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‘Centrist’ Stadlen asks whether Johnson or Starmer’d make better PM. Gets ratioed with ‘neither’ responses

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn proposed as better than either

Former radio presenter Matthew Stadlen made the mistake of tweeting to ask whether people would prefer Boris Johnson or Keir Starmer as PM. His question was heavily ‘ratioed’ – widely considered a sign of a disastrous tweet – with far more replies than either shares or likes:

Stadlen is a die-hard Jeremy Corbyn critic who was quite happy to see Boris Johnson win the 2019 general election then switched sides as soon as Corbyn stepped down and seems to consider what was essentially centre-left Scandinavian socialism as ‘far left’:

So he’ll have been less than thrilled by the overwhelming responses to his question to the effect that there’s not a cigarette-paper between Johnson and Starmer – in fact let’s say that comparisons of both the Tory and ‘Labour’ leader to manure were not difficult to find – and that Corbyn would be better than either:

At least Mr Stadler did not include an ‘other’ option in his poll. If he had, the responses to his tweet – despite his followers arguably being more on the right of the (genuine, rather than media-portrayed) political spectrum – suggest that he’d have been even less pleased with the result.

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  1. Yes, i heard lots of the DREADFUL Stadlen. The people once again judge CORRECTLY

    1. Excellent introduction of reality to this rw Stadler hack. Probably won’t affect him…

  2. The public are sick of being ripped off by the Torys but obviously feel that the Labour leader is not far behind in ripping people off and proping up the government.

    1. Joseph the people have MUCH more insight than those in the political bubble / clique. When we OUTSIDE the clique vote, we use what power we have to respond for eg to being taken 4 granted… treated as if “we have nowhere else to go”. It’s bad enough Tories blue & red acting that way, but when those from whom we expect better act in the same disdainful way with backroom deals, then i say as i believe: that is DISGUSTING‼️‼️‼️

      What’s worse, other than going on about “Family Values” like John Major while busy betraying his wife Norma, with the heartless sick making salmonella … name slips, who ALSO had her own husband… but other than Tories going on about “Family Values” yet always being caught in suspenders, tied up and gagged with an apple, or David Cameron pleasuring himself with a dead pig’s head etc, the fact is, do u ever hear them fogging on endlessly about “kindness & gentleness”, “care” etc. They DELIVER in ACTION tangible care to their own. Gavin Williamson being made a Lord and Patel STILL kept in office proves that.

  3. I still weep when I think what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we missed in not having Jeremy Corbyn as our Prime Minister. Neither De Pffeifer Johnson nor… (I hesitated there, I couldn’t remember his name. I wonder why???)…Keef Starmer is fit to lick his boots.

  4. John McDonnell is arguing today that Starmer just has to readmit Corbyn at conference for ‘left-right’ unity to break out. McDonnell adds, everyone can then get on with fighting for a Starmer-led Labour govt…

    For starters, I don’t Starmer will readmit Corbyn. But more to the point, even if by some miracle he did, I think opinion of Starmer is now so set among those on the left; trust is gone in him and Labour’s right.

    Labour’s right-wing are symptomatic of a wider problem. We have a governing class in the UK that’s too comfortable with the idea they can’t be removed by democratic means. Many on Labour’s right are interchangeable with their Tory opposites and democratic choice is effectively dead at the moment. As a first step we need some sort of open candidate selection(primaries), and ultimately PR for Westminster elections.

    1. Andy, URGENT question is: after ALL we’ve seen, what does it expose of McDonnell urging us to “unite with” SIR starmer❓❓❓
      CONFIRMS what we surely ALL must have concluded since at least 2017. We’ve been taken 4 a ride, people!!!
      McDonnell & co could not give a jot about the thousands unfairly suspended and expelled, slandered, pursued… distressed.
      Your revelation of McDonnell’s latest confirms my assessment of him ages ago as presented right here on AHEAD of the curve. Oh! and guess what; Mandelson has made it known that he “hankers” after returning to frontline politics and government. Mandelson’s instructions will be followed to the letter and McDonnell and others will be FULLY “UNIFIED” with that‼️‼️‼️ Quite INDECENT & INTEGRITY FREE in my view. No???

      1. What I should have added was that McDonnell – being a politician and devious – does
        NOT always say what he means but carefully crafts what he says in order to obtain
        a certain result.

        This is the kind of deviousness which is perfectly legitimate in the cesspit in which the
        Labour Party finds itself – I think ..

