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Cummings hands Starmer 6 pandemic questions to skewer Johnson during PMQs – and Starmer ignores them all

Labour ‘leader’ lets Johnson off hook again as explosive new revelations emerge – and BBC colludes

Boris Johnson’s former handler Dominic Cummings put his former boss into hot water today when he released WhatsApp chats showing, among other revelations, that Johnson had admitted – right at the start of the pandemic that has seen 150,000 and more needless deaths – that Health Secretary was ‘totally f***ing hopeless’.

Cummings’s revelations also included clear evidence that Hancock lied when he claimed that ‘everyone got the treatment they need’ during the pandemic – which Skwawkbox had told its readers more than a year ago.

But Cummings went further. Before today’s PMQs, he listed clear and simple questions about his revelations – six questions, to match the opposition leader’s PMQs allocation – for Keir Starmer to ask Johnson – questions that would have skewered the blowhard PM:

Yet Keir Starmer asked not a single one of these questions. Instead he spurned the opportunity to impale Johnson on his and Hancock’s guilt – and to expose the Tory to scrutiny on behalf of hundreds of thousands of bereaved family members and friends – giving Johnson a free ride yet again.

Rather than discuss the Tories’ ‘social murder’ and the revelations that they knew how badly the pandemic was being handled, Starmer blathered on about education – and then made another desperate and misleading bid to persuade Muslim voters in the Batley and Spen by-election that the ‘unequivocally zionist’ ‘opposition’ leader really cares about Palestinian statehood.

It was unforgivable – and further compounds Starmer’s ‘no ifs, no buts’ complicity in the mass, pointless and avoidable deaths of which Johnson and his crew of barely-trained (except in lying) monkeys are guilty.

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  1. The Forensic one does not want to upset his fellow Trilateral Commission members by challenging neo-liberalist dogma.- sorry to say par for the course. Why change a winning strategy!!!!

    1. Not exactly a revelation. And people paid to get that. On way ahead of the curve, many pointed out the deadly choices Cummings’ Johnson & Chums were making. Sir Rodney ex DPP Starmer opportunistically tries now to criticise what was plain for all to see over a year ago.

      Still to date, SIR Rodney refuses to name SERCO, Deloitte, G4S, Ranox and others of the Chumocracy ripping of the public blind while causing several thousands of excess death 🦠💸🦠💸🦠💸

    1. SteveH16/06/2021 AT 2:14 PM
      Cummings published his accusations just a few minutes before PMQ started.

      So? cummings made the same accusations that the ‘forensic; stammer could’ve garnered those same questions from, ages ago.

      #and absolutely nothing happens behind the scences, does it, wee fella? Nah, it’s all above board, this politics mullarkey, innit?

      Jesus wept.

      1. Toffee – Don’t be silly, DC’s evidence wasn’t published until just a few minutes before PMQs started.

    2. steveh: Cummings published his accusations just a few minutes before PMQ started.

      You think no-one else knows that the Covid “pandemic” is a power-grab by the billionaires and far-right neoliberalism? You need to stop reading the establishment press so much, it’s rotting your brain!

      1. qwertboi – I’ve no doubt that there are plenty in Whitehall who know lots but the point is that they are keeping stum for now. Cummings published this evidence on his twitter account 23 minutes before PMQs started.

      2. SteveH davidH SH et al, do you “doubt that Sir Rodney Starmer know lots❓

        If Sir Rodney knows “lots”, do you think he’s right to be “keeping stum for now.”❓

        Are you the only people who needed “Cummings published” “evidence on his twitter account” to grasp what was and is taking place❓

        How many of you SH were ignorant “until 23 minutes before PMQs started.” re the crucial aspects of Johnson’s Tory chumocracy❓
        🪣📊 🪣📊🪣📊

      3. windchimes – Please stop embarrassing yourself, each of your successive post is more ridiculous than he last.

      4. says SH who needed to wait today to grasp the obvious. 😂😂😂

    3. We already know Starmer is useless, we hardly require example after example. The important point here is we now have proof that we have a government of bluffers and liars who are bluffing and lying to each other not just the general public. If Hancock had any integrity he would resign but we know that integrity is a commodity which is missing from this government and the Tory Party. Day after day Peter Oborne must feel so vindicated by writing a whole book about the pathological liar who is our PM.

