Ireland ‘can’t get enough’ as Farage conned into using Republican slogan (video)

Former UKIP leader’s ‘Up the Ra’ for money causes hilarity

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has become the talk of Ireland after being tricked into saying ‘Up the Ra’ to camera – a well-known Irish Republican slogan – for money.

Aidan Hart paid Farage for a ‘cameo’ birthday greeting to his friend Brian – and the right-winger’s lack of due diligence had him falling for it hook, line and sinker:

Farage has claimed that he was ‘hoaxed’ and that he normally vets greetings before recording them.

The video went viral in Ireland and has already spawned at least one riff off the original subject, editing the video to show Farage together with Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams:

An Irish Skwawkbox reader said:

We can’t get enough of making a dick out of Farage. The Irish won’t let this drop, we love it!

Mr Farage was apparently paid $100 for his now-viral party piece.

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  1. I wonder if farage will be turning up on the twenty first to celebrate the continued partition of Ireland.?..maybe hes had a “on the road to Damascus moment” and decide that the partition of a country is something to mourn especially as the rest of Ireland as a independent country is continuing to be a massive exporter of goods,services and is second in the economic league of the European nations.Taking on the economic black hole of Partitioned six counties of Ulster will be a big decission for the Irish people alone,but would be the final chapter in British colonial rule that has never been aceppted by the Irish people.We are hoping that preparations to that end will be started soon..And farage?….just another idiot whos ignorance of the IRISH nation is typically little England mentality…!

      1. Don’t think so Dougal… Think it’s got slightly lost in translation meself. 😉

      2. Whilst Starmer shows he can’t drive a rigid truck, I see Matt Hancock of Hands, Face, Back to my place fame has had his reward for the care home deaths by being made a UN special envoy to Africa.

        Words cannot express how sorry I feel for the Africans. Still, I’m sure Matt is dreaming of dusky maidens etc…

    1. Now about the time EL SID put in a application to join the DUP flat earth society and discovered he might have to go on manoeuvres with the UVF…..changed his mind and applied for a IRISH passport just “in case”

  2. What a whore Farage is…cheap too at $100 (seems this is a reoccurring theme with politicians. Even Biden has recently whored for peanuts whilst the “donor” will get tens of millions for a few thousand bucks)

    So that’s two for the wonderful people of Ireland this week. I’ve just watched a video of Harpy Clinton collecting her honourary bauble. (Jimmy Dore show. Footage starts at approximately 90secs in)

    Doubt she felt or thought of anything remorseful as the crowd shouted War Criminal (amongst other things). Had a child carrying her gown. Interesting considerations to be made if you’ve followed all the accusations laid against her

    Heart warming to see the Irish calling it as it is, and being able to have a laugh whilst doing so.👏👏👏

  3. UK LABOUR Party leader Keir Starmer has said he would campaign for Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom if there was a border poll in his lifetime. – Irish Post, July 2021

    Historically, there’s been support for a united Ireland within the left of the British Labour Party, and in the 1980s it became official policy to support a united Ireland by consent.’

    Neutrality would be tolerable but this is the position of the Tory establishment.

    How infuriating is ‘Special K’, the habitual liar?

    Also this…

    NEW: Starmer’s net approval has fallen to -44.

    % who think Starmer is doing well/badly:

    Well: 18% (-2)
    Badly: 62% (+3)
    [Net rating: -44]

    , 26 Sep (+/- since Aug

    1. @Andy

      Thanks for the stats.

      Just been hunting for Corbyns lowest ever opinion ratings and after looking at the data, I think I’ve finally found that 20 points ahead that the labour right kept banging on about during Corbyn’s leadership.

      Remember, it’s all to play for!

      1. NVLA – It’s atrocious for Keith. He hasn’t even got the excuse that Johnson’s the media’s ‘golden boy’ that he was in December 2019, when Corbyn faced him. That golden shine has long since worn off.

        Starmer has been kid-gloved by the media – no difficult questions; complete omission of all his gaffes and errors; little reporting of his many lies and contradictory statements, the atrocious treatment of members and staff. ‘Captain Hindsight’ is a fair criticism too, when he offered ‘constructive support’ for the govt’s Covid strategy, and Starmer was demanding schools reopen ‘no ifs, no buts’ when teachers + unions were opposed.

        He’s doing far worse than Corbyn at a comparable time in his leadership (2015-2017). Starmer supporters tend to jump straight to 2019’s polling, but that was after 4 years of concentrated press hostility and a wider media campaign gaslighting supporters in an attempt to wear down and demoralise.

      2. “Ireland can’t get enough of Farage” thats true in the village idiot role,but Ireland certainly have had enough of your knight of the realm whos behaviour on visiting the minority unionist population of gerrymandered Ulster on the eleventh night a significant night and a fiesta of hatred of the Irish Catholic people in their own country..ON this day the knight of the realm chose his corner to anounce that he would support the continued partition of Ireland as leader of the Labour party….and in essence march with the fascist Orange lodge in the celebration of the Apartheid statelet.Cannot somone rid us of this turbulent knight “?

