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World-famous director Ken Loach expelled from Labour – for not disowning other victims of purge

Starmer’s Labour sinks to new low

Colossus vs mini-Blair

Ken Loach, the world-famous director of films such as Kes and I, Daniel Blake, has been expelled from the Labour party. Typically cowardly, the party tried to avoid the inevitable backlash of the expulsion by asking Loach to disown those who have already fallen victim to the Starmer-Evans purge of left-wingers – but of course he refused, as he tweeted this morning:

Left Labour MPs such as Jon Trickett have rightly condemned the move to expel someone of Loach’s stature and politics:

‘Immense calibre’ and ‘fine socialist’ are correct – and Loach’s expulsion is only the most high-profile in a gutless purge that exposes Keir Starmer, David Evans and co’s lack of anything resembling spine, stature or moral fibre.

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis neatly summed up its significance:

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  1. Mandelson, Evan’s & Starmer are unfit to lick the bottom of Ken Loach’s shoes🔴🔴🔴

    1. The StarmerEvans leadership “expelling” a respected and influential party member like Ken Loach makes no sense at all. Until you think-through who and what Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is. One of only nine other non-billionaire “members” of the Trilateral Commission, Sir Keir is following the billionaires TC (Trilateral Commission) songbook, not the Labour one.

      Shortly after its formation by miscellaneous American billionaires and David Rockefeller in the US Carter Administration in 1973, “The Crisis Of Democracy, Report on the Governability of Democracies to the Trilateral Commission” was published in 1975. An archived copy of the full 273 page report can be found here. Look at the title again. It’s not a theoretical paper about the nature and benefits of democracy. It’s an assessment of how acceptable the very notion of participative democracy is to the billionaires who make up and whose interests are served by the Trilateral Commission.

      SPOILER ALERT: In short, it isn’t. Democracy isn’t ‘acceptable’ to the oligarchs who were the world’s very first billionaires (today there are approaching 1,000 billionaires, the vaccine scam alone creating 1 new vaccine billionaire per week(so far in 2021), but back then there were fewer than 50 billionaires in total).

      The Report highlights that Apathy and Obedience of the “governed” are critical (for the billionaires) if the very idea of Democracy is even to be allowed to persist by them.

      Michel Crozier, Samuel P. Huntington and Joji Watanuki are the three names on the Report as authors and the oligarchic nature of the findings is chilling. Apathy and Obedience are required from the governed and “the answer to the democratic crisis is not more democracy, it is LESS DEMOCRACY”.

      Sir Keir is following the TC Songbook. A person of such opinions should not be IN the Labour Party, much less its elected leader. The Covid Narrative and pasokification of Labour – in case you haven’t worked it out yet – are how the billionaires are imposing their “New Normal”.

      1. qwertboi, SIR starmer’s record was already VIVID in high definition for all to see. Furthermore, we saw his collaboration in the TWO choreographed walkout coups from the Shadow Cabinet. COUP ONE within Jeremy’s first year. What more did anyone need to know❔ Starmer’s killer blow was his contradicting Jeremy at Conference. His plot worked.

        You say “expelling” Ken Loach “makes no sense”. It makes no sense only to those who believed that because Starmer uses the Labour label, they share the same aims.

        It is no surprise to me. I was EXTREMELY puzzled and distressed as to why he was invited to the Shadow Cabinet in the first place, THEN invited back after Starmer’s first coup⁉️⁉️⁉️

        I am no longer puzzled. Sharp disappointment❔ Yes. Distressed❔A bit❔ Puzzled❔ No.

      2. Oh I’m SO sorry to hear you’re distressed signpost about Starmer being given a post in the shadow cabinet. So that’s now around five years you’ve been distressed about it to some degree or other, you poor thing.

      3. Just a query, you say, ‘Vaccine scam’, do you mean the vaccine was not required or was overpriced? Because the rest of what you say seem right but if you are a Covid denier then it somewhat undermines a good point.

      4. Congratulations – a fine and cogent analysis of the purposes and ambitions of the Trilateral Commission – and an expose of the government’s narrative around Covid.

        Talking of the Covid narrative, there are some good online articles on this on the Left Lockdown Sceptics website that are well worth reading. The latest of these compares it to a Trojan Horse. Indeed.

      5. ps SIR Keith Starmer operated by ‘advised by’ Mandelson the arch plotter is ELEVEN points behind Johnson despite almost FULL uncritical OMNIPOTENT media and Establishment support which we r told determines the outcome of everything… oh! how could i forget the famed ‘Trilaterals’ who appear to have usurped the Bilderbergs who usurped the ‘Illuminati’ … shame on me, how could i forget the super power ‘Zionists’… ??? Anyway they have delivered an ELEVEN point lead of Johnson over Keith.

        The most deplorable PM in my lifetime after Blair… almost as deadly and nearly as corrupt YET IPSOS MORI has Mandelson operated Starmer behind the blue Tories. Eleven points as at 2019 GE, when the same Mandelson slimed that he “worked night and day to undermine” a TRUE Labour victory.

        That should have resulted in instant expulsion along with Starmer, Hodge Blair and the other parasites. What we see now was predictable and predicted. Starmer is doing as his operators and collaborators said openly and clearly and repeatedly.

