Exclusive: Labour’s NW conference ‘overwhelmingly’ censured Starmer after this speech (video)

Regional conference massively condemns Starmer’s collusion with Murdoch and the S*n after this impassioned speech from a delegate

Labour’s north-west regional conference today voted on a motion by the CWU union to censure Keir Starmer for his betrayal of the movement and especially the people of Merseyside and Hillsborough survivors and families by writing for the Murdoch S*n – a crime that he subsequently said he would repeat if it suited him.

The motion passed overwhelmingly after delegates heard this speech – and despite the attempts of a couple of Starmer supporters to argue against it:

The full motion reads:

CWU Motion to 2021 North West Labour Conference

In 2017 this North West Labour Conference carried unanimously a CWU motion supporting the ‘Total Eclipse of the S*n’ campaign.

So this conference is appalled that the Leader of our party Keir Starmer recently cooperated with the S*n newspaper.

We applaud those North West MPs who had the courage to openly condemn Keir Starmer for what many on Merseyside and the across the North West see as a betrayal.

The S*n has long been an enemy of the working class – best demonstrated by their coverage of the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989. The hurt this has caused to the Hillsborough families, friends and survivors is immeasurable and is a serious error of judgement.

This Conference therefore calls on Keir Starmer to issue an apology and assurances that this will not happen again.

This Conference does recognise many North West Labour Members of Parliament, Mayors and Councillors do not buy or cooperate with the Sun and we call on all North West politicians to do the same.

We also call upon all North West Labour MPs to lobby their colleagues in Westminster to pledge not to buy or cooperate with the S*n.

This Conference reaffirms its decision taken in 2017 to do whatever we can to ensure that copies of the Sun are not available anywhere in the North West.

Finally, conference applauds all the families and friends of those who lost their lives, for their incredible dignity and for never giving up.

Proposed by the Communication Workers Union

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  1. This a betrayal but for me it doesn’t end there for Liverpool, as of the new year Liverpool is split into wards, members will have to attend branch meetings to be selected as delegates to CLP meetings, designed of course to nullify the left, it is a grab of power in the city, not sure many are aware of it as yet

    1. Starmer’s right wing regime is doing its utmost to persuade socialist members to leave the party. Why? What is it about moderate democratic socialists that frighten them so much? Probably nothing, it’s disabling the left, removing the stench of Corbyn and the Labour brand they want.

      But once we leave the party, their friends in the trilateral commission, the CIA, etc., can be confident that the trade unions and working class in Britain, a petri dish (along with Allende’s Chile) for the neoliberal New World Order, will never have another ascendent moment again.

      So, worry hard about the Omicron variant, have yet another vaccine booster, don’t unsocially mix over Christmas, keep your masks on hand and get ready for The New Year with ever-more threats of lockdown and Sir Keir Starmer as Prime Minister in waiting. The Only Way Is Up.

      1. quertboi I am not particularly worried about the O’macron virus I am much more worried about the biggest killer Poverty and the spread of deseases like TB malaria and dengue with gastroenteritis from lack of clean water and sanitation….They are the real killers and are being ignored for a panicky inducing flu like virus that only makes the fat cats fatter and government off the hook implementing draconian laws against the working-class.And its about time someone stepped in to sort out the slaughter of the innocent in La Manch..and put Macron and Johnson before the Hague courts for participants in the murder of innocent refuggees in the channel.

    2. I have no doubt that there will be a trend away from strong support for an ineffective right-dominated Labour Party in Liverpool. Serious progressives will be confronted with a quandary as to where to cast their ballots. It would be great if the Labour left in Liverpool can find a way of organising and coordinating around this anti-democratic travesty.

  2. The insistence of Starmer that he write for the Sun is a symptom of
    his general attitude of arrogance and lack of understanding of how human
    beings work..

    1. Holby fan Mw…..The dictator is not interested in the little people who knock on doors and deliver leaflets and even convince brave people to put vote Labour stickers in their windows…Try cancelling your D\debits and see if that knocks the smile off their mugs….you know it makes sense..!

