JVL launches e-book ‘How the EHRC got it so wrong’ – here’s how to get it for free

Left Jewish group examines false conclusions of EHRC report – but also how findings were misrepresented for political gain

Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), a grouping of left-wing Jewish members of the party, has launched a new e-book titled ‘How the EHRC got it so wrong: antisemitism and the Labour party’, at an event chaired by leading barrister Michael Mansfield QC. The book’s introduction is by another noted QC, Sir Geoffrey Bindman.

Publicising the launch, JVL co-chair Jenny Manson has published a short excerpt from the event in which she notes the current ‘terrifying escalation of violence’ against Palestinians and then introduces the book and summarises some of its key points:

The book is available to download for free from Verso Books, reduced from its list price of £4.99.

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  1. The EHRC was made up of a ‘select band’ of solicitors, chosen from a ‘select band’ of law firms, to pass judgement on statements made by a ‘select band’ of organisations & individuals. It also disregards a ‘self evident truth’, Israel, by its own constitution, is an apartheid & racist state..

    1. Mostly made up of White Racist Tory Zionist Jews/Non-Jews! There is enough evidence about the Controversy that is The EHRC, online! If the EHRC is a truly an Equality related Commission they would not have taken ONLY the “Antisemitism” cases, which in itself is an extremely racist act, especially as they were and are fully aware of the Profound Amount of Actual Racist Abuse against Black/Muslim/Other Minorities including Black/Non-Zionist Jews, which btw they still haven’t touched WHY!?
      Because, most of that abuse came/still comes from White Racist Zionist Jews/Non-Jews! Fancy calling yourself The EHRC and only employing White Zionists and Only concerning your investigations based on FAKE complaints made by White Racist Zionists, then where you know there are a lot of Black/Muslim/Other Minorities including Black/Non Zionist Jews Suffering Serious and Constant Racist abuse you just completely blank them! Quite a lot like like Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories, how is it that WE just stand by and allow this to happen!? Even the victims of Real Racism are exasperated and just exhausted for trying to get something to happen, what happened to us that Black/Muslim/Other Minorities including Black/Non Zionist Jews has to fight on their own for Justice!?
      What has happened to Justice and Equality!? Are we not the same Human beings as each other regardless of colours, cultures or religions!? I may be Anti-Religion, but for so long as a Comrade practices a religion that comrade will be my comrade, not his/her religion nor colours/cultures just comrades! And if they get abused We should all rise up, in whatever way we are able to!
      It feels to me that especially since 2015 but also since the destruction of The Middle East that we don’t see People as People any more, we now see the tags first, Male/Female, Black/White, Young/Old, Jew/Muslim, why have we allowed this to happen!? It sickens me! We are all ONE thing Humans, long before any gender/sexuality/colour/religion/etc tags/labels!
      If the Equality and Human Rights Commission are an Institutionally Racist Organisation and Falsely Accuses an Anti-Racist UK Labour Party of Racism it did not commit, based on “Thousands and Thousands of cases reported” and “Delayed” and resulting in 1/550K Members receiving a CPS Charge for Antisemitic Views, that is a Total of 0.00017% of the Membership Guilty of Antisemitism! What I would love to know if all the other “Thousands and Thousands of cases reported” are Black Flags/False is that not grounds for wasting Police Time and Misleading Justice?

      1. JEWISH VOICE for LABOUR –

        “Craig Murray, HISTORIAN, former ambassador, human rights activist, has produced a stunning account of the revelations in the leaked Labour Party report and of their significance.

        Murray draws TWO immediate CONCLUSIONS, viz:

        🧠 🌞 Corbyn failed to be sufficiently ruthless in clearing out the quite extraordinarily right wing Blairites that he had inherited as Labour Party HQ staff; and

        🧠 🌞 Corbyn’s tactic of constantly attempting to appease the media on antisemitism was never going to work…” .”


      2. Too Right! Corbyn had many fault and of his worst was Trying to see the good in others and Trying to make right the impossible!
        Those are not bad human qualities but disastrous qualities when you are a Politician with a thousand loaded guns pointing at your head *figuratively of course*!
        The first and worst mistake he made to my mind was wholly trusting the so called Left Wing Zionists, even over Friends and JVL, remember the “Then they raised a beetroot…..” Seder? Dan Hodges in the bins directly opposite the house where Jeremy joined the Rich Kids “Leftist Zionists” at the FRONT of the property for Seder!!! How Many Britons do you know who will sit in front of their house like the USA, never mind have an Evening Dinner Party featuring the most Hunted Politician in British History!? That will hopefully teach many that there is no such thing as a “Left Wing Zionist”! There is just a Zionist, who subscribes to the Same Terrorism, Plundering of Palestinian Lives and Property, the constant slaughtering of Palestinians and murdering of Children, that is all part of the Zionist Ideology and there is nothing Left about it! It is Far Right, Racist, Supremacist, Apartheid! You either are or you are not a Zionist!

