Breaking: Labour appoints former Home Office and prisons ‘corporate HR director’

Martin Beecroft appointed to ‘people and talent role’

Keir Starmer and David Evans have appointed Martin Beecroft as the party’s new ‘executive director of people and talent’, according to a memo sent to staff today.

Before now, Beecroft performed a similar role in the prison service and before that with the Home Office:

Whether Beecroft and Starmer worked together during Starmer’s tenure as Director of Public Prosecutions is not yet clear, but with Starmer on the rocks over the Batley and Spen by-election and Evans not yet confirmed in the role of general secretary by a Labour conference, it’s an interesting decision to join a sinking ship.

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    1. sir keith, evans and this whole tragic mess could have been prevented. worse yet, it could happen again tomorrow. inteligent people r still blaming external forces.
      several years ago, a police spokesman was making the usual lame abhorrent excuses for their “institutionalised racism” when yet another black person died in police custody or the police had bashed someone until they were bloody and nearly dead. it struck me then that police “institutional racism” would continue, because he was not accepting responsibility a la dame cressida dick after every single exposed outrage. the thought then was spot on, thus nothing has changed.

      every politician and police spokesperson rushes to claim “one bad apple” = a lie. and “our police r doing a difficult job” etc etc etc. that’s obvious. why then their cringe worthy desperation to repeat those trite statements?

      they attempt to deflect criticism… to preserve the racist status quo. it creates “moral hazard” ie the proven racist police take it that their despicable behaviour is being supported, endorsed and encouraged from on high. they close ranks to ensure that collectively they remain racist and corrupt.

      the same applies to us. based on crystal clear evidence, the police and all the establishment is indeed “institutionally racist”, “institutionally sexist” and both of those types of malfeasance that have not been fixed over several decades, confirm they are all “institutionally corrupt”.

      it does not have to be that way. something has to stimulate change. the catalysts and active ingredients are within us. it always is. be it the police, the establishment or us, when we refuse to face up to our part in maintaining the status quo, the status quo lives

      1. windchime – A step in the right direction
        Today Pc Benjamin Monk, 43 who tasered Mr Atkinson to the ground before kicking him twice in the head, leaving two bootlace imprints on his forehead was sentenced to 8 years in jail for manslaughter..

      2. i know. r.i.p. mr atkinson. condolences to all his friends and family.

        since dame cressida dick types always rush to excuse police crimes because they r supposed to be doing a responsible job, dick types should strive for excellence in the force if not possible in herself as we have witnessed over and over again.
        with great office comes great responsibility. persistent dishonourable failures as per dame dick and those under her, should be met with appropriate prison stays. otherwise we have moral hazard.

        yes sh it’s the first time in thirty years that a guilty policeman… murderous, ‘slaughter’ or injurious, has been met with any penalty. the police have been repeatedly allowed to get away with murders… almost always of black people. eight years… meaning he may be free to roam and kill again after four, is seriously … disturbingly lenient and underlines mc’pherson’s unprecedented verdict of “institutionalised racism”.

        that the systemic racism persists, means systemic corruption at the heart of the establishment. be it michael gove admitting using class-a drugs ie cocaine on several occasions at his dinner parties, or dame cressida dick stunning even nick ferrari on lbc that she, dick “looked into it personally and found he (gove) had no case to answer”, or the met (dick again i suspect) stated re matt hancock’s breaking his own rules – they “don’t look into retrospective crimes”.
        1 – all crimes are retrospective.
        2 – matt hancock was “on the job” on gina in may… last month… in case dick’s met are long sloshed on the pimms.
        3 – every single mourner, covid-19 rule breaker, couples who have postponed weddings etc should launch a mass legal action against the met, the government and all relevant arms of the establishment.

        we must be all equal under the law, especially when we love lecturing other countries and rain bombs on them to bring them ‘democracy’ and other such hypocritical establishment hackneyed lies.

      3. And Gareth Southgate, instead of attacking the most dangerous racists, reserves his ire for noisy, very visible England fans, after paying homage to the ‘wonderful’ memory of the Duke of Edinburgh. Stiff upper lip. Give him a knighthood for services rendered if they beat Germany today.

