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Right-winger Akehurst facing Islamophobia complaint of anti-Palestinian racism – days after NEC election and Labour’s acceptance of ‘all’ LMN Labour Islamophobia report

Right-winger Luke Akehurst is the subject of a racism complaint just days after Labour’s internal elections saw him back onto the party’s National Executive (NEC) – and after Labour general secretary David Evans committed to the party to accept ‘all’ the Labour Muslim Network (LMN) report and recommendations on the Islamophobia rife among the Labour right.

Former NEC candidate Gary Spedding tweeted the news of his complaint against Akehurst:

The complaint comes just days after Akehurst was elected to the NEC.

The LMN report, which Labour has committed to accept and implement in full, requires Labour to clamp down on Islamophobia and to adopt the ‘APPG definition’ of it, which describes it as:

rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.

Among the examples of Islamophobia provided by the cross-party committee of MPs are:

– Denying Muslim populations the right to self-determination
– Calling for, aiding, instigating or justifying the killing or harming of Muslims in the name of a racist/ fascist ideology, or an extremist view of religion.

Gary Spedding has not published the specifics of his complaint against Akehurst, a director of the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM)‘s ‘We Believe in Israel’ advocacy organisation. However, Akehurst has been criticised for a variety of comments about Palestinians, or supporting actions against them, for example:

  • arguing against the Palestinians’ right of return, which would appear to be a denial of their right to self-determination
  • justifying the shooting by snipers of large numbers of Palestinian protesters:

The whole point of deploying snipers is that their fire is precisely targeted and the opposite of indiscriminate…

This wasn’t the indiscriminate massacre of civilians presented to the world on Monday. This was a case of highly trained IDF soldiers, with very clear rules of engagement

The UN last year condemned the shootings – which intentionally killed at least 189 people and maimed or injured thousands more, including children, disabled people, paramedics and journalists – and Israeli violations of human rights:

Akehurst’s justification of the shootings would appear to be a breach of the APPG example of “aiding, instigating or justifying the killing or harming of Muslims”.

Luke Akehurst declined to comment when approached by the SKWAWKBOX. If Labour’s hierarchy does not wish to immediately expose its commitment to the LMN to implement all of its recommendations as a sham, it is hard to see how an administrative suspension pending an investigation can be avoided.

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  1. Gary Spedding should speak to the police about the hate crimes committed by luke akehurst!

    1. My apologies for posting the following here (having just now posted it way down the page in a Reply to ‘Harry Law’), but there are a bunch of total shitheads further down the page fraudulently attacking and vilifying and smearing Jeremy for a statement he made on facebook earlier today. And what the shitheads are doing is trying to have readers of skwawkbox believe that Jeremy is NOW saying the opposite of what he said which led to his suspension, but he did NOT, and the shitheads are lying through their nasty little fascist teeth:

      Harry Law, you just posted the two comments that Jeremy made, but neither YOU, or any of the shills on here who post their poisonous shit on this blog every day, noticed that Jeremy is saying two distinctly different things. In his initial comment he referred to the SCALE OF THE PROBLEM being massively overstated, got it!! And in his facebook statement he is making it clear that he didn’t say that in relation to the ‘CONCERNS’ about anti-semitism and, as such, says that ‘concerns about anti-semitism are neither exaggerated or overstated’.

      And I very, VERY much doubt that this has just come out of the blue, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Starmer and Evans and Co have come up with a strategy whereby they can ‘legitimately’ reinstate him – ie message to Jeremy: ‘If you make it clear publicly that you were not saying that concerns over anti-semitism have been overstated, then the problem of your suspension can probably be resolved’, or words to that effect.

      Yes!, of course the ‘concerns’ by the JLM and CAA and BoD and Hodge and Mann et al have been massively – AND grossly – exaggerated and overstated, but Jeremy CAN’T actually prove it, whereas he can, in effect, prove that there is a massive disparity and disconnect between the public perception and the actuality regarding the number of members who have been accused of A/S and been investigated as such.

      So PLEASE ignore the shitheads down the page whose sole purpose on this blog is to discredit Jeremy and the left (and do so whilst pretending THEY are on the left AND JC supporters_.

