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Sunday Times political editor Shipman deletes tweet falsely linking Ken Loach to Holocaust denial

Shipman only recently paid compensation to Labour aide for tweet suggesting affair with Starmer

Sunday Times political editor Tim Shipman has deleted a tweet linking world-famous film director Ken Loach to Holocaust denial. After left Labour MP Jon Trickett condemned the party’s expulsion of Loach for refusing to denounce victims of the Keir Starmer/David Evans purge of left members, Shipman responded with a comment clearly connecting Loach with denial of the murder of millions of Jews, Gypsies and others by the nazis:

Loach was smeared last year with the same libel, based on an apparently deliberate misrepresentation of a Loach comment about freedom of speech – but he had quickly put the matter firmly to bed in well-publicised letter to the Guardian:

Tim Shipman had not responded, up to the time of publication, to a request for comment on the reasons for the deletion, but his caution may have been driven by his recent experience after tweeting a comment about Labour leader Keir Starmer and his then-aide Jenny Chapman, which resulted in Shipman making a public apology and paying compensation:

Of course, it might have been better not to make the comment falsely linking Loach to the foulness of Holocaust denial in the first place, than to have cautious second thoughts after the event.

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    1. only pursuing that type in court will make them think b4 lying and smearing. They r disgusting and were NEVER for the many. We must NEVER even think of uniting with them. It is obscene to believe that Starmer, Evans and gang “advised” by Mandelson could EVER be part of a TRUE Labour government.

      1. Courts & justice are reserved for those who can pay.

      2. if “those who can pay” don’t, then what exactly is achieved?

  1. My first thought is ,not more AS scam targeted at socialists.and then thought surely of all people to try to pin the Holocaust denier on a man whos been involved in the film industry and of a age that would consider Nazi Germany as modern history is ridiculous..Unlike the Irish famine theres plenty of film to show what happens when a country trys to obliterate a people they hate.Loach as spent a lifetime documenting the perils of being a underclass or a outsider by right wing fanatics.ITs inevitable that he would be expelled from the Labour party and you must consider if you are a member of the Labour party…Why?

  2. Interesting?The guardian has actually run a article that’s actually slightly balanced on Kens expulsion from the Labour party…Talks of witchunt and ken standing by those who have been expelled.I wonder if after all the news about the dynamic forensic duo the penny might be dropping that this paid plant the “Knight” and Evans help us”are destroying the Labour party…?

    1. Joseph it’s good to hear the guardian actually printing an article in defence of Ken. Yet apologies for being cynical I can imagine there will be a few articles printed in the very same paper in defence of Ken’s expulsion.

      1. Back and are not being cynical,just realistic about the media.I I also noticed somthing in the independent…I should hope that more support would come from the mps but its the Labour party and. only eight mps offered any sympathy….for a fellow comrade that stood up to the mob at HQ …NEC….They know what they can do?

      2. What is given with one hand is taken away by the other. It is called balance….or so we are led to believe. πŸ‚πŸ’©

    2. Joseph, because Ken Loach publicised his expulsion rather than keeping his head down, we were made aware. I heard it covered in every news bulletin i heard, EVEN on Radio 4 just b4 Any Questions Saturday. It was also in bulletins this AM. All the coverage i heard was neutral with Ken’s words presented as he wrote them. I also scanned at least six online newspapers. ALL covered accurately and in a neutral way. ps No “penny has dropped” as you say. All is as it essentially always was.

      MEANWHILE – What was safely held when TRUE Labour was being sabotaged night and day by Mandelson Evans Hodge Blair Starmer and the rest, was lost by the same Mandelson advised Starmer lot on Thursday night BY a NEW PARTY.

      A new party started in 2019 Aspire Party, won the the safe Labour seat in Tower Hamlets Weavers Ward by-election. 1204 votes out of the 2607 cast (28% turnout).

      Once again Mandelson ‘advised’ (controlled) SIR Keith starmer have been crushed despite all forces by which many are memorised; the MSM Bilderberg Trilaterals Illuminati Deep State MILLIONS of many brands of money … and of course the pivotal power on which EVERYTHING spins and are determined … yes the Zionists DUMPED in Hartlepool, hanging on by a rag in Batley & Spen, LOST DEPOSITS … Vote share erased even by one man bands George Galloway, and now Aspire.


  3. The most revealing message I have seen so far is from the odious Mike Gapes who is pleased that Mr Loach has been expelled because when Mr Corbyn was leader Mr Loach was given a prominent seat at conference whilst β€œhard working β€œ MPs like him had to sit in the balcony. That kind of fatuous entitlement just about sums up so many in the Labour hierarchy

    1. Oh, Neil Coyle and Ian Lord Austin have been at it, as well. There’ll be more crawling out of their pits, nursing their hangovers, choking back the bile, looking for someone or something to bad-mouth.

      Has our Shadow Foreign Secretary found Afghanistan on a map, yet?

      1. George Peel ‘Has our Shadow Foreign Secretary found Afghanistan on a map, yet?”

        Ah, clueless wind-bag Nandy who thinks we should now send aid to Afghanistan – for which the Taliban will be truly grateful of course.

  4. ‘Sunday Times Political Editor’, is rather a highfalutin title for a mere Gossip Columnist, don’t you think?

    1. “REAL Journalists” wont touch such “Fake News”!
      “REAL Journalists” sit at their desk waiting for their inbox to ping for a message from “The Powerful Ones” telling them the latest story, which they cut and paste, reshuffle to fit, add a headline and picture, send to Printer!
      That’s why “REAL Journalists” are such Extraordinarily Stupid People in their Private Lives!

  5. I am simply getting fed up with people who call themselves journalists to smear decent people, reck their lives and when found out pay compensation, and do this repeatedly. These kind of journalists defo show a need for retraining, and if that does not work shoukd be banned from working in that field.

  6. Could a showing of a Loach film – I suggest Kes – be put on as a fringe event at the Labour Party conference? It would be a focus for opposition.

  7. I wonder how low the odds have suddenly become at the bookies of the LP rebranding it’s logo at next month’s Conference to a ducking stool?

  8. In response to Dave Ward CWU Tweet on Ken Loach
    No ifs no buts get Red Tories out of the party

  9. “No ifs no buts get Red Tories out of the party”
    – Some of us are trying our best – but it’s a hard road.
    – The executioner is not far away – Coming to chop off my head for opening my mouth
    – Which I do often.

  10. Why does the world seem full of anal orifices looking for the rest of a digestive system?

    Shipman, another of Keith’s enablers. What a veritable cesspit the Labour Party inhabits these days!

  11. I may not believe that the earth is flat but I believe that anyone has a right to say it. ‘I may disagree with what you say, but will fight to the death for your right to say it’. You have a right to be offended & all certainties challenged. Fear is the mind killer, but I reserve the right to play devil’s advocate. Nothing should be set in stone; not even Milliband’s manifesto. In Germany, you cannot challenge historic certainties by law & by making this statement I become an anti-semite? I have a problem with being told that that even thinking something is forbidden.. Beware ‘Thought Police’.

  12. It seems Lies about people can and should be solved in a court of law, if only Corbyn had decided to pursue this Avenue from the beginning

    1. totally agree the left needs to learn how to utilise Lawfare to its own advantage it might prevent hacks from smearing decent people with impunity knowing full well that mud sticks

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