  3. Wouldn’t we be better off with Brian from the CWU as leader of Labour? Of course, he’d never make it: his accent is wrong, he doesn’t look like a bank manager and he wouldn’t be comfortable on the private yacht of a pop singer. Since its inception, Labour has been hi-jacked by middle-class careerists whose patronising view is that working people are too stupid, feckless, lazy, ill-educated and irresponsible to do things for themselves. Odd really when you think it’s their work which keeps the country running. That little speech from Brian is full of the principle, the high-mindedness, the solidarity, the hope and the refusal to kow-tow to the rich which is the best of Labour. On the other hand, every time Starmer opens his mouth he vomits on everything Labour should be about.

  4. On its own the Motion will have limited effectiveness unless it is backed up by action which has some bite.

    As matters stand the majority of those still in the LP who carry out the vast bulk of on the ground grassroots campaigning in their communities have already voted with their feet and are working without enthusiasm – ie they are on what in industrial terms would be classed and described as ‘unofficial action’ by not turning out to campaign, canvass, knock on doors etc in the required numbers necessary to deliver effective election results.

    It’s all very well playing by the Marquis of Queensbury rules with politely worded Motions such as this, however passionate the speeches in support are. However, the sectarian regime which has taken over the Party has demonstrated it does not operate to such rules. Only rules which suit the selves.

    Concrete demands backed up by concrete actions are the only effective way to deal with what is taking place. Instead of constantly being defensive and on the back foot all the time those who do all the donkey work need to switch from a passive stance to an active stance by making this an official strike with the demand that until the extreme centerist parasites infecting the Party are removed no support in elections at any level will be forthcoming.

    The only way to concentrate hearts and minds is to grab these carpetbaggers by the goolies and threaten their comfortable Parliamentary seats.

    As matters stand sitting on the sidelines moaning about what these malevolent twelve year old management clone numpties are doing by passing politely worded Motions not backed up with any active, effective and concrete measures to change the current behaviours is simply not going to cut it.

    1. The best post I’ve seen here recently on this. Relevant and incisive. Thanks

    2. Rely to Dave H and Q –

      I agree in principle with post and reply – particularly about those LP members
      “working to rule”. However not all constituencies are the same and I think
      LP peoples responses will therefore be different. Mine are to support local
      individuals but not central authority.

      Who was it who said “Organise!” or words to that effect – and I suspect that
      there is a lot of manoeuvring going on in the PLP? This is led I suspect by
      Angela Rayner and I just WISH it was not her. However it is not always the
      initial front-runner who wins out in the end. I certainly do not want a
      “Night of the Long Knives” and would far rather a “Carnation Revolution”
      as the latter does so much less damage.

  5. It was the Blair/Murdoch birth of The People of The SUN that lead that trash into just about all “Working Class” households, together with the obligatory Mail for the Missus!
    The Middle Class was taken care of by Mandelson/Campbell’s People of The SUN in Lamb’s Clothing aka The Guardian.
    Together they and Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES dragged once Centre Left/Right voters way over, smack bang onto Thatcher’s Lap.
    “We write in the SUN, to win back the Red Wall!” What the Fuck are the Red Wall doing reading Racist Far Right SUN! They probably already worship Blue Keef and his Starmersstruppen, however all blame can’t be pinned on The SUN! These are the Starmersstruppen: they worship “…for the middle class not the UNDESRVING POOR!” Mattinson
    “Not the Party for People out of work” Reeves
    We will be tougher than the Conservatives on benefit claimants” Reeves
    “10 years for “benefit frauds””
    “Riots could sweep the streets of Britain if immigration is not curbed post Brexit” Reeves
    Our problem is MUCH bigger than The SUN! Losing 2017/2019 has cost us many, many thousands of lives and many more of us will die because of the conniving, sabotage, smearing, lying, propaganda produced by ALL of the MSM, MSSM and others of course, but MSM/MSSM were the amplification of every empty tin can Clanging Bandwagon!
    We need to Boycott ALL MSM, if we are to have any effect whatsoever, The SUN would prove a point, but in the meantime the Manufactured Consent Machine keeps churning mincing brains and forming bricks for walls.
    Send your Sky/Talk Talk/Virgin/BT/etc, etc boxes back, all you need is Internet, as. dodgy as that is getting, turn off mainstream Radio tune into independant livestream radio. We need to kill MSM and MSSM, if we ever wish to see a phoenix rise.
    There are so much we can do with little effort, inconveniences perhaps, but too many people are back to ignorance is bliss sleep again after 2015 to 2020, too many people are addicted to their commercialised materialist Snottery.
    I wonder how many vowed to spend next to nothing on xmas in solidarity with those of us who can’t even spend next to nothing on xmas, even if we wanted to. We need to kill MSM, MSSM and Manufactured Consent, we can only do that if we stop feeding the Greed Monsters!