      1. Jack – I agree with you about Johnson but he will remain in place until the Tory MPs stop thinking he’s a winner and start thinking he is a liability (or scapegoat as in here is our shiny new Tory party absolved of all previous sins)

      2. SteveH davidH SH, it was Mandelson, Blair, Alastair Campbell, et al who endorsed the Blue “Tory party”‘s “previous sins” instead of an overdue TRUE Labour government.

      3. SteveH davidH SH it’s not for your benefit as u know it already. My reply is for the benefit of NEW readers turning to daily. They want to be ahead of the curve. And, i see it as a duty to reiterate facts as a matter of record. It is unwise to think readers are only some bubble. But you and all your Right Wing lot know that.

      4. windchimes – “it’s not for your benefit as u know it already. “

        Then why did you start your comment by specifically address it to me.

      5. So new readers will get the measure of you as swiftly as possible. SH SteveH davidH. HAZARD WARNING

      6. windchime – Says the guy who crosses his own so called Red Lines by making accusations that he can’t substantiate. You’re a joke.

      7. You wish SH SteveH davidH. u wish.

      8. windchime – lots of big claims that you self evidently can’t back up. You’re joke.

      9. SteveH david SH it’s obvious you are a comedy festival 🤣🤣🤣

      10. a gigantic comedy fest u r SH. It’s plain for most to see.

    4. @Centrist Dad

      Am genuinely surprised that Starmer can sit down considering how much of your tongue is buried in his sweaty crevice.

      “Up a bit, left a bit”

      1. Is that all you have? Saddo? What a waste of spunk you are…

        I’d call you a lady garden, but you lack both the depth and desirability.

        Keep sucking the brown stuff, and remember, it’s all to play for!

      2. NVLA – How old are you?
        Are we supposed to be impressed by your ‘naughty’ words?
        For goodness sake grow up.

      1. We’re all too aware of that , and it comes as no surprise, neither.

      2. His loyalty is to the billionaires, not the deemocratic and communitarian and economic interests of the working class (I think you know what The Toffee was referring to)

    1. Sir Queef is already well on the way. I’d be more interested to see who he ends up grafting for once he leaves politics.

      1. NVLA -If that should occur then I would presume that he will probably return to being a barrister at the Doughty Street Chambers.

  2. The latest iteration of Blue Labour is rising. This time around they are assisted by Owen Jones, Lansman and Turner from Unite . Starmer is kind of on board because he thinks Blue Labour policies will bring back red wall voters. However, he’s got to be careful what he says in constituencies with large Muslim populations. Steve Turner has no such problem: . The whole blue Labour proposition around Muslims is an acceptance of Tory nonsense that left wingers support radical Muslims. Which is the same as implying that left wingers don’t like Jews.
    The problem with supporting ethno-nationalist views is you have to accept so many falsehoods perpetuated in the MSM. If we’d never decided to give asylum to radical Muslims wanted in Libya and then assisted those people to plan the overthrow of Gaddafi by destroying Libya’s civil society, we’d never have had a problem from Libyan terrorists. It’s British foreign policy that’s caused the problem with Muslims and I’ve a strong suspicion that security services who control, run and surveillance radical Muslims in this country, allow the odd terrorist outrage to happen in order to keep the public on side. We (the west) have a situation where we support Al Qaeda/ISIS in Syria and elsewhere when it suits us and destroy them when it suits us. Until ‘left’ politicians who wish “to call a spade a spade” regarding Muslims can accept what’s actually happening with foreign policy and admit that the public is subject to a massive amount of government funded propaganda, there is no chance of the truth coming out.

