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Labour right pretends all’s ok as party haemorrhages votes in Liverpool

Labour holds seats, but bleeds votes and turnout falls by more than half

Liverpool: red bleeding away

The Labour right is trying hard to pretend all is well despite their imposition in Liverpool wards of right-wing candidates with no support from local members.

Hard-right NEC member Luke Akehurst crowed that the results showed that complaints of his rigging of selections against the left had been unfounded:

But the ‘huge margins’ were in fact massively reduced compared to the preceding elections – and tiny in number terms, with turnout reduced by half and more, an appalling figure even considering these were by-elections:

Labour’s best result on the night was a 7.6-point fall in Clubmoor, with the party losing 11.5 points in Anfield – in what has previously been the country’s most Labour-voting constituency – and a massive 20.5 points in Kirkdale. Such a swing in die-hard Labour wards should – and certainly will – send shivers of terror down the spines of Keir Starmer and co, as they spell disaster for even previously moderately comfortable seats elsewhere.

There is even less excuse for Starmer to cling to in a city that has currently been infested by Tory-appointed commissioners and in a time when the Tories’ corruption, pyschopathy and incompetence has been on show on a national scale.

Of course, it wouldn’t do for the Labour right to admit that. But the loss of large numbers of Labour voters in England’s reddest city is the slide of the first pebbles of what could become an avalanche as voters wake up to the arrogance and contempt for democracy of the Labour right – and find that they can identify no meaningful differences between Keir Starmer and his cohort and the Tories dragging the nation into the gutter.

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  1. We need to do more than stay away. After all that’s happened, I’ll vote for any party that has a chance to beat them.

    1. I feel the same and unless there is an alternative party of the Left I will vote Green.

  2. Looking at Kirkdale -the total % increase in the second and third candidates
    almost exactly equals the % loss of votes for the Labour Party .

    Also – as you correctly say – the least serious loss was 7%. Imagine if that was replicated
    all over the country?

    Surely – even the dimmest can see this is a disaster ..

  3. Would you credit it?
    Anneliese Dodds has written to the Chair of the Conservative Party to call on the party do “do much more to tackle Islamophobia”.
    Another one with no sense of irony.

  4. Facts are facts – and Luke Akehurst is a very stupid person who doesn’t want to recognise that. His whole stance is stupid. He is no more a labour socialist than Micky Mouse. He’s after increasing his influence and in the process because he is stupid is actually making himself ridiculous.

    1. And the ridiculous thing is he doesn’t realise he’s ridiculous. He really is very thick.

  5. So the Labour party lost votes but managed to cling on.Thats the fascist dictator Starmers plan to be the second worst choice and win by default to the worst Government in living memory and walk into Downing street as Britains first choice for PM and unleash an even more dangerous dictator on the international stage backed and supported by Foreign money and policies.

    1. If people sit at home and refuse to vote for anybody then that conceivably could happen. They’ve done their sums, so folk need to get out and vote appropriately, especially in seats that are close run.

      1. What concerns and surprises me Baz2001 is that despite everything – the purges, broken promises, vindictiveness, injustice etc perpetrated by Starmers Labour, allowing the S*n access to Conference and then Starmer writing for it and saying he would do so again so many people in Liverpool still voted Labour.
        Regarding going out to vote I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Do you mean we should go out and vote for another party? If so I don’t agree with you. I could never bring myself to vote for a Tory or a Lib dem for that matter (maybe a Green if pushed) therefore I would prefer to boycott any election all together If we all did this it would make the PLP sit up and take notice in my opinion- they are big into self preservation
        Also I think the Liverpool results show the Loyalty people have for the name “labour” ( even though the party does not show the same Loyalty to lifelong members like Jo Bird) and this means that we have to be be very careful about starting a new socialist party as so many posters on this site want. I want it too but know that if it fails we are going to be consigned to the political wilderness for a generation. Therefore in my opinion we have to be sure we can take the majority of Labour voters with us before we make such a move – the Liverpool results are not encouraging in that respect.

      2. If you don’t vote at all then you are opting out of the whole system and rewarding the Right Wing with an easy victory. Voting Tory or Lib Dem is off the radar in my opinion. I will go Green unless something else pops up. The idea that the LP will sit up and take notice of abstentions is for the birds. Voting Labour is a habit that is declining fast.

      3. Labour are to the right of the Conservatives on a number of policies if I’m reading them correctly. Reeves is a worry economically, she’s determined to prove to MSM that she’s business friendly. I wouldn’t trust Nick Thomas Symonds as far as I can throw him and as far as defence is concerned, Labour will do anything to back Israel and America. That makes them far more dangerous than the Conservatives. This isn’t about voting for ‘another left party,’, there isn’t one and the Tories won’t put the interests of America or Israel above their own.
        In these unprecedented times Labour must lose, even if it means voting for Tories.

