Video: Corbyn delivers ‘scrap SATs’ pledge to teachers – and receives standing ovation

Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement yesterday that Labour will scrap the damaging ‘SAT’ testing of 7- and 11-year-olds received a huge standing ovation from assembled teachers at NEU conference
Teachers begin to react as Jeremy Corbyn delivers his ‘scrap SATs’ pledge

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement yesterday that he will scrap the SAT testing of primary-school children has been widely praised, with even usually lukewarm or hostile commentators recognising the importance of the news to parents and children.

And it received a huge welcome from the teachers who want to properly equip the children they teach and to spare them the enormous stress needless testing causes.

Corbyn – who received a rapturous welcome before even starting his speech – made his announcement while speaking to assembled delegates at the National Education Union (NEU) annual conference in Liverpool and spoke movingly of the anxiety, sleeplessness and illness inflicted on children by the Tory-mandated testing. The reaction as he delivered Labour’s plan was unequivocal:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

As the NEU’s joint general secretary said yesterday, ‘Corbyn gets it’. Children, their parents and the professionals who teach him will benefit directly under a Labour government – and not just in the scrapping of SATs.

To end the needless suffering of millions afflicted by poverty, injustice, and inequality, the UK desperately needs Labour in Downing Street.

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn is future PM but not only that, he and all the true Labour party is setting an agenda on Social. environmental and foreign policy for the world’s future.

  2. We can already anticipate yet another “end” of austerity in the run up to the next election.
    Tories have used up all their own ideas fucking up Britain – won’t they try to co-opt Labour’s, especially one they can say is fixing a policy that was supported by Labour through about 5 or 6 education secretaries?
    I agree with ditching SATs and always have – I just wish I could see what the downside for the Tories would be from hijacking this particular policy.

    1. Or how about yet another smear along the lines of ”’Corbyn poisoned the Skripals”

    2. This policy and others like it are crucial in the constant privatisation of education, by making the state system so nasty that the privileged are happy to fork out large amounts of very tasty moolah for chancers in the business.

      1. And normally, the paid for education focuses on a broad curriculum based on discovery and the joy of learning… When it’s core subjects and stress with tests for the plebs.

      2. Are Academies and Free Schools ‘successful’ because they are exempt from the National Curriculum.

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