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Former MP Dent Coad: I don’t know what ‘toxic’ Labour stands for any more (video)

Party supposed to be ‘a shining beacon and a message of hope’ is instead ‘boiling’ with toxicity, says ex-MP – and Starmer’s behaviour toward left makes unity impossible

Former Kensington Labour MP Emma Dent Coad spoke frankly to Newsnight last night and told viewers that she has no idea what the party now stands for under Keir Starmer – and that she thinks the toxicity of the party under his leadership makes unity impossible:

She also pointed out that, with the possibility of a snap election any time, the right’s excuse for its lack of – well, anything beyond toxicity and consolidating its power within the party – that an election is too far off to stand for anything is nonsense.

Starmer, of course, appears to have no interest in actual unity beyond the word itself as a cover for his war on the party’s members, but Emma Dent Coad deserves applause for calling it out.

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  1. I always thought she was impressive.
    Very lucky to win in 2017, it was very sad to see her defeated in 2019 in a very close result.

  2. A very good representative who works to support Grenfell victims. She’s always spoken her mind: the royal family’s support for charity is only “peripheral” and claimed volunteers do “99 per cent of the work”. “Prince Harry can’t really fly a helicopter despite his military record.” calling for the National Anthem to be scrapped, and comparing the royals to the Kardashians. She wouldn’t fit in Sir Starmer’s party

  3. On the GE 2019 I traveled to Kensington to support Emma Dent Coad. She lost by 150 votes because Cllrs in a neighbouring safe Labour seat chosed to support the Labour candidates standing in Canterbury and support the hopeless PPC in Chelsea & Fulham.
    While canvassing in Kensington the criminal past of the PPC in Chelsea & Fulham was brought up by the Tories and LibDems on the doorstep. It certainly robbed Emma of the 150 votes she needed to win.

    1. When you posted your comment about a year ago saying that it broke your heart when Jeremy gave Keir Starmer a post in his shadow cabinet, it broke my heart to think that your heart was broken, You followed skwawkbox at the time but were a non-poster, as you explained in a comment earlier. Well all I can say is that I only wish you HAD posted at the time Jeremy did that and let us all know that your heart was broken as a consequence, because I have no doubt that many of the posters who comment on here would have offered you their support and solace and comforted you as such, and helped you get through such a traumatic period.

      As I said at the time when you told us all about your broken heart, it’s difficult to understand how Jeremy could be so insensitive. Anyway, I hope your heart is on the mend and you are recovering from such a traumatic experience.

      PS And DO give my suggestion some serious thought. I think you could very well transform the left-wing politicians into the fighting machine we need to take power and create a better world for all. Here’s hoping anyway!

      1. not with u twunt allan howard 🧻 ah on board.

    2. Oh, my post to windychimes ended up in the wrong place! Hope you spot it WC!

  4. Well said Emma Dent Coad! But we are under no illusions about Starmer as he continues on his merry little way to wreak destruction on the Labour Party on behalf of the Establishment, with whom Starmer is very unified.

    1. JulietT – “But we are under no illusions about Starmer as he continues on his merry little way to wreak destruction on the Labour Party on behalf of the Establishment, with whom Starmer is very unified.”

      Juliet, you are not, i am not, but sadly many others are. i’m greatly relieved to see your clear language and clear conclusion, in the extract above. we need different voices to say that. we must also realise; too many are under “illusions”. obvious in their language are yearning, craving, hoping for a reactivation of what was never there etc and a illogical wish for “unity” with those who used everything including a-s to purge socialists and still continue as predicted and predictable.

      many read and don’t post. i read it for years b4 posting. as a former reader non poster, it is urgent to have vital observations, reasonings and suggestions expressed in different clear ways. otherwise readers will expect as i did, yet more defeats spun as “unity”. some will just take us for committed fools. which we are not. but old habits die hard.

      1. signpost said; ‘ i read it for years b4 posting’

        Really!!! Well yur MORE than making up for it NOW, aren’t you – ie since you did start posting!

        PS Did you not post on any other blogs before?

      2. “Craig Murray, HISTORIAN, former ambassador, human rights activist, has produced a stunning account of the revelations in the leaked Labour Party report and of their significance.
        “Murray draws TWO immediate CONCLUSIONS, viz:
        ❌ *Corbyn failed to be sufficiently ruthless in clearing out the quite extraordinarily right wing Blairites that he had inherited as Labour Party HQ staff; and
        ❌ *Corbyn’s tactic of constantly attempting to appease the media on antisemitism was never going to work…”

        Genuine people (not fakes and frauds like crazed white flag man) … genuine people who see change is urgently needed and who wish to change things would read, learn and make constructive suggestions. .”