      1. No need to apologise Allan, you make very good points and I agree with you.

      2. Corbyn may say ‘concerns’ are not exaggerated nor overstated, but the facts i.e. ‘the true scale of the problem’ cannot be wished away [facts found in many Labour party sources and in the book ‘Bad news for Labour .03% this figure should be shouted from the roof tops ,unfortunately Corbyn has now learned that he cannot speak the truth, he would be re suspended . Could it be that the General Secretary was acting beyond his powers by suspending Corbyn in the first place[ Ultra vires], what is not in dispute is the leadership both Evans and Starmer were in breach of the EHRC report i.e. political officers should not be anywhere near the disciplinary cases that responsibility is for the NEC or body delegated with that responsibility by the NEC.

    2. Correct Doug. The fines will stop immediately and quashed. They have been found unlawful.
      NB it crossed my mind earlier that i’ve not heard any comment about we “the many” being robbed blind by Deloitte, G4S, SERCO & Co by Starmer & gang, except one question last week by MaxHeadroom at PMQs.

      BUT has anyone heard any word about same from our band in the PLP, the unions or Jeremy who has been Unsuspended❓❓❓

      As said b4 expect more, including even a CW debacle of suspend, un suspend, re suspend, expelled. BUT it matters not now to me. To say something has been exaggerated based on % facts, then a few weeks after say the polar opposite… as “clarification” is TOTALLY inconsistent with what even I believed. We have been all “knifed in the front”…
      slowly and with a twist

    1. And also this by Caitlin Johnstone:

      ‘From Propaganda To Ego, All Our Major Problems Are Due To Misperception’

      The only thing sustaining the murderous, exploitative US-centralized power alliance which functions as a single empire on foreign policy is its ability to manipulate and deceive the public into consenting to all the wars and military expansionism that are necessary to hold an empire together. If the empire weren’t constantly bullying the world into unified compliance with its military and economic might, nations would act more or less in their own self-interest and cease functioning as a single globe-spanning unit.

      1. And also this (if you didn’t see it when I posted a link to it about three weeks ago):

        The US Did Not Defeat Fascism in WW11, It Discretely Internationalised It

        ‘Towards the end of WWII, General Karl Wolff, formerly Himmler’s right-hand man, went to see Allen Dulles in Zurich, where he was working for the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor organization to the CIA. Wolff knew that the war was lost, and he wanted to avoid being brought to justice. Dulles, for his part, wanted the Nazis in Italy under Wolff’s command to lay down their arms against the allies and help the Americans in their fight against communism. Wolff, who was the highest-ranking SS officer to survive the war, offered Dulles the promise of developing, with his Nazi team, an intelligence network against Stalin. It was agreed that the general who had played a central role in overseeing the Nazi’s genocidal machine, and who expressed his “special joy” when he secured freight trains to send 5,000 Jews a day to Treblinka, would be protected by the future director of the CIA, who helped him avoid the Nuremberg trials.’

        To establish itself as the global military hegemon and international guard dog of capitalism, the U.S. government and National Security State have relied on the help of the significant number of Nazis and fascists it integrated into its global network of repression…..

      2. Allan Howard
        I’ll go one further.
        The Nazi Regime was an American business venture.

  2. Clearly the man doesnt like Semites and being as this type of person is a minority in the Labour party then its better to cut off the oxygen to these types who often don’t like jews ,Irish or gypsys.Racism is a disease that can spread cut ✂off the source and implement the findings on islamaphobia and get on with defeating the racist conservative and unionist party.

  3. Has Luke Akehurst been suspended yet? I am afraid David Evans and Starmer better suspend Luke Akehurst fast. Otherwise, it would be clear that the Labour Party is just paying lip service towards Muslim’s concerns and it wouldn’t end well.
    Pragmatically speaking the Party needs to preserve its Muslim vote, without it we will be losing ground fast, impossible to win a General Election.
    It needs to reinstate Jeremy Corbyn too, is someone in the Labour Party can help to sort this mess is Corbyn.

  4. it is hard to see how an administrative suspension pending an investigation can be avoided.

    Is it really? Had this been about israel, akehurst’d have been punted by now. There’ll be pandemonium in Southside at the minute; all scrabbling around to find the whitewash bucket and a brush…

    Socialist tendencies are the smoking gun. The runt’s a centrist, so that ensures innocence.