      4. that should be “… they always are.” 🌹🌹🌹

    2. Football killed and continues to kill left-wing thinking. Its a tool rooted in nationalism, completion and (at least today) and without exception, the most extreme kind of pro capitalist ideology. Just as BDSM and rape porn became the new feminism as soon as the sexual revolution showed anti-capitalist tendencies, football followed suit. The left today is terrified of loosing the great game as much as their sexual ‘freedoms’, no matter how oppressive or divisive either is proven to be. Emotional moments , powerful and short , play on our conscience and our corrupted media culture plays with this, it dominates and determine every doubt you have. It tells us to keep at the very least, one foot in the right lane. But its left left left left or bust. Ignore culture. Embrace CULTURE.

      1. If you conflate Media;& Culture industries with Football then you have a point, but not all Football is Premier League Elite nor Wembley Internationals. The purpose of elite Football is to exploit the market; the Football Fan & their Family; the drive to maximise profit. How ironic these institutions now provide us with our moral guidance. Bend the knee; but not for Palestine nor Yemen as sponsored by Puma.

  1. He seems to be well qualified for the post. Hopefully his appointment will lead to a more professional attitude towards recruitment at Labour HQ rather than the ‘who you know’ system.
    We’ve all seen the problems that can occur when the recruitment practises almost encourage the formation of powerful ‘like minded’ cliques and group think.

      1. @Wirral

        Played Sir, well played 👏👏👏


        If you’re born in the 70s, you have no excuse for poor spelling. On account not us getting a taste of a decent education. Born in the 80s, it explains a lot…

  2. My experience of HR automatons is that they’re unburdened by moral baggage, another arm of management, unprincipled dirt and a promising area for the first pioneering ventures into transhumanism.

    1. In my experience, HR (in the corporate sector, at any rate) attracts the most twisted, damaged & vengeful sociopaths in society. A bit like politics, really! It’s in the job description…

      1. I had two sets of these thugs trying their utmost to sack me at two different councils. I took great pleasure in sending them back to lick their wounds. The first one was a Head of HR at Wirral Council who was a former Unison full-timer, poacher turned gamekeeper arsehole called Garry Owen, now thank fully retired. At Cheshire Council, the HR alleged “team” – who all despised each other – brought bogus gross misconduct charges against me which foundered. I won, retired and alked away with my pension, aged 50. The BIG problem they will never get their heads around is: When you congratulate yourselves for issuing policies and procedures which are watertight and scrupulously fair, there’s no way any set of Directors, no matter how clever, can abide by them if they’re determined to be rid of you. They break them left, right and centre. You simply call them out publicly where they have offended. Any impartial investigator will always come down on the side of the honest party. HR automatons will always do themselves in by backing the offending managers because they have no soul and they know no other way of functioning.

  3. Unsurprising. Fanatical EU supporters plumping for elitist, bureaucratic, managerial people just like themselves. There’s so much of this in managed democracy which is why they have to draw attention to “his father was a bus driver”/”toolmaker” don’t you know. Briefcase Labour represents suburban middle-class England. How about actual bus driver’s as representatives?

    1. busted tools all of them sir starmer keiths and javid sajids. all pre busted flushes 🪛🚽🪛🚽🪛🚽
      re the welfare of “the many”

    2. just occurred to me; should southgate say to the germans “to bring people together”, take two free kicks… we will help u score… or call it a draw… take the win… do as u please… u’ve always won, that’s how it is, “nothing we can do” we’ll be attacked by the press… we’ll melt if we r attacked, so take the win… throw us your filthy socks and underwear, we’ll wash them with “kindness and gentleness”, … what? our own kit? we’ll wash ours and yours in fact i’ll let the fans wash yours and ours… i’m the boss they think i’m the great zen mystical buddha full of kindness and gentleness for everyone but those who put their trust in me. trust me, some … some of my fans will want me to captain them again, win then give you the spoils. ridiculous? no. they call it ‘decency’… ‘integrity’.

