’t missed.

      4. Let’s see how the party reacts to a big electoral set back.

      5. Paul – They’ll probably blame you and your misguided ilk who have done everything they can to foster any defeat that Labour may suffer.

      6. So you think it’s effective? That sounds encouraging, thanks SteveH!

      7. Given the recent and large Labour decline in the polls, probably. Can you not see that Labour can’t prosper at the polls by driving away the only people- the left wing- who get out and actually campaign for Labour candidates? Blairites never doorbell or do any of the hard but necessary day-to-day work of electing Labour candidates. And no Labour MP ever gets elected or re-elected by treating Left activists like they are scum.

  6. Not impressed by this: ‘Labour Black Socialists formed and will (inter alia) boycott any candidate they feel is not fully committed to fighting anti black racism.’ Any Labour member should be committed to fighting any and all sorts of racism. This growth of sectionalisn is a disgrace, it implies the Labour Black Socialists would stand idly by while a person of Chinese or south Asian origin was abused and victimised. That cannot be right.
    I think they should clarify their stance or be expelled by the party. We need to hear their definition of ‘black’ as well. I hope it is self declaration that is allowed not some definition and physical examination of racial characteristics. Shades of 1930’s Germany there.

    1. Plain Citizen – “Any Labour member should be committed to fighting any and all sorts of racism.”

      Completely agree and particularly Zionism, which has arguably caused more trouble in the world than most other forms of racism.

    2. Just as the weirdos are returning to help Labour. The Beeb and the Guardian must love this separatist garbage.

    3. The drift towards the anti classwar politics and towards the Democrats USA continues, dragging down anything that is genuinely left with it.

  7. Even if Starmer goes want the NEC still have a factional Right Wing extremist majority?

    1. But the situation will only get worse. They tend to know which side their bread is buttered so don’t expect Starmer 2.

    2. maybe because some thought the way to fight was to run away leaving the rest of us to battle it alone. Plus my CLP has AGMs coming up but my lot has spent all the time reading, chit chatting about films, more reading an recommendations … oh and deciding how to make motions as lukewarm, damp, limp and as pathetic as possible … so as not to upset the right wing who give no end of abuse. That’s why to those who leave after decades of disappointment, i understand. Even i wonder how i keep going. I know why, because i feel it is a priority, but the how is a puzzle. 🔺🔺🔺

      1. And as the Sun sets in Labour land,we finally realise ita jungle out there…!and the mission impossible as turned into a second rate tory tribute band..Any complaints I refer you the BBC standards of unbiased reporting and analysis..

    3. Didn’t the left hold sway in the NEC for a while? How did we benefit?

      1. Alex – It will be interesting to read the multitude of detailed responses that your query will attract.

  8. Get wee steven, calling others boris’ useful idiot. simply because they won’t vote labour

    …which makes Steven?

    Yep, that’s right. The gobshite that votes toerag without voting toerag…And complains about others not doing the same after his boss offers nobody a clear choice.

    What’s the difference between stammerism and conservatism, wee boy?

    Perhaps if YOU – in your infinite wisdom – took a few minutes to define it for us mere plebs, you MIGHT actually convince people.

    So go on, then… If you can’t convince us thickos where we’re going wrong, how clever does that make you and your beloved?

    We’re waiting. Don’t bother to tell us it’s for us to tell the difference – we’ve all of us said there is none. It’s on YOU to put us wise.

    Either describe what the choice is meant to be, or shut your fucking cave once and for all.

    1. SteveH16/02/2021 AT 6:06 PM
      Paul – So you’re going for the “strategy based on sitting on your arse and sulking in the hope of bad election result”

      You slimy, hypocritical, cryarsing rat’s bastard, ya…

      It’s far from the shithousery you and stammer endorsed which openly and unashamedly undermined the party leadership, and actively & knowingly alienated the electorate.

      Now you’re complaining that people realise you’ve left them with no choice and attempting to blame them for not countenancing the slime that took the choice away?

      Die screaming, you fucking wrong’un. You are every bit a danger to society as nonce gangs. It takes a lot for me to hate anybody… But you only need type a few words.


      1. Toffee – I empathise with your plight, it must be extremely frustrating for you when all you are capable of mustering in response is yet another string of playground expletives.

      2. And you can get to fuck with your high and mighty reposnses as well. If anyone’s scum around here, it’s you.

        You didn’t address the home truths I told, though, did you?

        No wonder you have no friends and trawl here all day looking for people you can annoy. I reckon when your neighbours see the milk bottle count on your doorstep growing steadily bigger, they’ll have a little chuckle to themselves rather than do anything about it.

        Can’t come soon enough.

      3. Jesus, dude. I think you need some help.

        The weird thing is you’re politeness itself sometimes, like when responding to female posters but then you come across like this.

        I wonder what your story really is?

  9. The cheap and nasty Tory party spivs and thieves are now proposing to sell you a test that will give you permission to go for a shit
    The Red Tories are bankrupting the Labour Party
    Time to set ourselves Free

    1. Yes Doug, they and their capitalist overlords are creating and exploiting a threat to democracy, the working class and the economy by lying through their teeth about SARS-CoV2, covid19, etc..:

      Here are the 4 basic facts-

      1. the ‘virus’ has a blurry definition and has a survival rate of over 99% – no more deadly than some recent flu strains
      2. the PCR tests DON’T work and are a fraud.
      3. The reported ‘deaths’ are often people dying of other things and having ‘covid’ added to their CoD based on the test that doesn’t work or on financial incentive.
      4. The vaccine is NOT a vaccine. It’s experimental mRNA gene manipulation, which will need decades of testing over generations before it can really be pronounced safe – MOREOVER, the formal testing phase of the AZ jab doesn’t end until November 2023 (so we cannot be ’safe’).

      The French and German Governments both advise anyone over te age of 65 NOT to take the experimental mRNA az-oxord ‘vaccine’ jab. Ours, prioritises them, Strange.

      1. Not a helpful comment: full of denial. Irrelevant to this discussion too.

      2. Add delaying 2nd dose to those who account for 99% of deaths
        I’ve been a gambler since aged 14 so can work out the odds on most things given the form
        This stinks to high heaven, no one is denying the virus, we simply ask folk to consider the costs of lockdown and threats to our freedom’s
        This is not scientists splitting hairs they are poles apart
        Take hospitality, there is no data to say it is not safe, schools the same
        Has anyone been watching the 6 nations, how come those players aren’t dead yet
        The above decision on 2nd doses came down to an ‘educated guess’ on efficacy from Snowflakes
        For the love of God you are being played

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