      2. HolbyFanMw – “in order to obtain
a certain result.”

        • What exactly has been McDonnell’s “certain result”❔❔❔
        • McDonnell did not join the party yesterday. He’s been at it b4 many of us were an idea in our parents’ minds.
        • What has he learnt? And how do u assess where we are after all his “carefully crafts”…

      3. I realised some time ago that McDonnell was part of the problem not the solution. The guy is not to be trusted.

      4. I think after the Liverpool fiasco of blanking chris Williamson then I would believe anthing including the ex firbrand john McDonnell doing tripple backflips.Liverpool was a line crossed and will do far more damage to the left than the glittarata that stood on the stage will ever realise or understand.Comrades do not humiliate a brave comrade ex mp in front of a audience and think it will be just more expediency an d thats okay folks ones carreer is more important than loyalty.or the long term future of the socialist movment.I cannot begin to describe my anger at this public humiliation of Chris and I think that those that cheered his name the majority just might step back and wonder how we could have supported such self serving people and fallen for it.hook line and sinker.Remember the Gordon Brown moment ,or the Harold Wilson moment that after speaking to a Hero worshiping crowd in Rawtenstall Rossendale joined us all for a pint in the beer tent,and later said to his chaufer on speaker that I heard on a entirely different acennt from the “I ony want whats best fert lads accent” and said lets get out of hear ive better things to do.than bugger around all day “ITs them small moments in the eternal Struggle that at first you put down to a off day and over half a century later wonder have I been taken for a ride or is this just another everyday mistake of ordinary human beings.?I don’t wish to make Chris a figure of hero worship or sainthood he wouldnt want that but I would demand from his former colleagues and fellow mps to show some respect.And yes I am still seething and feel betrayed much like Corbyn must feel at times.

    2. “For starters, I don’t Starmer will readmit Corbyn. But more to the point, even
      if by some miracle he did, ..”

      I think that the miracle would be conditional on MPs realising that Starmer
      was wrong and Corbyn was making a perfectly legitimate comment ..

      but I don’t think O Donnell was telling the truth about the rest in that he
      does not believe Starmer is capable of uniting the Labour Party – but
      thinks that MPs would – de facto – sack Starmer.

    3. Well its all about them and conference,have a good time in the sleeze pots and brothels in Brighton celebrate a unified and comradly labour party….hold hands and congratulate each other whilst standing shoulder to shoulder singing “The Red flag” for the audience and cameras and hop on the train back to the “House of Horrors” a good time and a good living had by all whilst the working-class people of the UK look forward to a long hard Winter wondering do we “heat or eat” and can we afford to feed the kids or best put granny and grandad in a “home” were j doctor johnson can take care of them permanently……what a bloody rigged fiasco ..glad I chose nowhere land to rot away and hum the red flag whilst wondering 😔why I cant remember about remembering about whats is name?…Bitter and twisted …maybe but I can’t remember!.I take the tablets in a little box 📦 marked mon..tues remember the drill but what do I do when the tablets turn to powder in the high humidity of the rainy , season buy a straw or buy some air con?.This years going to be a bumper year for the rice fields and I have never seen so much green.At least food grows in trees here or the staple in the fields which many of the people still own.What do you do in a land on the other side of the world were the sky above and the ground beneath your feet are owned by the establishment party alarmingly all three of the nod of a senile old lady and the molesters she spawned…God bless the queen..!

  5. Always amusing seeing blueticks pajoratively throw around ‘hard left’ ‘extreme left’ & ‘far left’ to describe politicians and supporters of the mainstream left. It’s largely a failure of the Labour party to push back and argue their case that’s led to this nonsense. And it’s allowed the political right to totally control political discourse,the Overton window and debate.

    This handy guide(below) was first published for Europeans trying to understand American misuse of the political spectrum. But it increasingly applies to the UK.

    A guide for Europeans following American politics, translating common terms:

    “Extreme left wing” = center left
    “Left wing” = center right
    “Moderate” = right wing
    “Right wing” = extreme right
    “Extreme right wing” = fascists

    1. Jeremy Corbyn is “hard left” because he wanted
      to end child poverty
      for everyone to have enough to eat
      to end the degradation of the sick and disabled via the benefit system
      for everyone to have a roof over their heads,
      for everyone to have access to a good education and employment opportunities, to end our involvement in unjust foreign wars
      to work towards a just and peaceful solution for Palestinians
      to bring in tax changes which would mean that with wealthy corporations would pay their fair share
      For aspiring to these things he was pilloried and depicted as the devil incarnate by the PLP, Southside, the MSM , the Tories and the Establishment including the Jewish establishment so now we have Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer as PM and leader of the opposition and not the thickness of a cigarette paper between them.

