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If you really want to annoy the likes of John Mann, watch and share this video

As Skwawkbox has written, an attempted attack on Skwawkbox and The Canary collapsed in chaos this week when an ‘academic’ report paid for by Mann that tried to equate those two publications with the extreme right – along with yet more supposed ‘evidence’ submitted by its authors – was rejected in full by IMPRESS, the UK’s independent and only Leveson-compliant press regulator.

The right and the Establishment would love to see the demise of new left media, so seeing them thrive will be the best revenge. If you’d like to annoy those who want to end the left, please watch and share this short video:

The links for those who wish to support and are able to do so without hardship are:

Skwawkbox thanks its readers for your continued solidarity and support.


  1. ‘Mr Mystic Mr Mann?
    A Warrier, for what he may not know?
    Just read Regan: The Balfour Declaration.’
    And your wisdom it will grow.’
    Justice for Palestinians, the Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees, One Democratic State respecting all religions, Peace to All in the region.

  2. I’m still waiting for the perma-scowling twunt to explain why he did precisely NOTHING about stella greasy’s casual racist tweet after I sent him several emails when he begged for examples of RACISM in order to expel party members.

    greasy’s excuse was she didn’t realise what constitutes casual racism, yet 58 earlier she made a tweet complaining about someone at a darts event ‘blacked up’ and apparently impersonating Diane Abbott, so greasy lied.

    Then of course there was greasy’s boyfriend’s tweets about Jackie Walker….

    …A lovely couple, I’m sure, eh, John?

  3. I just did a search on the Jewish Chronicle’s website, and needless to say they have NOT covered the IMPRESS findings regards the so-called study, which is just further evidence of how totally corrupt and poisonous and malevolent the Chronicle is. What I always found rather odd though is that only the JC covered the so-called study, and that it wasn’t covered by any the MSM. Two possibilities occured to me, one of which is that they checked with their legal teams and were advised that the claims made in the ‘study’ were potentially libelous, or they decided that they didn’t want to give Skwawkbox and The Canary any free publicity and, as such, lead to potentially tens of thousands of their readers etc checking out the sites and finding not only that the claims are bogus, but that they are both informative and revealing news sites and, as such, start following them – ie subscribe to one or the other or both of them.

    Lee Harpin described the so-called study as ‘a damning new government report’:

    The Canary and Skwawkbox, two of the websites most closely linked to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, have been found to promote “heavily negative coverage of Jewish issues” to audiences that are “associated with antisemitism”, a damning new government report has found.

    And here’s a bit more from the JC piece:

    Ahead of publication of the report, Lord Mann said: “Whilst not all such sites promote anti-Jewish racism, it is increasingly clear that some of them have content which is used as part of the reservoir of such hatred and the conspiracy theories that drive forward antisemitism.

    “I am sending this report across government and Parliament in an attempt to influence the forthcoming online harms legislation.

    “There needs to be parity between regulation of the media and newspapers and our failure to democratise the online space and ensure that alternative platforms do not act as echo chambers for hate, fuelling racism and inspiring real-world harm.

    Well isn’t it odd – given that Skwawkbox and The Canary are allegedly ‘echo chambers for hate, fuelling racism and real-world hate’, and ‘have content which is used as part of the reservoir of such hatred and the conspiracy theories that drive forward antisemitism’, as Mann implies, that he hasn’t reported the sites to the police – ie didn’t report them to the police when the ‘study’ was concluded – which tells you ALL you need to know!

    Here’s a link to the JC article for anyone who hasn’t seen it, and in a separate ‘comment’ I’ve posted a link to Tony Greenstein’s article about the author of the ‘study’:

    1. Correction… that should have read: Well isn’t it odd – given that Skwawkbox and The Canary are allegedly ‘echo chambers for hate, fuelling racism and inspiring real-world harm…..

  4. It just occurred to me to do a search on the CAAs website to see if David Miller was reported to the police by anyone, and it appears that he was. The following CAA piece is from March 31st:

    Police are reportedly investigating Prof. David Miller for a hate crime over recent inflammatory comments that he made about Jewish students.

    So that’s EIGHT months now, and given that I’ve not heard anything, and just this minute did a search and found nothing whatsoever in respect of the outcome of said police investigation, then presumably ‘they’ are STILL investigating the allegations. In fact according to an Electronic Intifada article which came up in the results when I did a search, the complaint was made in the February, so it is in fact NINE months! I mean how long does it take to determine whether or not David Miller has committed an offence?!

    The strange thing is that yet again – as with the ‘study’ concocted and contrived for John Mann – the MSM don’t appear to have reported about David Miller being reported to the police. I suspect their thinking is to wait for the investigation to conclude, and if the police find that he has committed an offence and charge him as such, then they’ll report it, but if the police DON’T find that he has committed an offence, then the MSM will just completely ignore the fact.

    Anyway, the Intifada piece – by Asa Winstanley – is entitled ‘Who are the Israel lobbyists that want David Miller fired?’ and is well worth reading if you haven’t done so before.

  5. What a joyful video from Steve. !!
    I’ve spent years with the sick-bucket close at hand for any occasion when the poisonous John Mann should appear on our screens.
    Steve’s video is so uplifting that I shall be sending a donation of £50 to Skwawkbox and another £50 to Canary.
    Money well-spent.

  6. I was just looking all over the place to try and find the ‘John Mann’ report/study regarding Skwawkbox and The Canary, and I couldn’t find it – or a link to it – anywhere, and was just in the process of typing out a post to ask if anyone knows if it’s actually been published yet, and just prior to posting it, it occurred to me to check out The Canary, and lo and behold, it looks like they just got hold of it today! Anyway, here it is:

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