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Councillor quits Labour in disgust at ‘racist, counterfeit Tory’ party

Sarah Morton ‘can’t wait to get proper stuck into Keith’

Liverpool Clubmoor councillor Sarah Morton has resigned her party membership after saying that the ‘crappy’ party had crossed several lines too many and had become a poor imitation of the Tories – and a ‘racist joke’.

Morton announced the news in a ‘late night’ post on Facebook:

Morton is just the latest in a string of councillors to resign and either sit as independents or join other parties in protest at Keir Starmer and his cronies’ lurch to the hard right and contempt for party democracy.

Labour, meanwhile, has haemorrhaged votes in three by-elections in the city after imposing right-wing candidates with no support from local members, holding onto the seats but with significantly reduced vote shares.

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  1. It grows more and more surprising that there still isn’t an alternative to the Labour Party. Do all those who have left and those chucked and hounded out just sit at hone twiddling their thumbs?

    1. What do you do Paul? Or HAVE you done? Have you done anything to try and establish an alternative to the Labour Party, or are you just leaving it up to others? I assume you are one of the people who have left the party, or been expelled or hounded out, so what are you yourself doing apart from posting on here?

      Given the number of people posting on here about forming a new left-wing party, like Ben Lapointe, why don’t you all get together and get things going instead of just complaining about it.

      1. I think it will happen. Will you be a cheer leader or are you in defence?

      2. I take it from your reply that you haven’t done anything to that end Paul. Is that right? Just sitting at home and twiddling your thumbs are you, and posting on here occasionally. I see that Bazza posted a comment since I was last on here saying that he’s going to stand as a Left Wing Democratic Socialist against Labour, so why don’t you liaise with him (through Steve Walker) and see how you can get involved. And everyone else who keeps posting on here about forming a new party. As for waiting for a ‘big hitter’, if lots of people at a grass roots level get things moving, then perhaps that might encourage a big hitter to get involved. And why not try getting in touch with Chris Williamson.

      3. I have indeed contacted RESIST. You, presumably, back Starmer?

      4. Now why would you say such a thing Paul when you know that I have repeatedly referred to Starmer and Co as fascists. I joined the LP because of Jeremy, and I left because of Starmer.

      5. Well now you know! And here’s an example from just four days ago:

        I don’t mean to contradict you George, but I don’t think choice – or choosing – has anything to do with it, as if to say that at some point in his life Starmer (or Blair or Hodge or Smeeth or Mann or Austin etc) had a long hard think about whether they wanted to be a democrat or a fascist (and decided to be a fascist), no more than Jeremy or Ken did. They are what they are, and they can’t be what they’re not.

        PS So what did you contact RESIST about?

      6. Personal stuff, eh? Anyway, given what you said in your initial post, I assume you don’t regard RESIST as an alternative to the Labour Party, which is somewhat surprising given that you just happened to contact them recently.

      7. RESIST has good potential I think. And yourself? Do you support them and don’t get in contact?

      8. Well if that’s the case Paul, why did you post such a derogatory and denigrating comment initially, and not instead post something constructive and positive, such as encouraging people to join RESIST and get involved??

        That said, I expect quite a few people who have left the LP – or been expelled etc – have in fact joined RESIST.

    2. Jock the Hat has a number of choices. He’s had loads of famous mates hasn’t he. Or you could try ….

  2. So, has Labour lost Liverpool in those 3 by elections?
    If not then Keir’s calculated risk is working so far…
    When will Skwawkbox inform us which new party to back?
    Is there a campaign to urge sitting decent Labour MPs / councillors / activists to join the new party?

    1. There is crowing from the RW of the Labour Party but this is
      not merited.

      They’ve not lost but the turnout and %age of votes for Labour
      has been massively reduced.

      Given the state theTories are in this is a disaster – imagine if it
      was replicated in a GE

      1. It’s no good if people don’t turn out to vote. They need to vote for somebody else otherwise the turnout drops drastically and Labour still get in. It’s that simple.

      2. Yes, a vote that isn’t for Labour is against it. If you just drop out you cancel out any worth the lonely sole voter has.

