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Breaking: spineless Starmer outflanked (again) as Johnson trails ‘significant’ rise in min wage

Spineless Keir Starmer’s terror of actually standing for anything has yet again allowed Boris Johnson and his right-wing Tory horrors to outflank him on the left.

This time, Starmer’s desperation not to back the unions in their call for a £15-an-hour minimum wage to recognise the real value of workers efforts has – as Skwawkbox warned – allowed Johnson to go around him and present himself, dishonest as ever, to the public as the ally of working people.

‘Bozo’ is now said to be planning a ‘significant’ rise in the minimum wage. It won’t be what is needed to provide a genuine living wage, of course, but it will be pitched to just enough above Starmer’s feeble ‘£10 an hour by some unknown future point’ to allow for a lot of spin and ‘msm’ stenography – and to make Starmer look like a timid Establishment marionette.

Which is not hard, of course, because that’s exactly what he is.

After continual crises Johnson and co are wide open for a take-down and looking increasingly shaky, with even ‘mainstream’ journalists now feeling emboldened to expose them. Instead, Starmer has gifted them another populist opportunity.

Starmer’s betrayal of his leadership campaign promises and his eagerness to get into bed with Murdoch show that he lacks principle. His terror of actually opposing, of making and winning an argument, shows he also lacks a spine.

And by the looks of it, it’s in Johnson’s pocket and he’s laughing all the way to the polls.

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  1. £11 and he’ll crow about it for the rest of his career. Starmer is as flat footed as ever.

      1. Richard ITS become increasingly the best and most importantly effective method of destroying vermin….Withdraw the funding for the parasites attached to the Labour party.Shuffling the deck around or replacement of the stooge doesn’t solve the problem,but it will be a victory of sorts if the Labour exchange replace him with another Lawyer Barry Gardner who would save the party from extinction which our leaving with hundreds of thousands other members has forced a move on the leader of the Labour party..Fighting back and leaving will deliver the killer punch.

  2. I’m surprised it hasn’t been on by now, desperately spouting it’s usual guff about how not showing your hand is some sort of masterstroke, or something like that.

    Recent Skwawkbox headlines must have left him masterstroking away furiously…🤪

      1. I don’t feel the need to provide evidence, lundiel. I’m quite enjoying the time off 👍

  3. It is tempting to enthuse about the possibility of Starmer being defenestrated.
    If that were to happen the LP would still have 99% of the problems it faces. Evans would still be there. Then there is the crowd of officers at party HQ who indulged in, or acquiesced in, undermining the party during Mr Corbyn’s tenure, who are still there. There are still right wing union leaders. And, of course, at least two thirds of the PLP would still be stirring the pot, one of whom is married to one of the former senior staff members who were undermining the party.
    Getting rid of Starmer, like getting rid of the Tory government, would be welcome but it would be no silver bullet.
    If there were to be a new leader, the whip might be restored to Mr Corbyn. However, what would really be needed to get me on board again would be the reinstatement of membership for all those who have been expelled for factional reasons, and the abandonment of IHRA and adoption of the Jerusalem Declaration.
    Unfortunately, I can’t see it happening.

    1. goldbach, you are correct in what you say about the Labour sabotours. The difference is they are now in plain sight. They can and will be watched.

      There is a lot of unpicking to do, but as the old Chinese proveb says, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. As one of those expelled/driven out, Labour will be making that journey without me.

    2. Goldbach
      I think the Right Wing will make a move on Starmer pretty soon. His total incompetence ( if not worse) is there for all to see. Right wing MPs must realise that their place on the gravy train is in danger if another election were to be called while Starmer is leader so they will see him off. Once he goes Evans will probably go too but as you say that would not cure all our ills but it would be a good start – provided of course we don’t get the likes of Nandy or Cooper i his place.

      1. Smartboy, we need to accept that Starmer and most of the PLP isn’t interested in winning the next General Election, despite protestations to the contrary. The objective is to:
        1- Purge the left from the Labour Party (even the soft left)
        2- lose the next General Election and blame the left
        3- amalgamate with the Lib Dems to create a new Party that would be the equivalent of the Democratic Party in the US.
        Therefore, I don’t believe Starmer is going to be challenged any time soon. From the point of view of the red Tories (most of the PLP) Starmer is doing a good enough job.

      2. I agree with most of what you say Maria except that I think the Right of PLP will try to oust him. They don’t have a principle between them but they will not want to lose their seats so in order to protect their own interests I think they will send him packing fairly soon. Could be wrong but that’s what I think

  4. The Labour frontbench immediately backed the £4 billion a year hike in the military budget—already one of the highest in the world.


  5. “outflanked again”. Says it all. That’s what he’s reducing the Labour party to.

    G*ddamn Sir Keir Rodney Starmer.

  6. 15 quid an hour displayed on our banner:
    a bold demand, like the dockers’ tanner;
    but if poor pay puts us into rages
    why just ask for higher?
    instead let’s aspire
    to abolish the system of wages.

    1. Frank, careful mate. That smacks of real, true socialism. What would Jock the Hat and the SWP etc think. You will get kicked out of … somewhere.

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