        The fact that people are “surprised” goes to the heart of our problem. Focusing on understanding why should COMPLETELY replace the complicated hunt for what has been crystal clear and in the open.

        Every single second spent doing what was done over the last sixty plus years, saying the same things as over the last sixty plus years… will guarantee the same lamentable unnecessary stitch-ups by the parasites.

        That is all. It is not complicated.

      6. @teessidevoice you say, ‘Vaccine scam’, do you mean the vaccine was not required or was overpriced

        Neither. I was using the word “scam” literally to mean “a dishonest scheme; a fraud” and levelling the charge at the covid narrative, rather than any object of the narrative.But concerning vaccines it is particularly scurrilous and dishonest

      7. @Redveg. Thanks for the mention of the Left Lockdown Sceptics website.. Coming to the coronavirus and covid issue(s) as a scientist (rather than a socialist) and seeing how the covid narrative employs very contentious and outight bad science to sustain itself, it is very re-assuring to realise that many incisive socialists are recognising the covid narrative as a oligarchic anti-democratic project to instigate a “New Normal” that benefits no-one except the 0.001 %.

        Thank you again, Redveg.

        For anyone else wanting to access the site, it is here .

      8. qwertboi – I see that Piers Corbyn features quite a lot on the site

      9. @steveH – As well as being brother of a rather fine former leader of Labour, Piers Corbyn is a controversial UK scientist who dared go against the mainstream science of man-made global warming and who is now campaigning against the lockdown and Covid vaccines.

      10. qwertboi – Or to put it more succinctly he’s a f’ wit Climate Change Denier as well as being a Covid Denier

      11. Tut Tut Stevieh. Your eagerness to throw the covid put-down word at him suggests you are more interested in defending the covidians’ narrative than bothering to look at his hypothesising or evaluating his propositions (at least two of which on vaccines I know most scientists would defend) and respecting his right to question.. TBH tho’, some of his detailed arguments about CO2 make my head spin but were defended by the late great Stephen Hawking.

      12. qwertboi – Non of which negates my point that he said goodbye to any credibility when became a f’ wit Covid Denier and a Climate Denier.

      13. stevieh, it kinda does – but you think you lose credibility by questioning and querying things, I can see why you have no science and no socialism in your soul and your intellectual toolset.

      14. qwertboi – You’re the one supporting the nonsense of conspiracy theorists. You’re just another dangerous idiot.

  2. Knowing that I would lose my ability to speak freely the minute I signed on the dotted line, I never EVER joined the Labour Party. Which happily robbed them of the opportunity to kick me out. So all very positive👍

    1. I joined 2015 and quit 13 Dec 2019 and for exactly your reason will I never join any Party again! I will Vote, Support, Canvas and Campaign, but The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES, will get exactly the opposite.
      Until I have a UK Labour Party Candidate instead of a Nasty Neolabour Party TORY, I WILL vote for their strongest opponent (to VOTE THEM OUT/NOWHERE NEAR A SEAT), who or whatever that may be! The Bastards who Stole The PEOPLE’S Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to finally end 42 Years of Thatcherite TORY HELL, TWICE, deserves and gets nothing but the very worst from me!

  3. “What kind of people would remove someone of Ken Loach’s immense calibre from the Labour Party?”

    Racist Zionist enablers who want all support for Palestinians to be silenced.

  4. Proud to have left and feel a better person for it! The Labour Party no longer represents those with least, but is seeking to be bought by those with most!

    1. Wonnie, Starmer and his fellow Zionists are NOT the Labour Party, they are settler colonisers who need to be removed.

      1. Yes, but they are in charge and as cancer like cult has taken over 95% of the MP’s and virtually all the backroom staff you have NO chance of ever removing.

        So you may be able to kick out with a magic wand and the aid of a benevolent god the MP’s but you will still be left with hostile party machinery that will be endlessly briefing against you and every disgusting trick like they pulled in 2017 & 2019 elections. So you will never be able to win any elections, we tried that diden’t we!

        So knowing all this and knowing staying in this cult of the new Labour 2.0 party is appeasement and silence is acceptance. In their views, I repeat why stay because you helping these scum first with money second by membership and possibly even helping gag elect the same scum. So, you are being the problem and this fantasy of voting them out it’s too late the cancer has taken over.

        We just have a zombie party with a red rosette that stinks are you honestly going to tell me you will vote in a sorta Labour party why? They will be Tory-lite I didn’t join the Labour party and be a lifelong socialist like my parents and grandparents before just to became what I despise!

        Until there is a socialist Labour or just socialist party to vote for. Then these morons can go down in the flames of their makings and the so-called socialist MP’s that are worthless appeasers and enablers their silence is acceptable if that is what you call socialism we have a different ideology. So I will not be rejoining a party that hates my ideology, I won’t be giving them money to waste again and I certainly will never be voting for them.

        I just ask others to be aware of their actions and staying a member is beyond what I can understand. But denial is strong in certain socialists. You have to be honest and realist in this life not a fantasist…

  5. Guilt by association.

    Secret police – of every denomination in every country that’s had them – have thrived on that.

    1. Toffee, nail head.

      Guilt by association, but worse. In Starmer’s Labour, you have to prove that when the party demands it, you can prove you are not, nor ever have been an associate of a member of the four proscribed groups.

      The response from LAW.

