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Israel demands Palestinians pay rent to stay in their Sheikh Jarrah homes. BBC frames it as their fault for rejecting ‘offer’

Yet another example of appalling – but sadly not astonishing – BBC reporting

Another BBC whitewash

The East Jerusalem district of Sheikh Jarrah has become notorious as the latest Israeli land-grab, as three hundred Palestinians try to resist being forced out of their homes in favour of Israeli settlers – and the Israeli government’s use of force against protesters has rightly provoked outrage in the international community. The community has already suffered forced ejections in 2002, 2008 and 2017.

But those reading the BBC’s coverage of the latest developments would struggle to discern that – as the latest BBC News whitewash encapsulates that corporation’s reporting of the plight of Palestinians.

In the latest development, an Israeli court has said that Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah can stay in their homes – but only if they pay rent to their occupiers. The move adds insult to the already deep injury – but the BBC’s headline reports only that Palestinians have ‘rejected an offer’ to resolve the ‘dispute’:

The BBC’s reporting of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians has frequently been atrocious, with one-sided violence and even massacres reported as ‘clashes’ – an approach repeated in this latest article’s description of ‘violence between’ Israelis and Palestinians.

And now, at least to the many who won’t read beyond the headline, the determination of Palestinians to stay in their homes without being forced to pay rent to those who want to kick them out is reported as Palestinian intransigence in rejecting an ‘offer’.

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  1. Once you start paying rent, then you are clearly only there until the “landlord” decides to evict you …..

    Utterly disgraceful.

    1. And the “landlord” can just keep jacking up the rent until it is unaffordable,

      1. Should the Zimbabweans have paid rent to white colonial Rhodesians? Should Black South Africans have paid rent to their Apartheid dominators?
        In BBC media la-la land were Native Americans supposedly objecting to the religions of their white conquerors?
        Were Native Australians bigoted against the religion of their white oppressors too?
        No doubt media hacks will start marketing Israels so-called right to defend itself, as if Black and Indigenous victims give a flying f**k about the religion of the colonial racist oppressor.
        And of course in the process of white western colonisation no one talks about Palestine’s right to exist.

  2. We only need to look at the backgrounds of those running the BBC to know why they favour the Israeli position.

    The Israelis are in effect blackmailing Palestinians by requiring them to pay to stay in their own homes on their own land. Even if Palestinians pay the blackmail money it won’t stop the armed and ruthless settlers from moving in. In the now famous words of one on the Zionist settlers to a Palestinian woman “If I don’t steal your house someone else will” and the Israeli police and army will stand by and watch while these atrocities occur.

    1. The BBC has bought in so much to this bogus anti-semitism project to stitch up Corbyn that it is now afraid not to side with Israel on everything now – or give “both sides” accounts even where the Palestinians are just getting wiped out in case the Israelis accuse them of anti-semitism. Makes you wonder who is really in charge.

    2. Shit rolls downhill. The marionettes at the BBC are just following orders.

      UK and Israeli government are very close, and both sides intend to keep it that way.

      A little turning the blind eye, a little bias reporting and the occasional neutral article to claim bias free reporting.

      Shai Masot, a spy, on camera subverting UK democracy. No further action taken by UK government, he jumped a plane back to Israel. Wonder what the reactions would have been if Masot was Russian, Chinese, Venezuelan etc🤔🤔🤔

      1. The 3 Stooges! USA, Israel and UK! Look at the Zionists latest Black Flag with the “Israeli” Ship, a Liberian-flagged, Japanese-owned vessel that probably only Israelis would know has some minor Israel Interest!
        Raab hesitated to point fingers at Iran, could that be because one of the fatalities was a British Veteran!? And that complicity in a Black Flag operation coming out would be quite the thing!? I often wonder if they are as stupid as they think we are!? People on Social Media worked it out the moment it was reported, but are there any Julian Assange’s and Craig Murray’s left who will dig and expose them them!?

