Norfolk Labour website tells visitors NOT to vote Labour because under Starmer it’s ‘finished’

Mid Norfolk Labour website carries scathing message – and party says it’s powerless to change it

A Labour party website has been telling voters for several days not to vote for the Labour party because ‘under Keir Starmer [it] is finished‘ because ‘he lied to get elected leader and backtracking (sic) on all the pledges he gave at the time. He can’t be trusted any more than Johnson can‘ – and the party says it’s helpless to remove the message.

A departing former member apparently put up the message criticising Starmer and his hangers-on – and Labour does not have the necessary login information to get in and change the unflattering message:

If only it wasn’t so hard to argue. This country desperately needs a Labour party worth the name, but what is now manifesting under Starmer self-evidently is not it – and the right-wing regime is too busy waging war on what’s left of its engaged membership and avoiding any actual opposition to the Tories even to make a note of site passwords or emergency login codes.

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  1. Starmer Stuffed!
    All it took for the then majority pro-Liberal trade unions at the beginning of the 20thC was a resolution to form a new independent party to represent working people by railway clerks.
    It was carried by about 540 to 340 and it was the ‘new unionism’ unions that helped get it over the line (See Pugh, Speak for Britain.)
    Any takers unions or Breakthrough or Resist?

    1. Bazza – The self appointed guardians of the left talk a good talk but where’s the action. Will you ever get past being a perpetual talking shop.

      1. “This site like the rest of. Labour is not working anymore”what a simple but effective way of saying what you parasites Steve H Hall centrist Dad have done to a once proud and great Labour party.Could any sane person believe that this shit show of a Labour party could ever have brought us the working-class of these windswept islands a Welfare system that would give us cradle to grave care ❤for our sick,elderly vulnerable and marginalised members of society.and the unemployed.Your lot steve are more likely to kick us in the teeth whilst plotting wars in far off lands to divert attention from your sick and depraved neo liberal alliance with the grandmaster the conservative and unionist party.

      2. Joseph – Who’s this ‘Hall’ guy that you keep obsessing about❓

    1. Apparently it has been like this for several days, this sad individuals childish actions don’t seem to have made much impact.

      1. Good for him I say! He sums up the situation brilliantly. I don’t understand why you don’t see the joke Steve!

      2. Paul – Oh I see the joke, it’s that individuals like you are getting all excited about this saddo’s actions as if they had some significance.

      3. But it does have significance, the response to it is significant. It hits the button for many. (Nb do you know he’s a ‘saddo’? Takes one maybe?).

      4. Paul – “But it does have significance” he forlornly bleats

      5. If you want to know ‘the Truth’ SteveH, you can read about it in ‘the Sun’ or on the Mid-Norfolk Labour Party website. Starmer offers contempt for the Hillsborough 97 dead & their families & advocates genocide in the name of racial & religious purity in Palestine. What else you got to offer?

      6. Steve – Thanks for the advice but we all have our preferred sources and personally I prefer checking out the local news for stories like this.

      7. SteveH to early to see how much impact, it will have Let’s way for the next round of either Local or General Election and see the Tories pipping up “even their members cannot trust Starmer, how can the country trust Starmer”
        If Labour isn’t able to deal with something like this effectively, how on earth is Starmer going to govern the Country?
        The constructive ambiguity over Brexit destroyed Corbyn, similar shows of defiance will destroy Starmer.

  2. Gosh, they are brave. And they must be really good with IT. In the end they only say it as it is.

    1. They probably just own the domain, nothing Blue Keef can do. Wouldn’t it be nice if that becomes the default to pop up nation wide, as more and more CLPs ‘walk out that door!’
      I am not sure of The Green Party, but if we make a pact/coup to vote green in every Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORY and Conservative Party TORY held seat.
      Wherever there are a UK Labour Party MP/Candidate we Vote them In, The Greens probably would make for a better caretaker Government while Democratic Socialists Regroup Build a Home, for the following GE!

  3. I take it that whoever is responsible for this website has already left the party. However if they haven’t we can expect them to be expelled for “antisemitism” in the near future.

      1. It’s not at all silly. Most people who get expelled do so on this basis. It’s no surprise when Starmer is a self proclaimed Zionist who is waiting to jump when the talks break down with Iran and Israel declares its ‘had enough!’.

      2. Paul – You’ve obviously forgotten that Keir spoke out strongly against the Iraq war.

      3. Steve H I note that as usual you have resorted to cheap jibes when you can’t post a reasoned comment in response to justified and completely accurate criticism of your employer.

      4. Smartboy – Not at all, just saying how I see it. Unless you know something that I don’t, about why he left, then your statement is ridiculous.