    1. The Toffee – “Had this been about israel …” Spot on. If oil did not surround Palestine and the location had no obvious strategic importance, the USA and UK would not have created the classic support a minority over a majority. Throw in a few pinches of emotional religions and atoms of races, then BINGO with arms sales as a bonus‼️‼️‼️

  5. Two thoughts come to mind: there isn’t an alternative to the highly weaponised word ‘trope’ that could be applied to Islamophobia so any compliant would be open to argument and if one were to trawl social media, one would undoubtedly find hundreds of thousands of instances of comments and threads supporting the notion that Muslim men have an affinity to grooming.
    While I’d like to see some tit for tat, I’m already concerned that Stalin has an authoritarian glint in his eye. I noticed they were eager to shut down social media comments that weren’t on message regarding vaccines.

  6. The knight is just waiting for the inheritance from uncle big pharma…moneys too tight to mention,dont you know.And I hope youve all bought your colouring books 8 pounds and upwards…but moneys too tight to mention?.

  7. Tropist ???? Is the Labour party institutionally anti-Islamic??
    Should it be referred to the EHRC?
    I guess they will be many in the Labour Party who are rapidly trawling their social medias sites.

    1. Exactly. Most Tory and right wing Labour members have probably made numerous throw away comments that are Islamophobic. Unfortunately, they won’t be grouped into Muslim ‘tropes’ which makes every instance arguable on content, context and semantics leading to it all being kicked into the long grass.

  8. Maria Vazquez – “Otherwise, it WOULD be clear that the Labour Party is just paying lip service”.
    This is an example of the “tenses” used which suggest that things are not ALREADY in a dire state. It also suggest that Sir Starmar, Evans & Co have some tiny bit of care or concern to appease anyone or any group for fear of reprisals.

    That gang have LEARNT and been ENCOURAGED to believe that they have never suffered reprisals. Do not suffer them now and won’t suffer them in the future.
    As posted ages ago, Starmer’s gang REPEATED several times from the get go that it will be a long time before the party wins because “Jeremy has damaged the party”. Win/Win on the front foot. Acting not reacting. Speaking up not hiding.

    Nelson Mandela and his wife suffered infinitely worse than the MSM lying about them for DECADES. Even in prison Mandela remained visible and audible. The Apartheid State of South Africa KNEW that THEY had to “appease” Mandela, NOT the other way around. So don’t hold your breath for Sir Starmer to show ANY care for any Jews, Muslims, Church of England, Catholics nor Jedi.

    Money and power. That is all. If those who have power cared about protests, CND would have long brought the end of Trident. The Palestinians would have justice. Swampy would have “retired” early and remained in retirement. Workers’ rights would not have been eroded. Bliar would have called off Bush’s invasion and bombing Iraq. Those wielding power now are acting as was obvious they would. They have been and are given ZERO reasons to act otherwise. The sooner we stop fixating about religious groups and divisions by which rulers rule the better.

    The sooner we drop the scattergun approach to a myriad of causes at the expense of the basics the better. The sooner we realise that we are neither inspiration nor positive example to the many exploited and abused abroad, the better. The sooner we face the basics here at home the better. We are no use to people elsewhere if we don’t face these facts.

    1. Windchimes.
      “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
      Frank Zappa.

      1. different frank, spot on! I’m loath to suggest reading as that is what my lot here spend most of their time doing. But your Frank Zappa ref immediately brought to mind “Capitalism and Slavery” by Dr Eric Eustace Williams.

        William’s view with which i agree, is that slavery was not abolished because the slavers got more humane / decent etc or the myths of benevolent Wilberforce etc. NO! Abolition was due to slave revolts and other factors making slavery increasingly less economic.

        Alas as ever the debunking of myths is taken on only by a handful, while decent well read people read but change nothing. The erudite engage in a never ending scattergun virtue signalling issue of noise of solidarity of this and that. Fragment people into ever smaller groups … more flags and the virus of protesting to masters for crumbs rather than a full blown strategic focused revolt right here right now to the status quo of Right wing rules while we whine about the MSM and our leaders are TOTALLY ABSENT … silent in bunkers feeling virtuous. I’m sorry THAT just does not cut it.

  9. Jeremy Corbyn’s just made a statement on his Facebook account. I haven’t read it because I won’t use Facebook but even if he’d pleased guilty to everything and anything and pleaded for forgiveness and moved to Israel, it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference.

