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Breaking: Labour bans Young Labour and Palestine Solidarity from conference – so they move to The World Transformed

Labour betrays its official youth section and says Palestine Solidarity Campaign from annual conference – so the left steps up

The determination of the Labour party under Keir Starmer to alienate its core voters appear to know no bounds – and young people appear to be especially reviled.

As Young Labour chair Jess Barnard revealed on Twitter, the party broke its own rules to cancel Young Labour’s annual conference – and turned its back on plans to hold a Young Labour day at its main annual conference this month in Brighton to Labour’s official youth section, despite repeated attempts by her to persuade the party to fulfil its responsibilities:

Barnard also exposed Labour’s ban on ‘anyone from Palestine Solidarity campaign’ (PSC) taking part, as well as former party leader Jeremy Corbyn:

Keir Starmer has signalled his intent to ‘move away’ from his pledges of reducing poverty, inequality and injustice – along with everything else he promised during his campaign to get elected as leader – so such appalling conduct by the party is entirely unsurprising, as well as unsurprisingly stupid. But now, in a move that smacks of expert ‘trolling’ as well as solidarity, the The World Transformed left festival, which runs alongside the Labour conference, has announced that both Young Labour and PSC will hold a headline session at the event:

As one insider told Skwawkbox:

There’ll be a lot of centrist piss boiling right now.

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    1. Red, Blue,Yellow or Tartan Tories
      Barrel scrapers, Bottom feeders, Scumbags one and all
      Now what we going to do about it because I’m sick of the left bleetin, muling and greetin
      I want me mam isn’t a strategy, the Labour party is facing an existential threat
      Temporary Embarrassment is conducting a scorched earth policy and is well on the way to finishing the job War Criminal started

    1. I think it is absolutely disgraceful, this is more evidence of Starmer being dictated to that bunch of Palestine hating right wing Tories the BoD and also Margaret Hodge, both should be told to sod off and the sooner Starmer goes the better. Equally as shameful is Starmer’s continually petty heavy handed treatment of Jeremy Corbyn and not allowing Young Labour to have their conference on some trumped up pretext.

      IMO Starmer, Rayner, Mandleson and Evans should have resigned in May after the dreadful result in the Hartlepool by election and the 322 Labour councillors that lost their seats and 8 councils lost but they are so stubborn and arrogant they think they are right and the grass roots Labour activists are wrong.

      Well they need a wake up call. I hope at this year’s Labour conference before the speech by Starmer there is a mass walkout by left delegates, MPs,councillors and trade unionists led by Jeremy Corbyn and a press conference announcing the formation of Democratic Socialist Labour which will be exactly what it says on the tin and will not the right ward drift the Labour Party is taking under Starmer’s stewardship.

      1. Do you honestly believe that the media would attend such a session let alone put it out? I agree with your idea though.

    1. …which shouldn’t be too difficult, as the middle class from which they draw their recruits will have largely evaporated!

  1. Totally disgusting and further evidence- if such evidence is needed- that support for human rights for Palestinians is construed as antisemitism by the Labour party. The leadership will not rest until they expel us all – remember Rayner promised the Labour Friends of Israel to expel thousands and thousands of us on the day designated by the United Nations as Palestinian Solidarity Day. Whats next -can we expect to see Starmer and his junketeers brand the United Nations Antisemites too ?

    1. And of course, ‘antisemitism’ (fear of antagonising Zionists) stops MSM from reporting the daily land grabs, shootings and missile attacks on Palestinians. Hardly a day passes without the photo of a young Palestinian shot dead by Israelis is on Twitter or news that the Gaza strip suffered another missile attack which you won’t see on the BBC. The lobby’s plan is working just fine.

      1. People will never forgive the bum boys channel. It’s days are numbered. Using public money for the Tories, pottymouth etc. Don’t watch and don’t pay the perverts.

      2. Wobbly – “People will never forgive the bum boys channel. “

        Not the most PC thing you’ve ever written.

    2. Smartboy…do something smart and dump the Labour party before you are branded a racist and AS merchant by the Labour party and like thousands of other members are marked for life with computerized records of the convicted victims being exploited and Sold to whoever is the highest bidder.Note This is a Warning membership of the Labour party can damage your health and lifestyle…!A new socialist working class party or oblivion.?