      “Today, Friday August 13, a number of Labour Party members have received letters entitled “Notification of Possible Automatic Exclusion from Membership of the Labour Party” over their alleged association with Labour Against the Witchhunt.

      These letters confirm that in order to be considered a member or supporter of LAW, you will have to have committed one of following “acts”:

      “membership of the organisation; contributing written material to the website of the relevant organisation; encouraging others to join the relevant organisation; and / or, participating in an event organised or hosted by the relevant organisation.”
      “Other acts include repeatedly liking or sharing LAW content on social media or participating in the LAW Facebook group.”

      The Labour Party has of course no access to our database. Which is why the letters contain this little gem: “failure to provide evidence that you are not a supporter of LAW, as defined by the NEC above, is very likely to lead to your automatic exclusion from membership of the Labour Party.”

      Proving a negative is of course logically and practically impossible and reminds us of the way alleged witches were supposed to prove their innocence: by drowning.

      Members have 7 days to answer the charges and will be automatically excluded if they do not reply. Some people have informed us that they are considering answering in the style of the McCarthyite witch-hunt, declaring “I am not now nor have I ever been a member of Labour Against the Witchhunt”.

      The LAW steering committee does not consider this kind of response to be a betrayal of the comrades’ support for our organisation. Quite the opposite: Comrades should not feel under any moral obligation to tell the truth to the witch-hunters, who have lied, sabotaged and smeared thousands of us. Much better comrades are able to continue the fight against the right wing inside the Labour Party – if they can stomach it.

      LAW of course continues to accept as members all those who have been suspended, expelled or left the party in disgust over the direction taken by Keir Starmer. We will be discussing the next steps in our important campaign in our next members’ meeting on Tuesday August 28 at 6pm – sign up here to attend:“.

  6. Definitely manoeuvred in to do a specific job, regardless of the cost. (Starmer)
    ‘If we can’t own it, we’ll smash it up’.

  7. It will be interesting to see how msn spin this. Are the going to paint Ken Loach as a raving ‘trot’?

    1. Carlene, a few days prior to the NEC meeting Ken was in effect described as someone with poisonous beliefs and a warped world view, as well as an anti-semite and a toxic extremist. Here’s a clip from the Daily Mirror ‘Exclusive’ that first broke the story about the four groups:

      One Labour source said: “Under Corbyn those from the far left fringes with poisonous beliefs and warped world-views were welcomed into the party. Keir is right to stamp out anti-Semitism and toxic extremism and get the party back into the decent mainstream of Labour values.

      1. And talking of evil, which we are in effect, here’s John Pilger doing so in an article posted on Counterpunch yesterday:

        ‘A Day in the Death of British Justice’

        I sat in Court 4 in the Royal Courts of Justice in London yesterday with Stella Moris, Julian Assange’s partner. I have known Stella for as long as I have known Julian. She, too, is a voice of freedom, coming from a family that fought the fascism of Apartheid. Today, her name was uttered in court by a barrister and a judge, forgettable people were it not for the power of their endowed privilege.

      2. Ken Loach is by FAR the most high profile member of LAW *and* any of the four groups who were proscribed and, as such, the MSM were well aware that he was a member of LAW (including the Daily Mirror!) and, in fact, one of their named sponsors, along with Alexei Sayle and Noam Chomsky, who aren’t exactly unknown EITHER, and yet the MSM en masse omitted to point this out at the time. I wonder why!!

        Oh, right, because just about everyone on the planet who is familiar with Ken and his work over the past fifty-five years would have known that all the malevolent poison about ‘poisonous beliefs’ and a ‘warped world view’ etc were black propaganda falsehoods AND, that Ken would hardly be a member and a sponsor of a group with ‘poisonous beliefs’ etc, and they – ie those who are familiar with him – would of course quickly concluded that it is a disgusting and despicable Nazi-type Big Lie by the fascists who are now running the Labour Party.

        And my point is of course that the most obvious thing in the world for the MSM to have done is to have pointed out from day one (of the story breaking) that Ken is a member (and a sponsor of the group) AND, as such, pose the question to their readers and viewers and listeners: ‘Is their really anyone in the whole country who for one single moment believes that Ken Loach has poisonous beliefs and a warped world view’, AND, in so doing, expose the black op smear for the Big Lie that it is, AND those dissembling the despicable smear for the fascists that they are. But they didn’t!!!

        NB And check out the wikipedia entry for Ken, and especially the section entitled ‘Political Activities’.

      3. PS And as I’ve said before, if the members of these groups have ‘poisonous beliefs’ etc, then how come Starmer & Co waited some fifteen months before proscribing them.

        Doesn’t add up or make sense of course!

      4. One Labour source said: “Under Corbyn those from the far left fringes with poisonous beliefs and warped world-views were welcomed into the party….’

        That’s exactly right, and more-or-less as soon as Jeremy was elected leader the membership forms (both hard copy and online) were amended to say that people from the far left fringes with poisonous beliefs and a warped world view are more than welcome to join the party. And ESPECIALLY anti-semites.

        Poisonous minds never stop ‘injecting’ their poison into reality! It’s such a rush you see to smear people on the one hand, and to deceive and dupe and mislead millions of people – courtesy of the MSM – on the other hand.

