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Omicron variant hits UK as two cases confirmed

The new Covid variant that has been sweeping South Africa and massively out-competing other variants has hit the UK.

Two cases have been confirmed so far, but with transmissibility up to 500% higher than in other variants and mutations that scientists fear can evade existing immunity, it is capable of spreading rapidly. Epidemiologists have noted with alarm that its ability to spread is unprecedented among variants seen so far.

Despite the obvious dangers of rapid growth and reduced vaccine effectiveness, the government has indicated it has no interest in further lockdowns and Labour is again showing no opposition.

The rapid emergence of new variants has been blamed on the ‘vaccine apartheid’ of developed countries and their slowness to prevent the spread of Covid in poorer countries. UK government policy to allow the virus to grow unchecked in this country has also seen new forms of the virus emerge here.

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    1. Happily, the 29 new billionaires who derive their billionaireness from covid vaccines have given the Guardian the complete run down on everything we need to know about the moronic variant (thanks Paul at Wirral).

      “If you want to know exactly how the Omicron variant is going to affect the narrative, well The Guardian has done a handy “here’s all the bullshit we’re gonna sell you over the next couple of weeks” guide:

      *The Omicron variant is more transmissable, but they don’t know if it’s more dangerous yet (keeping their options open).
      *It originated in Africa, possible mutating in an “untreated AIDS patient” (sick people are breeding grounds for dangerous “mutations”).
      *“it has more than double the mutations of Delta…scientists anticipate that the virus will be more likely to infect – or reinfect – people who have immunity to earlier variants. (undermining natural immunity, selling more boosters, keeping the scarefest going).
      *“Scientists are concerned” that current vaccines may not be as effective against the new strain, they may need to be “tweaked” (get your boosters, and the new booster we haven’t invented yet)
      * “Scientists expect that recently approved antiviral drugs, such as Merck’s pill, will work as effectively against the new variant” (more on this later)
      * It’s already spreading around the world, and travel bans may be needed to prevent the need for another lockdown

      We’re already seeing preparations for more “public health measures”, with the press breathlessly quoting “concerned” public health officials. We’re being told that a new lockdown won’t be necessary…as long as we remember to get boosted and wear masks and blah blah blah.”

      1. Hopefully it will be milder, natural selection ensures successful viruses don’t kill the host which would see the virus die out.

  1. This has come along just in time to bail out those UKHSA officials who are worried that their own figures show the ‘vaccine’ ain’t working.

    All the blame for this failure may now be shifted across to the new moronic variant.

    1. Ironically about 2 weeks since Israel held a major National Military Drill based on the multivariant, vaccine resistent Monster Killer ‘Omega’ variant.
      Not saying they have anything to do with it or caused it, I do however know they often stupidly brag too early about one thing or another and then a week or two something happens.
      For example 2 weeks into covid they claimed to have the covid vaxine, that disappeared quickly as the big pharma battles out the playing field for the latest 50% to 70% effective vaccine! Roughly 60% of covid deaths were vaccinated individuals. WHO put out a serious warning to all vaccinated people not to think themselves invincible to Covid as the are not necessarily immune, so the point of futile vaccines are what exactly!? What are these people putting into us!? And why are Absolutely Uncaring Governments so Militantly “Caring” that we get jabbed, they don’t care much about the death rates, they don’t care much about the ineffectiveness of the vaccine, but they ‘care deeply’ that we are vaccinated!
      I am still convinced this is a designer virus, purely based on the nonsencical complete lunacy of most Governments around the world!

      1. PS As for Blue Keef and his Thatcherite Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES they are PURE TORY and will never get in the way of the Elites/Establishment’s Orders, just following their orders as expected.

      2. ‘A designer virus’? You mean an International conspiracy to kill as many people as possible? That’s a first in human history. Astonishing they’ve managed to keep it a secret. Are they in fact Aliens from another planet? Did they organise the Black Death? I suggest the lunacy is closer to home Nelly.