  2. Starmer’s in the hypnotic grip of people who wish the real leftist grassroots Labour party members, nothing but harm and electoral failure.

    The only question now being whether he’s a willing accomplice(possible), or just too dumb to realise that dancing to their intolerant tune will never end.

    1. The question’s answered by the fact that he “hid” Likud-supporting Sir Trevor Chinn’s large donation to his leadership campaign until after the election. Before that even, his performance as DPP answered the question too.

      He is a Wolf serving as lleader of the Sheeps party and licking his lips whilst slavering saliva.

      1. And yet…. conference will pass without incident and he’ll get rapturous applause for whatever vacuous “these are my Labour values,” crap, Philip Collins has written for him.

        Any other country and delegates would be making their feelings clear by giving him the thumbs down or slow-hand clapping his speech, but it won’t happen here. Because people are way too apathetic.

      2. querboi IF? The rules of the Labour party elections were upheld Starmer could have been removed and expelled from the Labour party alarmingly its been ignored that he received a massive donation by a known fascist from isreal before the election.Who other than a Labour “addict” would support with subs a party like that…unbelievable how an addiction can be so destructive for even this pretend the UK. No Opposition No democracy..No representation for the working-class.

      3. He’s not a wolf qwertboi. Tories are wolves.

        He is a fox. The Labour party is rammed with them.

        They pull you in with their foxy smile and then you realise it’s another carnivore. Totally untrustworthy!

      4. @Joseph

        …No representation for the working-class…

        Never has been. The Labour government of ’45 tried kicking demobbed soldiers out of barracks by turning the water off (they turned it back on at night). They had nowhere to go and had just got back from the empires victory over Germany. When you view the house building from another perspective, it was to rebuild Britain. We lucked out that they did it well. The ’45 government also gave us the “special relationship”. You know, the one where we grab our ankles…

        Magna carta was written for the rich, we are not part of those rights.

        The real question is (considering how well camouflaged it was) why is the mask slipping now? Is it arrogance? Stupidity? They know we know and therefore they don’t care?

  3. I’ve been repeatedly telling everyone since stammer’s usurpation that no matter how low you think it could possibly get, he’ll only go lower. The weirdo and his cohorts have engrossed themselves in a bunker mentality surpassing the most paranoid of paranoiacs.

    stammer will go lower than whale shit (And that sinks to the ocean floor) whether he wants to or not. It’s inherent in an megalomaniacal oddball like that.

    Anyways, well played to the (pesky meddlin’) kids…

  4. SteveH will be along at any moment to say “we need for information” and “do you KNOW what they were banned for?” and “can you prove they WERE banned?” and “It’s Corbyn’s fault for not fighting for a second referendum before an election”.

    I’ve posted everything you were going to post, SteveH, so take the bloody day off at Caribbean luxury hideaway.

    1. SteveH is Temporary Embarrassment on here, so you are talking directly to the man
      Conference is being stitched up by the handful of Fascists he controls in the party, I hope it is a huge turd in our custard makes bankrupting them an easy sell afterwards

      1. OK…you highlighted it. Are you willing to say Keir and Evans are wrong to keep doing things like this, that they need to start reaching out to left-wingers rather than trying to drive them away, and that Labour cannot win if Keir & Evans’ youthphobia massively drives down turnout among people under 40?

        Are you willing to admit that Labour cannot win as a party that seeks the votes of bitter, dismissive centrist cynics but treats everyone to their left as the enemy?

    2. Oh, please don’t wake him up….oh dear too bloody late. Why oh why do you all engage with him. I’m all for free speech and heated debate, but I can’t stand much more of his pompous drivel.

  5. Why is Sir Keir terrified of face to face debate, or of any debate in any form? The New Leader of the Labour Party is a natural orator with a forensic mind (sic), so Sir Keir cannot be worried that he will be found out & exposed as a fraud, without morals; principles or integrity. Free & Open debate so the Cream can rise to the top.

    1. IT appears that the shadowy cabinet and the shadowy leader are beginning to worry even the media.Hardly anyone knows anything about them in their obscurity and isolation.Now the “Puppetmasters” are calling for media popular figures from the Labour party to be drafted in to bolster the shadowy cabinet and the shadowy leader.Unfortunately the stringpullers havnt found anyone in Labour that the public actually recognise in the Tory tribute party.I wonder why?