  6. They seem to be out in force, today. Guardian hack, John Harris, has an article entitled – ‘Want to ‘level up’ the UK? Just give places the power and money they need – John Harris’

    As a sideline -he’s, certainly, not qualified – he’s reviewed Len McCloskey’s book – ‘Always Red.’

    One phrase that sums up his ‘review’ is the MSM tried and tested – ‘deep working-class antipathy towards Corbyn’. I didn’t get past that.

    Forgive me if I’ve got this wrong, but, didn’t JC have a plan to ‘give places the power and money they need.’

    There’s, just, no pleasing some people.

    1. JC said he had a plan. What was it? Was it more pie in the sky sloganeering? Working class people don’t like JCs anti British pro terrorist stance. Get over it.

      1. plain citizen – Jeremy Corbyn has never been “anti-british” or “pro-terrorist”! He simply advocated for talking which will always be better than the evil of war (which is terror by bigger bullies with bigger weapons). There is nothing to ” get over”!

      2. From reading; CRYSTAL clear; Jeremy has ALWAYS been spot on re many KEY policies, including those u cite Richard. Plain Citizen is TOTALLY wrong, including peddling MYTH working class didn’t like Jeremy’s policies.

        GE2019 was lost TOTALLY due to pandering to SIR REMAIN starmer’s “Constructive Ambiguity” which he, his controllers, advisors & coup conspirators PROMPTLY ditched on Election Results MORNING, when their toxic plot worked. One after one they repeated “The Brexit debate is SETTLED.” “The Brexit argument is FINISHED”.
        Their plot was obvious long b4 it delivered what they wanted. John McDonnell had already told Arsetair Campbellend 4 GQ; Jeremy would step down if HE lost (the plot worked… as parasites hoped). McDonnell must have known Jeremy would cave in to that treacherous presumptive knifing. Jeremy would feel hemmed in.

        At the time, even i STILL hoped Jeremy would face reality, see he was being betrayed wittingly or unwittingly, and say he was not stepping down and would get a new team of advisors. He didn’t. He CHOSE to continue dancing to the tunes of parasites. More disastrously, one by one he had already thrown his best quality support under every bus…. George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, Kate Hoey, Chris Williamson and so many others… over TWO THOUSAND!!!
        RESULT❓ NONE of quality / ability left to defend him. HE made those choices. No one held a gun to his head nor Jessica Phillips knife to his front, despite the THUG’s violent threats. CHOICES.
        I welcome the FRESH adult REALISTIC straightforward approach of ONE SOUND WOMAN – Sharon Graham, sweeping away the defeatism, non stop UNNECESSARY & DISGRACEFUL appeasements, disgusting backroom deals … the “BUGGINS TURN” mindset, and the indignity of craving “unity” with a Tory tribute act. The “craftiness” of experienced people like McDonnell delivered this SH** fest SteveH davidH Smartbuts & Malcolm Colemans ( one and the same ) r celebrating and laughing their heads off.

      3. And there you have the power of The S*n, The Jewish Chronicle and proudly held blind bigoted ignorance on display.
        Would it make any difference to know that Margaret Thatcher had secret talks with the IRA or the Americans support Al Qaeda in Syria or that prince Phillip lived with his mistress since the 1970s? Sadly no.

      4. lundiel glad u prompted me re Phillip. Betty’s solicitors wanted his will & all her other scroungers’s wills, kept secret for 120 years. The judge made it 90… NINETY, when most of us may be dead + Betty will b very very dead, and the maggots which munched, even more dead.
        Almost all other wills r public, surely if they have nothing to hide… why secrecy❓ The public have a right to know sources of Phillips millions, especially after TONS of bull SH; he was almost penniless etc + other rubbish.

