Breaking: 57 Liverpool councillors issue statement against electronic warfare event

‘Councillors for Peace’ call event ‘an insult’

57 Liverpool councillors have issued a statement of opposition to the arms fair that the city’s mayor and senior councillors controversially whipped the Labour-held council not to oppose last month, condemning it as an ‘insult’ to those whose people have been killed by western weapons used by oppressive regimes in one-sided wars and occupations.

Liverpool’s previous mayor had promised an ‘ethical charter’ to prevent such events being held in the city, but the new mayor failed to follow through on the commitment, citing legal concerns even though such concerns had not prevented the council blocking previous bloodsports events or talks by allegedly homophobic speakers.

This is the 57 councillors’ statement:

This is a voluntary statement signed by the councillors whose names are listed below for your attention.

We are councillors from all parties.

We stand in complete, united opposition to the Electronic Warfare Europe [now renamed ACO Europe] event, organised by Clarion Defence.

It is not compatible with the values of the city of Liverpool and is an insult to communities such as those of Syrian, Palestinian and Yemeni heritage.

The event will bring together many of the biggest global arms companies with government and military officials from across the world. Warplanes, missile systems, drones and the technology behind them will be promoted.

A number of dictatorships and military-led Governments have used and continue to use such military equipment to repress freedoms and human rights.

We are for peace, not war.”

Signatories (as of 2 August):

Cllr Lena Simic
Cllr Anna Rothery
Cllr Tim Jeeves
Cllr Barry Kushner
Cllr Sarah Morton
Cllr Sam Gorst
Cllt Maureen Delahunty-Kehoe
Cllr Alfie Hincks
Cllr Alison Clarke
Cllr Ian Byrne
Cllr Alan Gibbons
Cllr Joe Hanson
Cllr Billy Marrat
Cllr Christine Banks
Cllr Anthony Lavelle
Cllr Maria Toolan
Cllr Rona Heron
Cllr Liam Robinson
Cllr Angela Coleman
Cllr Clare McIntyre
Cllr Lucille Harvey
Cllr Liz Parsons
Cllr Lynnie Hinnigan
Cllr Sharon Connor
Cllr Harry Doyle
Cllr Abdul Qadir
Cllr Hetty Wood
Cllr Sarah Doyle
Cllr Cheryl Didsbury
Cllr Lindsay Melia
Cllr Frazer Lake
Cllr Elizabeth Hayden
Cllr Dan Barrington
Cllr Gerard Woodhouse
Cllr James Roberts
Cllr Jane Corbett
Cllr Wendy Simon
Cllr George Knibb
Cllr Tom Cardwell
Cllr Ruth Bennett
Cllr John Prince
Cllr Nathalie Nicholas
Cllr Calvin Smeda
Cllr Tomas Logan
Cllr Pam Thomas
Cllr Ros Gladden
Cllr Roy Gladden
Cllr Pauline Walton
Cllr Steve Munby
Cllr Barbara Murray
Cllr Carol Sung
Cllr Ann O’Byrne
Cllr William Shortall

Cllr Steve Radford
Cllr Joe Dunne

Cllr Richard Kemp
Cllr Barbara Mace

Cllr Carran Waterfield

Cllr Lawrence Brown
Cllr Tom Crone
Cllr Anna Key
Cllr Steph Pitchers

The city’s mayor, Joanne Anderson, is directly elected and not a councillor, but has also put her name to the list.

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    1. Unfortunately mate, the city’s never been entirely toerag-free, despite no ‘rag representing as much as a ward for some time now.. Lumbering the nation with the likes of mcvile, coffey, shitmalthouse and doris…and previously the likes of currie (Jesus, what did ANYONE do to deserve that?)

      Then there was the likes of tarbuck and ‘cilla’ and maurice cole (Two down, one to go) all so-called ‘entertainers’ , and all rabid toerags.

      The only consolation is that they’ve (thankfully and sensibly) all f**ked off from the area. (In mcvile’s case was f***ked off – Wirral West (Kirkby) with plenty to answer for in electing the harridan in the first place).

      1. Toffee… Currie ended up in Reigate with ex Scotland yard hubby who was a loud mouthed Tory councillor.She spoke to me at the mayors parlour and asked what a outspoken Lancashire lad was doing in Surrey.I said that I was trying to bring sanity to Tory Surrey.Her reply was unprintable but normal for her and the hubby …Little did I know that another Tory boy was nesting at the private school Reigate independent school and would hijack the Labour party.

      2. I’d have told her I was trying to do to the ‘rags what she tried to do to the poultry industry (Or the anaemic john major) 👍😉

        One godawful, horrible arl bastard, that. Yet another pederast enabler, too. (morrison, savile)

      3. Talking of Cilla, I was invited onto Celebrity Blind Date once many years ago. My very posh blind date accompanied me on an 18/30 holiday to Magaluf. It got off to a bad start when she got drunk on the plane and tried to get off with the captain. On the way to the hotel, we had to stop the taxi so she could have a pee at the side of the road. Then it just went from bad to worse. At a popular disco we went to she was knocking back multicoloured vodka slushes and ended up dancing with her knickers on her head. As a self-respecting working class lad from Wirral, I found the whole experience hugely embarrassing.