  6. Please Sir, can we have our own conference?
    Please Sir, can we decide our own speakers?

  7. But what’s the end game here? When it comes to weighing up factional manoeuvring and appreciating one’s position in the party, none think these matters through more thoroughly than the Labour right. Sidelining and disestablishing Young Labour certainly helps their consolidation, but its absence can justify the eventual return of the one youth organisation right wing Labourites have never had a problem with: Labour Students. And for them, this is a strategic priority. Generations of Labour MPs have had what passes for their training in student politics. This is where they learn to fix, shaft others, articulate arguments no one really believes, and lie. This is their cadre school, and the long-term health of the Labour right, especially that section of the right allergic to trade unions and the requisite soft left posturing depends on bringing it back. If in the mean time it cuts the party off from young people and sends the message that they’re not welcome in the party, the Labour leadership and its supporters are happy to go along with it. For that reason, the defence of what remains of democracy in Labour demands the left and the unions stand by Young Labour to see off this latest, petty, stupid, and entirely factional attack.

    1. .I don’t think that the left wing of the Labour party alarmingly realise that the time for a fight back as gone.A new socialist working class party could be formed only with the ready made credibility of left wing Labour mps ,and a ready made membership of over a hundred thousand members looking for a home.Times running out we shall loose the left wing mps in the next general election with campaigns for tory tribute act mps only… “The bleedin obvious” needs to start soon or we are all drinking in the last chance saloon.

      1. Yes, it’s all so ALARMING isn’t it Joe! So at what point precisely did you yourself conclude that the time for a fight-back has gone??

        Joe knows it’s never gonna happen, and he’s just out to discredit left-wing MPs for letting us all down for not forming a new party!!!

        PS Do you not have a life Joe outside of commenting on skwawkbox every day in practically every single thread???

  8. PS Do you not have a life Joe outside of commenting on skwawkbox every day in practically every single thread??

    Same could be asked of a few posters you & me included.

    Joseph has a point! Stammer could just as easily find something to make sure left MPs are prevented from running as labour candidates before the next election by withdrawing the whip as he has done Corbyn.

    And I don’t see much of a meaningful pushback from the PLP left, bar Jon Trickett.

    Nor the CLPs, who ought to be triggering their ‘centrist’ MPs left right and centre ASAP before keef & co devise a plan to ensure they remain incumbent in perpetuity.

    1. Toffee – CLPs need the permission of the NEC before they are allowed to start the ‘trigger ballot’ process.
      The rank and file were really stitched up by JC when he betrayed the members by going behind our backs to thwart the demands of the membership for mandatory reselection.
      All Jeremy’s empty promises to democratise the party came to nought..

      1. That, I can confidently declare, is pure unsubstantiated and totally evidence free bullshit steveH.

        That failure was entirely down to the Unions at the 2018 Conference. The NEC sat late into the night on the evening before Conference opened to produce a ‘compromise’ Motionbetween the different wings (I still have my copy if you wish to inspect it) some 27 pages in length around this and related rules based issues. Corbyn, like every other NEC member had one vote and one vote only. To pin this down to Corbyn when in reality it was a NEC decision just demonstrates how desparate you are to sell a totally disingenuous and false narrative.

        But what else can one expect from wormtongues?

        The first item of business on the Sunday Morning was Labour International moving a Reference Back on adoption of the Conference Agenda on this Motion – which delegates had been given less than an hour prior to the start of Conference in our Regional briefings. Along with a mountain of other Conference related documentation.

        I was suspicious from the start when I saw the Chair for that opening session was Andy Kerr from the CWU. Following the debate the floor vote for a Reference Back was overwhelmingly in favour of the Labour International position on rejecting this. However, the Union section was against the reference back, whilst the overwhelming vote from the Constituencies was in favour.

        At hat point a card vote was called and eagerly, as well as choreographicly, seized on by the session Chair. The way that works is on adding the percentages up between the two sections – Union and Constituency – of Conference. Whilst the number of constituency delegates were many times more than the Union delegate contingent the percentage difference for and against in the Constituency was not as high as the percentage difference the other way from the Union section. As a result, despite the overwhelming view of Conference delegates the Reference Back was lost.

