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MPs clamour for more on Gardiner’s leadership challenge

Gardiner’s denial does nothing to dampen interest and hope – and others report same ‘rumours’

Labour MPs desperate for an end to the tenure of the worst ‘leader’ in the party’s history have begun clamouring for more information about a possible challenge to Starmer’s position by Brent North MP Barry Gardiner.

Gardiner, the party’s star media performer and an MP with a genuine appeal across a broad left spectrum, even denied reports that left MPs were urging him to gather the nominations required to force a leadership contest – but Skwawkbox has received appeals from a number of enthusiastic MPs for more information on the challenge and how much support it has from other MPs and from unions.

Barry Gardiner’s denial

The common thread in all of them is a high regard for Gardiner’s integrity and ability, underlined by a recognition that Starmer’s disastrous regime cannot be allowed to continue.

And reports from MPs about the growing support for a Gardiner move have started to reach other ears in the movement, independently of Skwawkbox’s exclusive:

Gardiner’s integrity, his long history of solid service to the movement, his commitment to the people who depend on it, his grasp of information and his cordial demolition of errant hacks, interviewers and Tory politicians make him an attractive prospect to a wide spectrum of MPs desperate for an end to the dreary, self-defeating gruel of non-opposition constantly served up by the current occupants of the top table – and desperate for someone with a real vision and convictions to offer to voters in this country.

Desperate for hope and a credible leader to take to the people.

And his denial has done nothing to put a lid on that burgeoning hope and appetite – or to end the reports that it’s ‘on’.

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  1. Back to the future….and another Lawyer.Everyone can unite around gardner because hes not Starmer and the Labour party are in free fall and Barry is like the old grandad Harold Wilson.Yes he will fit the bill perfectly good.despite no one in the public have ever heard of him..Labour are a broad church and Barrys the answer to survival of the Labour party .Better get a move on then.Well at least Bolton wanderers 4Liverpool(under 21s)…1 Klopp for leader of the Labour party.

    1. You are wrong Joseph when you say that the public have never heard of Barry Gardiner. He has appeared on TV numerous times and has the exposed bias of interviewers by openly challenging them. He well known ( and admired) for it.

      1. Yes you could be right smartboy….like yours its just a opinion.and theres neither right or wrong….well known by the public on Tv 📺okay!will buy a Tv 📺 BBC or ITV?

      2. I don’t think either ITV or BBC are broadcast in Cambodia Joseph. This may be why you never heard of Barry Gardiner

      3. Smart boy….I have known of Barry Gardner a number of years .And up until this last eighteen months I have travelled through many countries in Europe the USA Ireland and dear old blighty.I do not look towards TV but just like you research.And my research maybe flawed but I can say that Barry Gardner would not represent socialism or whatever represents left wing politics.Hes Labour through and through and is of the broad church and thats mainstream Labour and the membership know it and you have the natural right of membership to support him and those like him .Thats your democratic right.I am sure he could unite the Labour party but you need to get a move on if you want to remove the fascist regime now..But some of us are not content with this idea of working together with the right wing and never will be..thats life….I am off to bed like a good boy 👦good night 🌙

      4. Not everyone is as widely travelled as you Joseph and most of us, unlike you, are just ordinary people who don’t know MPs other than our own MP or sometimes our neighbouring MPs personally. Therefore we “get to know” MPs via their TV interviews, appearances on current affairs programmes etc. Barry Gardiner has been very impressive on TV and as a result is quite well known and admired so back to my original point – you are wrong to say ” no one in the public have ever heard of him”.

  2. This is news to me and not true. Our party must keep its focus on the Tories and the chaos they are causing in our country.

    So disappointed for Barry to say it isn’t true, (I hope he is doing so just to “keep his powder dry”!)

    The problem, as most of Skwawkbox’s readers will already know and acknowledge, labour isn’t focused on the tory scum but giving them freedom to create chaos and crisis in this country on a daily basis!

    1. To use another football analogy, it could well be a ‘not true’ in the same sense as a club’s chairman’s ‘vote of confidence’ in a failing manager’.

      I pay attention to the fact the quote was merely ‘not true’ and not: ‘entirelyuntrue’

    2. Older, wiser heads know this is nothing to be disappointed at. Quite the reverse.

      In politics, never believe any rumour until it’s been officially denied! Go, Barry!

      1. Older, wiser people. Who are these wonders of our age. More lawyers?

  3. Simon Fletcher – a former adviser to Keir Starmer and Jeremy Corbyn and Ed Milliband – made the following point in an article in the Guardian last week:

    Keir Starmer would not have been elected as Labour leader if he had suggested publicly or privately that he intended to re-establish weighted votes for MPs in leadership elections, taking power away from regular members and ensuring future leadership contests would be less inclusive than the one he himself won. Labour party members would not have voted to abrogate their own rights.

    Exactly, but it’s 100% certain that he and his Blairite buddies always intended to do so from the get-go.