    2. Carlene, no they’ve not. It has been on every single news bulletin, incl BBC R4 at noon, all neutral and reporting Ken’s words to the letter. They’ve also repeated several times, Andrew Fischer assessing Keith accurately ie dismal.
      IPSOS MORI also has Mandelson’s Starmer ELEVEN points BEHIND Johnson’s Tories.

  8. The only thing on the Beeb so far is this – ‘Starmer rejects McCluskey’s claim Labour could be finished under his leadership’
    ‘Sir Keir Starmer has dismissed a warning by the head of one of the UK’s biggest trade unions that Labour could “go under” with him as leader.’

  9. Darlene Edmonds…obviously AS scam must be in there somewhere,although I am not convinced that they even bother looking at the reasons for expulsion?

  10. And from that article – ‘Mr McCluskey also hits out at Labour MPs who tried to depose Mr Corbyn by resigning from the shadow cabinet after the Brexit referendum in June 2016.

    He writes: “The ‘chicken coup’ of Summer 2016 was one of the most extraordinary and shameful episodes in the history of the Labour Party.”

    He says that watching the resignations he didn’t have “a moment’s doubt” that he would be doing everything possible to defend Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

    “The role played by the trade unions was critical,” he writes. “This was the moment when, without Unite, Corbyn would have gone under.”

    The book’s publishers (Len McClusky’s autobiography) promise “explosive revelations about his dealings with Keir Starmer” and some passages in advance copies have been redacted.

    1. Carlene, McCluskey crying crocodile tears. He was one of the lead appeasers who failed to support those such as Chris Williamson.

      1. Jack T never-EVER misses an opportunity to dissemble his falsehoods! There was no appeasing going on by anyone:

        ‘Len McCluskey: Anti-Semitism row used to undermine Corbyn’

        A row about anti-Semitism is being used by Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents within Labour to undermine his leadership, Unite chief Len McCluskey says.

        Mr McCluskey, whose union is Labour’s biggest donor, attacked a “cynical attempt to manipulate anti-Semitism for political aims”.

        Another Corbyn ally, Diane Abbott, said party members had been “smeared”.

        It comes after controversial comments by ex-mayor Ken Livingstone and MP Naz Shah saw both suspended from the party.

  11. If ever Starmer came to power – God forbid – then this would be the very tactic he would use against the population. He would be a match for Stalin.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid!

  12. I have always celebrated the death of a tory. Now I will celebrate the death of parasites within labour too.

  13. Precisely because Mr Loach has highlighted society’s inequalities is the reason a Zionist would want to expel him from a now former socialist political party masquerading as a socialist political party.

  14. I thought Keith was going to unify the party? Is he aiming to do so by just having himself, Hodge, Mandelson and Blair in it?

    1. The Cesspit Bottom-feeders’ Organisms that feed off their Faeces and then a few layers of Faeces further down where the 5th/6th Organism down the “Food Chain” feeds off the other’s Faeces a few mm into the cesspit’s actual drum is not “absolute zero” enough to describe the “GOOD” Starmer does!

  15. Now that Afghanistan is reverting to rule by the same folk that Blair decided should not, at the cost of 450+ British lives and well over 100,000 Afghan ones in a war that war none of our business, I note that his part in starting this slaughter has been white-washed from all reports. May I just remind folk that Brown stated that the UK could “easily afford” the £4 billion per annum for Afghanistan warfare, and ANOTHER £4 billion per annum for war in Iraq at the very same time. Neither war can be judged a success in any form, and there have been many resultant downsides – leaving both countries as failed states, the rise of ISIS, etc. Who is going to hold the perpetrator Blair, and his Blairite crew to account? This is what you get with Blairites …. they only know “war” even within their “own” [sic] party!

    1. According to the Guardian, Starmer is now reckoning we should wade back in to Afghanistan.

      Fair enough Keith. I’ll hold your coat. Off you pop and show us how it’s done.

      What’s that? You want the red wall voters to send their sons and daughters to die there whilst you pontificate about what they should do? oh …..

      1. Joe, we have to deal with situations as they are now, not how they were or how we would like them to be. To abandon women and children to the depravity of the Taliban is cruel and heartless and brings shame to our country and the USA.

        Rory Stuart who has extensive knowledge of Afghanistan agrees that to pull out now will be catastrophic for the people. Lisa Nandy on the other hand, whose knowledge of Afghanistan is minimal, is no more than a wind-bag when she speaks on this subject, as indeed she does on most other subjects.

      2. If only I had known that the UK invaded Afghanistan to further the interests of women and girls and not as an act of revenge for 9/11 on behalf of America ….. If only Tony had said.

        Well, if that was the intention, then there’s an entire list of countries that we should be invading because there must be 100+ where women and girls are at best second-class citizens. Indeed, the UK doesn’t exactly do equality between the sexes, any more than it does between classes, rich and poor, black and white, London and the provinces! We must take up arms against ourselves, and sort ourselves out …… or maybe just accept that we are not the arbiters of what is right or wrong in another country. Maybe even, you know a bit like the USA in the Falklands war – not get involved in someone else’s fight?

      3. Joe Robson, “If only I had known that the UK invaded Afghanistan to further the interests of women and girls”

        But you know it is not true, therefore the rest of your comment makes little sense.