      3. no u wanker weirdo 🪱allan howard. i’ve never posted on any other sites except two decades as a student on the guardian. u feel that since u r a persistent crazy liar, everyone else is too. u feel because u deserted an elderly man and left him at the mercy of thugs, everyone would think decent man ah was afraid… that’s ‘comrade’ material. that’s why u posted the event here. zero self-awareness. useless as a comrade. in fact worse than useless. u r a nasty burdensome arsehole white skid marked white flags poking out.

        i have indeed seen my posts on other aggregating sites. interestingly enough while searching for what i posted. the owners of those sites / blogs have obviously decided them worth repeating.

        u r just a nasty lying piece of work 🪱allan howard crazed self proclaimed shill hunter joke. who does that? who proclaims to the world that they r shill hunts? u really are a hunt. i doubt anyone has ever encountered as strange a weirdo prick as u 🪱allan howard 🟤⬜️🟤⬜️🟤⬜️white flag shagger tosser.

      4. … two decades ago on the guardian💐💐💐

      5. white flag shilly hunt allan howard ps. basic logic – fresh suggestions may remain to be tested. failed tired old whining is known to have been useless. whining remain useless white flag shill u hunt allan howard fraud☢️

        you left an elderly man at the mercy of thugs so u could to finish your drinks with a friend then “got out of there”. what decent human being does that howard☢️? what type of person boasts of such shameful behaviour. especially on

        your spy cop operators must have recruitment problems after the environmentalist infiltration scandal, so sent a substandard hunt back here☢️ noted: u only attack those brave enough to speak up with constructive suggestions. it’s a sign that your operators know change will end the repeated stitch-ups by your 🪱🪳🪱🪳🪱🪳careerist parasites.

      6. apologies 4 doing a white flag man allan howard. but needs must expose the fraud who left an injured elderly man at the mercy of thugs in a gents toilet just so he the scroat could finish drinking. is a drink worth more than the life of an elderly man??? no decent genuine socialist does that. only a provocative infiltrating scum who has zero respect for the intelligence of readers. the fraud allan howard only ever describes the evils of the status quo but works night and day to dissuade us dealing with them. check his posts. not once a suggestion of what we can do. but always every variety of crazed nothing could be done! we would be attacked! on an on. question is why such has been allowed to sabotage progress for sixty seventy years.
        no wonder jeremy just gave in. it could wear down some.

      7. Regards what Craig said in respect of Jeremy not being ruthless enough, he then adds the following:

        ‘But then, his not being a ruthless bastard is why so many people flocked to support Corbyn in the first place.’

        I have nothing but the highest regard for Craig, but he definitely didn’t think some of the things he said through, as I pointed out in the following comment (which I posted in the comments section), and here it is in full:

        Whilst I have every respect for Craig, he is completely wrong regarding what Ken said on the one hand – ie that Ken was wrong to say something about Hitler supporting Zionism – and Jeremy appeasing the media attacks on the other hand. In his piece he says the following in relation to Ken:

        ‘Of course there may have been contact at some early stage between Nazis who wished to eradicate Jews from Europe, and Zionists who wished Jews to move to Israel. But what purpose is there in pointing that out?’

        Ken wasn’t pointing anything out, as such. Vanessa Feltz brought up Hitler, not Ken. The following is from Ken’s resignation statement:

        ‘At 8.50am on 28th April 2016 I was asked by Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London to respond to a social media post by the Labour MP, Naz Shah, quoting Martin Luther King, that ‘what Hitler did was legal’. King’s point, obviously, having been that just because something is legal (talking in the context of racist segregation laws in the US in the 1960s) does not mean it is right. I saw no relevance between Hitler and Labour so I responded in under 40 words pointing out that in the 1930s Hitler had supported Jews leaving Germany – including moving to Israel and he had arrived at a practical agreement with Zionist organisations on this.’

        And the following is what Ken said in the interview:

        ‘Let’s remember when Hitler won his election in 1932 [it was 1933, in fact], his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism – this before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.’

