Corbyn to speak at UCU rally tomorrow noon to defend Liverpool University jobs

Members of the University and College Union (UCU) will hold a rally tomorrow to defend jobs in Liverpool University health and life sciences that remain under threat, after concerted collective action saved a large proportion of the positions targeted for redundancy by the university’s administration.

UCU has been involved in industrial action for months, after an overwhelming vote among UCU members across the university in favour of strike action, to defend 47 staff – in the health sector during a pandemic – and all but two of the jobs have already been saved, but the solidarity of staff and students has remained strong to defend the two staff still under threat.

UCU’s rally takes place on Monday 9 August at noon – and the union’s general secretary Jo Grady has announced that former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a ‘good friend’ of UCU and education staff, will speak at the rally:

If you live on Merseyside or are otherwise able to attend, make sure to get to University Square before noon to show support for UCU members – and to fight an attack on education and jobs that will spread to campuses around the country if the bean counters are able to force through job cuts in Liverpool.

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  1. He might be better leading a blockade of Labour HQ and forcing out the most dangerous Labour leader in the History of the Labour party…I I forgot theyre all on a three month holiday except for Jeremy Corbyn and one or two others who realise how dangerous it is to have no longer any Opposition party to the neo liberal alliance….

  2. It is great to know Jeremy is lending his support!

    Also, I just read that TWATson has been appointed new Honorary Professor of Politics at Nottingham University. If I was a student at Nottingham I would protest until it was revoked as he isn’t fit to teach politics to a kindergarten, nevermind undergraduates!

    1. He’s accepted a professorship while there are real teaching jobs at stake in Liverpool? Crass! Regards.

  3. Fingers crossed for the last two poor sods.

    Wonder if Jezza wants back in the Labour party 🤔

    1. Given his shockingly bad treatment and the reheated Blairism under Starmer, it is a mystery.

      If not readmitted, he could do worse than starting a new unashamedly socialist party(Corbyn’s List) that’ll stand candidates only against PLPs RW. It’d quickly pull over many Labour members and it’d empower the PLP’s SCG.

      1. Perhaps left wing democratic socialists in a bottom up approach in 600 constituencies need to facilitate a local debate and a socialist local heavyweight candidate could then emerge.
        And crowdfunding could enable them to stand.
        But of course the potential shackle on diverse working people, the bourgeois socialist sectarian groups with their top down ready made programmes (A Socialism FOR) would have to be kept at bay.
        Perhaps the Holy Grail of Socialism is HONESTY?
        Lenin (before he took the power for himself) did make a good point, we have to start as a tiny party.
        But we are left wing democratic socialists and we want left wing democratic socialism WITH diverse working people.
        Oh and perhaps capital and its political puppets are happy for Labour to have a few Left Wing MPs as they delude hundreds of thousands and get them to graft for Right Wing Labour for crumbs?
        Sorry to be so brutally Frank comrades but something needs to be done!

    2. I suppose FPTP and the billionaires’ MSM means he needs to rejoin, and, for the same reason, members need to stay and fight or the ‘third way’ trilateralists behind Starmer neuter democratic socialism and turn Labour into the global-capitalism B Team of British politics.

      It would be great if we could just start a new party, but FPTP and MSM would kill it at birth.

    1. Some of you might find this interesting (9pm tonight)
      EXCLUSIVE interview with Jeremy Corbyn on changing the media and how we do it!

    2. stevedavidh…for those that are interested Steve H centrist Dad SH,Steve Hall posts under many aliasis from a bolt hole in a foreign country known as a tax avoiding tory scammer robbers roost in the windys.He often uses the scam along with propoganda to boost his argument and generally con the public..Beware!any links with Mr Hall?

      1. Joseph – ……and your evidence to support this nonsense is? You sound deranged.

      2. I can’t find any evidence that I am deranged,but plenty on here that you use aliases to boost the propoganda and spyware courtesy of the neo liberal alliance you run around with..Beware the rat logo of the right wing …?Being a member of the Labour party right wing can seriously damage your health and carreer.

  4. Naughty. Why did that lnk (for the #onthebywire interview) just put filthy google/youtube spyware and cookies all over my hard disc and cache?

    It’s a billionaires’ world. Nazi occupation after 1945 wouldn’t have been any different.

    1. qwertboi – Don’t be silly. Is there a reason why you are trying to discourage people from watching Jeremy this evening.

      1. Well, I’m hoping that the interview can be seen without needing to visit youtube or facebook or any other outsourced NSA-/CIA-/Mossad-feeding STASI Net.

      2. Don’t you yawn me!

        It’s not the billionaires STASI sites that’s the problem per se. It’s the Mass Indisciminate Surveillance that they undertake (thanks to every single newlabour home sec passing legislation to facilitate it) and the record keeping for GCHQ/MI5/CIA/NSA by your ISP.

        Get a PVN and remove google from your on-line life and things start looking much better.

      3. qwertboi – Most people who want to avoid being tracked know what to do. Be thankful that you don’t live under a ‘Communist regime’ authoritarian dictatorship like China.

      4. The thing is stevieh, google, apple, microsoft , facebook et al seem to be every bit as good at digital authoritarianism as their Chinese counterpart(s). The emerging (post-covid) New Normal and Starmer puting Mossad IT operatives on the Labour party payroll show this.

      5. qwertboi – There is nothing to stop you from using open source software. I’m struggling to see why you are making such a big deal about me posting a link to a JC interview on YouTube. If you want to watch it at 9pm tonight then watch it, if you don’t then don’t. I don’t really care much either way, the choice is yours.

      6. Probably worried 😟about any links and infectious transferred from you and your chums into the computer.Run 🏃a mile if you see the Rat logo of the right wing misfit stevedavidh Steve H centrist Dad SH and other aliases.Hes not posted since August the fourth on Bot sentinel @boxcartrend…must have been nobbled as a paid troll.

    2. Strengely (to me, anyway) stevieh, when live, your link didn’t put the utube/google cookies on my machine. Why’s that I wonder.. Thanks for posting it…

  5. Is Momentum heading towards proscription?
    The trickier aspect is that the new category could also appeal to those who have been suspended or expelled from Labour, or those who belong to a group proscribed by Labour.
    This more awkward feature is why some on the left are concerned that the move could increase the risk of Momentum being proscribed by the Labour Party.

    1. No momentum isnt being proscribed yet,but it wont be whilst Zionist Lansman is still in ownership and lurking in the background.Shame you lot wernt proscribed whilst corbyn was leader Steve H centrist Dad SH and other aliases of the right wing misfits..!beware the rat logo!

  6. Hes getting a kick out of the toilet paper the gaurdinia and the right wing Labour list coming on board along with US controled Huffy post….what a farcical masterpiece of right wing propaganda doing the job for the neo liberal alliance…..pride before a fall piss taker centrist Dad Steve H Hall from Bristol or small mill town up ☝norf now Caribbean bolt hole.?off to feed the chickens stevie boy 👦…..then a nice relaxing swing in the hammock and a nice cup of khmer chaa..

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