        Once that stitch up had been achieved the adoption vote for the NEC ‘compromise’ motion was and it’s various sections was a mere formality.

        As an aside, this process made explicit an interesting democratic anomoly. A lot of Constituency members were also Trade Union members. Consequently, on a card vote a large percentage of those cConstituency members will have been counted as both for and against on that Reference Back vote. For the RB as part of the Constituency card vote and against as part of the Union card vote.

        But despite raising this, along with other nonsensicle practices such as having three or four different motions AND several References Back on policy reports being debated on the floor of Conference at the same time rather that separately (as per the procedural rules/SO and common sense), no one seems interested in improving organisational effectiveness.

        Quite how anyone expects any electoral success in terms of votes to run either local councils or the Government of the Country when at every level the Party cannot effectively organise it’s own affairs attests to the level of cognitive dissonance which exists.

        On the present trajectory it does not take too many brain cells to work out that Momentum will be the next section of the Movement to be proscribed by the contemporary witchfinder generals. Aided by their wormtongue mini me Matthew Hopkins’s.

      2. Dave – My apologies for shattering your ‘confidence’ but you obviously weren’t invited to the backroom stitch-ups prior to the NEC vote.
        This article written by Len McCluskey has been on the LabourList website for nearly 3 years and to the best of my knowledge nobody has ever challenged its veracity.

        The package of changes approved by conference including on reselection of MPs were those passed unanimously – I emphasise that, unanimously – by the national executive committee (NEC) on Saturday. That NEC of course has a majority of left delegates and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.
        On the issue of reselection, the process for “trigger ballots” has been democratised. It removes scope for abuses that could have propped up an unpopular MP who had lost the confidence of the local membership, and lowering the threshold for commencing a reselection ballot. On the leadership issue, CLPs and unions have been given proper nominating rights for the first time, ensuring that any candidate will need to have a base in our movement outside parliament as well as within.
        These plans were presented with the full backing of Jeremy Corbyn at the NEC as a sensible and democratic way forward. I only regret that the leadership did not make that clearer at conference, since doing so would surely have taken much of the sting out of the debate even if some delegates might have remained unhappy.
        The position of Unite has been misrepresented, including by some who should know better. It is one thing for a couple of delegates to shout “shame on the unions” in the heat of the moment. We have all made heckles we might regret later. But it is quite another for an MP of Chris Williamson’s standing on the left to accuse Unite of voting against the union’s policy on mandatory reselection. That is simply false.
        Unite has indeed got a policy in support of mandatory reselection. Had that issue been voted on directly, the Unite delegation would have voted in line with policy. But we have another policy, which I recommend to Chris and all Labour MPs: we support Jeremy Corbyn.
        If Jeremy and his team – taking the overview of the entire political landscape, including the situation within the parliamentary party and the leadership of Momentum – urge a particular course of action, Unite is not going to go against that without the most serious reasons. The changes adopted may not be “mandatory reselection” as some define it but it is at the very least a “selective mandatory reselection” that will make it far easier for local parties to choose a different Labour candidate if that is their wish. That is probably why the Momentum national leadership joined nearly all trade unions in supporting it.
        For Unite, this is not an issue of theological purity. It is above all about supporting the Labour leadership, something that brings together the vast majority of the party today. And it is about advancing democratic reform in the party hand-in-hand with advancing to government, and ensuring that we maintain the vibrant unity that has carried Jeremy Corbyn to the party leadership. That is what took us to the threshold of power last year, and will surely see off the Tories and prompt the election of a radical Labour government as soon as we get the chance.

      3. Which demonstrates the point made that it was a collective NEC rather than a single individual decision. An NEC with not only differing factions/sections but also differing interests.

        No one individual held a gun to the heads of the minority of the floor delegates from the Union section in 2018 to overwhelmingly cast their card votes against the RB from Labour International in the face of the overwhelming demonstration from the constituency Section floor delegates. Some Unions, albeit a minority, even voted for the RB.

        And that’ s the key difference between floor delegates at the various Movement Conferences these days to thirty years ago. Every floor delegate knew the top table invariably presented a shoddy compromise between varying temporary interests and factions/sections on various key issues. Back then floor delegates made up their own minds – often against the Top Table – and operated to their own collective grassroots Agenda’s. Today most of them are just automatons. Extra’s in a controlled and manufactured media event.