        Also, has he left assets gained from US, public purse to children who r not Betty’s❓ Johnson can fund his many children with his own earnings, but PUBLIC MONEY is concerned with Phillip.
        THIRTY ‘Royal wills’ r kept “sealed” in a safe. The public deserves to know the contents of EACH. CORRUPT stuff could be hidden. Think of Airmiles Andy’s doings re millions… and Charles’ current alleged selling of honours…

        No one should be above the law. It should not be left to posters on to raise these questions. They go to the CORE of the Institutionally CORRUPT Establishment. What’s Max Headroom doing??? ZILCH

      5. Corbyn & others were vilified by the media and Right Wing Labour at the time for talking to Irish political nationalists who had links to the IRA.
        JC et al planted a seed for peace in N. Ireland and should have received the Nobel Peace Prize.
        Of course the critics, who did nothing for peace there, were quick to rush in when it bore fruit, to claim the credit.
        And of course the rich and powerful with their media monopoly had to paint a decent genuine socialist human being as a demon (aided by Right Wing Labour MPs slagging Corbyn off in public for years) because they all feared his IDEAS which were a threat to the power of the rich and made Right Wing Labour redundant!
        I remember in 2017 one Sunday morning canvassing after the media had been particularly brutal re JC and only 3 of us turned up to canvass (one RW CLP Sec and 2 of us Pro JC Lefties).
        The RW Sec soon gave up, after failing to stand up for JC, and left.
        We carried on, stood up for JC, had great discussions and gave out 5 Labour posters which ain’t bad for a pretty posh area.
        And this is the problem, when the Right Wing have a monopoly of the media, we need to counter their narrative and offer ours.
        In the last GE when the media had even revived it up, on one doorstep I got a retired Para who said Corbyn had even met Gerry Adams.
        I pointed out that so had the President of the USA, Boris Johnson, and the Queen!
        And you have to talk to people you may disagree with if you want peace.
        He had no reply but I perhaps made him think.
        Right Wing Labour just puts out vapid leaflets, to try and get just enough votes to take the top down power for themselves.
        Left Wing Democratic Socialists should be about politicising the masses to empower diverse working people which strengthens us all and our cause.

      6. If you want peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.

        Desmond Tutu.

        The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.

        Carlos Santana

        Those at war with others are not at peace with themselves.

        William Hazlitt

        You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.

        Indira Gandhi

      7. Plain Citizen 19/09/2021 at 7:08 pm

        You asked what JC’s plan was. I’m stunned you have to ask. I’m, even, more stunned you, apparently, haven’t read it.

        It’s, exactly, the same plan Mark Drakeford and Welsh Labour used, in May of this year, to win a stunning victory in the Welsh Senedd Elections.

        It would appear the Welsh Electorate can read and understand a Manifesto, better than the English Electorate – you snotty little runt.

        Mo Mowlam found the contacts JC had made in N. Ireland very useful during her negotiations. It was he who suggested she enter The Maze, at one point, to talk to the prisoners, on a number of points. Brave woman that she was, she did, and the stumbling block she’d encountered disappeared.

        The rest is history. She ended up with The Good Friday Agreement.

        It’s good to talk. Even to people perceived as ‘terrorists’

        One last piece of information, for you.

        JC is neither ‘anti-British’, nor ‘pro-terrorist’. He’s an Internationalist Socialist, who believes in democracy, above all else.

      8. Plain citizen thats straight out of the toilet paper press.You know you can do better than this. Sloganeering from the media.Try one of those motered dishes that I have even here and am able to pick up any number of channels in English that will give you a more forensic understanding of real journalism.and real investigative journalism rather than the British propaganda.from the uneducated muck spreaders….regards and stop reading that Bolton news owned by the Washington based aptly named “Gannet cooperation” that own most of the local news the UK

      9. So very correct signpost as a few of us said..hang in there and don’t step down as the enemy within wanted and the media.needed.Look around now and wonder what if?

      10. George peel…. “I never wanted to be in parliament,I wanted to do something” Bernaddete Devlin founder of”the peoples democracy movement.She now works in obscurity in Ireland with the homeless and destitute and the immigrants who have flocked to Ireland and struggled.