    1. Thats why so many feel cheated Allan. I voted RLB because she was the Left’s preferred candidate but many of my friends voted for Starmer in good faith. They now see that they were duped. The mans a disgrace.

    2. How did he keep his henchmen and work history so secret? His showing was always suspect. Hey, he’s going to carry out JCs vision, all lefties, he’s our boy! What a surprise. Now we might have another lawyer. He might not be left but he’s sort of, you know centre left. There is no viable LW to stand for leader.

  4. Correct mr Howard,…Very few would have supported his bid if they had been told that Israeli spook Trevor Chinn was funding the bid for leader and wasnt declared until he was forced to declare his funding after the election..Starmers deceitful election campaign and election was a travesty of justice.I voted for R LBailey and burgan as the best of a bad bunch served up by the PLP and it was a matter of vote for more lawyers or leave.I left after the knight of the realm was elected on apathy and ignorance although knight of the realm and Top bottom feeders profession Lawyer should have been a clue..Anyway its a broad church and looks like getting even wider if the party survives bankruptcy.I have had my breakfast a couple of hours ago and weve still got the night shift on.A lots happened whilst I have been sleeping 😴and Squawkbox have been ever busy with a number of interesting articles.

  5. I wonder if a certain someone would still vote keef as ‘best of a bad bunch if Gardiner were to stand? 🤔

    One thing’s certain, that someone’s arse has most definitely gone, else they’d be on here crowing about there being no suitable candidates….🤫🤫🤫😏

    But instead we’ll get the default ‘wait and see’ answer.

    1. Steve H Hall as had a very trying time if you look at the filthy language he used yesterday from the word go against Toffee and others.and his clearly not a happy bunny.Maybe the job that wasn’t a job has been a blow but considering that he supports a leader of the Labour party that thinks paying buttons to the great unwashed is okay then our former let go “jobs centre advisor should understand that “moneys to tight to mention” especially amongst the ordinary joe in the Carrabean.and just maybe he might be happier in the small mill town up norf Bristol…I do hope you nightstalkers on here realise that this is the section of “The popular front for the liberation of the S.China sea “.I wonder what happened to John Thatcher in Vietnam?

    2. Toffee….Weve no suitable candidates?..Weve Loadsa Lawyers and we can even manufacture one out of our dynamic team of slick operatives.?Dont ask for perry mason as that could take at least a couple of weeks and the bailiffs are already lurking outside the bankruptcy court.

  6. ‘Scotland, Wales won’t follow Westminster govt on gene editing deregulation’

    Although Boris Johnson has pledged to “liberate” the UK from “anti-GM rules” by ditching the European Union’s precautionary stance, it’s important to understand that the deregulatory moves his government has just announced on gene-edited crops apply to England, and England alone.

    That’s because, as the BBC reports below, “the issue is devolved and governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can make their own decision”, and to date every part of the UK with a devolved administration has opposed any growing of GM crops on their territory.

    And in response to the Westminster government’s new policy announcement, Scotland and Wales have made it crystal clear that they have absolutely no intention of following England’s unilateral move to deregulate the gene editing of crop plants. Given Northern Ireland has effectively remained within the EU’s single market for goods, it’s almost impossible to see how it could follow England’s unilateral move either.

    I wonder why the PTB want to have us all eating GM foods and drinking fluoridated water! Nothing to do with selling off the NHS to the private sector/corporations of course!

    1. Needless to say, THEY won’t be eating them, OR drinking it:

      The following are a couple of clips from an article in the Mail in 2013 and, as such, are self explanatory:

      Mr Paterson’s most powerful argument for accepting GM was the development of Golden Rice, which has been genetically modified to boost levels of beta carotene and Vitamin A, which can protect eyesight.

      In an extraordinary statement, he said: ‘Over the last 15 years, despite offering the seeds for free to those who would need them, every attempt to deploy this golden rice has been thwarted.

      ‘In that time seven million children have gone blind or died.’

      The International Rice Research Institute has issued a statement which makes clear that Mr Paterson’s claims that Golden Rice could have prevented millions of youngsters from going blind or dying over the past 15 years are also bogus.

      This states that: ‘It has not yet been determined whether daily consumption of Golden Rice does improve the vitamin A status of people who are vitamin A deficient and could therefore reduce related conditions such as night blindness.’

      NB Paterson was alluding to Greenpeace and Friends Of the Earth of course, and the other groups who’ve been campaigning against GM crops/foods, and blaming THEM for the seven million children who have gone blind or died. Goebbels would have been very impressed!

  7. Apologies (for so many posts), but I just went on to NETPOLS website and, as such, came across the following article posted yesterday:

    ‘EXPLAINER: what are the government’s latest proposals for punishing protesters?’

    This morning’s announcement that the Home Secretary wants to introduce new Criminal Disruption Prevention Orders aimed at preventing some campaigners from attending demonstrations – because they have a “history of disruption” or are likely to commit crime – is another dangerous escalation in the government’s efforts to suppress dissenting voices.