    2. Interesting how USA/NATO went to Afghanistan to wipe out Taliban and bring Peace and Stability, Oh and to leave Afghans with an Equipped and Trained Military and Police Force.
      The Taliban was nothing more than Background noise for all those years and yet USA pulls out leaving Afghans War Torn and in Utter Chaos and The Taliban Fully Equipped, Funded and Intel to give them capability more powerful than USA/NATO, so powerful that they take Several Capital Cities in a matter of DAYS!
      3 Questions!
      1. If Taliban is that Powerful, why were they so weak against USA/NATO?
      2. Where are they getting the sudden Power and Armoury, Funding and Intel to overthrow the Afghan Trained and Fully Equipped Military like coins!?
      3. Who wants to get back into Afghanistan ASAP, but will now possibly be “begged” by UN and the Afghans, giving them even more legitimacy, impunity, freedom to KILL and PLUNDER!
      I truly hope Afghan Neighbors Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Russia will make a Joint Commitment to support The Afghan People before the USA gets the chance to be “begged” back in! Locking them out indefinitely! None of those are shining examples of humanity, but the 3 Stooges USA, Israel and UK have done enough Murdering and Plundering for an eternity!
      We need a rest button for life, or is this all a very bad dream!?
      I just want a simple stone cottage, a couple of Goats, some Chickens and a little craft that I can exchange for goods, why is that so bad!? Instead we are mortared into The Wall and those of us who change colour or perish gets hacked out, ground down and baked again!
      Where is our freedom, where is our free will!?

      PS. There is no [sic] in “Blairites …. they only know “war” even within their “own” [sic] party!”
      TWO Parties:
      1. HOST PARTY: The UK Labour Party=Democratic Socialism=In Polar Opposition To The Thatcherite Neoliberal Government=Stands and Fights FOR The PEOPLE!
      2. PARASITE PARTY: The Neolabour Party TORIES=Thatcherite Neoliberalism=In FULL Cooperation with their Peers and Colleagues The Thatcherite Neoliberal Government=Stands and Fights FOR: 1. FOR THEMSELVES! and 2. The Tri/Bi/Unilateral Commission/The Elites/The Establishment/etc.
      There is simply no comparison between the Parasite Neoliberal Neolabour Party and The UK Labour MOVEMENT, They are a Polar Opposite Political Faction to The UK Labour Party.
      Neoliberalism is Neoliberalism, it is NOT so called “Centrist”, Liberal, The Right of the Left, Soft Left or Right, etc The ARE TORIES, Reagan/Thatcherite Neoliberals with a heavy dollop of Neoconservativism, TORIES! They are indistinguishable from the Conservative Tories and in fact Reeves Promised to be worse than The Conservative Tories! They are Racist, Anti Socialist, Anti Left, Anti BLM, Anti “Fringe and Black Jews”, etc, etc, etc I reckon in many/most ways, NO! ALTOGETHER worse than the Conservative TORIES!
      We better get involved in our CLPs and ensure there are MANY UK Labour Party MPs/Candidates to take seats at the next GE so that we can vote OUT The Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORY PARASITES at the next GE BEFORE THEY DESTROY US COMPLETELY!
      We’ve proven with Seema/Benny/Young Labour we are still the Many we would still be a minority Party, after the next GE, BUT we WILL BE AN OPPOSITION Party and we WILL BE Sabotage/Parasite/Conniving/Smearing/etc FREE and able to grow at a record rate!

  16. This is a monstrous act of fundamental dishonesty. Ken Loach should sue.
    Anyone who has read Bad News For Labour, which tells the real story behind Labour Party anti-Semitism would be under no illusions about the nature of this hydra-headed beast.
    Last night, in the pub, I read an article in yesterday’s Daily Mail – I was just checking on what the other side are thinking (!) – that stated that Len McCluskey’s memoirs, to be published on the day of Starmer’s Conference Speech, will reveal the content of the conversations Len had with Starmer and Rainer on JC’s status and situation. I cannot wait!

    1. Ludus57 I wonder if it will give a true account or even any account of the confrontation he had when he verbally attacked Chris Williamson?

      1. JackT – I think Tony is referring to “Bad News for Labour”.
        As for remarks about Chris Williamson, we will have to wait and see.

      1. Tony, does McCluskey mention his attack on Chris Williamson?

  17. Richard, we do NOT need violent revolution. We need people of integrity to stand up and be counted.

    Starmer is such a fool that he doesn’t realise by making Ken Loach and others into enemies, he is destroying the Labour Party. If however that is his plan, all the more reason why he has to be resisted. Because Starmer has put Ken Loach back in the public eye, he has given Ken even more power to oppose him.

    1. Jack, why do you think he’s done this? Let me ask you a question….Do you think he wants unity and a Labour Govt, or does he want to dismantle the Democratic Socialist Labour Party which is a threat to his Trilateral associates in the Establishment ?

      What he’s doing means there is no opposition to the Tory Establishment possibly for decades in this Country. Job done for his paymasters. He didn’t get made leader to spread harmony and love I can tell you. And the Chief Turd Polisher can go away and keep polishing.

      1. baz2001, I would love to be able to answer your questions. I cannot read Starmer’s mind but like everyone else, I can only judge him by his actions.