      5. Reply to Steve H
        In Starmer’s Labour any critical or dissenting voice, anyone who has socialist principles or anyone who refuses to condone the human rights abuses
        visited on Palestinians by Israel by becoming a Friend of Israel is an “antisemite”.
        It is indisputable that in Starmer’s Labour the rules relating to antisemitism have been shamelessly abused in order to purge the party of critics, Socialists and Anti Zionists. There is absolutely no reason to think the same won’t happen in this case

      6. SteveH – just using Sir Keir Starmer’s ‘preferred’ source ie Murdoch’s press that he promised never to use & I was At Hillsborough, a little too local a source? Unfit for office Stephen!

  4. Blagging the website will surely be denounced as an anti-Semitic act in Starmer’s Nu-Nu-Labour.
    What a joke of a party !

  5. Sir Karma Spatchcock Starmer. Most people distrust him. First he had one of big-pharma buddies stage-manage a coup (choreographed for the BBC by Laura Kuensburg), now his past actions are causing him and his denatured party to fail.

    What goes around comes around.

    1. No its just the actions of a sad and immature individual who’s had a tantrum when they left the party.

      1. A tantrum? Who knows but the person concerned. If it was a tantrum, it was a much smaller one than Starmer has whenever anyone tries to debate the situation in Palestine or the lack of leadership of the LP.
        The opponents of Jaruzelski used humour to get them through the dark days. Seems to me that the same is happening here.

  6. I don’t know what’s funnier. The website or the poor attempt at damage control below the line.

    1. What damage, the site as apparently been like this for several days without much impact.

      1. That’s part of the joke; nobody can or won’t take it down- no one in the NW! You have got to laugh

  7. Well, check the wayback data in 12 hours or so and see if you still think so.

    Just because the synchronised MSM isn’t mentioning anything to do with Sir Karma’s failings, doesn’t mean they don’t exist and people don’t notice them. 99.8% You’d be surprised how many people know that number’s significance from the WHO’s Covid Dashboard. You think they still trust the BBC and MSM which runs 24/7 fear campaigns and misinforms them so widely? 10 Pledges.

    1. qqwertby – Perhaps you should stick to your area of expertise alternative medicine quack remedies.

      1. Steve H maybe you should think again when you try to insult querboi when all hes doing is quoting info already available in the public domain
        Your attempts to censure and stiffle democracy and free speech only mirrors your fascist dictator and you misfits.
        I have defended your right to free speech on here..but you seem to be increasingly loosing it with derogatory comments and your propaganda ..quertboi almost certainly will be saving lives by giving an alternative to .quack big pharma ,rather than your comments that if followed will destroy thousands of lives especially if your quack leader gets into Drowning street

      2. Joseph – …..and yet here you are trying to shut me down,

        qwertboi consistently proselytises anti-vax crap on these pages, what’s wrong with pointing out that his self proclaimed expertise is in the field of alternative quack medicine.
        Everyone is of course free to make up their own minds about the veracity of his claims but surely it is better that they are aware of the questionable source of his expertise so they can reach an informed decision. One never knows some might even take into account what you have had to say.

        If it walks like a 🦆 and quacks like a 🦆 it’s probably a 🦆

      3. Quack (non) remedies are very big business stevieh – even without the legal indemnity granted to manufacturers by the likes of Trump, Biden, Johnson (and supported by his fanboy, sir keir killer Starmer). Covid “vaccines” are totally unprecedented. Before 2020 no successful vaccine against a human coronavirus had ever been developed. Since then we have allegedly made 23 (maybe 27) of them in 20 months (without any testing of any type).

        Scientists like me have been trying to develop a SARS and MERS vaccine for years with little success. Some of the failed SARS vaccines actually caused hypersensitivity to the SARS virus. Meaning that vaccinated mice could potentially get the disease more severely than unvaccinated mice. Another attempt caused liver damage in ferrets.

        While traditional vaccines work by exposing the body to a weakened strain of the microorganism responsible for causing the disease, these new Covid vaccines are mRNA vaccines (possibly dangerous).

        mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccines theoretically work by injecting viral mRNA into the body, where it replicates inside your cells and encourages your body to recognise, and make antigens for, the “spike proteins” of the virus. They have been the subject of research since the 1990s, but before 2020 no mRNA vaccine was ever approved for use.

        Vaccines do not confer immunity or prevent transmission. Would you take one for a disease that has a 98.6 to 99.8 pc survival rate? Yes, you probably claim you have.

        Pfizer even admit there are very possibly dangers in its untested (but v lucrative) vaccine in the leaked supply contract between the pharmaceutical giant, and the government of Albania: “The long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known.”