    1. Thanks for introducing Netpol to me AH. Appreciated.

      “the government’s efforts to suppress dissenting voices,” is yet another hard-right instinct Sir Keir Rodney Starmer can be assumed to share with The Powers That Be (billionaires branch).

      Tugging forelocks and knowing/respecting our “betters” wil be written into the next Labour party Manifesto unless we remove SKRS from his titular and assumed party leadership fast.

  8. Thanks Allan and keep the info rolling in.The golden rice was interesting for us here as we are trying to get the local khmer to be weaned off the white rice which is increasingly over processed.We are hoping that our brown rice will tempt them back and make it freely available for the locals on our commune.The golden rice is not the solution either GM or processed rice.

  9. The unavoidable fact of life is there is no room for Red Tories in a Socialist/ Labour Party
    Time to get real folks

  10. Labour Day Tuesday 5th October
    The Day the party was saved from destruction
    Every MP with a Labour bone left in their bodies must sign up to the challenge, who leads it I care not a jot
    Just get it done then finish the job started by the Internal report, just in time to win GE in 23
    By then the stench from the cheap and nasty Tory party will be unbearable for most of the electorate

  11. I cannot help but feel that we are being bounced into supporting cuddly Barry Gardner in a leadership coup.
    Is he really a L.F. / Israel guy ?
    If so – I wonder where Trevor Chinn’s money would be heading.
    Maybe he and his have already anticipated the next move in the game.
    Where would B.G. stand re the Labour Conference resolution on Palestine ?
    What does B.G. have to say re the bogus anti-Semitism smears ?
    What about the many comrades falsely accused / suspended / expelled ?
    What about the creeping preivatisation of the NHS ?
    There are many questiions still waiting to be aasked.
    These are just 4 of the most-urgent ones ones.
    Just saying !!

    1. Johnsco 1……and just saying that you have asked a number of interesting questions .Gardner reminds me of Cuddly grandad Harold Wilson whom I met and chatted to in Rawtenstal,in the 60s and he was very charming and I liked him.The real Harold was a hard headed performer and a brilliant one that could win elections and unify.Gardner is exactly the same but like Harold is part of the broad church brigade.The Labour party are near bankrupt and are basically just a poor opposition party.Do you want to win elections like another performer did Tony Blair and content is of no consequence because any Labour government must be better than a Scum Tory government..isnt it ?

    2. Johnsco1
      Well said – We would need clear and unambiguous answers to the questions you pose from any potential leader, Barry included.
      I also think that given our Conference Resolution that Israel is an Apartheid state, LFI should no longer be allowed to be affiliated to Labour and membership of it banned as it is clearly incompatible with Labour values. No Labour leader should be a Friend or Supporter of an Apartheid State
      I remember Apartheid South Africa and never in a million years would we have allowed a “Labour” Friends of South Africa to exist never mind be affiliated to our party and certainly any leader who supported Apartheid in South Africa would have been given his marching orders. Israel is no different and it disgusts me that Starmer and most of his Shadow Cabinet openly support Apartheid in Israel and are still in place

    3. Another question that needs to be added to the list, is why the party needs a “Labour Friends of the Police” (launched at the conference last week)?

      The police as a body of the state must be kept at arms length from government (or potential government). To allow it to operate as a lobby group within a political party is, in my view very dangerous.

      1. Nemtona…..maybe they should have a Labour friends of fascism being we are back to the future….forgot weve got that with Barrys Labour friends of Israel…..Nemtona I keep forgetting I am not a member….so ya Labour friends of police sounds great…no stampede please.and please shut off the lights before leaving..,.or we will beat you with our trunchons.

  12. SteveH
    Your good at this stuff
    Can you lift the Gary Neville clip responding to Edwina Curry on GMB from the Daily Mirror website
    It’s a Belter

  13. Steve Richards has a point – yes Gardner is superb against
    reasonably mannered opponents but the current Right Wing are NOT.

    I can remember Gardner being sneered at because he was “long
    winded”. By long winded they meant someone who was trying to
    explain a complex issue ..The sneerers are nasty nasty people we are
    talking about who appeal to the worst in folk

    Now H Wilson – besides being very clever was very good at the
    appropriate riposte as appropriate. I went to a lot of meetings
    which he addressed as he became more prominent in the Labour
    Party and he was very good at responding*** to hecklers .

    *** And that does not mean physical “response” – but a snappy

  14. I see that programme about Blair and Brown on Monday had John Rentoul as one of its three consultants. Regular visitors to this website will be familiar with his work.

    1. yeah, having John Rentoul as one of its three consultants is a bit like having your childrens’ death certificate completed by Josef Mengele. Angels of death tend to never be anywhere unless they’re working..

  15. “but Skwawkbox has received appeals from a number of enthusiastic MPs for more information

    Proof-positive that our nasty, complacent, billionaire-supporting party leader ‘s lack of honest communication is even alienating and worrying PLP functionaries (aka MPs) – not just demotivating and depopulating membership.

    Billionaires and hard-right economists aside, he’s good for nobody and nothing that Sir Keir Rodney Starmer

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