  6. Starmer is just being himself. Elsewhere this week, he spoke to business leaders telling them that “labour is the party of business”. I could have sworn it was the party for workers…

    He mentioned being fiscally responsible (like throwing money at everything works…) which allows more of that we’re in debt cobblers.

  7. won’t give you a link but… ‘Launched in 1970 in The Sun newspaper, Page 3 brought models such as Sam Fox, Linda Lusardi and Katie Price into the limelight. For all the latest news and stories on The Sun’s former Page 3 girls, look no further.’

    he’ll take a vote from anyone regardless but – what’s he promising?

  8. How long do you think it will take for the mover of the motion Brian Parsons to be denounced as an “antisemite” ( the catch all vilification) and be expelled from the party? My guess is about 2 months max.

    1. Smartboy, maybe not it really depends as to whatever Brian is standing as prospective Cllr, for positions within Labour Party structures (even standing for CLP’s Secretary will see him suspended)
      Most important as to whatever Brian despite his words when it comes to the crunch at elections times is willing to repeat the mantra on the doorsteps that: no matter what Labour is better than Tory, hold your noses if you must but vote Labour.
      Hence,that Brian speaks against Starmer’s at the CWU Conference I believe the right wingers can live with him, providing he doesn’t seek positions within the Party because:
      1-the Party needs Brian’s sub
      2- the Party needs Brian and the likes of Brian to keep the veneer that the Party still a broad church.
      3-the right wing need the likes of Brian to canvass for them and get them elected.
      Thus, it is a 50/50 as to whatever Brian gets suspended or no.

  9. See Resist are registering as a new Socialist Party and will consult members on a new name.
    There is a small New Democratic Socialist Party called Breakthrough, the Bakers Union have left Labour and the FBU may?
    So things for a new party may be developing and if Labour gets rid of Left MPs we could be on our way?

  10. Censure, schmensure.

    No confidence calls at (regional) conferences are required. Anything less is bringing a fart to a shitfight.

  11. Just glanced at Zelo street blog interesting article about the recent judgment in favour of Squawlkbox and the Canary….it also reports on a recent trip to hospital by the editor of zelo st all of it in a amusing and different approach with there are other viruses around other than Covid…..again off message but relevant to the recent AS scam targeted at the left wing and left news.

  12. Sir Keir Starmer is unfit for office DO NOT REQUEST AN APOLOGY, GET RID! Contempt for the 97 dead @ Hillsborough & sanctioning genocide in Palestine & all Labour Party delegates can do is request “just say you’re sorry”. Get up off your knees.

  13. Rayner in bust up after shadow minister resigns saying corbyns exclusion is damaging the Labour party……Rayner excluded from reshuffle and claims on air knew nothing about a reshuffle…..independent

    1. Stevie boy 👦H Hall its looking orchestrated by the deputy leader and the “Cat” .Angel knows a lot of men but especially a “dead man walking”

      1. They want nobody in their inner circle from the left.

        No fan of Rayner but they’ll probably gaslight her – mess with her psychologically, until she quits too. Starmer and his team want no dissenting left -wing voices as he moves the party way to the right – even to the right of the Tories. Nor any leaks about shad cab unhappiness. Any govt led by him and them would be unrelentingly awful.

        This looks like a very sinister takeover of the Labour party. Starmer and those around him obviously aren’t remotely left-wing. This is the establishment taking over a party and crippling any real democratic choice. It’s an attack on the what little democratic choice we have in the UK.

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