      4. Dave – None of which alters the facts. The members were stitched up by Corbyn bottling it and going behind the members backs to persuade the Unions to go down the Trigger Ballot route. However you spin it Corbyn betrayed the membership.

      5. Was JC part of the sabotage in 2017 GE
        Was he in favour of the 2nd referendum and therefore part of the sabotage in the 2019 GE
        With Temporary Embarrassment and Red Tories in the party we are swimming in an Alligator infested swamp surrounded by sharks
        Time for the fuckers to Leave

      6. Doug – One would hope not
        Corbyn’s politically naive decision not to get rid of Iain McNichol (as soon as he entered office in 2015) obviously allowed a situation to persist that led to the issues around the 17GE. McNichol’s inaction/obstruction also contributed towards the anti-Semitism’ debacle.
        When we come around to the 19GE it would be difficult to argue that JC’s decision to hide behind ‘constructive ambiguity’ for month after bloody month didn’t piss all over Corbyn’s USP in the eyes of many voters. In the end neither side of the argument trusted a word JC said. Also appointing Karie Murphy to run the Labour’s 19GE campaign was a major error of judgement.

    2. Yeah, sure Toffree, only problem IS – as you WELL know – that Joe and yourself post at LEAST two or three times as many comments as I do! Funny thing is that when I drew readers attention to the fact that SteveH spends all his life posting comments on here every day AND doesn’t appear to have a life outside of monitoring the site every single day, HE responded with EXACTLY the same falsehood! And SteveH and Signpost post about ten times as many posts as I do!

      And what precisely would this ‘meaningful pushback’ by the PLP left amount to?

      You are of course just spouting complete garbage.

      NB I just brought up a thread from June – at random – and then checked out the following nine threads – ie ten, altogether. And between Signpost and SteveH and Jokeefe and yourself, you posted over three hundred comments in the ten threads, albeit the majority of them by signpost and SteveH. And me? Oh, just TWO comments in one of the ten threads!

      Anyway, here’s just ONE example:

      Toffee 7

      SteveH 22

      Signpost 11

      Me 0

      40 out of 70 comments between the three of them!

      1. So I just refreshed the page to see if anyone had ‘responded’ to my reply to Toffee – which if anyone, was more-than likely to be SteveH – and low-and-behold, SteveH posted a ‘reply’ within four minutes, like the good little paid full-time shill he is! Now why would anyone post a reply saying ‘….. and?’, when they know damn well that I was providing proof that both SteveH and Toffee are lying – ie providing proof that they BOTH post many more comments on here than I do. Anyway, here’s yet another example:

        Signpost 17

        SteveH 20

        Me 0

        37 out of 70

      2. Knowing that SteveH constantly monitors the site and checks out every single comment that gets posted – and has stalked me on numerous occasions – I just refreshed the page again, and THIS time he ‘responded’ within TWO minutes! AND, the point is Mr H that you were lying, as was Toffee!

        Lying through your nasty little fascist teeth AND trying to deceive readers of skwawkbox. The point being that only fascists try to deceive people! Talking of which, I happened to come across the following during the course of my search, posted by windychimes:

        Jeremy said Hilary Benn, Ashworth and Tom Watson are his “friends”

        So when did he say this signpost, because I have a feeling yur lying and making stuff up again, and concocted and contrived to discredit Jeremy, as per usual.

      3. Allan – Not stalking, you numpty. It would be rude not to respond to comments that you have directed at me.

      4. Allan – You’ve accused me of lying but you’ve neglected to give any details or provide any evidence.

      5. But I DID give evidence that you lied Mr H, because just like Toffee, you gave readers of this site the impression that I post on here as much as you do, when in fact you post at least ten times as much as I do, and probably more like TWENTY times as much as I do. In the ten threads I referred to above you posted 146 comments, and I posted TWO, so in actual fact you probably post 40 to 50 times as much as I do!

      6. Allan – For fucks sake get a grip of yourself, what a weird thing to obsess about. I admit to taking the piss out your 4,000+ word novellas and the repetitive nature of many of your posts but (and please feel free to correct me) I don’t recall ever saying that you post more often than myself.

      7. Oh I see that the little SteveH shill is having fun. And lying YET again! So where did *I* claim that YOU claimed that I post more comments than you. I didn’t of course, but you shills just lurve playing games don’t you!

