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Breaking: Labour’s mass gerrymander saves Evans’s skin

Labour’s mass gerrymander of conference delegates – attacking and suspending left delegates on any pretext and none – has succeeded in saving David Evans from accountability for his atrocious tenure as ‘acting’ general secretary.

The remaining conference delegate and right-wing unions succeeded in confirming him in the role by a ratio of 59:41 – still unheard-of level of dissent for a Labour general secretary.

The right’s contempt for democracy is writ large on this conference.

Update: after a recount – 400,000 votes were missing from the count! – the margin reduced to 57%-43%. The gerrymander and Unison’s betrayal of its members were enough to get Evans off the hook on which he should have been dragged out.

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    1. Unheard of level of descent. Isn’t this the first time ever that Conference has had a card vote to confirm a GenSec?

      1. I understand they closed the card voting thingy down before everyone who was entitled to vote could do so. That in my book is not democratic. Also the push to sign off the nec report which shohkd have been properly debated.

      1. The end of sanity and political stability. You’ve got a conservative party that’s currently to the left of Labour economically. A Labour party who’s leader is a member of a global elite that’s intent on world domination and limiting democracy. A party that supported remain which now supports leave. A majority of MPs who support immigration and neoliberalism now having to furiously backpedal in the political reality. In short, a new era where everything including language is turned inside out.

  1. “If I were Keir, I would be seriously questioning the motives of the people who are pushing (the electoral college). The right of the party have their doubts about him too. This makes it safer to replace him without risking a leftwing winner again.”

    ‘Senior MP and Starmer supporter’ the Guardian, 25 September 2021

  2. Any member thinking about complaining already had their “human right” to free speech removed upon agreeing to sign up and join this fucking shitshow.

    Didn’t think it through.

  3. Oh for God sake feck this shower of shit, Jeremy start a New Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party, and let’s transform the UK and world!
    Diverse working people don’t need need these Right Wing Labour Barbarians!

  4. Abomination…
    That’s what you need.
    If you wanna purge the left…
    If you wanna make a mess…
    An abomination masquerading as a workers’ alternative’s watcha nee-ee-eed.
    If you wanna be a record faker!!!

    (One for us oldies who remember a thing called “choice”)

    1. Steve H I see “Israel and Palestine” is on the Agenda you provided but in Starmers Labour we aren’t allowed to properly discuss this issue. If anyone dares to say the Palestinians have human rights which are abused by Israel they are called an “ANTISEMITE” their reputation is in tatters, they are expelled from the party and other members are required to shun them . If the other members don’t do so or if they like or once liked a tweet by the “ANTISEMITE” then they to are called “ANTISEMITE” too and expelled from the party and so the suppression of free speech for the protection of Israel goes on.
      In these circumstances how can Conference debate the issues? They can’t of course because unless delegates stand up and say Palestinians are fair game and its OK for Israel to deny them their human rights, their dignity, their property and sometimes their lives they will be booted out of the party.
      It would not surprise me if this is why this issue is an agenda item- to facilitate the expulsions of pro Palestinian delegates

  5. Here is a full list of the 20 subject areas that will be debated at this years conference.

    Social care,
    Mental health and the workplace,
    Green new deal,
    High street and business recovery,
    Mineworkers pension scheme,
    Public services,
    End fire and rehire and protect workers rights,
    Community wealth building,
    A new industrial strategy for a post-Covid recovery,
    Public ownership,
    Electoral reform,
    The NHS,
    Violence against women and girls,
    Immigration and asylum policy,
    LGBT+ rights,
    Israel and Palestine,
    Black Lives Matter,
    Right to food,

      1. goldbach – I thought that people may find it useful, if you don’t then fair enough you can just ignore it. The choice is entirely yours.

    1. Well that’s interesting because apparently EHRC was discussed and
      its not on the Agenda. I thought I had not seen it! No wonder people
      could not respond

      1. I knew it would be debated today and I’m 4,000 miles away. I probably read it on LabourList, it certainly wasn’t a secret.

      2. HolbyFanMw – I posted this link on either Friday or Saturday
        which contains the following
        ” A vote on the party’s action plan on anti-Semitism will take place at 4.20pm [Sunday], with the debate before this expected to be heated as pro-Corbyn activisist are expected to hit out at the suspension of the former leader.

  6. Evans got through on a vote which despite all the dirty underhand dealings was hardly a ringing endorsement of his appointment. However with Starmer on his way out it doesn’t matter that much. Evans will be out the door behind him

    1. Smartboy – Starmer won’t be challenged until after the next GE, the RW aren’t that stupid.

      1. Doug – You are welcome to come back and say ‘I told you so’ when it happens.

      2. Reply to Steve H
        I think you are wrong. I think it has dawned on the Right that Starmer is an electoral liability so in order to save their own seats they’ll oust him. They are completely ruthless when it comes to self preservation. He’s history.

      3. Smartboy – In which case we’ll have to agree to disagree. Come back and tell me all about it when it has happened.

    2. Smartboy, somehow I don´t believe Starmer would be challenged before the next GE. Labour MPs from the right church in the event of losing their seats they would be offered lucrative jobs for services rendered.
      Beside, a lot of them are over 60 years old and would be able to cash their most than generous pensions, pus one year full pay as a severance.
      The next move, I believe will be to amalgamate with the LibDems after the next General Election. But in order to achieve this aim Starmer needs to carry with the purge of the left of the Party. I am afraid the left of the PLP isn’t strong enough to challenge him.

  7. Just read about Evans confirmation – that has ruined my weekend now!

    Did the room really ring out with “Oh Jeremy Corbyn”?

    Hopefully someone will have put it on Youtube ..

  8. Frances Kay, before making a complaint we need to find out the exact details of the gerrymandering::
    1-How many CLP’s didn’t manage to cast a vote and were going to cast it against Evans
    2- The weight of each CLP that couldn’t cast a vote against Evans.
    The margin is 59% in favour of Evans v 41% against Evans. Hence, if the weight of the CLPs that were prevented for voting but, if allowed would have voted against endorsing Evans amounts to over 40K then we will have something concrete as way of evidence, that the vote was truly rigged.
    My initial reaction is that Evans would have still won but by less of a margin. but I could be mistaken. Hence, Skwawkbox can you provide us with details about the exact weight of the votes that weren’t cast?
    It is already embarrassing as it is 59% v 41%, imagine if the result had been closer ie 52% v 48%. However, no point complaining since the result would have been the same.
    I have cancelled my Direct Debit instead.

  9. It was always unlikely that the control exerted by the Central Committee would be too pervasive to allow a rejection of Evans. It’s a pity that the party has come to this but I fear that the rest of the week will be worse.
    Prepare yourselves for non-debates, the silencing of any dissenting voices, vacuous platitudes and half the delegates deciding to go off to the pub rather than sit through a non-event.

  10. Just confirmed again that there are an awful lot of Labour Party Members who are without integrity & frightened of free & open debate. Socialists have spent too long on their knees apologising, it seems a position they have gotten used to, but I find it uncomfortable.

    1. Have you seen the recording of the JVL fringe event?

      There was a brief discussion of the reaction to the EHRC report – or
      rather lack of response. There were several comments relating to
      the hostile and toxic environment in the Conference Hall.

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