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Video: Evans asks conference why they joined Labour – ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ is the reply

David Evans made a speech to Labour’s conference today as he pleaded with assembled delegates to confirm him in the job of general secretary. Behind the scenes, his cronies have been desperately rigging the vote – denying card votes to delegates and closing the count while people were still queuing to receive theirs, after weeks of suspending left delegates to bar them from even getting into the event.

But Evans made the mistake of asking the audience why they joined Labour – and received ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ as the overwhelming reply. He didn’t have the composure to pretend they hadn’t said it and hope the microphones wouldn’t pick it up:

Votes are now being counted, so we will soon know whether the anti-democratic efforts of the Labour party machine have been enough to deny the will of members and save his skin.

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  1. Certain delegates have told me they will be waving Palestinian flags and singing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’. Fingers crossed but not entirely sure they will go through with it

  2. I, too, (re-)joined because of Jeremy Corbyn.

    However, I resigned because of keir “erik armrest” starmer.

  3. Interesting that Evans is allowed to speak in a debate about his ratification or otherwise as Gen Sec.
    Especially so in view of the fact that he has been chucking people out of the party without them being able to speak on their own behalf.

  4. “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn”🎵

    Obviously too many purged lefties for a rousing, 10-minute rendition.

    You’ve got to wonder who’s still there, flogging this dead horse 🐎 ?

  5. If the Magabe trick of closing the vote when people are still queuing can be evidenced then a challenge should be made.

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