  4. To everyone promoting a new party, how would you stop it happening again, betrayal by the RW

    1. Doug – I’ve no idea if it will ever even happen, you’d almost certainly need voting reform(PR) in place first. FPTP is probably a dead end with its high (around 25%) threshold to make a national inroads and a seat breakthrough, look at the SDP in the 1980s(The SDP were probably an establishment spoiler party – just using them as an example).

      As for how you’d prevent the RW joining and corrupting it? You’d need an ironclad left-wing party constitution, that required a super-majority of its members (using OMOV) to change.

      That constitution could lay out the guiding socialist principles the party abides by. And all those joining would have to sign to pledge to uphold them.

      As you mention, the rich & powerful can and would infiltrate any new popular party deemed a threat to their privilege. And sadly, there’ll always be people willing to infiltrate with the sole purpose of undermining from within, as the UK’s union leaderships and multiple bad faith people in the PLP show.

  5. The veiws on the IRISH question is admiral in the way that most of the British people and many on here just wish it would go away and disappear as I have told my fellow IRISH for donkeys years.The only problems are that you have dumped a protestant unionist population in Ireland ,trained them into a garrison population and left them in the 1600s trapped in a time warp not of their making.I think if you look at the number of people not commenting then you can truly judge that the people of the UK are not much interested in a rainy windswept Ireland and a population of loyalists that only the Irish recognise are important to the future of Ireland and the unity of Ireland..We alone will clean up the mess and invite our bretheren into a united Ireland and a secular Republic for the people…..just hoping if not you foot the Bill.for re settlment in Glasgow….The trossocks or the old queens estate at Balmoral might tempt a good number of the flag waivers and I am sure that the Royal family can accommodate them.She might need a interpreter though for your highness.I wonder does she do bonfires?and maybe the odd old pope hanging around to burn 🔥…..just saying!

    1. Joseph
      Been visiting friends in Ireland, 2 or 3 times a year, since 81,
      Be careful what you wish for, I see only the downside to reunification
      Ireland has turned itself into a tax haven, that bubble will burst, its unsustainable
      The two main parties are rotten to the core, I don’t think either will support a united Ireland

      1. ‘The two main parties are rotten to the core’

        I think you’ll find the largest party is neither of those two.

      2. charming64
        Sinn Fein are the kind of socialist party that could change the game
        They will get the same treatment JC got

    2. I agree with virtually everything you’ve said Joseph, especially how ignorant the british (or should I say english) are when it comes to Ireland and its history!

      It isn’t true to say every Irish catholic is republican or every protestant is loyalist. Remember that Wolfe Tone led the United Irishmen rebellion in 1798 to rid Ireland of the british and he was protestant.

      I do love how farage the toilet brush was fooled into saying up the ‘RA and how it has gone viral across Ireland.

      1. Just love this abuse of language. The British are responsible for this, the English for that & therefore the Germans for WW2. When I suggest this to my son’s young German friends they seem to look puzzled, must be the sins of the father or maybe imprecise use of language?

  6. the english have never come to terms with losing it’s colonial ‘pride’ and like a stuck record and futile military failures keeps overreaching and remembering BBC’s WWII triumphalist heroism (we won the war but 80% of nazis were killed by soviets) and 1966 broadcast of ruling the soccer world. get over it UK it’s all crumbling from top to bottom. it would be nice for Ireland to execute the coup de grace. Tiocfaidh ár lá

  7. Joseph – I don’t think that most British (whatever that may mean) people wish the “Irish question” would go away. I think that most people, in England at least, don’t give it any thought at all. They regard The Troubles as the strange aberration of some strange people. This is a result of a woeful lack of historical knowledge – the British state has successfully created a myth around empire – the myth of the benevolent empire which brought civilisation, education and law to barbarous peoples worldwide. How many people would you guess know that, after the 1803 uprising, those accused of taking part were hung, drawn and quartered? In 1803!!!! Civilising indeed.

    1. Oh, and Sunderland 2 Manchester United 1.
      OK, it was their Under-21s, but who cares.

    2. You are basically correct,and when the vote comes If I am around in a few years time I will vote for the only democratic socialist party in Ireland Sinn Fein “WE Alone” who already have the funding and the support to win the next general election in Ireland..Young people especially are tired of the two party rule and will ensure Sinn Fein take the people with them for a United Ireland that the British people have no longer any interest in except to pour taxpayers money down the economic black hole of Partitioned N.Ireland.The comments have picked up I noticed whilst I slept but Goldbach I think it’s a reflection on how marooned and alone the loyalists are in being cut off and cut adrift from a British Empire that doesnt exist anymore..

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