        Health is much too important for quackery SteveH. I’ll have nohing to do with it.

      4. qwertboi – You’ve said it yourself
        You have failed whilst they’ve succeeded
        If it walks like a 🦆 and quacks like a 🦆 it’s probably a 🦆

    2. Not much Different to the other TORY Scumbag, no matter what they did/do no one will see/hear/read it on MSM!
      They are the chosen ones, the Omnilateral Commission already decided.
      They don’t need to campaign, they can be chased out of every town in the land, refuse every interview and debate, the hot ballot boxes are all ready and prepared.
      If it was an unmistakable unavoidable fuck up, a quick mention here and there, followed by a gradual defence until they’re praised for their monumental fuck up, or overload the press with other bait until their fuck up is forgotten.
      One thing is sure we need to de-TORY The HoC, we can’t do much about the Conservative TORIES, but, if our vote did count and I am wrong about Election corruption, we can de-TORY Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES, by voting them out of their seat, finer details of coup to be tweaked, vote for strongest opponent or vote for Greens, etc, etc, but we can de-TORY one of the two lead parties or decide on a strong contender with candidates for ~650 seats and affect both. That of Course is if we can reunite The PEOPLE, already shattered by MSM/MSSM divides.
      My prediction is that most especially Blair/Murdoch’s People of The SUN and Campbell, Mandelson’s People of The SUN in Lamb’s Clothing will out of sheer desperation for their fuck ups 2017/2019 Vote for Blue Keef and his Starmersstruppen, then we will have 5 years of tears AGAIN, ‘they just cannot understand how this/that/the other could have happened’! Lets hope that after another 5 years of TORY HELL under Blue Keef and his Starmersstruppen, The PEOPLE, will start moving closer to something that resembles Unity against The TORY Elite/Establishment, and work towards something for The PEOPLE instead!

  8. Goldbach – yes it is a bit like the end of the regime in Poland –
    where black humour was used to get people through ..

    A NEW Party would take years to be accepted – if indeed it ever
    was. Remember Corbyn came through after years of misplaced
    attempts to replicate Blair-ism and the same thing
    could happen again.

    Corbyn’s ideas have indeed been kicked into the long grass –
    but they have been replaced by .. nothing .. and his
    policies can be retrieved and polished up. Many have
    already been as good as accepted – eg the necessity of bringing
    Big Pharma under some sort of state control. The Pandemic
    has bought into focus the web and its importance to people and
    the necessity of making it available to the whole population.

    SteveH has asked what Corbyn achieved – well in spite of
    Starmer I cannot imagine some of the Tory social policies
    agreed to by the Old Guard ever resurrected ..(eg Reeves).

  9. Imagine if in every constituency just two or three former Labour members got together and put up a site explaining why they left the party and why neighbours and citizens should not vote Labour, we’d have the beginnings of an Independent Labour Party, which might attract more support from local trade unionists, community groups and left wing greens.

    Sounds better than dissipating into nothingness.

    1. qwertboi – Someone’s thought of that already and they’ve discovered that talking to themselves isn’t cutting through.

      1. Nobody was ever limiting their opposition to Keir to just “talking to themselves”. And nobody who is anti-Keir deserves your vicious, dismissive contempt. You’ve no right to talk down to people like that.

      2. Twunt will do as Twunt does, every Forum/MSSM will have it’s unwelcome Twunt, we’re lucky to have mainly, just the one!

      3. kenburch -The various factions in Left Unity have been doing it for years

  10. @ken

    Ignore the tool. It’s moments like this that it shows it’s true colours.

    Just think, it sits in front of a screen, fingering keys to defend a group of people who don’t give a damn about it. It acts clever yet clearly knows nowt and is as wanted as a turd in a swimming pool.

  11. Seems to me that nobody knows more about talking to themselves than Starmer and his acolytes.

    1. Very true goldbach. The sad thing is, in a world where trilateral billionaires and ‘the elite’ can integrate and synchronise a massive range of resources (the MSM, world banks, transnational corporations, charities, supra-national ‘health’ and governmental bodies and neoliberal national governemts ), Starmer and his “third-way” duplicity doesn’t actually need democratic support from the little people – the MSM will fabricate it for him.

      Although I hate it, the ‘sheeple’ label sometimes seems understandable. How can people be expected to think for themselves in the modern synchronised setting?

  12. Off Topic (or is it, since we’re talking about Starmer’s repressive and conservative Labour Party?)

    Cabinet Office forced to deny accusations that experts are being politically vetted .