      11. Plain Citizen
        What exactly was your part in the Peace process
        One of the many lethal consequences for Red Tories who preferred the liar and charlatan looks like a return to sectarian violence in Northern Ireland
        Can I take this opportunity to thank the flag shaggers, sabre rattlers and tin pot generals for their moronic version of Brexit and the Red Wall of blood that is about to flow
        Your ancestors are spinning in their graves

    2. “deep working-class antipathy towards Corbyn”. Plain Citizen touches on it below. It does exist, especially in the boomer generation who were gifted with the right to buy their council houses for next to nothing by Thatcher. The old adage comes to mind: ‘,the working class can kiss my arse, I’ve got the foreman’s job at last,’. 40 years of neoliberalism on top of shutting down industry, cheap labour from abroad holding wages down, the media turning the working class against each other and calling for benefit cuts and the successful lie that the economy is like a household budget, when in reality of everyone saved their money the economy would just stop have all played their part but the boomers are all dying now and I hope there’s not another generation of selfish, racist bigots like them again (I’m one of them).

      1. IT really was a brilliant scam by the Torys wasn’t it lundiel.Floggem discounted homes they already owned and convert them to the me party forever waiting for the inevitable next “givaway sale” .I tried so hard to stop this fiasco in Reigate but just couldn’t get the message across to the Labour councillors most of them Blair supporters at that time in the ninteys.and went with the flow.

      2. You are right lundiel I also am one of them [ over by a long way 60s ] If you took the over 60s vote away at last election the result would have been Corbyn 38.5% Tories 35.7% So the young who generally are better informed educated dont read right wing media will dominate politics in UK and elseware. There is hope when we old buffers kick the bucket.

      3. Yes Joe. I remember they did the same with shares in utilities and building societies. People gave everything away for a few quid in their pockets.

      4. Yes and the Tories wouldn’t let Council’s keep the proceeds of sales to build replacement council homes.
        And it saved the Govt billions in council house repairs as the new owners were now responsible.
        And to add insult to injury we who remained council tenants, as part of our rent, were still paying off the cost of building the homes that had now been sold off!
        I think the problem at the time was we didn’t really know what we were up against (Tory Neo-Liberalism) and didn’t offer alternatives like taking empty homes into public ownership to rent?
        And perhaps introduce mortgages where you own 50% and get the rest on a 200 year lease (this is what housing conservation areas do) but the Left needed ideas on housing and still does.

  7. There is not a hope in hell that ‘left-right’ unity is about to break out.
    Starmer has demonstrated better than anyone that the right in the Labour Party is the enemy of the people.
    Anyone who can’t see it has their eyes closed.

  8. Labour Stasi ( media division) has no doubt recorded all responses that don’t support Starmer to correllate with Labour membership lists so they can suspend any members for supporting a non-labour candidate.

  9. JC had a perfectly sensible plan – and it was not about
    supporting terrorism. That is a line which was put about
    by the Right Wing Press ..

    Being patriotic is more than waving flags about – as has been
    demonstrated during recent events associated with the pandemic.

    It is about helping and looking after others and old fashioned
    things like that -and the British Public have demonstrated that
    to perfection just as they did in WW2

  10. About N Ireland – there were continuous links between the Provos and\
    the UK with clergymen often the links in the chain. If you watched the
    excellent UK series you would understand that. Of course the
    right wing press was only interested in the first episode
    which provided evidence as to which of Sin Fein was and was
    not a provo and involved in violence and ignored the rest.

    It was John Major who was the UK politician who initiated the crucial move(s)
    towards peace and Corbyn has often praised him for this. However once
    Major had made the move Corbyn contributed as indicted in the
    posts using his contacts – from both sides. Mo Mowlam*** made an
    ESSENTIAL contribution but was never given credit as T Blair took over ..

    *** If anyone deserves a statue in their honour Mo Mowlam does.

    1. Holby fan fm…..very good assessment,but to face reality would there have been a settlement without armed resistence?….I very much doubt it and that’s why so many brave young people sacrificed their lives in hunger strikes in the maze and H blocks and facing the British crown forces of the gerrymandered failed statlet of the Nireland who are celebrating the partition of Ireland with the queen Elizabeth this week and other clowns.

  11. “Armed Resistance” was because of the brutal repression
    of perfectly reasonable Human Rights Marches in 1968/69. the result
    was civil disorder with Catholics burned out of their houses.. and then
    later on similar with protestants attacked. So a brief answer to “would
    there have been a settlement” is if the grievances had been sorted then
    – YES. There was a relatively peaceful settlement in Spain and Portugal
    in the 1970s and also in most of the Eastern bloc in the 1990s – Yugoslavia
    was a horrible exception

    The B Specials accused the marchers of being Terrorists when in fact the
    “IRA” had nothing to do with it. Nationalist Catholics bitterly
    said that IRA meant I Ran Away as the Catholic Neighbour hoods were
    subject to attack. Over time the “Provos” and Protestant terrorists then took over
    This was EXACTLY what happened in Syria as part of the ARab Spring
    when people marched against the brutal regime of Assad.. and others
    First a peaceful march .. then brutal repression. Sadly hardly anything of the
    Arab Spring is left now- Tunisia possibly

    IN fact there are links between the Middle East and Ulster – ie the way
    Ireland was “pacified” was similar to the way Palestine was “pacified”.