      3. As I said based on my own observations I THINK a thought not a fact, claimed fact or conspiracy!
        If they handled the black death as they are covid we’d not be here. I doubt there are aliens interested in our toxic dump of a planet, if there were any indeed.
        If you want to exchange petty childish insults Paul, please join a crèche or pick up your grand kids, I have no need, time or desire for them.

      4. Thinking a thought doesn’t make it true. I’m thinking you are the lunatic, isn’t that as true as your thoughts?

      5. Yes, Paul as I said I am not stating facts, this is a conversation forum for an indie media blog, I am not in the slightest bit interested in your blissful Sheeple ignorance and obvious lack of thinking for yourself you go ahead and follow your Sheeple Herd and attack anyone who dares to have a thought outside of your narrow mainstream ideologies, just because you believe that does not make it the truth/fact/real! Unlike you I did not claim my thoughts to be facts, but you go ahead and keep Sheepleing about your narrow views, that’s your thing, fine, I won’t stop you, just as you wont stop me!

      6. @Paul

        It’s one of two things. It’s either a plan to cull us or the pharma business is extremely stupid (possibly doesn’t care?). Nuremberg code is a basis of modern democracy, that being flouted.

        All liability is placed on your shoulders. A vaccine approved in the US in 180 days yet can’t be revealed to the public until 2076.

        There are a few people out there who have pieced the paper trails together and the evidence is bleak.

        Take for example B.1.1.529. You know this as mOronic. The WHO released this discovery 9th November. The WHO say this is the date it was first discovered.

        So why is it that the world economic forum discussed B.1.1.529 on 12th July?

        Why has Bill Gates paid $330+ million to various media outlets? Guardian got $12+ million. Do you trust the media and thise they report on?

        Finally, have a search on the sports athletes and their coaches dropping like flies. 183 have fallen to the floor since 22nd January. 103 never got up…

        Something stinks.

        P.S. Take a gander at the past and present future leaders of the wef. How many do you recognise?

      7. Israel cares about death rates. It’s existence depends on increasing the population, especially in areas of stolen land. For all the support they get from Europe and America, not many people actually want to live there.

      8. Netantwatu called the Palestinians “The Pampered Children of the International Community” comming from The Eternal Victim, I would say that makes Israel ‘The Spoilt Brat Bullies of The International Community’, especially how they are jumping up and down for EU and USA Support to attack Iran.
        Life is a roll of a dice for all of us every moment of every day, everything we do is a roll of the dice until we roll that dreaded double one, off subject but I read Germany’s Euthanasia Society joined the vaccine Apartheid, assisted death only for the vaccinated!!! WTAFF!?

      9. Yes, but nelly and Paul, a conspiracy could not be about a virus, i.e. an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat which is too small to be seen by light microscopy, and is able to multiply only within the living cells of a host but cannot be monitored when that is occuring (pcr tests are not medical tests), the conspiracy is the Covid Narrative. And we’re being had.

        But you knew that and were being sarcastic 😀 i know

      10. It’s interesting that while the vast majority of people discount ‘designer virus’ or man made virus, officials in America were blaming China at the beginning of the pandemic. I don’t believe it was made in a lab because scientists have said it’s far too complex for us to have made using current technology.

      11. I don’t believe that this virus is man made, but as i said the more i see of the madness of how especially our Government and the USA are dealing with this Pandemic, compared to just China, the more I get convinced that it is a Designer Viruses, at least an extremely profitable one for some.
        Humans survived many Pandemics and that is the key question, what did they do with their limited resources and knowledge that we can’t adopt and adapt as per all prevention/treatment protocols surely by now we have a basic “roadmap” for most eventualities. The more I see what the UK are doing/not doing, the nightingale mega projects, the ppe, the extortionate drug costs, the ineffective vaccines, the chaotic lockdown/unlockdown, the military presence and involvement, especially at the height of the scaremongering, etc, etc, etc the more I believe that this is a designer virus, of course I can’t confirm this I’m no scientist, however I believe that and for us the Nr1 victim is The NHS, I dread to believe that I am right, on that at least.
        Some people believe in gods and fairies, I don’t, can I prove that there are no gods or fairies? I can’t, can they prove that there are gods and fairies? They can’t. Out comes those dice of life again.
        I think we’re all fatigued post 2015 to 2020, straight into CV19 and now the World at War!
        Nothing adds up for us ‘nutters/lunatics’, it seems to be only the Elites/Establishment/1%/Aliens/whatever and their puppets who reap in the benefits and profits from dead people over the world, who makes any sense of it all!