      2. Some people might be interested in the fact that the horrors of Israeli Apartheid actually also apply to Black Jews and often Indigenous middle-eastern Jews too. This article – see link below – is fully footnoted and its sources dated. It includes the incredible fact that Black Jews have actually be subjected to forced contraception injections in Apartheid Israel, there are whites only housing practices, Tel Aviv has racially segregated kindergartens, yet our Foreign Office doesn’t even warn our Black citizens about the dangers of visiting parts of the country.

      3. @Bernie

        Thanks for the link at the end of your informative post.


    3. Be fair. They don’t all stand and watch. Credit where it’s due.

      1. alexanderscottish, “Be fair. They don’t all stand and watch”

        So true. Jews such as Miko Peled who was raised in Jerusalem in a Zionist family, was intelligent and aware enough to realise the intrinsic racism of Zionism and now spends much of his time campaigning on behalf of Palestinians and against Zionism. His book “The General’s Son” – ‘The journey of an Israeli in Palestine’ is well worth reading. Keir Starmer should get himself a copy.

    4. I have no evidence but reason leads me to believe that the British Bumboys Club believes that some of these Untermensch peoples object to being shot.

  3. Lady Karma has put on her Red Dancing Shoes!
    The Suffering may be Long and Hard, but FREEDOM WILL BE AS SWEET AS HONEY!
    I can’t wait to eat Palestinian Dates, Jaffa Oranges, Gaza Strawberries, etc, again and that are not covered in Palestinian Blood!
    Not even to mention, come on Holiday to Falastin ONE NATION, The Holy Land for Muslim, Christian and Jewish Scholars and centre for World History, Archaeology and Restoration of War Torn Ancient Structures!

    1. “If you have two and a half hours to spare”

      We’re not all retired on here! 😀

      1. I took it in several instalments, otherwise I would have been rendered immobile.

  4. Headline now altered to read sides reject settlement . Somebody at the BBC reading Skwawkbox?

    1. I can assure you every one of us who talk even remotely Socialistish will be tracked and monitored by Pegasus and Toka! Possibly by several UK and International Agencies! We are the “Enemy of The State” whether we think so or not!
      It is a frightening thought, but possibly not that far from Fact, you just need to see how The Neolabour Party Tories, Conservative Tories MSM and MSSM speak of socialism/ts, it is pure hate speech and hatemongering!

      1. SKELLY, you don’t know the rules. It’s not hate speech but an alternative way of having civilised debate. X11

      2. I’ve always been a bit unruly! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        PS “…..alternative way of having civilised debate. X11” in an Alternative Universe.

      3. The real enemies of the state are the capitalists and their various boot-boy buddies. If you’ve got a phone they’ve got you. Typewriters, cowgum, cutting boards and leg work. Regards

      4. Yup that is the only way! UNPLUG!
        Even most of the Open Source market has succumbed to Neoliberal infestations, It is a very sad state of affairs!

  5. “International Community”? It doesn’t exist. In fact, the only thing that’s communal and shared across national boundaries is the desire to put up a charade of mistrust / enmity between super powers / and towards the same old villains. That way, the creation of threats, bogeymen, rivals and the mega-profiteering from wars without end prevails.

    1. Even the Old Girl started to prepare for the worst, she recently changed/tried to change the Law so that all Royal Buildings and Assets will permanently remain in their ownership!

  6. When you think about it its old fashioned colonialism.Land owners to tennent in just one quick invasion.Raise the rents force them off their land and if that doesn’t work murder them.Deny them the rights to decide and destroy their culture and their language.Finaly make their religion the voice of the terrorist and thats how colonial rule works and always been.

    1. What we are seeing is NOT new. There is nothing NEW about the BBC reporting. The behaviour and values of Mandelson, Straw, Bliar et al is NOT new, PLEASE then can ANYONE explain WHY some tell us to “UNITE with”, “WORK with”, “WORK THINGS OUT with”, CALM DOWN with” coup plotters, saboteurs and careerist parasitic infestation including –

      “Tony Blair” who “halted an inquiry by the Serious Fraud Office into BAE systems.”…

      and the rest in their nest eg Mandelson SIR starmer Evans, who by their silence endorse the Palestinians now being ordered to pay rent to live in their OWN homes on their OWN land, by ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS ???

      Please, can anyone explain why we are asked to enable people and creatures like that, to do as they have ALWAYS done and to do what ALL decent people despise???