    Perfidious Albion that is the link .. lies to both sides in both cases
    and in roughly the same time period.

    Divide and Rule is the reason ..

    Some arrogant statesman said of Palestine that its would be”the new Ulster”

    And horribly horribly ironic Churchill sent the “Black ‘n Tans” in to
    “pacify Palestine” as part of the police force (Gendarmerie)! The British
    Army leaders objected – but were ignored ..Simon Scharma said the British
    were brutal during the mandate – now we know why.

    1. I have to say that having done extensive research I dispute your claims about Syria. There was never a peaceful uprising, it, like so many colour revolutions was engineered almost from the beginning into sectarian struggle. Yes, the police and army responded brutally, but give they’ve suffered 10 years of Syria being invaded by Islamist terrorists from all over the world and the two thirds of Syria under Assad’s control voted freely for him by a huge majority and the fact that the Syrian Arab Army has more Sunnis than any other religion. I believe that more money has been spent by the west on anti Syrian propaganda than in any previous intervention.

  12. Holbyfanfm…You should have been in on the peace process you have a outstanding knowledge of the situation in Ireland for a Englishman far wider and broader than the many that have been appointed over the years by both Labour and especially the Conservative and unionist party..The IRA at that time were shamed into entering the war which they had already acknowledged and disbanded the weapons and buried them to form their version of the Workers party.after deciding that they could never win against the British forces of Occupation.The cival rights movement and Bernadette Devlin stepped up with john hulme and the dishonurable gerry fitt along with the democracy movement and looked after the victims of ethnic cleansing and fire bombed Catholics fleeing the pogroms.The provos were the result of being deserted by everyone including the Labour government at that time who sent into Belfast and Derry a Scots regiment full of bigoted orangemen who quickly identified the Catholics as the enemy for asking for one man one vote and a lifting of the no go laws in jobs,housing,health and government local and national…The ignorance of the British government was demonstrated by the Scottish regiment which like many things is just a mistake in judgment but in this case allowed the struggle to continue for another thirty years and thousands of innocent civilian lives lost amongst the war.A lesson the Labour party need to learn now if they wish to survive,but I doubt that the leader of the Labour party is much interested in that.

    1. Spot on Joseph OKeefe.

      Never forget what happened in Ireland happened all over the World. It’s what the British do…..40m killed in India, Opium pushing in China, an entire race wiped out in Tasmania etc etc…

      This from an article by Frederick Forsyth regarding the shameful Biafran War and Labour’s part in it….

      “British covert interference had become huge. Weapons and ammunition poured in quietly as Whitehall and the Harold Wilson government lied and denied it all.”

      Labour are as guilty of killing people in foreign wars as the Tories. And don’t get me started on the Blair the War Criminal.

    2. The outstanding knowledge is only because I am very very OLD! My parents kept
      me up to date as did Aunts and Uncles particularly with sectarianism – which was prevalent
      in the North West during the 1940s and 1950s. I had Irish antecedents from both sides and
      being retired I am now able to look some of it up.

      I remember my parents talking of a particularly bigoted Liverpool
      Alderman L – I forget his name – who objected to extra money for Catholic schools***
      It was said of him that at his funeral when the clergyman said “Grant him
      eternal rest” said Alderman L would sit up in his coffin and say “No Grants!”
      (Typical scouse humour that!)

      *** I know some were against grants to ALL Church schools – but this was a
      particularly bigoted response to CATHOLIC schools for denomination
      was important in those olden days. Thank goodness that is over now …

  13. Plain Citizen
    Thats why God invented the bucket of shit party in every democracy for the deeply antipathetic
    They all get a vote then we expect them to crawl back under their rocks
    Moseley’s men and women, Sun readers, those who boo England players are all working class, so what

    1. Gas industry looking for a happy xmass for vunerable directors with another bumper handout by the lender of No interest and no return the Conservative and unionist party…socialism for the fat cats.

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