        Whether he intends it or not and I expect he does, he is attempting to destroy Labour as a Socialist Party. He is following in Blair’s footsteps who had to have it dragged out of him that he was a Socialist.

        I would like to see someone in the media ask Starmer if he too is a Socialist? If he said yes, I would like the follow-up question to be ‘then how can you square Socialism being compatible with Zionist racism?

    2. Ken Loach, a star of British culture, will be long remembered when Keir Starmer is a footnote in Labour’s history.

    3. Jack. There is no-one with more integrity than Jeremy Corbyn and look how he was treated!

      It wasn’t simply the goodness of their hearts that established the NHS, the welfare state and all the rest of what was achieved after the second world war. It was the fear of armed personal returning to civvy street facing the same old conditions as before the war.

      There is a class war and those in power, the “elite”, are winning battle after battle. Look over the centuries, real change for the good has only come about by physically engaging with the enemy!

      1. Richard, the NHS wasn’t established through violence, it was established through sound argument and determination.

      2. I never said the NHS was established by violence. But fear of armed personal returning to civvy street with the threat did put pressure on those in power!

      3. Richard, and I never said you did but in a previous comment, which seems to have been deleted, you did advocate violent revolution. In a society such as ours which has a semblance of democracy, violent revolution is not the solution.

        In respect of Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity, was it a sign of integrity for him to abandon his friends and most loyal supporters in favour of appeasing his enemies?

    4. I disagree Jack T. Stamer knows very well what he is doing…. .. As to any consequences : no skin of his nose. He’ll not suffer, but the 99% are condemned to more of the brown stuff hitting the fan.

  18. Fantastically short-sighted move. Now, hopefully, Ken will get together with his trusty co-writer Paul Laverty and make his final masterpiece skewering Starmer & New New Labour.

    If you thought I, Daniel Blake and Sorry We Missed You were searing social commentaries, you may not have seen anything yet!

    C’mon Ken!👍👍👍

    1. Yes, it would be good if Ken put a counter-version together of the Panorama hatchet job – ie ‘Were Jeremy Corbyn and the Left Falsely Smeared as Anti-Semites?’. I’m sure he could do an excellent job of dismantling it, from the opening sequence on-wards, and how the whole thing was choreographed in true black propaganda fashion and, for the most part, the people who participated in it acting. And lying through their nasty little teeth of course!

  19. Brighton Pavilion CLP has just passed the following emergeny motion:

    “We stand in solidarity with Ken Loach and his Socialist principles”

  20. I cannot recall reading, or being cited, any document put to Labour’s NEC which explained why the values of the four organisations were incompatible with membership of the Labour Party. Can anyone enlighten me please?

    1. Paul Smith the four groups are probably incompatible with JLM, BoD and other such groups who Starmer is relying heavily on these days.

      1. But where is their analysis/argument embodied in a document?

      2. Paul – I wasn’t aware that the NEC made a habit of publishing their briefing documents.

      1. The article on Labour List by Sienna Rodgers is rather vague (possibly because the NEC papers are vague).
        The criteria for considering someone as a supporter of one of the groups is pretty straightforward.
        The rest of it, which is the most important bit, is not.
        There is an implication that Socialist Appeal is alleged to have supported candidates who were standing against Labour candidates, but there is no clear statement to that effect. Extremely vague.
        As for the other three organisations, it would appear that the “reasons” are “connected” to the support they have expressed for some who were suspended from the party and for their criticism or the IHRA “definition”.
        There is mention of the possibility that Resist will set up as a political party, though it is currently not so constituted and so would not attract auto-expulsion for that reason (yet).
        Sienna Rodgers is normally quite thorough but there are no direct quotes from the “NEC papers”, so one must assume that she has received the information orally rather than having seen the text.
        All in all, it would seem that the reason for declaring membership of these groups incompatible with membership of the Labour Party is that they have areas of disagreement with the current leadership.
        Welcome back Senator McCarthy.

  21. We lived in France at the time I,Daniel Blake was released, and it was shown (in English with French subtitles) in our local cinema. At the end, we had witnessed French people sobbing, and at then end, the sight of them in shock, disbelief, tears, silence, and finally applause.

    He had shown a face of Britain that Europeans were unaware of.

    I wonder if Starmer recognises that face?

    1. Yes Joe Robson, “Starmer recognise that face”. It is what he “works for night and day” “thinking up new ways to” keep that face that way. Same old same old status quo.
      His public record proves that. He has said many times, including today, that he is proud of his record. Ask his many victims.

  22. It’s as if Starmer wants a new party to be formed, one that takes a quarter of their votes come an election.

    Were I a Labour MP I’d be seriously wondering what Trilateral Commission man Sir Keir Starmer is up to.

  23. This is a carefully calibrated move in Starmer’s ‘reconstruction’ of the LabourParty. Others will follow. One object is to entice people to resign. Do not do so. A strategy of collective opposition is necessary.

  24. This is just one more step is Starmer’s war on the Labour Party.
    His class of people want to destroy the Party as an effective voice on behalf of the poor, the exploited and the oppressed.
    The expulsion of Ken Loach is a calculated outrage designed to cause people like me to tear up our membership cards.
    I shall not do so.
    I will stand and speak in solidarity with Loach and all others who are victims of this witch-hunt.
    If they want to suspend or expel me – So be it.
    I will fight them every inch of the way – Inside or outside of the Party.
    These people are lower than scum.
    I have spent all my working life fighting for justice for ordinary people.
    I will not be silenced.