      Also, has anyone EVER asked those questions before???

      What were the answers???

      If never asked, then why not

      1. ‘Also, has anyone EVER asked those questions before???’

        Yes, you have, about five hundred times in the past six/seven months!

        So who are these people that tell us to unite and work with and work things out with Mandelson and Straw and Blair etc signpost?

        As for ‘enabling’ them, how do you propose that ‘we’ stop them from doing whatever they want to do? THEY control the party, and there are about FOUR times as many of them as there are left-wing MPs. The reality is that ‘we’ can do nothing whatsoever to stop them from purging the left and dictating what members can and can’t discuss etc, etc, etc. So there is no enabling going on (by the left), and it really doesn’t matter one jot how long they’ve been doing what they do, so your constant ‘cry’ of ‘will we never learn’ is completely irrelevant, because on the one hand it implies that the left – if ONLY they would ‘learn’ – could do something about them and, on the other hand, that *somehow* they – left-wing MPs – HAVEN’T learnt. And the implication of it is that YOU have learnt, but THEY haven’t. Bur ‘learning’ doesn’t enter into it, because it implies that left-wing MPs are somehow oblivious to what the Blairites do. Of course they’re not, and you are just insulting their intelligence, as such.

        Anyway, so how do you propose that ‘we’ stop them from doing what they do?

      2. PS Or to put it another way – ie ‘in YOUR terms,’ so to speak – what could ‘we’ do if only we learnt?

      3. Interesting debate but given the history of devastating neolibral election performance, resulting departing membership alienation, nothing much can be done. There will be either be a leadership election which the neoliberals will try and block. Or their blind ideology and addiction to big money donations will destroy the Party at least in generational terms.
        The neoliberals will then like Tom Watson bugger off for the easy corporate money, leaving a generation some time in the future struggling to rebuild Labour as an democratic electoral force.
        In the meantime we will have no meaningful NHS, or pensions, but Starmer will be in the House of Lord like so many fake Labour politicians – Mann etc – profiting under the Tory Whip.

  7. It’s no secret that pro-Israel opinion is vastly overrepresented at the BBC, both at editorial and presenter level.
    The BBC is woefully out of kilter with UK public opinion.

    Whether that’s by chance or design is an open question.

  8. ‘Gentiles in the Land of Israel

    In addition to the general anti-Gentile laws, the Halakhah has special laws against Gentiles who live in the Land of Israel(Eretz Yisra’el) or, in some cases, merely pass through it. These laws are designed to promote Jewish supremacy in that country. The exact geographical definitions of the term ‘Land of Israel’ is much disputed in the Talmud and the talmudic literature, and the debate has continued in modern times between the various shades of zionist opinion. According to the maximist viev, the Land of Israel includes (in addition to Palestine itself) not only whole of Sinai, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, but also considerable part of Turkey.’

    ‘The Halakhah forbids Jews to sell immovable property – fields and houses – in the Land of Israel to Gentiles.’

    ‘Leasing a house in the Land of Israel to a Gentile is permitted under two conditions. First that the house shall not be used for habitation but for other purposes, such as storage. Second, that three or more adjoining houses shall not be so leased’.’

    The Weight of Tree Thousand Years
    Israel Shahak.

    so, Friend of Israel what do you think about that?

    1. You are quite right, Torah forbids Jews a lot of what The Zionists Jews and Christian alike are totally ignoring. I wonder how many times their Messiah has come to do his thing and just kept getting banged up in a Padded Psych Unit! They want to rush their end story along, by “creating” it, but Theodor Herzl is dead so obviously not the Messiah, so where is this Messiah that is supposed to lead The Jews to the Promised Land Which as I remember reading it didn’t sound entirely earthly, sounded more like another plane, between earth and heaven.
      That is all the Goatherd Fables, Possibly one of my top 10 Favourite Fiction/Fantasy Compilations, but the hard facts remain that Israel NEVER existed! It was a Man and his 12 Sons in a Compilation of Fantastical Goatherd Fable!
      David and Solomon Never Existed they were tales of Bravery can make a Small Man/Army/etc defeat a Giant Man/Army/etc and How Seduction and Lust can make us Weak, in the same Fantastical Goatherd Fables!
      No Evidence of any of it exists, The ONLY Traceable “Ancient” Jewish Territory was that of The Terrorist Maccabees which appears to be resembled by and the repeated Tactics of The Zionists, today IMO.