      12. Damn, ya beat me to it. Delta is the 4th letter in the Greek alphabet. Now we skip straight to Omigod, I mean Omicron, the 15th. Is the next stop the Omega variant?!

      13. Wonder if it was actually meant to be ‘Omni’cron. The End. Doomsday. Everyone kaputsterninks. ‘…..we all fall Down’!

      14. Above comment was reply to nelly @3:21pm, way up the page!

      15. NVLA

        “So why is it that the world economic forum discussed B.1.1.529 on 12th July?”

        Is this verified? Would love a link if you’ve got one!

      16. timfrom – Unfortunately NVLA has been misled. The claim is false

        “False. The WEF did not publish a report referencing the Omicron coronavirus variant in July. The report was updated on Nov. 26 to include information about the variant.

      17. Ha ha ha, fuck 1984, these days are like down the Rabbit hole, with additional killer viruses and atomic weaponry, I will settle for Alice’s Mushrooms, sit quietly in a corner an munch away until this nightmare is over, I might have the odd puff on the Caterpillar’s Opium pipe, just leave me be until it’s all over! Sadly ALL this madness will outlive most of us, all the more realistic reason to Chomp Down on those Shrooms. At least we’ll shuffle off in a state of euphoria. Nevermind Tim I was bored, needed to entertain myself : )

      18. Ah, yes I’m with you. In fact it’s about time I took the shrooms I got for my birthday!

      19. ENJOY! We have to fight the Fun Removal Machine, the “war on drugs” is the biggest criminal act against humanity, all so they can run their Cannabis Farms, Poppy Fields, Drug Cartels with little/no outsider competition!

  2. Boris’s Bully Boys who go to schools to tell children not to get vaccinated and who protest about lockdowns by beating up people run the country at the moment. Both political parties daren’t whisper a word against them. The Police treat them with kid gloves in stark contrast to how they deal with Climate Change protesters. The Mail continues to bully GP’s who find the Triage system works accusing them of laziness. Triage was seen as useful on the battle fields of WW1 but imagine a system where one soldier demands he be treated for an ingrowing toenail before the fellow whose foot has been blown off.

    1. We shouldn’t have to ration treatment. Hospitals are only overloaded because of closures, bed loss and GPs not seeing people. Only this week a local commissioning group was warning patients they have a zero tolerance policy. Many responded to the newspaper article with shocking stories about their attempts to see a doctor and all ended up phoning 111 and being referred to outpatients. A lot of people remarked on GPs salaries and said that while they could never see a doctor as soon as boosters and flu jabs were available the surgery had people queuing down the street and social distancing went out the window. Many wondered if that had anything to do with the £12.50 a shot they get for giving doses.
      We are following the healthcare model practiced in Southern California and funny you should mention triage because they set up field hospitals there with medical production lines to treat some conditions and chronic illnesses. It is a frightening future for those that don’t have insurance.

      1. I agree we shouldn’t have to put up with shortages. The solution lies with politicians and purse strings and so far they’ve refused to help. Then what?

      2. I’m surprised that anyone still calls 111.
        The only things they do are:
        1. Say that you should go to your doctor.
        2. Say that you should go to A&E.
        3. Tell you they are sending an ambulance.
        I would replace the “service” with a recorded message that says “Go to your, GP, go to A&E or call an ambulance. You choose.”