        And THAT was it, and he was alluding to The Haavara Agreement, an historical fact, and the fact that Craig says ‘…. there may have been contact at some early stage….’ etc, implies that Craig is not aware of the agreement AND that Ken, in passing, was alluding to it. Craig then goes on to say the following: ‘The Jew-hatred of the Nazis is indisputable, and any misguided Zionist who tried to deal with them was not therefore a Nazi supporter’, which further implies that Craig is not aware of The Haavara Agreement. The Haavara Agreement came about because there was a Zionist boycott of Nazi Germany, and the German Zionists ended their boycott as a consequence of the agreement. The following is from the wikipedia entry regarding the agreement:

        ‘The Haavara Agreement was an agreement between Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews signed on 25 August 1933. The agreement was finalized after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany. It was a major factor in making possible the migration of approximately 60,000 German Jews to Palestine in 1933–1939.’

        And what is ‘misguided’ about THAT. And that is all that Ken meant when he said that Hitler was supporting Zionism – ie that the Nazis had worked on and reached an agreement with the Zionist Federation of Germany, and needless to say, it wouldn’t have come about if Adolf Hitler was opposed to such an agreement. In other words, he supported the agreement (so as to end the boycott).

        As for Jeremy appeasing the smearers, Craig says the following:

        ‘We will never know what would have happened if he had come out and denounced the witch-hunt…..’, and shortly afterwards says: ‘Whether a firm line on Palestine and calling out the witch-hunt would have had a better result than giving way before ten thousand unfair attacks, we can never know.’

        Well I think it’s all to obvious what would have happened……. the smearers would have denounced Jeremy and castigated and vilified him in no uncertain terms, along with mountains of faux outrage. Of COURSE they would. I mean it’s absurd to think that all of the individuals and groups and organisations and the MSM and the Jewish newspapers who had conspired in the smear campaign were going to go along with Jeremy exposing THEM and concede that Jeremy is correct in what he says. Jeremy would have been denounced as a conspiracy theorist and, as such, an anti-semite, or conclusive proof that he is an anti-semite, and I have little doubt that dozens of ‘moderates’ would have penned and signed a letter to the Guardian etc, etc, etc.

        My apologies to the posters below for doing a ‘signpost’ on you and pushing in above you with a very long post!

      8. life is not a history lesson. sensible people learn from history and change. what use an army of half a million yet constantly sacrifice thousands of one’s army to appease unappeasable bastards❓❓❓
        only a fraud like allan howard self proclaimed shill hunt extraordinaire, would be so determined with so much effort round the clock to argue against that. now piss off u despicable tosser NIL – ⚽️⚽️⚽️ to England🎊🎊🎊

      9. In another recent thread I posted a reply to a comment by signpost suggesting that his talents and insights could be put to better use if he were to offer to work for Jeremy and the SCG MPs as a strategist (in a voluntary capacity as he’s obviously not working and spends his time posting comments on here in practically every single thread practically every single day just repeating what he’s said a thousand times before) and help them overcome the numerous problems that he – signpost – points out to us here on skwawkbox every day in practically every thread and, as such, I thought readers might be interested in checking out our discourse (starting with my response to a comment he posted):

      10. allan howard 💩u r the oddest weirdo i’ve ever come across. maybe my life has been too sheltered, but what a tossing nasty piece of work u white flag man ah💩??? only scum leaves an elderly man on a toilet floor at the mercy of thugs just so u can finish drinking.. couldn’t your drinking wait??? have u ever asked your local if the poor man is ok? bet not. u r a fraud most contemptible. u encrusted prick of 💩blair.

  5. She pulled off a impressive win,and recieved very little help from Hq who failed to recognise just how much of a win it was..She worked hard on grenfill but didn’t fully exploit the situation that was a serious situation for the conservatives..Shes been let down very badly by various cliques in the Labour party and didnt deserve to loose.Experience was badly needed especially a media team from Hq….Shes obviously given up on a promise of a future as a Labour mp ….wrong type of person for the new Labour party of privilege and titles.

    1. Joseph, I traveled to Kensington from outside London as Emma was a marginal with a majority of only 20 votes,. She was sabotaged by the selection of PPC in Chelsea & Fulham that both Tories and LibDem brought on the doorstep.Then Labour voters would ask us while canvassing if what the Tories and LibDems were saying was true.
      At first, I though it were Tory smears only to discover that it was the gospel truth. It added another complication to Emma’s campaign.

      1. You both seem to have forgotten that it was the wonderful Karie Murphy who was firmly in charge of the 19GE campaign.
        Murphy was the one who famously announced that she was going to ignore the polls when she was deciding on resource allocation. Karie’s plan and her intuition were such a f’ing disaster that they had to be abandoned mid campaign.

  6. The BBC and the rest of the MSM studiously ignore Starmer’s intention to turn the Labour Party into an avowedly pro Zionist Party along side the Tories. This is the issue of which we must not speak but is causing ructions within Labour. It is the main reason Starmer does not want Socialists in the Party, he knows full well that Socialism rejects the racism of Zionism.