    2. Pottymouth has a daughter? Onto the next generation of blairite likudists.

    3. Israel are a secular state and ouoting the Talmud is about as much use as quoting the Bible to describe Europe or the Koran to describe Iraqis.and Turks.The government of Israel are a Apartheid regime.and are extreme Zionist ..This is not the israel I remember many years ago and hopefully this regime will see the futility of fighting for a unjust and oppressive Apartheid state.The rise of a Palestinian state cannot be stopped any more than a United Ireland.could be stopped.Israeli officials may like to redraw the borders but the people cannot be divided forever anymore than the Jews cannot be denied a homeland.False borders never work .

      1. The Jewish State is indefensible, only survives by force and external funding, can’t get much more precarious

        Confession time, my dog passed 3 years ago, a Border Terrier aged 16, Rafferty, named after a good friend, Glaswegian Concrete Technician, both man and dog were furry faced little fuckers
        Karma must be at play because on Monday I picked what will be my last dog, a Patterdale and he goes by the name of Elvis
        So Joseph how did you know Elvis was in the House

  9. The only reason why the UK/USA/FRANCE ect supports the apartheid state of Israeil is because they are white supremacists if you go back in history the countries that they have invaded was land owned by indigenous people who were mass murdered made slaves eventually the people of Palestine will lose there country it will be a state of israei the news papers and BBC are complicit in this propaganda like they have done for hundreds of years not only that there is a lot of Jewish supporters that have high jobs in the BBC one Margret Nasty Hodge daughter works for it

  10. Just need to read Bernard Regan’s ‘The Balfour Declaration’ to see how BRITAIN followed its imperial interests in Palestine and used surrogate settlers to achieve its political ends. Paul Kellner ‘The Left and Zionism: A History of Divorce’ shows how niaive Right Wing Labour and some of the Left actually thought that what was developing in Israel was socialism (he argues the Kibbutz were merely military outposts on stolen Palestinian lands oh and it is the law there that once land is owned by Jewish people it can never be sold to Palestinians, we wouldn’t tolerate a law quite rightly that said once land/a home became owned by a white person it could never be sold to a black person!) and one of Zionism’s self-confessed leading UK backers Weissman fought for it to be capitalist (80% of its overseas investment came from traditionalist capital investment). G.D. Smith ‘A 3,000 Year History of Palestine’ shows how the Jewish settlers got the best jobs and better pay under the British than Palestinians and Pro-Zionist forces would picket Jewish employers if they employed Palestinians. So the question is will the World allow the ‘legal (?) land thieves’ to continue to flourish backed by the likes of the US following their own Imperial interests? No Justice From Joe – Biden the USA Capitalist Hypocrite?
    Justice 4 Palestinians!

  11. Oh and perhaps we should turn the BBC into a cooperative, one licence payer one vote & we elect regional boards & the national board plus we elect senior posts unlike the Tories who have populated them with Tories!
    I agree with John Pilger when he said the BBC are the most subtle propagandists.

    1. Interesting article in the Canary re seized billions in venuzalian assets gold etc being exploited by the Bank of England’s and on instruction from uncle sam with pretender to the leadership of Venezuela Guado having his legal fees paid from stolen assets of the venuzalian people. IT is a step to far and a first for the UKs reputation for being a safe haven for financial services..The credibility of the UK itself is being exploited by the Global network of neo liberal alliance in the US and UK..The UK even in uncertainty was always a certainty for the assets of thousands of small countrys thats how London became the financial centre of international trade and Banking….UK PLC faces a unknown future and stealing assets and money for a American puppet guado does nothing for the so called independent Bank of England and the UK.

  12. If you are asked does Israel have the tight yo exist then the answer is yes
    If you ask does the Jewish State have a right to exist then the answer is no

    1. I disagree, Doug.
      My view is that only sentient beings can have rights.
      “Israel” is a concept and concepts can’t have rights.
      The people who live in Israel certainly have rights (regardless of their religion) but that is a different matter.