    1. lundiel, the Facebook and social media worship is yet another illusion. Anyway, having just read the extract provided by different frank, it may as well stay there. After 54 years plus four and a half years of leader and months since then, nothing has been learnt. The attitude, the culture is baked in🔴

      1. He originally said ..dramatically overstated for political reasons.. and now he says ..To be clear, concerns about antisemitism are neither exaggerated nor overstated..
        Can Corbyn ever come out and fight his corner?

      2. diffrent frank, he can but he won’t. U can’t blame him. It is a COLLECTIVE FAILURE. He surrounded himself White Flaggers. White Flaggers surround him. Platitudes of “comrade” and “solidarity” were tossed about thus knocking down all fresh insight and change.

        The void left by defeats which affect the electorate in a multitude of meaningful ways, do not impinge on the White Flaggers. Plus all passion is burnt up screaming at all who suggest an alternative and dripping defeat more than any MSM or sinister outfits bother to spend time doing. They know that White Flaggers mastermind pumping out the ambition draining “There was no alternative”. “CAN’T DO” bugs infect and paralyse progress of TRUE Labour.

        The focus on external bogey men is a curse. If i as a newbie can detect harvesting of victimhood as badges of honour, then so can the OVERT guardians of the Status Quo.

        Victimhood perpetuates the myth that we are being stopped by others and have no choice. That may explain the puzzle re recommending a peerage for Twatson after giving one to McNicol. Both inflicted horrendous injustices on thousands of members.

        Then we have the odd sitting on the EVIDENCE of SABOTAGE which was only gathered into a report after Starmer was allowed to deceive the membership. Then more silence and absence until today’s effectively absent Facebook message.

        Many including lundiel and me neither read nor use Facebook. If you fail to turn up and fail to broadcast your view widely, the MSM will report if they wish when they wish how they wish. Hence they just reported the Jeremy Facebook post as they see fit – a flip flop – 12:35hrs approx Talkradio news bulletin.

      3. Windchimes.
        I looked on Twitter for the statement.
        I don’t have a Twitter account either.
        I feel that he has been a real disappointment.
        The one thing he does leave behind, is the fact, that a good many people woke up.
        My stepson, for instance, was completely apathetic and apolitical.
        Now he is a different person.
        The genie is out of the bottle.
        Incidentally, where is the troll SteveH?

      4. diffrent frank , yes many woke up. I was not asleep but never thought to join a party. Did not even join just because Jeremy became leader. I joined because i believed in the policies and CRUCIALLY since i heard that the RightWing were on the attack, i joined and encouraged others to join to defend Jeremy with votes re leadership coups etc.

        The next step re the millions like your stepson is that we learn and change. We must never be a cult and put the feelings of one person over the feelings of deep hurt of those thrown under the bus, and moreover, the people suffering under Bim and Bam Tory governments. THAT should be our priority.

        A political party is not a passionate blind fan club or cult. Our purpose is to guard our party from parasites and use EVERY opportunity to get it back from the cabal who do not agree with our policies. For the good of the many we must NEVER give up.

        These are choices there for the taking. NEVER be defeatist. NEVER accept the status quo as a fait accompli. NO! A status quo only survives as people allow it.
        We are better than that 🌹🌹🌹

    2. lundiel: What do you mean ‘you won’t use facebook’? So what do you think would have happened had you gone on to Jeremy’s facebook page to check out his statement? THAT has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard!

      But just out of curiousity, how did you get to hear that Jeremy had just made a statement on facebook?

  10. Which strategy will be employed by the ruling labour elite/junta?
    General Amnesty? Wilful Blindness ? The Ostrich Head in the Sand? Banning any debate in CLP ?

  11. I really don’t understand why JC is backing Starmer’s acceptance in full of the EHRC report. He should not – he must not – grovel to get back into the LP.

      1. Yes Allan meet Allan Howard(white flag man and it looks like it is catchi on even in the former leader.Now how many more comrades on the bonfire?

      2. Afraid so. They are only sharpening their swords. Deeply worrying times for socialist party members. I wouldn’t look to the Scg for leadership as they don’t even stand by their own. Good wishes.

  12. There are many different ways to skin a cat
    JC has to take responsibility for giving the AS Scam oxygen
    If he had pur the figure in at the end of the statement it would have sent a powerful message to those behind vexatious claims
    99.99% of members dont have an anti semitic bone in their body

  13. theres a certain Karmic vibe about Akehurst being pulled up for this.Islamphobia is quite common amongst zionists, its a real blind would be great if Mr Akehurst was held to same standards re:Palestine as the other labour members are re:Israel I doubt he’ll enjoy it though.