    My Arse!

    credit to Terry Edge on Off-G:
    “I’ve thought about this a lot. Take Vallance: he’s chair of SAGE but also Chair of the Grenfell SAG. How did that happen? Who appointed him to both and why? The Grenfell SAG has consistently claimed that the Grenfell fire was not toxic. Which on the face of it is ridiculous – all fires are toxic and large ones very toxic. But it follows a kind of pattern: the EPA in the US insisted that the Twin Towers event was not toxic. Many years later they admitted it was and payouts to responders and others are still taking place. But I suspect that this far after the event, the people paying are not the perpetrators but the tax-payers.

    “Once you look above Vallance, the connections become tighter. For example, the key to toxicity is flame retardant chemicals. They are BIG business, in everything and the three major producers are massively wealthy. They regularly buy fire experts and government officials. They control fire safety legislation. They buddy up with vaccine makers at higher levels, e.g. both employ the same huge PR firm, Burson Cohn & Wolfe (Tony Blair was best mates with their CEO, and Blair pushed hard for “chemically treated” fire resistant furniture via strict safety regulations back in the 80s). GSK also uses BC&W; Vallance came from GSK and has tons of shares in them still. Imperial College’s fire science lab is funded by the flame retardant industry and Imperial played a big role in blocking changes to the UK furniture fire safety regs a few years back, thereby preserving flame retardant profits. Imperial also regularly swaps staff with BC&W, and on it goes.

    “So, my feeling is that people like Vallance don’t exactly “control the show”. I think they get appointed to all the relevant committees by their masters who control the government (a process that took place throughout the Grenfell Inquiry appointments too) and then instinctively (and with some guidance no doubt, but kept impossible to detect) know what they’re supposed to do. For example, the Grenfell SAG slipped out a paper in 2018 that was difficult to decipher but essentially said that there was no need to look at the role of flame retardant chemicals in the Grenfell fire (but in truth they were responsible for most of the deaths – flame retardants in furniture and other products producing large volumes of cyanide and other toxic fumes when they burn). Vallance’s role was probably to obscure this statement, to disguise it; but I think the intent behind it came from higher up the food chain.!”

  13. How anyone on the left can still believe that the current bunch in charge have anything to offer us is a mystery. the idea of staying and fighting seems to me to be wishful thinking. The Moderates own the party now and they will not make the same mistake of allowing the left to have a say again.

    1. Mark – May I ask you to stop referring to them as “moderates” when they are nothing of the sort.

  14. More evidence of SteveH’s and Akehurst’s election winning ‘special Blairite sauce’ formula in action….

    Latest Scottish Parliament polling:

    SNP 43% (+3)
    Con 20% (-3)
    Lab15% (-3)
    Grn 12% (+4)
    LD 6% (+1)

    Via @IpsosMORI
    , 22-29 Nov (+/- since 2021 election)

    The same polling put independence support at 55%!

    If Starmer really is a plant foisted on the Labour party by sinister, treacherous, overreaching officials in the UK establishment (quite possible, sadly). At this rate, your boy’s only going to deliver Scottish independence on a plate, by providing no reason for Scots to stay in the UK.

    Many believe previous Scottish Labour leader, Corbyn backer, leftist Richard Leonard, was bullied into early resignation via Southside’s scheming. He made way for Starmer’s handpicked candidate, Blairite Anas Sarwar.

    Surely the lesson is, they can arrogantly stuff the shadow cabinet with all the Blairites they want. As their pals in the equally despised, out-of-touch London media cheer the fact the left are being completely excluded from representation in their own party.

    But nothing can protect them from the inevitable electoral reckoning.

  15. Morning Star does a blinder (yet again ) on Sir Dullwart Starmer’s non leadership of Labour:
    “KEIR STARMER says his reshuffle provides a “smaller, more focused shadow cabinet that mirrors the shape of the government we are shadowing.”

    “As we know at least one of the departures — Cat Smith, who is apparently not being replaced as shadow secretary for young people and democracy — quit on principle, its smaller size may not be entirely Starmer’s choice, but his words do point to an important aspect of the new line-up.

    “As well as a shuffle to the right, it marks another quiet step away from the transformational ambition of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn, where the purpose of the top team was not simply to shadow existing ministers but to flesh out what Labour planned to do in power, including in areas of no interest to the Conservatives.

    “Smith’s resignation note makes it clear that her main reason for resigning is the ongoing suspension of the whip from Jeremy Corbyn, which she rightly points out is a daily insult to his constituents and ordinary party members and is crippling Labour’s ability to campaign.”

    Brilliant. The rest’s good too. That BEN CHACKO’s got a way with words.

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