Former BMA deputy chair Chand: Hancock’s place in history will be ‘incompetence, corruption, lies’ – and Javid lacks ‘virtues’ needed for the job (video)

Explosive comments from senior medic and health campaigner

Dr Kailash Chand is a leading health campaigner and former deputy chair of the British Medical Association. In this short, hard-hitting video Dr Chand sends a public message to former Health Secretary Matt Hancock about his place in the history of the pandemic – which Chand feels will be one of ‘incompetence, lies and corruption’ – and guilt in the needless deaths of over 130,000 people:

Dr Chand also has a word for Hancock’s successor, Sajid Javid: you lack the qualities needed for the role.

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  1. Corrupt Chumocracy + Heartless dishonesty + Slimy arrogance =
    Matt Hancock🚾💰🚾💰🚾💰

    1. Former BMA deputy chair Chand: Hancock’s place in history will be ‘incompetence, corruption, lies’ – and none of it wold have been quite so obvious without the Coronavirus Act 2020. the UK act of the Parliamen that supposedly grants the government emergency powers to handle the COVID-19 emergency, but which has let eight British billionaires becme (about) £8b richer and the shameless Matt Hancock award hundreds of £millions of public funds to Conservative backers’ an sponsors’ businesses.

      Corruption, thy name is neoliberal capitalism.

    2. “Don’t beat around the bush, why don’t you tell it straight?”

      1. Thanks

        Ironically, Matt Hancock himself actually intrduced the bill to the HoC. Procurement standards were being ignored and £milions was being awarded to friends before the ink on the bill had even dried. “Never let a good emergency go to waste”. They certainly didn’t.

  2. My dad was a bus driver My dad was a bus driver My dad was a bus driver … ad infinitum so i joined the party of multimillionaires and billionaires – the one percent = Sajid Javid 💰🚾💰🚾💰🚾

    1. Its up there with my disabled son used the NHS and we are all in it together
      David Cameron

      1. exactly doug. thanks 4 reminder. these doings need repeating. btw blair feels it is time to sink his fangs into the starmer the creature directed. GOOD. let the 🐀🪱🦟🪰parasites cannibalise each other. they’re all on manoeuvres burnham cooper nandy rayner $million ‘charity’ supremo scum milliband🛑

    2. According to Sajid Javid he once lived above a shop on Stapleton Road, Bristol on the edge of St.Pauls. He claimed it was the most violent & criminal street in Britain. My parents & my grand mother purchased a ‘wool shop’ after leaving the pub on Lower Ashley Road; it’s the street on which I was born & it was OK then. He didn’t attend school locally, he went to the leafy suburbs of Downend. Local schools didn’t specialise in merchant banking.

      1. I read several suspicious entries about him in Wikipedia. This jumped out: “After being told by his school that he could only study two A Levels when he believed he needed three to go to university” It’s totally unbelievable that he didn’t know entry requirements for university. I don’t believe a word of this either: “At school it was recommended that he should be a TV repairman. Javid has said he was told that he could not study maths at O Level so he had to get his father to pay for it”. It just doesn’t ring true.

      2. We [The PEOPLE] raped Democracy and produced Demagoguery!
        It’s fucked it’s all so very fucked! We have a Parliament filled with gift of the gab instead of the gift of ACTIONS & RESULTS! A MSM controlled by inbred Buffoons who decide what the news will be, via email inboxes, and a Tiny handful of MPs who actually work for The PEOPLE and not themselves/the Inbreeds, who dare not say anything or they will go down in flames! If you want a Job you literally need to become a court jester and and entertain the rich Buffoon who will sign your Cheques! Nothing is abut skill and seriousness any more it’s all about the gab! Humanity has finally destroyed itself it won’t take much to send 7.8 Bil Humans into a bloody frenzy! Can’t we just have a giant meteor/rogue planet smash earth right out of the universe in a puff of dust instead!? Around about NOW would be great!

  3. I wish Chand had said what virtues are needed rather than waffle about looking after employees, we know where he’s coming from, another advocate for a cosy special interest group (highly paid Docs). Never mentions patients.

    1. No, I don’t think you do. Chand is a champion of the NHS. He’s spent his retirement informing people how the internal market is damaging healthcare.

    2. I think you are alone with your opinion! Dr Chand is a brilliant advocate for the NHS and has every right to speak up for those working for the NHS, and Drs deserve their (high) pay unlike politicians!

      1. Dr Chand is absolutely brilliant. PlainCitizen is unfit to lick the bottom of Dr Chand’s shoes

  4. Establishment tool + establishment tool + establishment tool forever = Sir Rodney Keith Starmer who lost Hartlepool, came as good as last in Amersham & Chesham the people he longs to support him. Out of touch with the many. Judged worse than Johnson and Hancock and Patel. They are right. Blue Tories plunder shamelessly and easily. Keith Starmer & cabal though are DESPERATE to enable plundering by the one percent. Keith will stun some who STILL expect something different. Look at Keith’s evil record. He packed a lot of evil injustices into his short Dip Stick career. Ask Julian Assange.

    Starmer of the 1.6%. Starmer rejected by 98.4%. Starmer loser of £10,000 deposit. Starmer worst By-Election result in over 100 year Labour history. bad Bad BAD news Starmer 🔥🕳🔥🕳🔥🕳saboteur coup plotter deceiver would contaminate Hell.

