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Disabled People Against Cuts to hold ‘audioriots’ against Universal Credit cut, legacy benefit deprivation and anti-protest law

‘Noisy protests’ around Tory conference, in London and elsewhere

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) is hoping #AudioRiot protests in central London and around the country will help highlight concerns about a series of “devastating” changes to social security being imposed by the Tories.

DPAC is asking disabled activists and their allies to bring anything that will make a row: drums, whistles, bells, loudhailers, football rattles, along with ear protection, to protest about the government’s ongoing assault on vulnerable people. Of particular and immediate concern is the Tories’ decision to scrap – from the end of this month – the £20-a-week uplift to universal credit that was introduced at the start of the pandemic.

The protest will gather outside King’s Cross station – but is not intended to disrupt travel or any of the station’s activities – at 11.30am this Tuesday, 28 September.

The protest also aims to draw attention to a long-neglected reality – the government’s refusal to offer the same pandemic ‘uplift’ to those on ‘legacy benefits’, who have not yet been moved across to the widely-condemned Universal Credit system. These include disabled people claiming employment and support allowance (ESA).

Three days before the Kings Cross protest – on Saturday 25 September – DPAC is also asking members and allies around the country to create AudioRiot in their local areas.

DPAC is also raising funds for a protest at the Tories’ annual conference, which begins 3 October in Manchester, involving a mobile video screen that will tour the city, during Rishi Sunak’s speech to the conference, highlighting the Tories’ endless attacks on disabled people. If you want to donate to the fundraiser, you can do so here.

For further information about any of the above, email Ellen at

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  1. They wont get any useful support from SIR starmer. Starmer is like those monstrous Therese Cuffey & Duncan-Smithy. Heartless, pure evil.
    Mandelson, Blair & Starmer r their keenest supporters🤮🤮🤮

    1. Disabled People Against Cuts need the spirit of the amazing+++ young woman i heard yesterday, describing FROM Afghanistan, her dreadful struggles to return home here in the UK. She like thousands of UK citizens, were abandoned by Johnson’s Tory Dominic Raab & Co. Despite her grave situation she showed, the type of spirit we need
Clear, excellently AUDIBLE, persuasive+++.
No idea Gardner would speak, let alone immediately after such an outstanding young woman, who deserves our best wishes.
      When Gardner was asked why Starmer has failed to condemn Johnson’s Tory Raab’s disgraceful cruel disregard 4 many deserted in one of the deadly danger-zones caused by WMD Blair, Gardner DEFENDED SIRstarmer… said Keith’s doing a good job & holding Johnson to account… i kid u not.
Make of that what u CHOOSE

      1. There you go again Signposts having a swipe at a Left leaning MP, Barry Gardiner, while providing no details whatsoever about where you say you heard him – never mind if you throw enough muck some of it will stick and that is your sole object isn’t it?

  2. Apologies for not being relevant to the article but does anyone know what has happened to @cornish_damo’s twitter?

    1. yes, they must!!! starmer is more dangerous than Johnson. Johnson is the Tory’s nest. Starmer is in our Party. Pest indoors r more infectious & deadly in the wrong place. Disabled People Against Cuts urgently need to target Sir Keith & Co.🥏🤮🥏🤮🥏🤮

    1. Yes lundiel, v strange the Duffield Berger theatrics🤮🤮🤮

      1. Joseph, she’s claiming she needs security 2 attend Conference etc. Expect her joining Liberal Democrats … after crawling from TINGs CUCKs etc, then be DITCHED dumped BINED as Berger was. I expect she’s just trying 2 raise her profile. “career advancement” as the misnamed Chronicle saw in Berger. They r all users, frauds!!!

        Think of it, we’ve never heard Dianne Abbott going on about needing security, despite receiving by far, MORE abuse than ALL parliamentarians COMBINED, as verified by Amnesty International.

        Squaddies ON UK MILITARY property practised shooting Jeremy’s image as THE target. Their superior apologised but no one made a fuss, including Jeremy who SHOULD HAVE.

        Have we EVER heard Jeremy going on about needing security to attend conference??? Interestingly a few days after Berger’s theatrics, she attended the Limp Dim’s gathering, footloose & fancy free WITHOUT security nor other amateur dramatist. How so❓❓❓
        ⚠️🤮⚠️🤮⚠️🤮And, at that Liberal Democratic trash, they sang as they always do homophobic chants. Fancy that.

      2. Front page of Murdoch’s Times. Seems to be a message that Labour is still full of dangerous characters when this is a spat about nothing and she doesn’t need protection any more than Berger did. I see it as a message to Starmer from Murdoch to keep expelling. Meanwhile Duffield gets no censure.