      what else would u like? anything… a peerage? love us love us please… lets “come together” … go poo all over our dressing room… we will go lick it clean on our hands and knees so u might decide to change and ‘love us back’ . . . on second thought, don’t love us back, don’t show us the slightest hint of gratitude. we love craving your love. if u love us we’ll have nothing to live for, i’ll have no effective useful purpose. find a useful purpose? don’t be silly. look at the charity big wigs, they make millions like david miliband if they never achieve their publicised assumed aims… it pays. don’t believe me? ask blair the war criminal and david miliband.
      ignore the score. u were born to rule, born to win, nothing we can do

      1. Again unsurprising. Like many other trade unionists he was put through university supported by the union.

  4. I see where you’re coming from SW when you say “whether Beecroft and Starmer worked together during Starmer’s tenure as Director of Public Prosecutions is not yet clear”. But perhaps Sir Elmer Fudd doesn’t need to have actually worked with with his old-boys-style appointee. A random billionaire at the Trilateral Commission maybe just instructed Sir Keir to install Martin Beecroft.

    Wheels within wheels. Keir Starmer is the billionairees’ “useful idiot”.

  5. A reading of the report, The Work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in Relation to antisemitism, 2014-2019, would indicate that the LP was guilty of significant failures in its system (?) for appointing staff in the early part of this century. The result was a party within a party which set out to wreck Labour’s prospects in 2017. Given who appointed Mr Beecroft, and the fact that that person sought to scupper the said report, it is reasonable to assume that any appointments made under Mr B would not necessarily be any better than the wreckers of 2014-2019.

  6. If the Labour Party has any purpose it is to offer alternatives to Capitalism. In an era in which it could hardly be more obvious that capitalism-and particularly Anglo American imperialism- are dying, bankrupt of ideas and withering away economically, Labour should be putting forward the alternatives that it has always proffered.
    The first of these is democracy, the view, shared by most scientists, that the best ideas are drawn from the broadest base of experience and knowledge. Not that of the ‘manager’ but that of the people. The most efficient management is democratic workers control.
    What the Party needs, if it is to avoid imminent PASOKIfication, is not to employ HR specialists to hire its thinkers and activists but to institute the most thoroughgoing and honest democracy: not just to empower the people but to seek out their ideas and encourage their participation at every level of government within the Party and within society.
    We have heard much nonsense recently about making Labour a welcoming and comfortable place for racists and imperialists. The real task is to make it a welcoming and safe place for ordinary working people, untrained in the ruling class’s ideology and ready to serve their communities untainted by the careerism and selfishness that scars the faces of the PLP, the bureaucracy and so many levels of a working class movement that has made no advances in almost seventy years except to enrich and empower an entirely new layer of the parasitical middle class.
    What Labour needs is not more ‘professionalism’ but its replacement by popular democracy.
    The subversion of Jeremy Corbyn and the mildly socialist programme that he advanced in 2017 was only possible because power lay in the hands of a self perpetuating oligarchy composed of people who never faced election, were beyond the reach of recall and jeered at the idea of serving half a million members, the working class and the nation.
    What Labour needs is not a new leader but an end to the cult of the symbolic chieftain and the institution of real democracy root and branch.

    1. Thank you for laying everything so clearly on the line.
      Socialism is the proper realization of democracy.
      Anything else is false and fraudulent.
      Is it any wonder that I frequently refer to the Labour right as the “Free Ale Party” in conversation?

      1. Day by day it’s becoming clearer that Starmer and Evans are intent on creating a new left of centre Tory Party where there will be no room for Socialists. Starmer thinks he can populate this new Party with right wing Labour and left wing Tory supporters.This is the main reason that Starmer will not criticise the Tories too strongly if at all. Unless Corbyn puts up a fight to be re-instated he will never regain the whip under Starmer or anyone else of Starmer’s ilk.

    2. Bevan – “We have heard much nonsense recently about making Labour a welcoming and comfortable place…….”
      I think Muslims should fire back with this when ever interviewed by msn “We no longer feel Labour is a welcoming and comfortable place for us”

  7. Right Wing Labour, the 3 Ls: Little Political Lightweights? Little People? Little Talent?

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