    1. 🙄🙄🙄really jack t??? more important than the decimation of the once industrial heartlands? the gross establishment injustices? the vulture outsourcing? chumocracy? pedophiles at the heart of the establishment? magic money trees to enrich chums? new jets and yacht for johnson???? in any case, i thought u said the party was already zionist??? anyone else could think of a trillion burning issues. our manifesto alone was packed to bursting with over three hundred we all thought critically important. obviously not you. when did your obsession begin? u r perfectly knowledgeable and inteligent and mean well i think. so what is this obsession of yours jack t❔❔❔ and no. starmer does not want socialism because he desperately wants to assure hus masters that he will enrich and empower them and their one percent chums of every race and religion globally, even more. that is all. u r short changing your talents with your obsession re zionist zionist zionist zionist zionists zionism zionism zionism zionism … ad infinitum. happy now

      1. Signpost, I’m highlighting an issue which you and some others may think is of secondary importance, when in fact it is of MAJOR importance.

        Unless you have been in total isolation for the last five or six years, you should have noticed that the Zionists in Israel will not allow the UK or any other country to have an anti Zionist leader or PM. They have their foot soldiers in all Parties to make sure that anyone who gets close, who is not a supporter of Israel is remorselesly criticised and smeared.

        The subjects which you mention are important and can only be tackled by a Socialist Leader, please let me know if you are aware of any possible Socialist candidate who is not antiZionist and therefore would not be attacked by Israel?

        Just in case I have not explained myself clearly enough, Labour needs an anti-racist Socialist in charge to implement it’s social policies and you CANNOT have one without first defeating the Zionist element within the Party.

  7. I was ‘slightly refreshed’ last night and didn’t see that.

    But I DID see bradshaw’s interview.

    …The TV survived.

  8. There’s a Just Giving page set up for the young German fan who ended up tears after defeat to England and was then subsequently abused online

      1. Richard
        Do i look like someone who could post a link and equally DILLIGAF if you cannot Google it

  9. I can tell EDC exactly what New New Labour stand for, anything high value individual donors tell them to stand for.

  10. The former MP may not know what the party stands for, I do, it stands for NO free speech when the General Secretary[GS] says so, in breach of the rule book….
    The NEC and therefore the GS has no authority in the rules to dictate what is ‘competent business’ for a CLP to discuss. The only authority is in Chap 1, VIII, 3.E-“The NEC shall from time to time, issue guidance and instructions on the conduct of meetings…” CONDUCT not CONTENT Conduct is a noun meaning ‘the manner in which an activity is managed or directed.’ That is not the same as the content or subject the meeting deals with. The NEC can issue guidance on how a meeting can be run/organised but not dictate what motions are competent business.

    1. So if the abuse is so blatant where are the NEC, Unions and members
      Why is he not sacked on the spot for gross misconduct, why is politics above us all
      Then on the other hand if a handful of torags can treat the party with contemt, when we do regain control then clearing our Red Tories s/be a formality and a good laugh 😅
      Those who live by the sword

  11. I fear there is a naivety among The UK Labour Party (What you call “The Left”) A stubborn refusal to accept that there are 2 Parties 2 Polar Opposite Factions, 2 Polar Opposite Political Ideologies!
    The UK Labour (The Host Party) is Democratic Socialist, United, Wholesome and has moments of Solidarity in times of need. Bitch at each other over crap, but rise together against Racism, Injustice, Inequality, etc, etc. Even if that has severely dwindled since 2015, really since The ME Greed-Warring and the introduction of Blair/Thatcher’s Neoliberalism.
    That brings us to The Neolabour Party Tories (The Parasite Party) a Thatcherite Neoliberal Tory Party (What you call “The Right” of “the Left”, Centrists, Liberal, etc) why? Fuck knows because Thatcher’s Neoliberalism is Tory, is NOT Left, OR Centre/”CENTRIST”, OR Liberal, it is Right-Wing, Part Neoconservative, Divisive and Destructive, Polar Opposite of EVERY Value that The UK Labour Party holds, etc, etc!
    How anyone can live with themselves campaigning for the Butchering of The Middle East and candidly and with total void of registering the human cost of that action and tell the story of being chased down the road for her Master Blair, as though that was humorous and honourable! No doubt that she does her share of good work, but to worship and follow the leader that is so very wrong on so many issues, just to worship, the now ‘their’, Neoliberal Corporate Label/Logo “Labour” is insane! Most specially after The Neolabour Party Tories went out of their way to destroy The UK Labour Party 2015 to 2020 and rob The PEOPLE of GE17 & GE19, The Conservative Tories did not even need to lift a fucking finger, Neolabour Party Tories did it all for them!
    She wants people to blindly get behind Apartheid Keith “Don’t you dare to get cold feet!!!” with People in that Party who’s mentality is “Labour is not the party for people out of work, Labour will be harder on Benefit Claims than the Tories”
    Let me say this! Anyone who says or supports that kind of Brand Worshipping are living very comfortable lives and do not give a fuck about the people on the streets, children who are hungry and homeless, millions lost DWP lives, etc, etc, etc!
    We are not ready for a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party, there are way too many with Pretence of Empathy Causes, to make themselves feel good!
    Well those who want to follow their Toxic “Leader” blindly go right ahead! Hopefully soon 50/60% of The PEOPLE will be destitute and on life’s edge, as that seems the only way to wake the Apathetic!