    1. Diogenes – ” it would be great if Mr Akehurst was held to same standards ”

      Are you expecting that ?
      I’m not. Harsh truths should not blind us. There’s worse to come. And still i expect no change. Jeremy’s response today is irrefutable evidence of that.
      Be a victim. Hope for crumbs. Fail to point out the obvious as Doug did above. Give oxygen to lies and liars. Keep thousands of members and allies thrown under busses. Help drive more busses over more members and allies to come. That is the effect of the Facebook post.

      Posted from the bunker. It will be used by Starmer and Evans as justification to crucify thousands of more decent people. Not because they care about ANY religion or group other. It is ALL about 1% gobbling up and keeping 99% of the wealth and control. They get away with it because we let them by failing to step back, stop, think reflect, self assess, prioritise, focus.

      Instead there is a perpetually naive hope that Starmars, Evanses, Bliars etc will act against their nature despite ALL evidence that they won’t.

      There is the INCOHERENT stance of saying there is no alternative… things are FIXED, yet expecting MaxHeadroom and gang to be UNFIXED. Bizarre in the extreme. Witnessing first hand the blatant dishonesty, cruelty, open declarations of MaxHeadroom yet STILL preaching that we can “work together” with them even though they did not “work together” with you and SHOW that they have NO intention of “working together with” you… ???

      Please give us a break…

      Did Thatcher’s spawn MAKE Jeremy make his choice to release that statement❓❓❓

      The fault is not in the stars… The key faults are not THE party. WE are the party. A collection of people as diverse as the views here in opposition to the Red Tory lot. They pursue their beliefs. So must we. They take loaves when gifted a chance. We protest for crumbs.

      It is like blaming a vehicle because you refused to drive it sensibly. Blame the vehicle dealer, blame this that the other and continue driving as you always have.

  14. Claims of Antisemitism are neither overstated or exaggerated…Jeremy Corbyn says before is mtg with the NEC regarding is suspension.OH what a tangled web we weave….Bad move Jeremy and youve just kicked off the start of the witchhunt.

  15. The reason Corbyn was suspended was because he said ” but the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents inside and outside the party” now he says “To be clear, concerns about anti Semitism are neither “exaggerated” nor “overstated”. So the general public’s perception of anti Semitism in the Labour party being 34% as set out in the book ‘Bad news for Labour’ is not overstated the true figure being 0.03%.
    Seems like Corbyn is agreeing with Starmer his suspension was justified. PATHETIC.

    1. Harry Law, you just posted the two comments that Jeremy made, but neither YOU, or any of the shills on here who post their poisonous shit on this blog every day, noticed that Jeremy is saying two distinctly different things. In his initial comment he is referring to the SCALE OF THE PROBLEM being massively overstated, got it!! And in his facebook statement he is making it clear that he didn’t say that in relation to the ‘CONCERNS’ about anti-semitism and, as such, says that ‘concerns about anti-semitism are neither exaggerated or overstated’.

      And I very, VERY much doubt that this has just come out of the blue, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Starmer and Evans and Co have come up with a means whereby they can ‘legitimately’ reinstate him – ie message to Jeremy: ‘If you make it clear publicly that you were not saying that concerns over anti-semitism have been overstated, then the problem of your suspension can probably be resolved’, or words to that effect.

      Yes!, of course the ‘concerns’ by the JLM and CAA and BoD and Hodge and Mann et al have been massively – AND grossly – exaggerated and overstated, but Jeremy CAN’T actually prove it, whereas he can, in effect, prove that there is a massive disparity and disconnect between the public perception and the actuality regarding the number of members who have been accused of A/S and been investigated as such.

    2. If people are going to stay then that’s understandable. To stay and not fight is unforgivable. Fight out of the box. Get them on the backdoor. Even tiny Militant put up a scrap. They were crushed, but we are talking of thousands of dissidents. You hold some seats, councils and lot’s of clp’s. You can decide who to lick stamps for at by elections at least. Fight back, if you’re in then stand up. You’ll probably get the boot anyway. All the best.