      3. …..and why is Starmer not being blamed for her lack of safety like Corbyn was over Berger?

      4. lundiel spot on!!! EXACTLY, but don’t expect McDonnell etc to make that point. As i’ve said they remain DESPERATE 2 b unified with utter filth like Mandelson.

      5. Signposts You have criticised Jeremy Corbyn Barry Gardiner and John McDonnell in response to this article along with Keir Starmer and Rosie Duffield – is there ANY Labour MP that you like for it seems as though you dislike them all?

    2. I take it you are remarking on death threats made to Duffield from the transactivists***
      because of remarks she made? She is frightened to attend the Labour Conference.

      The reference to Berger is presumably her death threats concerning Labour

      There is ONE big difference – Berger had death threats soon after she became MP
      (for Wavertree?) in 2010. They were from one (or more) UKIP members and he
      (they) were convicted. Nothing to do with the Labour Party at all ..

      *** I have a lot to say about transactivists but I won’t divert the discussion.

      1. HolbyFanMw, i glad u highlighted the date 2010 LONG B4 i even knew Jeremy existed!!! But whats more, there were a few convictions right up to 2013 or 14. ALL from UKIP, and Right Wing and Nazi devotees. Yet to date we’ve not heard Berger and gang EVER using double hour segments pleading fright nor referring them and their associates in the Tory party, the historically natural home of ALL BIGOTS aided by the MSM.
        Just a small bit of SOLID evidence which was never used to rebut the a-S lies. Why? Because to this very day, those from who we expected better, CRAVE unity with the worst type of liars and tools of the one percent.

      2. The bit on the Grauniad website said that she wasn’t attending because she didn’t want the trans hoohaa to distract from what was happening at the conference; didn’t mention anything about not feeling safe. I think it was the Times or Telegraph that reported the alternative explanation. So, which is right? What was actually said?

      3. Dear goldbach, hope below answers your query: SPOT the DIFFERENCE:
        Jeremy and SIR starmer.
        THROUGHOUT the campaign of: obscenely misnamed CAA + BOD + LFI + SIR starmer’s coup collaborators including one MP in particular of many who USED the PROFOUND enthusiasm 4 our POLICIES; i heard REPEATED empty demands 2 meet Jeremy re their PECULIAR claims.

        FACT: Jeremy OFFERED to meet complainants. FACT: Jeremy’s clearing his diaries to meet were UNSURPRISINGLY DECLINED by ONE complainant in particular.
        Excuse❓ Considering amateur THEATRICS of “fear”, left their own “FREIND” at a loss for words. Even i was a tiny bit struck by new depths. The individual’s talent is that, sinking 2 yet unplumbed depth. BUT,


        💥Duffield and OTHER women have REPEATEDLY begged to meet SIR starmer re their ANXIETIES re attending Conference.

        💥SIR remains TOO BUSY to meet them.

        🟢P.S. goldbach, re: your earlier request of “what was actually said”:, i’m multitasking as ever, so may not have replied earlier. I CONFIR, Duffield “ACTUALLY SAID”:

        💥“pretty unpleasant” THREATS online” “in contact with the POLICE”. “WORRY was MAINLY about being TARGETED at the party conference”

        💥“It’s hard to know how serious to take THREATHS by people who post them ONLINE. BUT they’re pretty AWFUL, and I did not want to subject myself and other people to that kind of ABUSE,”

        💥“I’m not imagining they’re necessarily going to physically harm me, but the kind of levels of VITRIOL is pretty HORRIBLE, and I didn’t feel like I wanted to GO THROUGH THAT, to be honest.”

        🤔To me goldbach, Duffields’s words above = EVERYTHING about “not feeling safe.”

  3. Ps yes I do know about burgers but I can’t spell as well Berger …and its somthing I have not heard about although the one I am thinking about lost her seat or was it the election n.London?

    1. Berger lost bug time. She was squatting in the Liverpool seat Jeremy caused her to get handsomely. (like Ummuna in Streatham). Both were DITCHED by in 2019🤣 Berger by the good people of Finchley & Golders Green. SIGNIFICANT as Berger specifically chose that seat thinking there would b enough gullible people. Despite them voting 70% Remain, she parasitised the Limp Dims and the wise good people choose a TORY. The party promising to Get Brexit Done🟦🟦🟦 On every level from ever angle despite Berger Ummuna (with whom she had a physical relationship) and all the other users Smeeth, Ellman, Soubrey and sone others… seven in total i think, EVERY SINGLE ONE LOST, despite CONSTANT 24hr MSM support including by true deplorables like Stadlen. Ummuna was ditched in the Cities of Westminster and somewhere else…
      If only our own lot would deal in FACTS rather than cling to the wettest limpest blankets of tiresome lazy MYTHS, the world would not be as it is. It seems that over hundreds of years those who have ruled ensured conviction and courage was beaten out many. Just a theory, but i’m staggered by the determination and energy that able people waste pushing DOOM & VICTIMHOOD.