    1. Lundiel, the left of the Labour Party doesn’t support radical Muslims, but the right wingers within the Party do.
      I agree with the point you are making about Libya. The right of the Labour Party support the bombing campaign against Libya, that has contributed to create a very insecure border.
      Despite the bad press Gaddaffi was a pan Africanist . He also defended the rights of women to get educated, access to health services. But the man was vilified because he wasn’t a neo-liberal.
      The same Labour Party that was happy attacking Gaddafi and Asad is very happy doing business with Saudi Arabia.
      Still fail to understand why the article that you posting is used to attack Steve Turner as Islamophobe. Secular Muslim that support BDS and are very critical of Israel, are very critical of Saudi Arabia too. Unite has a policy in favour of BDS and as Its Deputy leader I expect Turner to support Unite’s line.
      I have never heard Steve Turner talking against the Palestinian.or no supporting BDS. I am afraid that you are clutching at a straws trying to present Turner as Islamophobe with such flimsy evidence.
      Let’s us no forget that the Saudies support israel and Israel supported ISIS of Syria..

      1. What’s not to understand? How could Labour left protest against London bridge and Manchester? Turner expected us to protest along with the far right who were protesting against Muslims. Any protest should have been directed at government foreign policy and the abject (possibly on purpose) failure of the security services. Instead of that, MSM had an anti Muslim field day and people like Landsman and Turner are fuelling that anti-Muslim hate that’s built upon a massive lie. Landsman does it because he’s an ardent Zionist, Turner who advocates talking to the far right and says “they have genuine concerns”, seems to think he can deprogramme them. I say people who’s belief system is built upon provable lies won’t be brought round, they’ll exploit the publicity given them by people who think their is grivences are valid.
        “We need to stop talking to ourselves and talk to the people who are drawn to some of these organisations—for a multitude of different reasons.”
        He said many who had been driven to far right groups had “genuine fears and concerns”.
        This is all part of Labour’s social conservative movement, to attract the largely rural working class based on nationalism, law and order and vaguely left wing economics. If these people were true to their alleged beliefs they all wouldn’t be able to agree with British foreign policy but they wholeheartedly support it.

      2. The problem with the Labour party now isn’t Muslims, it’s labour’s insistence on following the IHRA definition of antisemitism to the extent that support for Palestine is limited to wooly, largely meaningless statements. And closer military cooperation with Israel goes unannounced.

      3. “Let’s us no forget that the Saudies support israel and Israel supported ISIS of Syria..”
        You can be expelled from the party for saying that Maria. Starmer has said it’s a conspiracy theory. That’s why I so hate Starmer and anyone who’ll work with him. They’ve turned the world on its head.

    2. Thanks for tha lundiel. I hope now some very sincere and genuine deocratic socialists will (even reluctantly) realise that Turner is not the red-blooded democratic socialist that he claimed to be. I can’t wait to see whether the CPGB and people’s press (and all other socialists that back Turner for Unite GS), respond to this bomb-shell and rescind their support for Turner. (Feck it, vote Beckett)

      To my mind, Blue Labour are so duplicitous, they can even teach the neoliberal far-right in Labour a thing or two.

  3. SteveH16/06/2021 AT 2:33 PM
    Toffee – Don’t be silly, DC’s evidence wasn’t published until just a few minutes before PMQs started.

    Dafuq’s wrong with you? Seriously – what IS your problem?

    cummings made those claims/allegations last week – or whenever he was up in front of the committee. It gave the ever forensic Quincystammer ample time to formulate quations relating to it.

    Just because the OP reads: ‘cummings HANDS stammer 6 pandemic questions’, it doesn’t mean cummings PHYSICALLY handed them to stammer, you completely unglued nincompoop.

    1. Toffee – You can rant and distract all you like but the fact remains that Cummings did not publish the evidence to support the allegations he’d made previously until today at 11:37

      1. That has nothing to do with it. Starmer could have improvised with the evidence provided. You can accept it’s true otherwise Cummings wouldn’t have dared publish it. If Starmer himself didn’t know about it one of his MPs or friendly journalists would have told him. Personally I’d be very surprised if Starmer didn’t follow Cummings twitter account.

      2. And you can pathetically attempt to distract all you please but stammer had a fucking AGE to formulate an entire volume of questions tro fire at the buffoon, but didn’t.

        WHY? Because stammer’s shit scared it’d get de piffle into lumber. It just wouldn’t be cricket – what, what?!