      1. I add we could wear red masks so we won’t get found out or shouted at. Nothing obvious then. What about a tiny Red lightening stripe in a bottom corner. RMS red masks resistance? ☮️ I’m old and have begun to taste totalitarianism, I don’t want to die with it in my lungs. X

  16. “The Jewish community does not accept this pathetic non-apology from Jeremy Corbyn. Keir Starmer rightly called the day of the release of the EHRC report a “day of shame”. Jeremy Corbyn’s response, by contrast, was shameless. Keir Starmer said, “Those who deny there is a problem are part of the problem. Those who pretend it is exaggerated or factional are part of the problem”. Yet Jeremy Corbyn questioned the findings of the report which showed that, under his watch, the Party had acted unlawfully in respect of its treatment of Jews. If the Party wants to show it is serious about tackling anti-Jewish racism, it will consign this statement, just like the culture which led to the EHRC’s damning findings, to the dustbin of history. To do otherwise would be a failure of leadership which would risk the Party slipping backwards.”

    The board of deputies putting pressure on Stalin.

    1. lundiel, as i posted earlier to Alan, “there is more to come”.
      And may i repeat the word OBVIOUS. Here’s another, PREDICTABLE🔴

    2. I see the bogus ‘charity’ Campaign Against Antisemitism has also jumped in to attack Corbyn, from an entirely non-political view you understand.

      1. Now there is a job for a righteous journalist. Dig deep into that mob and it’s connections.

  17. I think theres little or no chance of Akehurst being held to the same standards and the false equivalence is the BOD equals the Jewish community and its a waste of trying to placate them,Jeremy has obviously not learned this

  18. Diogenes, i feel agreement with the essence of what you say.

    Please however note that in many issues in general and in this one in particular, there is no such thing as THE Jewish nor ANY other “community” be it Muslim, Christian, Catholic Church, Church of England, Church of “Latter day saints”, Church of this, Church of that, Zoroastrians, Buddhist, Taoist, Jedi, Space Hoppers, Skateboarders, etc ad infinitum.

    We are NOT one homogenous mass of one homogenous belief. Note well the hundreds of Semitic people of faith and none who signed Constructively UNAMBIGUOUS letters condemning the slanders directed at Jeremy and by association many members.

    It is unfair and “gives oxygen” to fires of lies that a “Community” of people are all liars represented by an UNELECTED and thoroughly UNREPRESENTATIVE super vocal and organised cabal, for political ends. NOT religious ends. NOT anti racist ends as evidenced by their demands for PREFERENTIAL treatmeant. POLITICAL ends to benefit a 1% that includes every race and religion under the sun.

    Sunak, his wife and father-in-law are NOT Semitic. The father in-law is one of the world’s BILLIONAIRES. Neither is the Japanese Royal family. Neither is the Samsung Dynasty. Neither is the Chinese Economically TRIUMPHANT Regime which has refused to wage any major wars while pre Trump we have been in a state of CONSTANT WARS.

    Go to any synagogue THEN socialise. You will see AND HEAR as ever since the dawn of time, long before Noah decided what wood to use, loooong before Abraham commissioned any wells, there was never a unified view / “community”. Pharisees, Sadducees and infinities between and on either side. It was ever thus EVERYWHERE. From North to South, East to West and beyond. Moses saw the human nature ie Babel… ie the Golden Calf….

    Everywhere Diogenes, Hittites and Shiites to this very day the latest concoction – BAME which takes the ridiculous implication but EFFECTIVE one, of being divided and ruled. Divide every non Caucasian into a multiplicity of concocted “communities”. Now with a fresh twist bang them all together as BAME = NON WHITE. Thus fan the emotional flames which, always to my amazement, causes sufficient numbers to adopt descriptions / demarkations… sometimes with what resembles enthusiasm. Then without reflection adopt the meanings of the demarkations.

    I believe words are powerful. “The outward sign of inward grace” or disgrace. The “disgrace” is often witting as the likes of Starmer. BUT, also often as unwitting … by totally decent well meaning people.

    We must guard our “thinking”. Question everything. “None but ourselves can free our minds”, as the perceptive Bob Marley sang.

    Guard our emotional conclusions. Test them against hard facts. It only takes a small leak to sink a big ship. One casual linguistic oversight can be USED by sinister creatures to cascade perfectly sensible people to war.
    I remember hearing a young victim of one of Bliar’s wars say that one week he was playing football with his friends, the next he was made to stand guard while they were imprisoned.

    Be intellectually and emotionally vigilant.

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