      4. Smartboy. I agree, to a lot of people, the name ‘Labour’ still gives the Party a great deal of credibility, particularly among those who don’t get involved in the nitty gritty of politics. It’s made even worse because the right wing/Zionist media are deliberately hiding the truth from the public, a situation of which Starmer is taking full advantage.

  6. Akehurst reminds me of the knight in the Monty Python film who after having had both arms lopped off by his opponent insisted that it was only a “flesh wound”

  7. So what would you do with Luke Akehurst when you get control of the party back, in practice how do you deal with Red Tories

  8. thing is, present labour parliamentary party don’t have enough sense to run a government, let alone serve their constituents, so being an mp minority has its comforts with social and career benefits. the less of them there are further reduces their capacity but raises their social profile while it lasts. turning the tanker that is the labour shibboleth will take several elections and most regrettably we will have to swallow it. the present electoral system means that it will be increasingly difficult to swing the votes so swapping votes to other parties it’s worth asking what their position is on fair representation – without that nothing will really change.

  9. I think that you are wrong charming64 and that there is plenty of talent
    in the PLP.

    The problem is that they are excluded from the Front Bench and we have
    someone in charge who does not have a clue about politics – or indeed any
    common sense. Even with the best will in the world he would not do well
    – and we know he has not got that .. He is dependent on Evans it seems to
    me for what he is doing now is not sensible even by right wing standards ..

    As for members of the PLP not being able to serve their constituents – I
    disagree with that too for our MP works very hard for the Constituency ..
    and would have no time at all to do a second job!

  10. I agree theres plenty of “Talant” in the PLP…thats if you like extreme right wing ideology and love Israeli involvment through LFI…Youve managed to talk yourselves into a corner by more of the same religion “the Labour party” and to keep feeding the parasites without feeling you are collaborating.Many Germans inside the Nazi party didnt want a Hitler and continued to support the Nazi regime and paid money for it.History is against you by continuing the funding of the Labour party you collaberate with it.and become part of the problem not the solution..Maybe Mandelson was correct and was refering to the members “because youve nowhere else to go” how very sad 😢

  11. Yes, but Starmer is getting exactly what he wants. On R4 recently he was pressed to say whether Corbyn would have made a better PM than Johnson. He refused. The best he could manage was that Labour is always better than the Tories. But his behaviour and that of the PLP and the bureaucracy says the opposite. The Labour machine chose Johnson over Corbyn. Starmer will be glad that socialists in Liverpool are walking away from Labour. He wants Labour to be fully committed to capitalism. Given a choice between Liverpool socialists and Johnson, Starmer would choose the latter. Blair and Mandelson the same. Starmer is remote from the sensibility of people in Liverpool or Manchester. He is in tune with Surrey. In Surrey, where everyone votes Tory he could see himself as radical because he believed trade unionist shouldn’t be hung drawn and quartered. In Liverpool, he’s utterly reactionary. He’s a clean-behind-the-ears boy scout who believe capitalism is a good system, businessman fine chaps, Israel a wonderful democracy. He’s a career-man who thinks money and power are virtue. Not a cell in his body rebels against the injustice of capitalism. If Labour loses, he wins because capitalism is safe, Israel is safe, racism is safe, injustice is safe. He would like to be PM for the family album, but he’d rather the Tories were in perpetual power than economic democracy. Fighting economimc democracy and universal equal right is his mission. Ours is to bring him low.

  12. To be honest I dont think Starmer knows what he wants – he has not the capacity to
    understand how politics and government works ..

    He wants a small “perfect” cabal of a Labour Party and does not appear to
    understand that this will be reflected in a rump of a Parliamentary Labour

    I think the Right will vote for anything which keeps them in post for if they get the
    same support at the next GE as they got at LIverpool Council bi-Elections .

    Me? Im staying exactly where I am – our CLP is as far removed from
    the PLP and the disciplinary process as its possible to behold.

    The Labour Party cannot continue their illegal activities forever ..
    and I will NOT be shamed into leaving though I can understand
    those who leave for health reasons. Given our voting system a
    new Party has No chance

    1. Starmers promised “Not to throw money at the economy” looking to bolster the message to the CBI and drags the corbyn manifesto of 2019into the mud.This appalling Tory boy intends to kick the working-class in the teeth whilst the Tory government strip the poorest of benifits decent pensions and even their propertys if they own a house and need care…..We need a Opposition now and the Labour party are basically out of control “and getting worse by the day….nobody can justify supporting this mob and hold their heads high.

  13. Awwwhahahaha….. Starmer’s bringing back Blunkett to advise on what young people want. Be very afraid young people, he’ll give you short sharp shocks.

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