    2. Red october….Theres been a campaign on here and across the Labour party for the Socialist mps to do somthing even if it is only to save their own necks but the response as been deafning by their silence.You might also find that the posters calling for action from the left wing and Corbyn to help form a ready made membership and sitting left mps as been met by charges of
      Paid right wing troll “and a right wing plant and not a socialist but a infiltrator.I will say though that the majority have stopped feeding the parasites infesting the Labour party and are basically looking for a alternative working-class movement with a recruitment sergeant like Corbyn and a Number of hard headed socialists mps who know how to deal with fascists.IT needs to be done now or the opportunity will have gone

      1. It appears that we ought not to wait
        99.99% of MPs / people prefer never to stand up on the hill 1st
        Skwawkbox leadership ought to make a move.
        Only once the band wagon gets moving them people jump aboard.

  3. Many of us through our trade unions are fighting alongside grassroots communities including diverse citizens and workers in struggle and patiently building socialist arguments & solidarity.
    Whilst Right Wing Labour are nowhere to be seen.
    I think we all seem to be waiting for a big hitter?
    But I am going to stand as a Left Wing Democratic Socialist against a Labour top Lightweight and I am a good propagandist.
    I will lacerate them in debates.
    Perhaps we just need 649 other altruistic comrades standing under the same banner.

    1. Use the identity Democratic Labour as thus claims our rightful face and exposing exposing the major faukt line.

  4. Dead right Sarah the party is dead as a socialist party. It is devastating after years of dedication to find that the establishment in the party has no scruples about how it keeps its power

  5. I would hope that no one any longer on here continues to feed the parasites infesting the Labour party alarmingly theres still a few who can’t break the addiction.No matter what anyone says leaving the Labour party after many years is a hard habit to break but try it because you cant continue to support this fascist dictator and the monstrosity of the Labour party..There’s little doubt that most on here are no longer supporting the Labour party and see them as part of the problem of a Britain under the cosh.This Tory government supported by the Labour party have proven to voters that they have no longer any Opposition to the status quo of the establishment and funding this shitshow goes beyond irresponsibly and enters into collaboration.This situation is not confined to internal British politics but is managing to export misery and the influence of fascism you cannot in good conscience continue to ignore the very real threat to World peace by the British government allied with forces of aggression inside the Labour party.

  6. There really IS no alternative to the Labour Party and the only way out of this mess is to
    evict the wolf in Labour Party clothing ..

    Given our Electoral system it takes years and years for a new Party to her established

  7. Holbyfsnmw…..How are you going to evict the wolf when the whole Labour party is infected top to bottom with Wolves and parasites.?I have already got a new democratic socialist party and I see the Labour party as a threat along with the Tory party to world peace and a united Ireland….Labour and those that fund the parasites are part of the problem not the solution.You are wasted in the Labour party because you put up well thought argument…its a shame really and I found leaving a difficult decision but a necessary one…!

  8. No thumb twiddling. We can all act. Don’t fall for the myth that we need leaders, party machines, bureaucracy, big money. Think what you can do locally with your own resources. It isn’t hard. If you’ve got a printer and some paper you can make some flyers and stick them through letterboxes. Don’t imagine that’s worthless. Political parties think they own their territories. If hundreds of flyers start appearing in Labour wards spelling out why Starmer is a fascist and a disaster, the party will get jumpy. Think hard, How can you do most damage? There’s an army of us. Don’t sit at home, wear out some shoe leather. We don’t need a new party to pull the rug from under Starmer. We just need ourselves, some ingenuity, some energy and plenty of cheek. Get off the sofa, get active.

    1. Frank, it seems to me that the old methods are what the true left are good at. Imagine if we were to put arcane and often unintelligible disputes to one side and concentrated on defeating whole right, red and true blue, centrist and Liberal. I have only the evidence of my observation and many anecdotal ideas. People are sick and tired. Sick of being told that they are sick or dangerous, tired of what calls itself the media of truth. I miss the smell of cowgum before the pubs close. That’s what we used to call “doing something “. Good luck. ☮

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