  25. Isn’t it time for a TRUE SOCIALIST PARTY. Starmer’s Labour is unlikely to gain power and if it did do we want a mark 2 Tory Party. The Labour Party name has been tainted by the Media in its attacks on Corbyn and claims that Antisemitism Is rife in New Labour. Such a party would put up SOCIALIST candidates in all constituencies and many seats of existing MPs would be threatened unless they joined the SOCIALIST Party and agreed to a Socialist agenda.
    At the very least the threat would shake Starmer and ensure that any Prime Ministerial goals he has are well and truly scuppered.
    UKIP grew as a political force on the back of bitter racists. Surely there are more supporters of Socialist values in the UK than there are racists.

  26. Another shameful action from the so called Labour Party.

    Did I ever think the Starmer brigade would ever sink so low and expel Ken. No I didn’t yet I’m reminded of what they’ve done to to Jeremy and realise I’m too naive.

    Will they be embarrassed over the revelation that they tried to blackmail Ken into disowning other expelled members. I don’t even think they will. They’ll say he supports proscribed groups, probably accuse them of antisemitism and MSM will not delve too much.

    I do wonder if Starmer is so proud of he new ‘independent’ panel who maybe pushing for all these expulsions.

  27. Oppressive stuff.

    Political parties are meant to be about comradery discussion, open debate and changing society, not about a narrow sect imposing an inconsistently applied ruleset, by which the decision to initiate disciplinary action, and outcome, are dependent on which faction you’re associated with.

    Behaving in this high-handed fashion in opposition should be a big flashing warning light, as to the fact we don’t want this guy, Starmer, and his team in power. As we saw with Blair, power is an arrogance multiplier. If you think you’re ignored by this party elite in opposition, in power it’ll be far, far worse.

    Starmer and Evans have to go.

  28. Labour’s right-wing poisoned the Labour well with their MSM amplified antisemitism allegations.

    And ordinary members are still living with this poisonous legacy. The right know it was always a big lie, used effectively to demoralise Corbyn supporters and wider Labour voting public. And they hate anything or anyone that tests or contradicts that false narrative.

    I don’t think this party has a future with so bad feeling around. There can be no ‘forgiving and forgetting’, or moving on, because Labour’s right won’t even acknowledge their dirty tricks.

  29. A shameful act against a powerful voice for the weak and dispossessed. However, we mustn’t forget that there must be hundreds of others who have been treated equally shamefully this weekend. I’m trying to find out if anyone locally has been affected and need a friendly ear.

  30. Ken Loach is a colossus indeed…and far, far too good for the Labour Party. Those who say that Starmer is not fit to lick Loach’s (and Jeremy Corbyn’s) boots are right. Rather he and Evans more closely resemble something brownly and stinkily unpleasant they may have stepped in.

    The establishment have in Starmer the ‘leader’ that will indeed sink the Labour ship. Time for a new left party. Unfortunately the Corbyn ascendancy and the hope it engendered merely postponed the inevitable.

    In the immortal words of Attila the Stockbroker:

    Aneurin Bevan, your party is DEAD
    The time for a new one is nigh
    Will the last person left please turn out the lights
    New Labour, just fuck off and die!

    This song was penned many years ago in response to Blair Mark 1(and New Labour Mark 1) Labour has now used up its remaining lifelines and Keith, (Blair 2) will almost inevitably play the role of executioner.

  31. Lads and Lasses wheres your smiling faces
    It’s always how you choose to frame it, another nail in Red Tories coffin

  32. Inescapable question…

    Either Starmer believes the <0.03% of Labour Party members expelled for antisemitism was really the 33% of members the public believed, due to obsessive, Corbyn-hostile media interest. – In which case he's a halfwit.


    He knows full well antisemitism within the party was greatly exaggerated and is playing along with the idea it was endemic, merely to further victimise and hound the left – in which case he's evil.

    Which is it?

      1. Probably both, yep.

        I meant it more rhetorically really. Depressing state of affairs, Starmer’s Labour is a political nightmarescape causing misery and despair to anyone who’s remotely of the left.

        I think the RW PLP find the very notion Corbyn was backed by hundreds of thousands of ordinary, reasonable people, deeply problematic, given their own lack of conviction and their fatalism about the ability to change anything through politics.

  33. It was so liberating to leave Labour ten seconds after Right Wing Barbarian Starmer was elected on behalf of the rich and powerful.
    It would be rather pleasing if Labour members struck a blow against Keir Stalin and refused to endorse Erdogan Evans at Conference but they will probably produce a fix against such a possibility?
    Left wing democratic socialists need to realise they are up against Right Wing Labour Political imbeciles who in terms of the progress of humanity may well have never existed.
    And Starmer et al are not fit to lace KL’s boots!
    Come the next GE in my city there are 3 Right Wing Political Moron Labour Careerist MPs and I’m going to stand against one; we just need 600 left wing democratic socialists around the country to do the same but not to stand against the 50 or so Labour Left MPs.
    Oh and our first policy should be to accept the average workers wage to put off political opportunists and careerists.
    If we can only keep the vanguardists away (who have ready made socialist programmes FOR) we could transform the World WITH.
    There are still 500,000 left wing democratic socialist activists out there in the UK and more around the World and we need to organise! Solidarity!