        The following week, Princess Michael of Kent came on to give HER side of the story…

      4. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    2. I’d like to know the party breakdown too.

      As the Morning Star told us “PEACE campaigners will protest in Liverpool tomorrow to demand council chiefs refuse to allow a sales exhibition of deadly weapons to take place”. And, FWIW, Joanne Anderson, the elected mayor, claims she is leading a bid to stop the arms fair from happening in her city.

      1. Kemp is the lib dim leader, and Radford was once lib dim leader, IIRC.

        Hasn’t Alan Gibbons been suspended from labour? Ditto Gerard Woodhouse?

      2. And morning star editorial “with no alternative to the torys ,Labour are still re. rearranging the deck chairs..Sad 😢 reflection on the Labour party and the new chief spindoctor telling the leadership what they want to hear.No money,no policy and no common sense.I am afraid the captains hit the iceberg and the ships sinking.

  1. What hope is there for a planet of Sheeple addicted to Commercialism, Materialism and Status!? Mainlined with MSM, TV, Newspapers and Radio! Too self obsessed to put themselves out by boycotting Supermarkets who stock ‘harmful goods’ too addicted to convenience to drive/walk/take the next bus stop or mile to avoid buying from stockists of ‘harmful goods’!
    In the Current Culture of Fear created by Starmer, Evans, Johnson and Patel here in the UK People are afraid to bloody fart in public! Never mind express their rage in a non aggressive, peaceful and creative ways, Starmer and Patel will have you banged up for their beloved 10 years before you could even wave a red flag!
    We need to break their forced ‘Manufactured Consent’! We have to say no MORE! Without our Money they are nothing the options are The iPhone or life, etc! We can stop them with a NEEDoverWANT Revolution! Only own what you really, really need. You don’t need the latest iPhone/Galaxy S etc, etc, you need the best phone at the lowest price that has a reputation for lasting forever. You don’t need a TV in Every Room, a Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, Game Station, etc, etc, etc. You don’t need a £1000s xmas, start making your own personal and intimate gifts for each other again. Just have what you Really Need! Even something as simple as a Power Off 23:00 to 08:00, where the nation flicks the switch at 23:00 to 08:00 will force them to sit up and listen!
    It’s The MACHINE that makes the KILLER ROBOTS!

  2. Keith will be butting the wall in frustration right now. Often wondered how & why his bonce is cuboid.

    On another note, I see that footballer tyrone mings – he who tweeted patel about ‘the knee’ the other week – has complained about mental health issues…

    …To the s*n – of ALL papers. Sorry lad, but you’ve shot yer bolt AFAIC.

  3. I know it is difficult but if poss a complete breakdown of Labour councillors that opposed the whip and some idea of how many Labour councillors are there.Disobeying the whip is a dangerous move but in this case I would question the ethics of a whip on a matter of conscience and morality by the local leadership.Thank God for decent human beings whatever the party. I am being given a lesson by different partys having a sense of morality which at my age is somthing difficult to swallow….?

  4. Respect to these councillors who have shown some spine and some principle.
    Solidarity with them and Good Luck to them.

  5. whatever a arms fair is a big no no regardless where ever it is. It should never be supported by a Labour party worthy of its Name.
    Bob Dylan Wrote masters of War yrs ago the words are still relevant today

    Come on you Masters of War you that build the big guns, you that build the death planes you that build the big bombs you hide behind walls you hide behind desks I just want you to know I can see through your masks.
    You that have done nothing just build to destroy. you play with my world like its your little toy. you put a gun in my hand you hide from my eyes you turn and run farther when the fast bullet’s fly.
    like Judas of old you lie and deceive . A world war can be won you want me to believe but I see through your eyes I see through your brain like I see water that runs down my drain. you fasten the triggers for others to fire and sit back and watch when the death count gets higher, you hide in your mansion as young peoples blood flows out of their bodies and is buried in the mud.
    you have thrown the worst fear that can ever be hurled. fear to bring children into the world.—————though I am younger than you I know even Jesus would not forgive what you do, let me ask you one question is your money that good will it buy you forgiveness Do you think that it could
    I think you will find when your death takes its toll all the money you made will never buy back your soul
    And I hope you will die and your death will come soon I will follow your casket on a pale afternoon and watch wile you’re lowered down to your death bed, and I ll stand on your grave till I am sure you are dead.

    I do not think this song poetry written 56 years ago can ever be bettered in describing what I think about the masters of war.. The reason for many people to try find a better life away from destruction of their home lands by the western powers who provide the weapons of destruction than wonder why or try to prevent people seeking Asylum .

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