      3. tut tut goldbach, you’re not taking the pandemic emergency seriously (98.60 – 99.80 survival rates with ot without the untested mRNA vaccines).
        Wiki tells us “A separate number NHS 119 is used for information and services relating to COVID-19 as of 18 May 2020. This number operates in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, with lines being open from 07:00 to 23:00 hours. It allows people to book NHS drive through tests, order home testing kits, and apply for tests in a care facility.”

  3. “mutations that scientists fear can evade existing immunity, ”
    Science is about knowledge not about “fears”. The “omicron” variant is too recent for reliable data to indicate whether or not “immune escape” is a factor, or whether or not this variant causes more serious disease, to be available.
    My newspaper this morning says “strain may ……….. make existing vaccines work less effectively.”
    They would have been just as accurate if they’d said “strain may not ……. make existing vaccines work less effectively.”
    Let’s wait for the data before engendering panic.

    1. How long should we wait? Two weeks minimum but more like January? And if the predictions prove correct what would you say then? ‘Sorry guys’? I imagine the seriousness only hits home when you are in hospital and you’re told they are putting you into a coma and inserting a ventilator. You usually get 10 minutes to telephone home to let them know. Yesterday 160 people had the tubes removed because they were dead. God knows who they were, we’re never told. The papers are full of the first person identified as dying in the Chanel drownings with a detailed biography; not 1 of the 160 is named. Why is that?

      1. Paul, I don’t contest anything you say about the seriousness of Covid. Four friends/acquaintances dead from it in the past two years does tend to make me take it very seriously.
        Declaring “omicron” a variant of concern is correct because it means that it will be the object of specific focus to collect all the data a.s.a.p. In the meantime, caution is appropriate.
        My point was that the media can never bear to take anything other than a simplistic approach, and loves to make people fearful. What we know so far is that a new variant has been identified and it has a large number of mutations. Early data from SA indicates that it has quickly become the dominant variant there.
        If you are asking how long we should wait before we know whether it causes more serious disease or has the capacity for “immune escape”, the answer is that we will know when we have sufficient data from SA.
        I don’t have the time or the detailed scientific knowledge to make an assessment but I find that Dr. John Campbell is a very useful person to have on the job. He seems to be able to find useful data from around the world and, I’m sure, will be looking at the “omicron” variant as a matter of urgency. Watch him on YouTube.

      2. The irony is that I agree with some of what you are saying in your comments the desire for positively respond commenting seems to have faded somewhat. Yes that is usually when it hits home, best advice is keep safe PPE and Alcohol spray, every day all day! Biological or Designer, it is killing and no truely effective vaccine to combat it, and that is before the Uber Monster Killer Variety arrived!
        Those very questions were also asked 2015 to 2020 when we had a Choice and a once in a lifetime opportunity twice, to end 43 years of Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY HELL, but people chose to jump on the lies, smears, sabotage, conniving, leave or remain bandwagons clanging their empty tin cans! How many people have some of us begged to think about their children if not themselves, now they are crying rivers of tears as it slowly dawns on them that 43 years of TORY HELL will become a 100, 200, because what is left of the Party they destroyed is now more TORY than the Conservative TORIES. Their only hope, a Democratic Socialist Party has dwindled down to about 10 exiles after Blue Keef’s genocidal cull of the “Left”!
        We’re already on that bed waiting for the induced coma, the pipes and we have no option to avoid it. Not for the next decade or two at least.

      3. John Campbell has posted a report on the “omicron” variant about 20 minutes ago. I’m about to watch it.

    2. maybe ‘engendering panic’ is the whole point gb. Those vaccines and masks don’t sell themselves you know.

      1. There is a £200 fine for those who refuse to comply with the new mask wearing regulations.

        Not wearing face masks in shops and on public transport punishable by £200 fine
        Failure to wear a mask will result in a £200 fine for the first offence, but this charge will then double for any further rule breaks.
        As such, a second offence will be punishable by £400, a third will cost £800, with fines continuing to climb up to £6,400.

