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Audio recording reveals Evans admitting he stripped Labour members of their rights

Newly-confirmed – after mass rigging – Labour general secretary David Evans admitted he stripped Labour members of their rights

Labour general secretary David Evans admitted on tape that he deprived party members of their rights – because he considered other issues more important:

Evans had already written to Labour members to inform them that their rights were secondary in his view – but you can hear it from the horse’s mouth.

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  1. Well, what can you say, to that? Straight from Gerry Mander’s own mouth.

    It’s disgraceful that he – they – can get away with it.

      1. After all that, you’re STILL going to deflect? You STILL think there’s a difference between Starmerism and Toryism?

        You think Evans was RIGHT to strip members of their rights, don’t you?

      2. kenburch – I’d simply like to be able to be able to place the above short extract in context. Wouldn’t you also like to be able to hear the full interview rather than be restricted to only hearing the bit that someone else has decided that you should be allowed to hear. There is usually a reason why commentators fail to link to their source material.

      3. It’s like hearing a Tory deflecting with “I don’t accept that”

        So you’re correct Ken. He does still think there’s a difference. Winning is everything, so the treatment is more than justified.

        To quote Phat Bollard with their song Millionaire “We don’t give a fuck about you” The provocateur doesn’t either.

  2. To think they voted for this. Albeit controversially…

    Less blatant vote-rigging in Robert Mugabe-era Zimbabwe

    Welcome back ZANU Labour, can’t say we’ve missed you.

  3. I wonder how we can reverse his affirmation and take legal action against him and Starmer.

    1. For God’s sakes, SteveH- there’s no longer any doubt. You cannot honestly still defend anything Keir has done as leader or defend the idea that any good can come of this. You have to stop deflecting and admit that we have the facts and the truth here.

      1. kenburch – Have you heard the full interview and if so could you post a link to it?

      2. He admitted he killed internal party democracy. There is nothing else in the interview that could possibly mitigate that.

        You’ve proved it today, SteveH- you think Labour doesn’t need to stand for anything beyond “it’s enough to just beat THEM!”.

        The banner outside Labour conference literally shows the red flag turning blue. This proves everything the Left has been saying about Starmer- it proves he doesn’t want Labour to disagree with the Tories on any major issue. That’s what centrism means, SteveH- no change.

      3. kenburch – If that is what you regard as proof then that explains a lot.

  4. Evidence we must have evidence…..Where’s the evidence…..He’s innocent until proven guilty.

    Except if you’re a member you can be suspended for absolutely nothing and have no redress. Why would anyone want to support this corrupt bunch of chancers?


    This Labour Party, this Democratic Socialist Party that created the wonderful NHS has been taken over by Spivs, Warmongers and Private Health Providers. RIP.

    Let it rot.

  5. Cheats never win (in the long term).
    It is a sign of political weakness when you can’t win on ideas and arguments.
    And once you cheat you become a cheating addict.
    As John Lennon sang: “How do you sleep?.”
    I am going to stand in my city as a Left Wing Democratic Socialist candidate at the next GE but I can’t decide which of Labour’s Right Wing Morons to try to take out.
    It won’t be easy but believe me when debating with me the Right Wing Labour candidate will have to crawl from the room on their knees.
    Bring it on!
    Only Socialists need reply.

    1. Sadly your first sentence is a incorrect, all my life I have met many people that have been cheats and nearly every single has achieved what they set out to achieve, cheats do prosper.

    2. Bazza – When the time comes be sure to let us all know which constituency you settle on so that we can all follow your progress.

      1. You can’t STILL make any case for anyone on the Left voting Labour after this- SteveH. This proves Starmer can’t be different than the Tories if elected- unless he’s to their right as he was in his bloodyminded and child-endangering push to force kids back into classrooms when the safe alternative of distance learning is in place for all.

      2. Can’t you read lumpen political creep.
        I said only socialists need reply, I only want to engage with socialists, you are an imposter on a this left wing site like the other political moron Plain Citizen, self-actualising, feeling good about yourselves taking on the Left. Zzzzz!
        But with your Centrist perspective you et al may as well as never have existed.
        I don’t want your feeble comments polluting my points, I post for the socialist readers out there.
        So feck off!

      3. Bazza – I’ll take that as a no then. A secret campaign, that will be a novelty.

      1. The Labour Party is dead.
        Us diverse working class people need to form a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party.

      2. Bazza – Apart from a lack of support and no realistic chance of success under FPTP what’s stopping you.

      1. I think people should start speaking to lawyers, It seems like there aren’t any other options.

  6. Party democracy is dead. This is unbelievable, unacceptable. All those involved with this deserve sacking without severance pay.

      1. Because the vote for Starmerism-Evanism was only won with mass gerrymandering and expulsions. Because it was won by despicable, indefensible tactics such as suspending Jewish party members on accusations of antisemitism- something even SteveH hasn’t found a way to defend.
        Nobody other than the Tories is cheering this result. Nobody who wants Labour to be different than the Tories is cheering it.
        The ’23 GE is now officially meaningless, since it will face two parties agreeing on policy 95% of the time, disagreeing only on trivial side issues that ask nothing of the rich.

      2. kenburch – If you really believe that is the case then you and others should assemble the evidence and pass on your evidence to the relevant authorities.
        As for accusing Jews of antisemitism then I have yet to see the details of any actual case whilst Starmer has been in charge. The only details that I have seen are from the high profile expulsions that happened when Corbyn was in charge, it certainly wasn’t the party’s or the left’s finest hour.
        I suggest that you wait until you know what you are talking about before making ‘assertions’ about policies that haven’t even been debated yet.

  7. I want to use the C word several times! I am so finished and over this shitshow now. We desperately need something new. #UnityThePeoplesPartyUK

  8. keir “erik armrest” starmer and dave “the purger” evans have converted a democratic socialist party into a national socialist party!

  9. I will repeat what I said on the other thread – this is Voter Suppression
    plain and simple ..

    Trump could learn a few tricks ..

    …. as could the Tories.

    Voter ID is for beginners – this is highest level.

    1. Thank you for repeating you comment hear HolbyFanMw..

      Sadly, everything you have said is true.

  10. Oh and don’t forget, to see the real Starmer see Oliver Eagleton, Novara Media (2/3/21).
    Apparently as DPP KS visited another country where a suspected terrorist was being tortured nearby, so did Mr S do anything to try and stop this torture?
    No he just made sure the UK got the information it wanted from this process.
    Pure evil?

    1. Bazza, thank you for making me aware of something I hadn’t known. Just when I was thinking he couldn’t get any lower!

      I do think you mistyped with a “?” when you meant “!”

      1. Richard, Starmer has worked for the ‘Security Services’ for years. Member of Trilateral Commission too, funded by the Israel Apartheid State. Now tell me why he wanted to become a Labour MP before he was even a member?

        Also tell me how he was even allowed to be a member of a Democratic Socialist Political Party. But then of course the Labour Party still allows a War Criminal, a cocaine sniffing sex pest who loves young boys, and a party mate of a deceased American Paedophile to remain members. If that doesn’t show you how much of a corrupt Cesspit the Labour Party is these days then I don’t know what will.

        Then they send a Chief Turd Polisher on this decent Socialist site to wind everybody up. So if he reads this and wants to do his nasty work he can fuck off, just don’t bother mate.

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