      1. Reply to Signposts
        Point of Information- Luciana Berger was a close friend of the Blairs and was parachuted into the Wavertree seat by the Right Wing. Jeremy had no involvement whatsoever.
        Can you also please clarify who you mean by ” our own lot” as you posting show clear contempt for both the right and the left of the party.

      2. Berger was indeed parachuted in by Blair. Dodgy doings concerned that election. She rejected claims she was carnally involved with war criminal’s sprog. Anyway, u MUST know i referred to Berger like several other nasties eg Coyle who got their seats, & Berger an INCREASED vote share BECAUSE of UNRIVALLED enthusiasm 4 Jeremy; General Election 2017.
        FIRST election in approx TWENTY years when Labour GAINED seats. That was BECAUE of = “CAUSED by” the OPEN enthusiasm for Jeremy.
        That’s how Berger managed an increased share, DESPITE her distinct lack of talent + repellant nature as evidenced by 70% Remain voting Finchley & Golders Green plus as she reasoned a large “Jewish” community REJECTING her attempt to USE them. So afraid, the preferred a man of TORIES promising “Get Brexit Done🟦🟦🟦

        P.S. Berger admitted a “romantic” relationship with Ummuna but said she did not have one with the War Criminal’s son.

        Anyway: u r giving your masters, Malcolm Colemans’ team a rest. They’ve been working overtime pumping helplessness, victimhood and DOOM.
        Not once a celebration of the uplifting successes of Sharon Graham, Barnard, the Unite & CWU vote to not certify Evans… NOTHING‼️‼️‼️ U all cannot STAND tangible success. Your instructions is to spread defeatism.
        I hope at last people have spotted your pattern. U’ve been rumbled!!!
        Now piss off back to your hole Smartbut

      3. instructions ARE of course and other OBVIOUS typos 4 those more focused on spreading hopelessness & doom, the r confused by fundamentals.

      4. Charming response Signposts – resorting to personal insults when you can’t deal with the issues or clarify who you mean by “our own lot”. It is absolutely clear in your postings that you hate both wings of the Labour party so I can only conclude that your comment about ” our own lot” refers to the Tories who you clearly admire.

  4. T Thanks for that I don’t think the libers are anybodys answer …She must be desperate to think they are the answer or shes just got a fixation on parties with knights of the realm.

  5. PS I said Berger was threatened in 2010 –

    But I should have put a question mark against
    the year . THe point I was trying to make was that the threats and convictions were
    made during the 2010- 2015 period – ie before Corbyn. However she WAS parachuted in ..
    and there was a lot of anger at this. All of this I found out from Wiki which I consulted
    after her name first came up in the MSM.

    Women in politics are subject to abuse .. full stop. This applies to women of all
    political persuasions and is a disgrace.

    AS for Duffield being frightened – the speaker mentioned this so she quite possibly was?

    Another group who are threatened and abused – all women (including trans women) who
    disapprove of the GRA – it is a small group of transactivists who are responsible .
    – sometimes attacks are physical.

  6. Thanks Holby fanfm I am genuinely ignorent of the Gay trans movment or LGBT issues and threats to Rossie Duffield who has my sympathy if shes worried.ITs just that we can only follow so many issues and isms.and that is one I have not encountered when Iwas an activist or councillor in conservative Surrey..I do hope that momentum provide security for jeremy Corbyn because I have a feeling that JLM along with Ivor caplin and kyle mp wil! organise somthing along the lines Chris Williamson encountered in Brighton.My wife being a Brighton born women has predicted it and she should know being a Jewish person with antagonistic relatives who subscribe to the aptly named Chronicle.Funny old place Brighton but it was like a breath of fresh air compared to Surrey and Sussex were I lived except for a short stint in 1st Avenue Hove “actually” for a couple of years.We saw a lot of life on the sea front were I lived(even dolphins making their way down to shorham harbour)thats a little bit like seeing foxes in the centre of london.which I have been amazed at but is now common.You see life in the raw on the front Naked bikers,Gay pride parade, “Queer on the peir” demos and almost everything that makes Brighton Special sorounded on all sides with a sea of blue like Surrey but with the largest Labour party membership in England.

    1. Brighton, apart from the things you stated is also the home of Sussex Friends of Israel, the most aggressive right wing Zionist group in the country.

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