      3. It’s very unlikely to be enforced, the earlier restrictions never were. It would take half the police force and create a lot of social discontent – which is why they never even tried last time. This government will never face off their own Bully Boys.

      4. Paul – A combination of social pressure and a few well publicised FPNs and the selfish refuseniks will soon get the message and comply.

      5. You seriously think so! Where will the police be found? Johnson has no appetite for real enforcement because it impacts on his core supporters especially the potentially violent ones who are itching to copy Holland and others. The fudge between ‘advice’ and legality is being made in every newspaper.

      6. Paul – “You seriously think so!”

        Why would anyone refuse to, apart from a medical exemption there is no reasonable excuse not to wear a mask

      7. I guess you don’t live in London or possibly not in the UK? The anti-vaccine and anti lockdowners are a powerful right wing pressure group that the Govt is afraid of.

      8. Paul – You are right I don’t live in the UK, we left the UK just a few weeks ago. However I’ve just spoken to our daughter who still lives in the north of England and she tells me that compared to last week there is already a noticeable increase in the number of people who are wearing masks on the buses and in the supermarket.

      9. You may have seen that UK Retailers are pointing out they won’t enforce mask wearing in shops because staff are (rightly!) afraid of the verbal abuse they receive as a result. So it’s police in every supermarket? I very much doubt it. The Government says it will say what penalties can be imposed – if any at all! – this afternoon.

      10. Agreed! But as it may have escaped your notice very few Brits are ‘socialists’. Many are closer to being fascist. Or does your daughter inform you otherwise?

      11. Paul – Fair comment but my response was also aimed at the self declared ‘socialists’ on these pages that are anti-mask.

      12. Breaking News

        COVID Booster Programme Extended to All Adults as Omicron Cases Rise
        Booster COVID-19 vaccines are to be offered to all adults aged 18 and over in a major expansion of the programme.
        The announcement came as 11 cases of the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 were detected in the UK.
        Six of the cases were identified in Scotland, and five in England.
        The Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisation (JCVI) announced that the booster programme would be extended to 18 to 39 year olds who had received their second dose at least 3 months previously.
        In a further development, children aged 12 to 15 should be offered a second dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech 3 months after their first dose.
        Severely immunosuppressed people are to be eligible for another booster, meaning that some people in this cohort could be given a fourth vaccine dose.

      13. Paul – Not at all, I covered that earlier. I think you underestimate the power of social & peer pressure. When I spoke to my daughter she was laughing about people getting on the bus this morning without a mask who took one look at the sea of masks confronting them and quickly dug out their own masks.
        As I said earlier.
        “A combination of social pressure and a few well publicised FPNs and the selfish refuseniks will soon get the message and comply.

      14. I’m afraid you are seriously out of touch if you really think this. If you lived in the UK you would know what it’s really about, Libertarians or straight up fascists abound and are, of course, in power.

      15. Paul – We were living in the UK until late summer this year. I think we’ve done this particular topic to death now, Don’t you?

      16. Not at all. You presume to describe the mood of the country based on your Daughter’s experience on a bus this morning! Now I wonder how long you’ve been an ex- pat?

      17. Paul – I wouldn’t really describe myself as an expat I have dual nationality. We have given what was our principal home in the UK to our daughter and we have now settled in our other home on the island where my wife was born, grew up and where we’ve owned our property for over a quarter of a century.
        We all speak from our personal experience and as I said earlier we were resident in the UK until this summer. You can either accept or reject my anecdotal evidence as you wish I don’t much care either way.

  4. I’ve had two Pfizer injections and one Pfizer booster. I’m still here – alive and kicking.

    If they’re trying to kill me, they’d better try harder.

    Oh, in addition, I’ve had one flu jab, one pneumonia jab and one for shingles.

    Perhaps, it’s the combination of all six, that’s stymied them?