  4. So , the ‘forensic one’s pps and other aides could not get the pigeons into to brief him live. Probably best he’s not good at spontaneity and could have the opposition(sic) on the back foot.

  5. OK, so we know that Sir Keir Rodney Starmer s no democratic socialist, or even a left-leaning liberal, a “social democrat”, but this sorry episode where Starmer won’t even ask sensible questions of Wollyhead to highlight the Government’s reckless and anti-scientific ‘pandemic management’, tells us everything we need to know about the current leader of Labour:

    He is so strongly pro-billionaire and so resolutely a third-way oligarchist, that he chooses not to challenge the Government’s mishandling of the SARS-CoV-2 health crisis and the danger it is causing the economy and working class.


    Because Starmer recognises that the neoliberal world’s pretend-response to a no-longer very virulent health issue (covid19) is more about giving the WEF/ G7 / Davos /billionaires/ neoliberalism, the upper hand so that they can mandate ‘vaccines’, devise and implement a ‘new normal’ which serves oligarchist billionaires’ interests and also supress democatic power, than resolve and manage a health issue.

    Yesterday – so the BBC reported, “there were 3,900 new cases of Covid in the UK, and two people died of it” We’re being played by the Covid alarmists – and Starmer is not only in on it, but one of its agents. He is using it to serve the billionaires.

    1. If Starmer’s a Social Democrat then he’s in the wrong Party. Last time I looked it said Labour was a Democratic Socialist Political Party on the back of the membership. card.

    2. We’re being played by the Covid alarmists

      Dead right, quertboi. SAGE will retain indefinitely their hold on the govt unless they are removed. They are an existential threat to British society. Does anyone seriously believe they’ll go quietly on 19 July? If they can string this out with a few more trumped-up scariants, that’ll take us through to winter lockdown in Oct/Nov. Job pretty much done…

  6. Probably best he’s not good at spontaneity

    You can say that again….I’ve seen more ‘spontaneity’ from a broken teacup ffs.

  7. Cummings does not have immunity to civil action, which he did in the select committee – Hancock over to you.

    1. SM – Immunity from what, what do you imagine that Hancock could sue Cummings for?

    1. Well that’s that then. “This includes the recognition of Palestine as a state, support for a full arms embargo against Israel in addition to support for BDS as an ethical form of resistance.” No chance of that happening so it looks like goodbye Batley and Spen.

      1. It must have all seemed so bright and hopeful when he accepted the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Of course he and the west in general never thought the Israelis would see it as chance to openly exploit for their own benefit and ramp up settler colonialism and crimes against humanity. Now he has a millstone around his and the party’s neck and he can’t row back. Disaster looms.

      2. Sir Rodney Starmer and all parasites abusing the Labour need to lose their seats. Similarly all careerist Union Tories like Coyne, Turner and Graham.

  8. No doubt we’ll soon hear Mandelson telling us that the only topic raised “on the doorstep” in Batley & Spen is Jeremy Corbyn.

  9. Is it just me but is Cummings trying to distance himself and Johnson from the possibly criminal negligence of the Tories handling of the pandemic? Of course political lightweight, careerist, bourgeois politician Starmer is desperately trying to demonstrate to the rich and powerful that his Labour is absolutely no threat to their power. And all he pleads for is crumbs for diverse working people and cushy, rewarding careers for him and his Right Wing Labour MP mates. If Neo-Liberal New New Labour got into Govt (it won’t) believe me it would be in Govt but not be in power. The Strange Death of the Labour Party in England? But the good news is there are probably 500,000 left wing democratic socialists out there, we just need to get organised and try to politicise the masses which Labour has never tried to do cos it’s Right Wing MPs, Councillors and members want the power for themselves? Solidarity to Socialists!

  10. I see Starmer the windowlicker has poached Shillary’s slogan.

    ‘Stronger together’

    But we aren’t together, are we? And Queef’s PLP buddies helped ensure this outcome.

    All the media help anyone could wish for and he still manages to be useless!

    1. NVLA – Is this very derogatory term in common use in your social circle. What on earth possessed you to use such an offensive term.

    2. All the media help anyone could wish for and he still manages to be worse than useless!

      Fixed it for ya! 👍

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