  2. The British Board of Deputies demanded that Labour Party Candidates for Leadership make pledges ? Let me get this right…… organisation representing a religious organisation has demanded that leaders of a British political party accept their demands B4 endorsement from them. Anyone not agreeing to this would face accusations of anti-Semitic hate speech. This may be acceptable in a religious State, but in Britain we have separated religion from our constitution to become a secular democratic state.
    The only religion in Britain that is ‘officially’ discriminated against in law’ are Catholics in the Act of Union. Every year, effigies of a catholic are burned & his violent death celebrated. Imagine if Guy Fawkes was Jewish?

    1. I agree with you 100%, and this world might’ve been a better place if Guy Fawkes had been successful with his plot. Maybe a second attempt is needed.

      1. unelected board of deputies. they speak for themselves. they speak for their political aims. they do not represent the views of thousands of jews of faith and none.
        none of us are some homogenous clones. go to any hindu temple, mosque, church, or synagogue… especially after the scripted formalities. in fact that is why scripts are used to repeat words uttered a gazillion times. from the dawn of time it was realised that without scripts, religious bigwigs would fracture into infinite versions. even with scripts after wards their are fierce disagreement about every single last dot and comma.

        you steve richards and richard, respond correctly and clearly. how come our representatives fail to do same? they are afraid, yes. yet, does keeping their heads down make things better or worse? our ‘leaders’ swing from one none productive extreme to the other –

        hide and stifle their sound views. get increasingly frustrated to near boiling. then spout strange stuff about wether harry could fly an helicopter or not. or who understands irony or who agrees with zionism and it’s definitions… wether hitler was a zionist or not??? absolutely bewildering from people who claim to be more inteligent and knowledgable than the general public. tories in their own party and parasites in mine, must be laughing their sides off. no wonder they take elections from us so easily.

        the hiding like mice only emboldens the rats and flies. we only need to study that an experienced member, even after the last years to date of constant appeasements, assured us that we should “catch flies with honey”. that’s what we need after four years and more honey fed flies and rats treated to “kindness and gentleness” too good for the likes of chris williamson, jackie walker and thousands of others⁉️⁉️⁉️

      2. should have read – “…afterwards there are fierce disagreements about every single dot and comma. and endless debates over words and meanings. no end of it.

        there are no end of books. we cannot succeed in a tangible way if we carry on like scribes and pharisees. we must live truths. not be caught up in non stop debates about definitions. interestingly, tories win elections. i doubt they ever use even a fraction of the energy of those who mean well over torturous definitions.

        we should do good, rather than swirl
        about in displacement plug holes of definitions. life is for living. definitions are for application to get the best out of life.🌻🌻🌻

      3. ps, richard, what comes after another guy fawkes? there lies our deficiencies. totally sound policies. zero attention to seeing them through in the world as it is with people as they are. sir starmer is neither decent nor honest yet people parrot that because our bigwigs who must know the truth somehow feel keeping the members and public in the dark eg forde report, is “decent” or “integrity”🪣🧼🪣🧼🪣🧼
        good people do bad things and fail to take responsibility. we need fresh grassroots people in charge. we don’t need the old lot at all. they have failed “the many”🔴🔴🔴

    2. BTW, it is long past time to abolish Guy Fawkes Day, AND its pointless perpetuation of anti-Catholic bigotry.

    3. Why in the world of the sane would any party do as the Board of deputies tells it to is beyond me. Just who do they think that they are?

  3. Steve R – “in Britain we have separated religion from our constitution to become a secular democratic state.”
    People seem not to be too sure about this.
    Since we don’t have a written constitution, our “constitution” , such as it is, is a matter of “custom and practice” and reference to specific laws. There was a debate about whether Ed Miliband could be PM. Most agreed that it would be possible, but some cited the fact that it is the duty of the PM to appoint senior clerics in the CoE as evidence that Miliband could not become PM because he was not CoE. My whole family tried to find a definitive answer to this apparent conundrum without success. Further, given the position of the Monarch as Head of the CoE, s/he must be a member of the CoE.
    Seems to indicate that we really need a written constitution …… and to become a republic.

  4. All power in British democracy comes from parliament; not the church nor the monarch. WE are subjects & not citizens & the monarch’s power is ceremonial & symbolic as head of state. However the queen’s power & authority comes directly from God as the monarch is Head of the Church of England which is why the state is represented in courts of law by her coat of arms. You are constantly reminded of this fact by every British coin minted….’Elizabeth 11 D*G*REG*F*D’.

  5. I realise that Keir Starmer’s wife & family are practising Jews but I fail to see why the Labour Party (of which I am still a member) the Party has to request permission from any religious organisation for anything. My family are practising Catholics & my father’s family are gypsies, the most discriminated against groups in history; may I suggest that not only Sir Keir Starmer, but also leaders of any political organisation in Britain,should consult with the Pope prior to engaging in any political activity.

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