    1. They’re still reaping money off of us, that’s more important to big Pharma and warmongers, a bunch of dead bodies even at Direct Disposal rates would cost too much, this is a money spinner, sure a few of us will die, but hey that’s life at the bottom of the pile. *Now, …where are my rudding dice of life?*

  5. Just heard a scientist say on Ch4 news, “we don’t have enough data yet but on what we have, maybe it’s not so bad”.

    1. Of course it’s not so bad.

      You can tell this is a propaganda classic by the way that, despite having no data or actual evidence that it’s anything to worry about, they still make it headline news. Heavy on doom-laden tones and words like “maybe”, “could” and “possibly”, light on context as usual. The danger is that it’s real objectives, to ramp up scapegoating of the Unvaccinated and provide the pretext for the UK going down the Austrian route of mandatory vaccination, could get a real boost…

    2. Iundiel
      Decision to vaccinate children, based on it will save a number of adults and it will kill less children than Covid19 is EXPECTED TO, based on our best guess

  6. Gordon Brown who is fair on international issues (despite voting to bomb a number of countries) and was useless on UK issues and neglected the Red Wall areas with Blair and Right wing Labour, made a good point, if we don’t get surplus vaccines to poor countries (100m vaccines will soon expire) it will come back to bite us.
    At the beginning of Covid I pointed out how Cuba had a useful interferon drug but perhaps the capitalist West couldn’t be seen being helped by a small socialist island?
    We have always had a Tory Covid OMNISHAMBLES as Right Wing Labour kept Schtum but this time they acted, perhaps cancelling Christmas wasn’t good politics.
    Perhaps the price of freedom is eternal vigilance!

      1. Thanks for the bmj report lundiel. It and the Lancet are probably the nearest things we have to national treasures in the health and epidemiology fields.

      2. They had Interferon B which wasn’t a vaccine but reduced deaths in hospitals.

      3. That, Sputnik V and maybe China, would be the only thing they’ll get into my living body! Homegrown taken by the leaders, offered out to poorer nations free/minimal cost.
        I live alone and only need to protect others from me by mask and visor and myself by the same plus alcohol spray, so far no double ones, when you do, you do! NASA only detects 20% of significant sized meteorites, before passing through our orbit the other 80% zooms through without detection, LOTS of double ones in that. Remember in the 90s that meteorite was comming towards us, well TIME magazine put that statistic down back then, shockingly I believe it’s still the same, so Musk’s Meteor Bomber will keep us about 20% safe, about the same as most vaccines, by real world standards.

      4. PS they had Antivirals sent to this Government at the start, very high efficacy, rejected! Instead recommends we take Trump’s Pool Cleaner Chlorine! I see so many double ones!

    1. None of the three main vaccines used in the west claim to reduce infectability (infection) of vaccinees.

      None can yet claim that their vaccine reduces fatality or seriousness or morbidity.

      Nine different reports published in The Lancet across the last 7 months substantiate both points (above). Infact two of those articles point out that infection is higher amongst the vaccinated.

      So, how can rushing these untested vaccines to poor countries help us or them?

      You (and G Brown) are maybe buying the marketing claims, instead of following the scientific data Bazza.

      1. So don’t vaccinate people in so called less developed countries but do here 3 times + plus flu jab.
        Perhaps you should walk in others shoes?

      2. Well Bazza, I walk in my shoes – and I will resist fiercly any attempt to vaccinate me with a legislation-validated untested ‘vaccine’ which is using a type of technology that no other vaccine has yet emplyed in over 50 years.

        I do not want any untested mRNA vaccine, it might be dangerous (it takes up to 12 years to know for certain). I try to dissuade anyone who asks for my opinion – even my 87 year old dad (who takes 4,000IU of D3, some K2 and about 15mg of zinc every day instead).

      3. Total deaths in South Africa so far, just under
        90,000. Cases: 2.95M. Fully vaccinated: 30%
        USA. Cases: 48.1M Deaths: 777K. Fully vaccinated:195M
        That speaks for itself regarding developed Vs undeveloped countries.