  5. ‘incompetence, corruption, lies’ Sounds like he is talking about Starmer, Slightly off topic but concerning those Starmer lies…
    According to the Representation of the peoples Act… “for the purpose of affecting the return of any candidate at the election, makes or publishes any false statement of fact in relation to the candidate’s personal character or conduct shall be guilty of an illegal practice, unless he can show that he had reasonable grounds for believing, and did believe, that statement to be true”
    Does K Leadbeaters accusation backed up by K Starmer against George Galloway i.e. that he was laughing at her discomfiture at being questioned by the person from Birmingham? And would that reflect badly on Galloway’s personal character and conduct, yes it would? Would an apology by Leadbeater and Starmer be accepted by Galloway, I think it would, failing that and in the face of all the evidence and no proof whatsoever to back up Leadbeater and Starmers accusations, Galloway is right to pursue this matter to clear his character from the lies of the Labour party.

    1. harry law, u r very on “topic”. it reveals the core of the world’s predicament🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  6. Well said, Dr. Chand. I agree wholeheartedly.

    Now, begins the battle of the history books between Hancock/Johnson supporters and those who know better – those who lived, and survived, through this pandemic.

  7. Respect to Galloway – No wonder the Starmerites are running scared. He makes them look like pathetic amateurs.

  8. So – What about Javid (My father was a bus driver) then ???

    Javid had an 18-year City career where he rose to become a Board member of Deutsche Bank International. Javid joined Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City immediately after graduation, working mostly in South America. Aged 25, he became a vice president. [2012 article says he was actually vice-chairman] He returned to London in 1997, and later joined Deutsche Bank as a director in 2000. In 2004, he became a managing director at Deutsche Bank and, the following year, global head of Emerging Markets Structuring.
    [info from Wikipedia]

    ….. Obviously a man of the people …… Not !!

    1. Sir Keith Starmer’s mouthpiece is touring MSM giving Keith’s message. Starmer’s mouthpiece argues “people don’t care about what Hancock is doing on the job”. Multi million pound contracts to his mistresses brother, his own sister, his pub landlord etc leaves Sir Keith untroubled. Keith shadow cabinet is ACTIVELY trying to downplay Mancock’s wrongdoing in a public office. Keith’s gang are saying what all would expect from Johnson’s gang. Why? because though some still find it a challenge to accept the obvious. Keith and gang are v similar to Hancock’s gang, but worse. More desperate to show they can out do the blue lot. Keith has shown he does not care about his chums snouts in every trough.
      “Unify with” that. “Work around” that …”for a LABOUR government”

      1. exactly lundiel. “my dad was a bus driver bus driver bus driver •••” looped javid record, joined blue tories who actively campaign to deny bus drivers of pay and safe conditions. the stuck record fraud javid never uttered a word when nurses were denied a decent pay increase. he like his chums r keen to stage useless doorstep applause. truth is, tories cannot stand the idea that nurses, bus drivers, carers, street cleaners … city office cleaners… all those key workers who keep countries working… the fake fraud javid types cannot stand workers getting one penny above the bare minimum. javid hancock currie duncan smith widdecom currie may thatcher patel chapps jenryck johnson caneron howard major redwood hunt soames cuffey reece-mogg… the lot of them r possessed with evil.
        most likely they were kicked out of hell. even long in the tooth demonic creatures realised tories 👿🦟👿🦟👿🦟smeared their already horrific reputations📛📛📛

  9. Dr Kailash Chand Hancocks place in history will be remembered by ‘incompetence, corruption, lies’ not forgetting a significant case for manslaughter.

    1. Jack T – “‘incompetence, corruption, lies’”.
      corruption and lies yes. the ‘competence’ bit implies that tories aimed to prioritise what we would prioritise eg saving lives. no! the don’t. their priority is grabbing more and more eg £37 billion for ppe or test and trace… can’t keep up. the lists of troughing crimes are too long. millions for test tubes. millions for ‘consultancy services’. millions for pr…
      if they shared our priorities, then they would be incompetent. manslaughter yes. even murder is a possibility. why? because the excessive deaths and consequent unbearable grief, wear people out. grief … distress can make people compliant suggestible … easily controlled. several years ago a very experienced scenario planner told me “if i told u some of the things i’ve been asked to work on, u would not be able to sleep”. we need to realise urgently that what we see as incompetence is nothing of the sort. the only incompetence as tories see it, is being caught.
      until we realise that, we too are caught🆎🆎🆎

  10. […..and Javid lacks ‘virtues’ needed for the job]
    *…..and Parliament lacks ‘virtues’ needed for the job*
    There is no one who can do it, The small handful of Democratic Socialists who can, are rendered as good as useless, by the volume of the propaganda they have to first thy to bust through before they can actually do a days work!
    We need to start considering attacking the causes instead of keep trying to remedy their actions! That will only lead to an endless battle of achieving nothing whatsoever and only gaining more loss!

  11. So the revolving sleaze door of scumbags turns and we get the next Tory scumbag put in charge of something they don’t understand or care about only how they can exploit it for their own personal gains.

    Tory sleaze, cronyism, and corruption it’s always the same only the names change!!! All abetted by the mindless Tory voter the imbeciles that vote for them!

  12. The worst part about javid being health secretary (along with the entire toerag cabinet) is that even if they were booted out tomorrow, the genius that is ashworth would be the replacement.

    …And Keith would be PM. Reeves = chancellor etc. Such is the dearth of talent right across the board.

    Out of the frying pan…😕

    1. Yes, and if Hancock was the worst Health Secretary ever, Ashworth is surely the worst Labour shadow Health Sec.

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