    1. skellyknelly – “Don’t you dare to get cold feet!!!”

      Who said/wrote that?

    2. If this 👇 is not you, then you are privileged, nothing wrong with that, but you should think about those of us who are, before you suggest supporting The Neolabour Party Tories for the sake of the brand name Labour,
      Those people destroyed every possible hope/chance for real lasting change and an end to 42 Years of Tory Nightmare! Now for GE24 we have the NON-CHOICE of Neolabour Party Tories or Conservative Party Tories and The Neolabour Party Tories are a far worse Tory than the Conservative Tory! They are nasty, cunning, sneaky and have many, many faces! DON’T VOTE NEOLABOUR PARTY TORIES! You will only extend 42years of misery to another 42 years of worse misery. We need them out and defeated only then can UK Labour Party start to grow into the Party of THE PEOPLE as it should be!

      1. skellyknelly – Yawn….. we’ve heard all that before but who was it that said – “Don’t you dare to get cold feet!!!”?

      2. skellyknelly – But you must know, so why don’t you just tell us all. Is there a reason you’ve expended so much time and so many words desperately trying to avoid doing so.

      3. ….but of course I know who said that! Can you really not find the answer for yourself when hundreds of links take you right to it!? I am not desperately trying to avoid anything, I just hate stupid questions when the answers are just one internet search away also I thoroughly enjoy pissing you off. 🙂

      4. skellyknelly – ….and yet here you are again with another 54 words wasted on trying to avoid answering a very simple question. I am not in the least bit pissed off, whatever gave you that idea?

      5. It is unavoidable, when the answer is all over the internet. Why do you get obsessive like this about the most pointless stupid things, that you already know the answer to. You’re forever doing it, even if you did not know the answer you can just search it. Have fun x

      6. skellyknelly – Surely the question is why have you felt the need to waste another 51 words making excuses.

  12. Yes perhaps Mr S has to demonstrate to the rich and powerful that his Right Wing Labour are absolutely no threat to their power & all he asks for is crumbs for diverse working people oh and cushy and well rewarded careers for him & his Right Wing Labour mates. They won’t win but if they did it would be Right Wing Labour in Govt but believe me not in power. Perhaps their flip chart reads: 1.Get rid of Corbyn. 2. Get rid of Left members. 3. Get rid of Left Wing policy. 4. Win by moderation. Hmmn? Right Wing Labour brought to you by: A lack of reading, a lack of critical thinking, a fear of being radical. Like the rich and powerful and their puppet parties, the true little people of the planet who may well as never existed. Solidarity to Socialists!

  13. really jack t??? more important than the decimation of the once industrial heartlands? the gross establishment injustices? the vulture outsourcing? chumocracy? pedophiles at the heart of the establishment? magic money trees to enrich chums? new jets and yacht for johnson???? in any case, i thought u said the party was already zionist??? anyone else could think of a trillion burning issues. our manifesto alone was packed to bursting with over three hundred we all thought critically important. obviously not you. when did your obsession begin? u r perfectly knowledgeable and inteligent and mean well i think. so what is this obsession of yours jack t❔❔❔ and no. starmer does not want socialism because he desperately wants to assure hus masters that he will enrich and empower them and their one percent chums of every race and religion globally, even more. that is all. u r short changing your talents with your obsession re zionist zionist zionist zionist zionists zionism zionism zionism zionism … ad infinitum. happy now

    1. should have read -… because he wants to make the party zionist or what ever i said, but because he desperately wants to assure his masters…. 💐💐💐

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