      4. qwertboy – Go on youTube and watch a huge number of report from John Campbell which critically review multiple peer-reviewed studies over many months. There is ample data indicating very strongly that, although each vaccine has its own characteristics, they are all effective. People misunderstand what the term “immunity” means. It doesn’t mean that the pathogen can’t get in to you. It means that your body can deal with it effectively when it does get in. When the Delta variant gets in to people who have been vaccinated they are significantly less likely to pass it on to others; they display a much reduced probability of showing any symptoms; they are very, very much less likely to become seriously ill and are extremely less likely to die.
        John Campbell is very thorough in his analysis and, if you don’t want to simply take what he says as accurate, he gives you links to all the papers so that you can review them for yourself.

      5. lundiel – It does speak a little but there is more to be said because things are not so straightforward.
        SA has a much younger demographic and younger people fair better against Covid.
        USA has a much larger proportion of people with co-morbidities (other health factors such as obesity, diabetes cancers etc. and these people fair worse.
        US has a large proportion of the population who are vitamin D deficient which makes people less able to fight infections of any kind.
        Unfortunately it ain’t straightforward.

      6. Oh, and qwertboy, I’m glad your dad takes Vit D and K2. That’s sensible.

      7. I know. I made the comparison to illustrate how unvaccinated countries have faired better than UK and USA for the reasons you provided.

  7. From John Campbell’s report:
    1. The variant is more infectious than Delta.
    2. There is data showing “immune escape” – 3 people who had been double vaccinated have tested +ve for Omicron – No information on whether they were ill from it.
    3. Pfizer are saying that within 2 weeks they will know whether the vaccine is effective against Omicron.
    4. All the pharmaceutical companies are saying that they could modify the vaccines to counter Omicron if needed.
    5. No information yet as to whether people who get it get more ill, less ill or no difference, when compared with Delta.

    But nobody is talking about Ivermectin – no surprise there.

  8. South African doctor who raised alarm about omicron variant says symptoms are ‘unusual but mild’
    Dr Angelique Coetzee noticed otherwise healthy patients showing unusual symptoms and worries how the new variant might hurt the elderly
    The Telegraph

  9. But then the Mirror says
    ‘Worst ever’ Covid Omicron already in UK warn scientists – and is ‘substantial risk’
    As Edwin Starr said many years ago “Who’s right or wrong”.

    1. Who’s right or wrong? It’s too soon to know. Covidians claim that SARS-CoV-2 is a novel coronavirus, but all the isolation data about it shows it is only marginally different than MERS. Back in 2012 when MERS erupted, initial prognosis suggested it would have an R of 3 (and therefore be virulent), it turned out to have a R of much less than .5.

      Dr Angelique Coetzee says she expects the same with oMICRON. She also points out that all ‘cases’ (not medical cases, but (PCR) ‘test cases’) are only occuring in the vaccinated. Unvaccinnated people have not yet featured in any of the 93 claimed ‘cases’ .

      I’m tempted to add “Go figure!”, but I won’t 😀

      1. From the Telegraph article, Dr Coetzee is quoted as saying “She said, in total, about two dozen of her patients have tested positive for Covid-19 with symptoms of the new variant. They were mostly healthy men who turned up “feeling so tired”. About half of them were unvaccinated.”

      2. Only occurring in the vaccinated, eh? That’s most interesting. Cheers, qwertboi!

    2. I’d trust the doctor over the Mirror. Here we go again. Terrifying people to sell papers ought to have consequences.

      1. terrifying people to sell newspapers or to sell vaccines and to engender compliance and acquiescence from a worried, frightened world?

      2. Absolutely. Imperial and Edinburgh which are sponsored by Gates and used by the UK government as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth use models provided by behavioural psychologists. That’s not really following the evidence.

