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Tories order NHS to declare new hospitals where there are none

Mirage: the Tories’ non-existent ‘new’ hospitals

The Tories have told the NHS to lie in order to create a mirage that their ’48 new hospitals’ pledge is being fulfilled.

Sajid Javid has told NHS trusts that if they build a new unit or wing, or even refurbish an existing facility, they have to declare it as a new hospital – even though it clearly is not. Javid was ‘busted’ last week claiming to be en route to open a new hospital in Cumbria, when a doctor at the trust tweeted that it was no such thing and left MPs (and even eventually Labour’s tame Shadow Health Secretary) pointed out the lie.

Left MP John Trickett took Javid to task over his fake Cumbria claim

Now news has escaped of the Tories’ order to the NHS – a demand that NHS trusts collude in deceiving the public. And the claim was never anything but a lie, from when it was first made in 2019. Health campaigners pointed out that Johnson’s election ‘pledge’ was a lie – the claimed plan to ‘build’ (then 40) ‘new’ hospitals in fact meant only six.

And even the six were only reconfigurations of existing hospitals.

In fact, the reality was grimmer still – in many cases, supposed ‘new’ hospitals were in fact mergers of two or more existing hospitals, meaning that patients had fewer local health facilities and usually had to travel further to get treatment, even in an emergency.

Lies then and lies now – and both Bozo the malignant clown and Sick-Joker Javid are trying to make the NHS their partner in crime.

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  1. Just the fact that Javid and Bozo think they have enough compliant members of NHS trusts to go along with this scam shows how they have been able to neutralise and cow opposition to their continued plan to privatise the NHS. Let’s see how many trusts are too cowardly to oppose them. Once they start lying on behalf of the Tories Bozo knows he will be able to get them to do whatever he pleases.

    1. Jack T, sadly the privatisation by STEALTH, has been full throttle for decades… and not just the NHS and social care. Phlebotomy. GPs, All the support to the NHS eg janitorial, catering and laundry services, car-parking… you name it!!! Even while a student, NHS hospitals had side rooms for private patients, under the care of the SAME NHS Consultant!!! Ans of course all the NHS Staff under him (usually a HIM STILL).

      But everything else has been flogged to TORY VULTURES & Bandits. Eg probation services, ALMOST everything Covid-19… SERCO, G4S and Ranox, Deloitte all making a killing as never before in my snd your lifetime… whatever it is.

      Maybe the scandal we r living through has always been, but to me it is haw dropping. And not a perp from SIR Starmer. All the opposition has been from BLUE Tories!!! No one could make this up.

      UN BE LIEV ABLE +++

  2. Has this policy of pretending, sorry lying of new hospital builds only just come about because Javid was caught out. Or has it been a long term government policy?

    For Jarvid to have been exposed as a liar by a doctor suggests it may be a current decision to silence NHS workers. Yet such is the scale of deceit in the government it’s hard to figure out.

  3. Logic can be met with logic while illogic can’t. It confuses those that think straight. The big lie and monotonously repeated nonsense have more of an emotional appeal than logic and reason. While the people are still searching for a reasonable counter argument to the first lie, the totalitarians can assault them with another.
    Joost Meerloo
    Rape of the Mind

  4. There’s a DHSC ‘playbook’ directing this:
    “A communications ‘playbook’ for the government’s NHS building programme tells trusts that major refurbishments and new wings/units which are part of the scheme ‘must always be referred to as a new hospital’.”
    Health Service Journal Thursday 26 August 2021

  5. The ‘let them eat cakes brigade are the modern day Aristocracy/Kleptocracy
    They have their people in place at every level to make sure they are protected
    When moral hazard goes out the window they think they are untouchable
    Which is where we step in, time to dust off the pitch forks

    But first, the small matter of Red Tories, off they must fuck

  6. I’ve got a first aid kit in the glovebox of my car. I know how to put someone in the recovery position and CPR

    It is now officially an ambulance and I am a paramedic.

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