        Unlike yourself, I don’t spend every single day monitoring this site all day long – ie sixteen hours a day or more – and posting numerous comments. Because only full-time paid shills do THAT!

        You must post about forty to fifty or more times a day – AND check out every single comment that gets posted – and at LEAST a thousand times a month, and probably more like twelve hundred times a month. And who but a paid shill posts between twelve thousand and fifteen thousand comments a year, year after year after year???

      8. So fucking WHAT, howard? I’ve been ultra patient with you but ffs, you are some sort of
        manically obsessed paranoiac with a persecution complex.

        Maybe you DONT post on every thread. So what? You’re here boring us rigid with your Corbyn obsession when you do.

        What next – a word count? A letter/character count?

        Start with your own posts (just about every one of them will be longer than mine)

        Then look at the content (Waaagh! You’re a shill – especially if anyone questions any element, perceived or otherwise of weakness from Corbyn – NOT blessed with papal infallibility – or the ‘crime’ of being the first to post on any thread….and as for mentioning one of your foibles.

        Glass houses….

      9. Oh thankyou SOo much for being patient with me Toffee!

        AND the additional material!!

        Needless to say, only shills defend shills AND attack those that expose them for the shills they are.

        Yeah, of course Toffee, it’s perfectly normal for someone to post three hundred comments a week or more, week after week after week, month after month after month, year after year!

        Anyway, so what did you think about signpost concocting a Big Lie about the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle (during the first lockdown) pursuing ‘a legal case’ against him, so that he – signpost – could then denigrate and discredit Jeremy Corbyn by comparison?

        Thanks again for being so patient. I really DO appreciate it!!

    3. Who does Max imagine will stand against Jeremy in his own constituency and win. This could end well if done correctly, couldn’t it?

      1. Wobbly – I very much doubt that Jeremy will stand in the next GE, better to retire the ‘wounded hero’ than risk ending his parliamentary career in rejection.

  9. I love the fact that Corbyn permanently lives in the heads of the Turd Polishers from Labour HQ and the PLP.

    Cannot wait to picket Labour Conference and attend TWT. Interesting few weeks ahead.

  10. Just watched Jess Barnard, Chair of Young Labour, being interviewed on NovaraMedia. Very impressive.
    There are, assuredly, many others in the LP with ability like this.
    How come the LP is lumbered with a wardrobe as a leader?

  11. And what precisely would this ‘meaningful pushback’ by the PLP left amount to?

    You know damned well what I mean. Other than Trickett, what labour MP has openly criticised stammers (woeful lack of) direction?

    Other than butler, what MP has openly called the toerags out for what they are?

    How many MPs have been triggered, of been warned by their CLPs they WILL be triggered?

    There’s only been piecemeal dissidence; no concerted effort by the left. Probably because those on the left of most use have already taken the only route available to them and have buggered off, knowing the piece will have eventually included them.

    So if you know different, I’m sure you’ll let us know about it by giving us chapter & bloody verse, followed by your usual ‘shill/heretic’ rant.

    1. And what would this ‘concerted effort’ amount to Toffee?

      And how much coverage by the MSM does Trickett get whenever he criticises Starmer and Co? Very little, if any at ALL! So it’s not as if the general public get to hear his criticisms, so it’s not as if they have any impact.

      As for triggering MPs, well I’m sure yur well aware of how the MSM covered it when CLPs *DID* trigger – or threaten to trigger – right-wing MPs when JC was leader:

      ‘Hard Left moves to deselect Jewish Labour MP over Corbyn criticism in anti-Semitism row’

      Luciana Berger, a prominent Jewish MP, has been threatened with deselection by hard-Left constituency members over her criticism of Jeremy Corbyn and his handling of Labour’s anti-Semitism row.

      Labour MPs on Thursday night rallied behind Ms Berger, who has been subjected to a torrent of racist abuse in recent weeks, as it emerged that supporters of Mr Corbyn have begun laying the groundwork for ousting her.

      It comes after the Liverpool Wavertree MP this week hit out at the Labour leadership over its failure to rid the party of anti-Semites, warning that abuse directed at Jewish members was increasingly “going unchecked”.

      See below for another example:

  12. knowing the piece will have eventually included them.

    Purge, not piece.

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