      3. And Edinburgh’s media-omnipresent Devi Sridhar is one of this year’s WEF Young Leaders. Go figure!

    1. The three comments on the article tell you everything you need to know about the virus and the article.

  10. Will we ever recover fully from one of the biggest muggings in the history of the world.The Vaccine doesn’t work and is untested with no guarantees only that Big Pharma rule the world and will be happy to drip feed new vaccines for more profits and have already linning up a new untested Vaccine….C19covid…Delta….O’macron all from your compliant government only too happy ☺to test more draconian laws against the population wrapped up in a not so dangerous virus .All brought to your door by the same people that invented the great China scare of “commys” infesting the beloved freedom of the west,…..I have had the not so dangerous virus and still say that theres far more dangerous diseases infecting the world than the virus and neo liberal ideology will kill us off if we allow them to..Poverty is the biggest killer in this world 🌎 and nothing much changes other than our very basic freedoms.which are disappearing quickly.

    1. Joseph – Whilst I agree with you that poverty is the biggest killer I do find it more than a little ironic that you express concerns about the loss of ‘basic freedoms’ but you have chosen to live in a country with such a poor human rights and corruption record.
      As for the rest of the anti-vax crap you are proselytising it is a while since I’ve read such a load of bollocks

  11. Ps…theres a epidemic across the “La..Manch” its called murder of men,women and children in a mindless game of who blinks first in a Refugee crisis brought to you by two of the largest warmongers on the planet Britain and France.. These poor sods are driven here by wars in desperation and our answer appears to be “let them drown”

  12. Shame on you Steve H the evidence is effectively in front of your face and its brought to you by the same media and government that have exploited the people for massive profits and draconian laws against the working-class and propganda including your anti Cambodia line thats just another extension of the lies against any allies of China that dont fall in line with the eternal war and weapons machine thats part and parcel of your twisted ideology and subservience to neo liberal ideology.Very sad 😢 considering you at one time had a sense of morality that disappeared with the fascist Labour leader and Evans the enforcer.that you voted for.

  13. In order to get the vaccines out we had to give the manufacturers immunity from prosecution
    This was sensible as there previous track record was poor, so poor they were only reccomended for those who were on their way out anyway
    Nothing has changed
    So a few facts
    Natural immunity is 75 times more effective than the vaccine
    Those who have natural immunity are advised NOT to get the vaccine due to unacceptable complications
    Once you have the vaccine it resets your immune system, you lose your natural immunity, you are completely reliant on the limited protection offered by the vaccine
    Limited protection doesn’t last

    1. To Covid19
      I’m not saying we are all doomed, the secret to our natural immune systems are memory cells, that’s why we are still here and will continue to thrive until we wipe ourselves our in a climate catastrophe
      Have a nice day

      1. Doug – I’m not saying you are, that’s not what you said. I’m just saying that what you have claimed above is a load of bollocks.

      2. SteveH
        Would help the debate if you could put some hair on the bollocks, as it stands it doesn’t look like yours have dropped yet

  14. At least you can’t say just another anti vaxxer, I’m saying they do what they say on the tin, but only work for those who can afford to take the gamble because they have nothing to lose
    The rest of us don’t need them, happy for our own immune systems to deal with it
    The old saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, thats how I understand it
    Then there is my grandad’s advice ‘if you want to know what’s going on, then follow the money’

  15. @timfrom

    I have tried, unsuccessfully to post a link to the wef event site but they never appear…

    I can assure you however that it is there. And any muffin that believes fact checkers instead of checking themselves deserves all they get!


    In this sort of brainwashing exercise, there are 3 groups. 30% are immune 30% are sucked in. The Remaining 40% are open to sensible discussion and proof.

    Someone on the web has speculated about the possible origins of our current situation. They argue that because the US has had to quit warring for money, big pharma with their endless series of boosters has occured to take up the slack. We are unable to see any of the contract details between Pfizer and countries, but I’m willing to bet all payments are in USD.

    1. NVLA – while even bigger idiots brag about ignoring the fact that the document was updated this month as evidenced by the archive evidence that is linked to in the fact check.
      Please get a grip.

    2. Yes indeed – and with obvious American-led “inside jobs” like 9/11 and Covid, I suspect the continuation of the petrol$ looks less certain every year.

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