      1. goldbach
        Agree how can you have a State of Jews, the likes of which most Jewish people dont support
        I hereby declare my allegiance to the Geordie State
        Capital ‘The Big Market
        HQ ‘The Labour Club’

      2. It is such a complex thing, as we know there were Newspaper Reports and Plights for “The Six Million Jews dacing Holocaust” in Europe and Palestine 10 times between 1915 to 1949.
        We also know there were many alternative offers of Land including a Tropical Island which I found in a Hansard Debate ages ago and can’t find again!
        There were plenty of virtually vacant land on offer, but The Zionists like The Maccabees chose Terrorism and Violence to Plunder, Destroy and Ethnically Cleanse an already taken Land to which White European Jews had NO CLAIM to!
        Can White South Africans come to Holland and Britain butcher the families of houses they fancy the look of and kick out the neighbourhood with violence, as preparation to make way for the next plane load full of White South Africans to Colonise and Plunder the Lands!? NO! THEY CAN’T! HOWEVER they have direct lineage to The UK and Holland, so shouldn’t they have more right to do that than White European Jews in Palestine!?
        Even the Bantu People have Levant Semite Genetics, the San People have some levant Genetics, probably from the Bantu People but still, it means nothing! I would imagine you’d be hard pushed to find a human who doesn’t, because we all lived along the best trade routes, there weren’t many of those in the day!
        Then of course there is the Kurdish, West Papuan, Yemeni, Rohingya, PALESTINIAN, Romani issues, why are none of them entitled to portions of Lands and their own self determination!?
        If this is all about the Holocaust, which it’s not, the Zionists started in the 1800s, however if that was the reasoning behind it, should there not be small countries for all the Sufferers of The Nazi Concentration Camps? Socialists, Communists, Homosexuals, The Romani, The Disabled, Black People, etc, etc, etc?
        The PEOPLE must rise and remove all borders, learn to live together as one, see the HUMAN not the colour of the skin, the hat/religion, just humans free to roam as they choose, destroy and recycle all Weapons and Military Things! No superiority just Free and Equal Humans walking this earth. A whole new kind of Economy without Trade or Currency.
        Basically we just need to end all these goddamned wars, by ans for The Few!!

      3. Very well put even us Irish had it and still have it in Belfast

      4. EXACTLY! There are Many who Suffered and who are Still Suffering, Finkelstein’s ‘The Holocaust Industry’ explains quite a bit of the Focused attention! Ironically The Holocaust Survivors have not seen a penny of the Benefits for their care and treatment both in Israel and Internationally there are many who live in Abject Poverty while Israel builds more and more swanky Holocaust Memorial Centres all over the world!

  13. Doug – “I hereby declare my allegiance to the Geordie State”.
    OK, but I hope you won’t chuck the Mackems out of their houses.

  14. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong on this, but if the Sheikh Jarrah families actually agreed to pay rent, wouldn’t it be used by the Israelis to undermine or even totally discredit the legal argument these families are making?

    1. kenburch, yes, it would be an acknowledgement that they are living on land owned by someone else, which is the very purpose of the Israeli demand.

      I was in a Bedouin village and was shown documents issued by the British Mandate which confirmed the title of that land belonged to the Bedouins. They also showed me their graveyard with headstones dating back hundreds of years, yet the Israeli government refuses to accept their rights to the land which was theirs way before the Zionist colonisation. Incidentally, ‘Bedouin’ does not necessarily mean ‘nomad’.

  15. As I increasingly get older I find it increasingly difficult to comprehend why it is so difficult for so many people in the Labour Party, to accept a self evident truth that Israel is a racist endeavour & a fascist state. A BLINDLY OBVIOUS SELF EVIDENT TRUTH!

  16. Let me say that again….A BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS SELF EVIVIDENT TRUTH! (with blindingly spelt correctly).

  17. ……..& making those members who blindly follow Keir Starmer complicit in the slaughter & ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Only a one state solution will guarantee equal rights for both Arab & Jew,

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