  34. Starmer would expel Tolstoy, George Eliot, Kafka, Bertolt Brecht, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Picasso, Carson McCullers, Edith Wharton, Emily Dickinson, Harold Pinter, Samuel Beckett, Flaubert, D,H. Lawrence, James Joyce, Shostakovich, Yevtushenko, Pablo Neruda, Lorca, Galdos, Milton, Banksy, Frida Kahlo, Charlie Parker, Moliere, Arthur Miller, Walt Whitman, Joe Orton, Duke Ellington, Billie Holliday, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, William Carlos Williams, Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley, Les Six, Jacques Prevert, Aragon, Gunter Grass, Les Murray, Joseph Conrad, Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Tennessee Wllliams, William Congreve, John Skelton, Italo Calvino, Dante, Sean O’Casey, Wes Montgomery, Richard Yates, F Scott Fitzgerald, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gogol, Nelson Mandela, Henry Fielding, Doris Lessing, J.K. Galbraith, Noam Chomsky….complete the list with anyone possessed of a modicum of principle or imagination.

    1. Frank Dallas “complete the list with anyone possessed of a modicum of principle or imagination.”

      Jesus Christ.

  35. Given Labour’s suicide, what would a new movement look like? Here’s a suggestion of its constitution:

    1) The aim of the movement shall be to reform capitalism out of existence and to replace its fundamental relationship of employer and employee by egalitarian, co-operative relations;
    2) Power shall always reside with the members;
    3) The movement shall be federal in structure;
    4) The movement shall have no hierarchy of persons, merely a hierarchy of function;
    5) There shall be no national bureaucracy, merely local administration;
    6)Though responsibilities can be passed upwards to committees, working parties etc, power never shall be;
    7) The movement shall have no single leader;
    8) The movement shall reject the concept of race as meaningless and shall embrace the concept of the equal value of all human beings;
    9) The movement shall campaign to make war and all forms of violence illegal;
    10)The movement shall recognise that freedom of belief is a fundamental human right but also that no one has the right to impose their beliefs on anyone else.

    However full of holes this may be, it’s a bit better than Labour under Starmer.


    1. Frank
      I’m coming up 62, socialism does a job for society and so does small c capatalism, its human beans what fuck our ism’s right up
      I’m from the North East, so pretty much every bent bastard up here is Labour
      Now one of the best of them was T Dan Smith
      I’ve spent the last 20 odd years in the free advice sector fighting the fuckers
      Question, how can any Labour Council use private bailiffs
      You are never going to change the world but you can change the world you live in

  36. Sir Keir Starmer is well aware of the consequences of his actions & the expulsion of Ken Loach; this is a pre-emptive strike. His goal is to remove Socialism from the Labour Party & extend the control of Zionism. I walked away when Blair became leader & returned when Jeremy was unexpectedly elected, but the Blair/Starmer cancer has taken total control of Party mechanisms as Starmer seeks to expunge Socialism from ‘his’ Party. prior to uniting with the LibDems. The only hope is that the CLPs will voice their opposition @ Conference. The class war is over…..Tony Blair.

  37. The trouble with the Class War is that we have spent years talking about it, while the capitalist class have been fighting it.
    They understand the “solidarity of the rich”.
    We need to resurrect the solidarity of our class.

    1. johnsco1 – Perhaps your obsession with class war politics is misguided. Maybe you are living in the past. The (C2DE) working-class is now outnumbered by the (ABC1) middle-class (43/57%).. Also in the last GE more middle-class people voted for Labour than did working-class voters.

      1. SteveH – I live in the past & have done all my life; I have a great affection for it. Your definition of class is based on occupation, which is only one indicator but the dynamic shift in demographics was created by the destruction of manufacturing industries by Thatcher & then her offspring, Tony Blair. Most women are not employed as manual labourers as service industries have replaced heavy industry. Cheaper sources of manufacturing are to be found elsewhere. The destruction of manufacturing ensures that the class war is over. & the power of trade unions diminished.
        The direction of travel in the Labour Party is towards catering for the bourgeoisie rather than ‘the deplorables’ in Blair’s ‘Brave New World’ as Starmer takes Mandy’s instruction & eliminates Socialism. Stay & fight comrades, or run away & give Starmer what he wants. My MP recently described Jeremy Corbyn as a man of the past, memories of Blair’s ‘New Modern Labour’..

      2. Steve Richards
        I’m lucky enough to have moved out to the sticks, tradesmen and women around here can pick and choose their jobs and name their price and if you’d lucky will turn up when promised
        Now what do you say to a young person, go to university £50,000 debt no guarantee of a lucrative career or get an apprenticeship, earn as you learn, graft your bits off and then start your own business
        None of mine I’m proud to say have or will be going to university, I’m a director/founder of a community interest company, what class are we

      3. How about Labour party members and supporters are ‘Pure Class’

  38. Have just become a member of Labour Against the Witchhunt
    I encourage everyone to do so, a great statement of solidarity with Ken Loach and the many antiracist, antiestablishment members who have been smeared and targeted by the corrupt warmongerinng antidemocratic infiltrators of a once greatt movement

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